Reeeeally? Vitamins and Minerals!

September 1, 2015

When it comes to vitamins and minerals, everyone’s the expert with supplements.

But who really knows about bioavailability when it comes to vitamins and minerals? Really, about vitamins and minerals. - Agel ABC and MIN, the only vitamins and minerals supplementation you and your family will ever needChances are there are the self-proclaimed SMEs who go around telling everyone what someone’s eating is unhealthy and not a good choice of vitamins or minerals or both vitamins and minerals, depending on what they’re eating. Most of us don’t care for such commentary about about or diet or lack thereof, be it with vitamins, minerals or lack of either. So, ask yourself if you’re getting enough vitamins and minerals in your diet and how about your family members, are they also getting enough healthy vitamins and minerals. Like many things in life, not all vitamins and minerals supplements are created the same and with all the choices in the marketplace for vitamins and minerals, there’s really not telling which vitamins or which minerals brand is superior. People usually end up purchasing vitamins and minerals in supplement based on two factors, either because the cost of the vitamins and minerals are in their budget or because of brand name and advertising for vitamins and minerals is very competitive. Agel offers two forms of vitamins and minerals for a more researched customer, because the delivery of vitamins and minerals is critical to the body being able to absorb through timed delivery and this is where suspended matrix gel comes into the picture. Bioavailablity with suspended matrix gel is critical for vitamins and minerals supplementation as it is for skin care, joint health, heart disease prevention, cleansing of the digestive system, an appetite suppressant and many other suspended matrix gel solutions from Agel! For kids, a new suspended matrix gel product for vitamins and minerals called ABC and for adults, MIN; all the critical vitamins and minerals the body needs in the delivery method which delivers the precise amount the body needs per day.


Vitamins and Minerals in suspended gel

November 11, 2014

Vitamins and minerals come in several delivery methods.

Let’s see if we know all the manners in which marketers are delivery vitamins and minerals, but keep in mind that there are essential vitamins and minerals and then there are amounts of vitamins and minerals which are healthy and some unhealthy. Some of the mentioned delivery methods for vitamins and minerals may make some of you queasy. - Agel ABC and MIN for children and adults. The essential vitamins and minerals in the logical delivery method.In the beginning, fruits and vegetables provided the necessary minerals and vitamins, but in reality to get all the essential vitamins and minerals, one had to consume many different types of fruits and vegetables and at time many of them, depending on the choice of fruits and vegetables for the vitamins and minerals. Granted, some meats provide some vitamins and minerals, but like fruits and vegetables of today much of what is ingested if not organic can amount to much fewer vitamins and minerals relative before the onset of pesticides and herbicides. For the list of supplements for vitamins and minerals we have pills or small rocks, which if the body can break down the contents of the immeasurable amounts of vitamins and minerals, one gets at best 40% of the vitamins and minerals and this is a stretch. Capsules of vitamins and minerals came around, then soft chew-able vitamins and minerals and even liquid vitamins and minerals. What do all of the supplements for vitamins and minerals have in common you may wonder, well a few things including poor bioavailability and the inability to measure what vitamins and minerals and how much of each of these vitamins and minerals are in the delivery method for such supplements, if any of one or many vitamins or minerals are in any. For best in class bioavailability and measurability, there is Agel’s suspended matrix gel technology which enables the precise amount of vitamins and minerals to be in each single serving tasty gel packet and there is no need for water or even worse fearing to take vitamins and minerals as can often be the case with having to swallow vitamins and minerals in pills or tablets. Leave it to the leader in health supplemental technology, Agel Enterprises, to bring you and your children the best in essential vitamins and minerals with MIN for adults and ABC for children starting from the age of four. All Agel suspended matrix gel products come with a money-back no questions asked policy, and this applies to the MIN and ABC essential vitamins and minerals as well to the over dozen other suspended matrix gel products Agel offers.

Ingested gel as healthcare alternative

December 23, 2012

New years alternatives to solutions with healthcare.

It’s not everyday or better yet every year that an alternative to healthcare surfaces, but soon we will all know much more about the future of healthcare and it’s not complicated like you might think. Prevention is the solution to healthcare and Agel provides solutions in suspended gel. - Alternative healthcare for those who do care, in suspended gelWhat’s your healthcare about? Seeing a doctor to give you a prescription to wreak havoc to your digestive system or some invasive procedure which is not needed or worse yet, a healthcare regime to jeopardize your immune system and the ability for your cells to be healthy and to sustain a healthy environment within your organs and throughout your body. Granted, this is about healthcare where you can choose as much or as little as you want about your healthcare needs by taking control of your own preventative health or you can think of healthcare in the old fashion manner and need more healthcare and even reform. To taking control of your healthcare needs there is Agel with the best delivery of essential minerals, vitamins and so many essential nutrients, even the ones which become the natural precursor for glutathione. Yes, that’s healthcare which is preventative.

Not getting vitamins and minerals again

September 22, 2012

With our busy lifestyles we at time or often overlook our body’s need for vitamins and minerals.

Life just got a bit easier in the respect for vitamins and minerals. We’re not stating that you don’t need to be getting any more minerals and vitamins, but that there’s a much more convenient manner in which to get all the vitamins and most of the essential minerals your body needs on a daily basis and chances are that you’ll be getting the other minerals in whatever it is that you do eat in that spare time of yours.

Busy lifestyles are no place for pills, tablets or capsules for vitamins and minerals because with the need of something like water to choke down those small objects and at times several of them, the convenience factor is gone. Now think about your minerals and vitamins which your body needs and what if you could ingest them while literally doing anything or doing nothing, would that simplify the process of getting your vitamins and minerals? We think so, and so did Agel Enterprises when they developed MIN with all the vitamins and minerals the body needs on a daily basis with the convenience and portability to be taken anytime and anywhere and without the need for any beverage because there is no choking down of pills or tablets with the MIN essential vitamins and minerals because they are delivered in a fruit flavored and most bioavailable form called suspended gel technology. In addition to the fact of convenience and portability with the MIN essential vitamins and minerals is that this suspended gel technology enables the minerals and vitamins alike to be recharged in the digestive system up to one thousand times and no pill, tablets or other delivery form can do that for vitamins and minerals, of for anything in the digestive system for that matter. So stop taking the ineffective delivery of vitamins and minerals with the likes of tablets, pills, capsules or even gummy animals and take the best on-the-move approach for best delivery of vitamins and minerals with MIN. All Agel products come with a money back guarantee and are only available online and conveniently on this site, so start by getting the best delivery of essential vitamins and essential minerals with a box of 30 single serving suspended gel packets and find out what other great health benefits come with other suspended gel technology products by Agel Enterprises.

Pharmaceutical drugs vs suspended gel alternatives is the surprise

August 22, 2012

Pharmaceutical companies and their drugs are all about profitability and at times much more than the health of the consumer.

There are alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs, contrary to some popular thought. Imagine breakthrough natural products which don’t come with adverse health effects which are accompanied by long list of warnings found on pharmaceutical drugs.

We’re not stating that pharmaceutical drugs are unnecessary, because in times of life or death, intravenous drugs can make the quick difference between life and the end of it. For prevention of diseases and very common ailments, including the natural process of aging, pharmaceutical drugs are not the solution. Take unhealthy levels of LDL cholesterol where pharmaceutical drugs are heavily advertised; such pharmaceutical drugs offer significant health risks for inferior results in lowering unhealthy cholesterol levels when compared to natural policosanol, and when you add CoQ10, oyster mushroom and carnitine, among other natural ingredients you prevent heart disease in addition to more effectively improving cholesterol levels. Lowering hypertension, or high blood pressure, also has pharmaceutical drugs to combat this, but taurine can assist without the side effects associated with pharmaceutical drugs. How about the most invasive products engineered by pharmaceutical companies and this has reference to cancer, with chemotherapy, never mind other cancer treatments; chemotherapy is associated with significant side effects and even death whereas strengthening the immune system naturally is simply safe and effective at preventing diseases such as cancer and other more common ailments like the flu or common cold. Pharmaceutical companies also make non-prescription drugs which in fact contain parabens, or toxins and carcinogens, which are not at all necessary ingredients for what such pharmaceutical products were designed to assist with; alternatives to such pharmaceutical drugs include natural skin care solutions, natural digestive system cleansing and detox solutions instead of drugs, natural vitamins and minerals instead of asthma drugs, natural arthritis and joint pain solutions instead of arthritis drugs, natural mental energy with enhanced cognitive skill reinforcement instead of side-effect riddled drugs, natural and healthy antioxidants, natural sleep aids which are non-addictive instead of sleeping-aid drugs, natural diet solutions which work without posing health risks associated with pharmaceutical drugs in the form of diet pills, and there are other examples and alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs, be it over-the-counter drugs or prescription ones, which are natural. Agel Enterprises has developed natural suspended matrix gel technology ingested products which does not come with health risks or side-effects because the products are natural and provide solutions. Take a look at the alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs, where prevention is the safe alternative to having the need to get intravenous drugs to save a life.


Stress management with ginseng naturally

July 24, 2012

Just thinking about stress is bad enough, thinking about stress with ginseng on the other had is a solution.

We all deal with a certain amount of stress in our lives, with children and accidents, teenagers and relationships, as adults with a boss, older age with arthritis or some other health issue including cancer. Ever heard about ginseng and if not, you should know about how ginseng can naturally assist people to manage the stress in their lives so that they can become happier.

What’s happier is relevant and varies drastically from one individual to another but stress can most definitely impact one’s happiness instead of the alternative, some form of depression. Of course, we leave it up to the psychiatrists to deal with the cases of depression because that’s one of the things they study for many years and how to make money. Granted, if one can manage their stress to normalize their life with the assistance of natural ginseng in a suspended gel delivery, then they not only are able to cope with the times of stress by managing their stress levels, but can have better health and therefore decrease the likelihood of depression and a weakened immune system. Nobody’s going to tell you that stress simply goes away with some magic pill, although some may advertise this nonsense, but with ginseng stress can be managed so that you can deal with situations where stress is heightened, like when your daughter brings home her so-called boyfriend who you never knew existed. Okay, that’s more like a shock but such a surprise may create stress, like when that boss of yours asks you to come into their office because they want to have a word with you; this situation can be great if you have just found a great cost reduction initiative, but then again this could signify your job is going away without a promotion. The point is that stress needs to be managed and ginseng can naturally help, and with the addition of d-ribose, taurine, schizandra, the full vitamin B complex, rhodiola and other vitamins, minerals and ingredients, the OHM suspended matrix gel with ginseng and these natural healthy forms of nutrition will assist in managing the stress in your life. Plan on interviewing any time soon, ginseng will help with the natural level of stress people experience during interviews or even when buying a new car. Better than that, ginseng in the OHM suspended gel product, because of superior bioavailability over other delivery methods, including pills, tablets, capsules, enhances one’s ability to recall facts and thereby further naturally assist in managing stress during times when it’s critical to remain calm yet quick with logical approaches to difficult or challenging situations. Help your stress with ginseng in the OHM product and enjoy the benefits of less stress knowing that the thirty single serving gel packets per box come with a money back guarantee and are only available online. It’s time to better manage your stress naturally with ginseng in the OHM breakthrough suspended gel product by the leader in health technology, Agel Enterprises. Manage stress or deal with it, but with the OHM suspended gel, it’s simply an easy and natural manner with ginseng to better manage the stress in life.

Ready for gel based protein

June 21, 2012

For those of you who eat protein bars you’re going to love the most bioavailable form of protein.

Suspended gel based protein with all the health benefits is available online at this site from Agel Enterprises. We’re by no way trying to discourage anyone from getting protein from cheese, pork, eggs or from protein bars but for some of these delivery forms, be aware of possible hightened LDL cholesterol levels and of course low levels of healthy protein.

We all live life with easy here and easy there and a protein bar is in essence the most convenient form of protein; salmon for example is exceptionally beneficial for protein and omega 3 but comes with a financial cost and for most people is not all that convenient. About those protein bars, they can be high in sugar and fat and only have a little protein which is not really about getting the protein your body needs and therefore does not fill one up until meal-time effectively. Agel Enterprises formulated a protein solution which includes several forms of the most healthy protein based on suspended gel technology where all you need is to add skim milk and stir and your going to get the protein you need for energy and the facilitation of burning off excess fat and the PRO protein solution will also fill you up so think of it also as a protein meal. The protein in PRO includes whey protein, soy protein, pea protein, vitamins B2, B3, B6, minerals including calcium caseinate, chromium and several others, polyphenols from green tea extract, and inulin as a soluble fiber which makes PRO protein a powerful muscle fuel with fat-burning super nutrients, containing amino acids like no other product on the market, all delivered to your body faster and easier than other form of protein. Time for great tasting chocolate protein packed PRO in the morning for breakfast, for lunch, or simply as a healthy snack.

The products alone attracts the entrepreneur

June 19, 2012

For the entrepreneur, something special needs to get their attention, really special.

Let’s face it, a sophisticated entrepreneur does not simply jump on the first opportunity they see, but jump on the opportunity where the entrepreneur can quickly envision success. Success for the entrepreneur starts with a product or service which can be seen as being different than anything else in the marketplace.

But first, the entrepreneur wants to try such a product or service if they have not come up with the idea themselves. Of course, well known entrepreneur types start companies such as with the computer industry in garages or apartments, but these are unique types of entrepreneur which sorry to say such opportunities also only come to a very small number of people. But don’t be getting down on yourself as an entrepreneur as there is a product line which because there is no advertising, you most likely have not heard of it. Ever heard of suspended matrix gel technology for preventative health? Probably not, unless you have been reading what we write here and perhaps some or several entrepreneur have read this site. Suspended matrix gel is a breakthrough in the delivery of the same vitamins, minerals and other forms of nutrition which have been around for many years and some even for many decades, but to the entrepreneur the interesting part is that this delivery technology is unlike any other in the world. Suspended matrix gel technology allows the nutrition, in the form of vitamins, minerals and other ingredients to be kept in their own matrices so that the benefits stay intact in their little compartments; some of the reasons for why this technology will attract the entrepreneur in that this technology uses the highest quality of ingredients found on Earth and provides the most palatable experience for the end-user which will also be the entrepreneur and these products offer portability, ease of use and flat out look awesome. Next, for the entrepreneur and health conscious consumers, these products enable the vitamins and minerals to be recharged in the digestive system and body up to one thousand times in a very short period of time because the suspended gel attaches better than any other delivery method, be it pills, capsules, liquids, or tablets; that’s breakthrough technology the entrepreneur can see benefits from a health perspective and a cost perspective where people will benefit faster and more effectively from the ingestation of suspended matrix gel health products and benefit more than traditional delivery alternatives. Next, for the entrepreneur, the distribution of these breakthrough suspended matrix gels is already in about sixty countries and the opportunity for the entrepreneur to open distribution in new countries is highly encouraged; in seven years, this opportunity has grown global. This leads us, and the entrepreneur to cash flow, global cash flow specifically with the entrepreneur and their home based business. This is the Agel Enterprises opportunity for the entrepreneur of the twenty-first century. This just may be what the entrepreneur has been seeking; it’s at least something every entrepreneur should try a box of the products and see for themselves.

Ingested anti aging skin care more than just for skin

March 7, 2012

We’ve gone over the fact that ingested anti aging skin care is far superior when ingested with CoQ10, turmeric, lutein, lecithin and other natural ingredients.

And when such ingested green tea flavored GLO anti aging skin care is combined with topical antioxidants named the world’s only suspended matrix gel anti aging skin care product line of seven products without any parabens like all of the Agel suspended matrix gel products, one’s skin care will be naturally treated to bring back youthful appearance and feel by eliminating wrinkles, fine lines, creases, acne scars, evening out skin tone, lifting sagging skin and then some. In addition to being the best anti aging skin care products on the market, but only available online, the ingested anti aging skin care product does wonders for nails and hair.

Now we’re not saying that the GLO anti aging skin care suspended gel product will regrow lost hair because anyone who tells you this is obviously misleading their audience. The GLO suspended gel anti aging skin care solution is, however a solution for strong nails which grow quickly and for some that may not be a value-add, but for many others it’s a great perk in addition to the solution for anti aging skin care for all of the skin from the inside-out. Remember, that since the GLO anti aging skin care product is ingested, it works for all of your skin, and your nails and your hair. Stronger nails is a benefit to all and faster growing nails will undoubtedly be a desire for women and even for people who still have a tendency to bite their nails. Just think about a box or two boxes of the ingested anti aging skin care solution named GLO where each box comes with thirty single serving gel packets. That’s two month’s of anti aging skin care solutions which in as little as four weeks will generate wonderful and natural anti aging skin care results people will notice in addition to you the beneficiary. Simply put, GLO is ingested makeup in that it’s anti aging skin care for all of your skin, your nails and your hair. No, the GLO suspended matrix gel won’t give you a perm or change the color of your hair and I hope nobody thought that it would; what this ingested breakthrough in anti aging skin care will do for your hair is strengthen it and this anti aging skin care solution because it contains natural oils will strengthen your hair from within which is the manner in which it grows if by chance some of you had forgotten. How many anti aging skin care products do you know about which provide real natural and healthy solutions, contain no parabens, are ingested, provide anti aging skin care results for all of your skin, hair and nails? There’s only one such anti aging skin care solution and it does not come to a store near you but only online and it contains CoQ10, turmeric, lecithin, lutein, tocotrienol, vitamins, selenium, trace minerals, grape seed oil, green tea seed oil and other natural ingredients. Now that’s anti aging skin care providing effective and natural solutions.

Do not confuse caffeine with stress management

February 27, 2012

Just thinking about stress can create more stress and caffeine will not necessarily help it but will help energy levels if the correct delivery form is used.

Energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster and RockStar are far from having much caffeine but they have plenty of sugar and sodium and if you think that they will help to manage stress, think again; hopefully that got your attention without heightening stress levels. Energy drinks with little caffeine but with so much sugar of any kind will surely increase levels of stress.

Sugar and caffeine are not about managing stress, to state it conservatively. And on that note, energy drinks like RockStar, Red Bull and Monster will not do much for energy of any kind other than becoming overly excited and borderline hyperactive because of the sugar and not because of the caffeine. The wise alternative to energy drinks like Monster or Red Bull, is intense energy and it’s with caffeine in a gel, a suspended gel but not one which is packed with sugar and sodium and this alternative to low caffeine content of energy drinks like Red Bull has significantly more caffeine than any energy drink on the market and being that it also contains vitamins including B12 and B3, carnitine and natural sugar it’s the wise alternative to ingesting caffeine without creating stress. Take a look for yourself at the ingredients included in the VLT suspended matrix gel with significantly more caffeine than energy drinks and of course being that it has a fraction of the sugar there is not going to be a sudden drop in endurance and that can lead to stress and a crash. This caffeine packed box of thirty gel packets named VLT is intense healthy energy lasting all day long which gradually wears off and that’s where the caffeine packed VLT separates itself from the pack of all other energy and caffeine products for natural endurance; the caffeine in VLT wears off gradually. Now for those of you who also want to manage stress, there is OHM with ginseng, a significant amount of vitamin B12 and again with the best delivery form named suspended matrix gel technology. Managing stress is critical at work when under pressure or when studying for exams, and of course taking exams or being interviewed for a job. These two leading products in stress management with ginseng and B12 with the OHM product can naturally be ingested along with the VLT for intense energy with caffeine so one can focus intensely and do so all day long without missing a beat. Remember that energy drinks like Red Bull, RockStar and Monster don’t provide any significant amount of caffeine and a lot of sugar as energy at a heafty price and such energy drinks won’t do anything to manage stress. So when you need to focus intensely and think things through while managing stress when time is of the essence there is OHM in a star fruit flavor and when you need the intense energy to accompany the stress management, there is VLT with all the caffeine you need for the long day or intense interview or exam and if you’re athletic and need that physical endurance, the caffeine in VLT in combination with the vitamins and carnitine, will get you through the most demanding forms of endurance. The question is simple; what do you want to compete at? OHM for natural mental energy with naturally managing stress and VLT for intense caffeine with amino acids for long lasting intense burst of energy. Day long solutions for endurance with an abundance of caffeine without the crash and natural stress management solutions in suspended matrix gel with the best form of bioavailability.

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