Statins and trans fats heart disease combo

June 25, 2015

You would almost think that statins and trans fat would be opposites, but in reality when it comes to heart disease they are on the same evil side of the fence in most instances.

We all should know by now that statins have significant side-effects related to heart disease and now in the USA there is essentially a mandate to eliminate trans fats in foods. This ban on trans fat is set for three years from now, but we wonder when they’ll be a ban for statins, for most cases when more harm is done than any health benefit for heart disease prevention. - Agel HRT, heart disease prevention made tastyBut do we (collectively) know about either the dangers of statins or trans fats and how they can increase the chances of heart disease? Unfortunately, from a statins perspective that is unlikely because people believe everything that their doctors tell them when it comes to lowering cholesterol levels; however, these same doctors are the people who have a license to write prescriptions (where some presumably get kickbacks from writing prescriptions). We state presumably because we don’t have proof, but then again statins have proven to wreak havoc to the liver, lower unhealthy cholesterol (LDL) and inhibit the natural production of CoQ10 (which this latter is critical for the heart and heart energy). So what’s an alternative to trans fats; this is simple where one can wait three years to go to restaurants and read labels on products. The alternative for cholesterol lowering (LDL) is not statins but policosanol with other hearth healthy ingredients like carnitine, oyster mushroom, taurine and of course CoQ10; Agel HRT is the heart disease prevention natural alternative and comes with 30 single serving gel packets per box and Agel heart increases good (HDL) cholesterol levels which decreasing unhealthy (LDL) levels and with CoQ10 your heart get extra energy whereas with statins the body’s ability to produce CoQ10 naturally is inhibited. Agel HRT, the health and intelligent alternative for heart disease prevention! As for the trans fat, read and ask before consuming.

When in doubt get CoQ10

May 22, 2013

Nowadays, it’s difficult to know about cholesterol levels and what’s the manner in which to prevent heart disease but CoQ10 is a safe bet.

Nobody in their right mind in medicine is going to say anything negative about CoQ10; they may say that they don’t know much about CoQ10, but not knowing should be linked to not wanting to tell you something they really know. Statins need CoQ10 period. - Agel HRT, the natural manner to ingest CoQ10 and policosanol for healthier cholesterol levelsBetter yet, if you happen to have or know someone who has elevated LDL cholesterol levels, you or they can offset such high bad LDL cholesterol levels with increased good or HDL cholesterol levels with policosanol instead of with statins, and supplementing with CoQ10 will only and we repeat only assist stronger cellular energy and that helps in preventing heart disease. Think about the combination of more CoQ10 with increasing the HDL cholesterol levels and lowering the LDL cholesterol levels with natural policosanol, instead of ever having to take statins. Even if you don’t have elevated bad LDL cholesterol levels, CoQ10 is extremely beneficial for cellular energy, including muscles including strengthening the heart. The reason why the combination of CoQ10 with policosanol is such a great partnership is that the CoQ10 helps the body’s cells to provide them with energy, while policosanol naturally increases healthy cholesterol levels of HDL while lowering unhealthy LDL cholesterol levels; by now, people should know that healthy cholesterol is critical to optimal health and where statins prevent the production of overall cholesterol, the damage is obvious. If you think your doctor is the expert and you want to continue taking statins, do your body some good and supplement with CoQ10, because if you don’t your muscles may start to indicate degradation and fatigue may set in much sooner when doing even minimal forms of exercise and this can indicate the progression of heart disease.  Other benefits of CoQ10, which are of great importance and not only because CoQ10 levels are naturally lower as people age because CoQ10 is not produced in abundance as it was in people younger than thirty years of age (and some may need CoQ10 supplementation in their mid-twenties), include assisting with diseases; the likes of chronic diseases like heart conditions, muscular dystrophies, Parkinson’s, cancer, diabetes, and HIV or AIDS can be assisted with CoQ10. A remarkable source of CoQ10, with policosanol, oyster mushroom, carnitine, taurine, selenium, and folate comes in a breakthrough suspended gel packet named HRT. If you don’t like pills or tablets and like a money back guarantee with a heart health product with CoQ10 which provides the best form of ingested bioavailability, you will love the taste and efficacy of the HRT ingested suspended gel packets with CoQ10 and all the other heart health and cellular benefits. Get CoQ10 and stay away from the statins. Each box of HRT with CoQ10, policosanol and the other natural ingredients comes with thirty single serving gel packets in a butterscotch suspended gel where there is no need for water and the taste of the CoQ10 and policosanol suspended gel will ensure that you’ll want to take one daily, unlike pills and tablets.




CoQ10 in pills not as effective

March 17, 2013

If you want cellular energy from CoQ10 for the heart, liver, muscles and kidneys the question is not about ubiquinone or ubiquinol, but about the delivery of CoQ10.

Delivery implies bioavailability with timed delivery of CoQ10 and there is one product on the market which is clearly an alternative to pills of either form of CoQ10, be it ubiquinol or ubiquinone, where the difference in these two forms of CoQ10 is simply a matter of which one converts into the other and the body works with both equally effective. Note the real difference for CoQ10 is the delivery of CoQ10. - CoQ10 and so much more in the best delivery for bioavailability with suspended gel technology.We can talk, or in this case write, about the fact that both forms of CoQ10, ubiquinol and ubiquinone offer the same results; instead, we recommend the reader find out on their own that any product which discredits ubiquinone or ubiquinol or favors one over the other form of CoQ10 is hiding something and that is simply the delivery of the CoQ10 itself. Try ingested suspended gel which comes in an all-natural form of delivery for the cellular energy your body needs and such CoQ10 is also delivered with taurine, oyster mushroom, carnitine, folate, selenium and policosanol. First of all, no other product offers close to the bioavailability and timeliness of the suspended gel with CoQ10 and the other heart health ingredients as does the leader in CoQ10 supplementation, but it also tastes great. HRT is the ingested suspended gel alternative for CoQ10 where no water is required for ingesting. You can finish off the CoQ10 pills you still have, be it CoQ10 with ubiquinone or CoQ10 with ubiquinol, but after that get your box of thirty single serving ingested suspended gel packets of Agel HRT with CoQ10, policosanol, carnitine, oyster mushroom, selenium, folate, and taurine and get the cellular energy your body needs with the best delivery of CoQ10. We have more energy to keep on writing here but think you get the picture about the superior delivery of CoQ10, so get HRT suspended gel packets for your health.

Definitely CoQ10 or Ubiquinol but please not in pills

November 8, 2012

By now, most have or should have knowledge of the benefits of CoQ10 or ubiquinol.

But how many of you have heard about bioavailability when referring to pills of CoQ10 also called coenzyme Q10? Bioavailability is simply the body’s ability to breakdown and absorb, in a quick and effective manner, the nutrition, vitamins, minerals and other ingredients the body can use and CoQ10 like so many vitamins and minerals needs to be delivered with the most effective form of bioavailability.

If the bioavailability of CoQ10 or any other form of nutrition or ingredient delivered to the body is not the highest in bioavailability, the body is simply getting less of what it’s being given and that amounts to a few outcomes including wasting of money and not knowing how much the body actually was able to absorb and in this case it’s about CoQ10 where CoQ10 is essential. Why is CoQ10 so important as an antioxidant; without CoQ10 your heart health is at risk, your muscle loss is at risk and as can be surmised, this can lead to serious health issues and even the inability to get around and of course heart disease and a heart attack. So why is it that people don’t know more about CoQ10, and it’s simply because of modern science, backed by the revenue generating intentions of the healthcare system and more importantly the large pharmaceutical companies in the world pushing drugs instead of natural CoQ10; granted, pharmaceutical companies literally almost have a drug for everything but so many come with a plethora of serious side effects. Take statin drugs for example, to lower LDL cholesterol levels; sure the statins on the market will lower unhealthy cholesterol levels, but they will also inhibit the body’s natural production of CoQ10; prohibit the natural production of CoQ10! Nice, lower unhealthy LDL cholesterol levels and get heart disease because of CoQ10 antioxidants being inhibited from production resulting in the depletion of CoQ10. There’s an alternative to this pharmaceutical nonsense and it starts with HRT in the butterscotch flavored CoQ10, policosanol, taurine, oyster mushroom, carnitine and selenium gel packets, pioneered by the leader in natural health supplementation; Agel Enterprises. Imagine lowering unhealthy LDL cholesterol levels, increasing healthy HDL cholesterol levels, and increasing CoQ10 to the body; that’s a solution with CoQ10 and policosanol where policosanol lowers unhealthy cholesterol levels and increases healthy cholesterol levels better than statins. That’s HRT and that’s simply smart. Get your money back box of Agel HRT with thirty single-serving ingested gel packets per box and as they are only available online, you won’t have to take the trip to get the CoQ10 your body needs as Agel will delivery it to your door in dozens of countries around the globe. It’s time to get smart with HRT and provide your body CoQ10 and other natural heart health ingredients with the most bioavailable delivery form other than getting CoQ10 intravenously which could quickly become cost prohibitive.

Heart disease prevention with taste

September 18, 2012

Who thinks about heart disease prevention all the time.

Not likely that someone will be constantly thinking about heart disease prevention when it comes to everything they eat or drink, but surely there are some who have been told by their doctor that they are prone to getting heart disease and should be careful when considering what to eat and drink. Heart disease prevention can be made easy and come with a pleasant taste.

There are drugs and there are more drugs for the likes of normalizing hypertension, commonly termed high blood pressure, normalizing cholesterol levels, and of course drugs to strengthen the heart, but some of these drugs may come to the aid at avoiding or reducing the chances of heart disease but many drugs come with awful side effects. Is heart disease prevention with drugs worth the risk of liver damage? Is heart disease prevention with drugs worth the risk of causing significant damage to the body’s muscular function? Is heart disease prevention with drugs worth even getting a heart attack when the heart disease preventative drug weakens the heart? Yes, the big pharmaceutical companies have much clout when it pertains to doctors writing out prescriptions for heart disease prevention in the form of drugs and lobbying with big money to get drugs passed, but there is a safe alternative to preventing heart disease. Prevention of heart disease should not come with awful side effects and this was one of the significant reason for why Agel Enterprises created the remarkable HRT suspended gel packet with heart disease prevention at the forefront of the suspended gel’s product aspirations. With heart disease natural ingredients including CoQ10, policosanol, oyster mushroom, selenium, taurine, folate, and carnitine, the HRT heart disease prevention suspended gel is a safe product which provides cellular energy for heart disease prevention and HRT normalizes high blood pressure and also normalizes cholesterol levels. The taste of the heart disease preventative natural alternative which comes without side effects does come with a money back guarantee and is available online only and on this site and comes with all the natural heart disease prevention in a tasty butterscotch flavor where you’ll be looking forward to heart disease prevention while you’re thinking about what healthy foods and beverages you’ll have that day. Preventing heart disease made easy and tasty with HRT.

Still not sure about CoQ10

September 1, 2012

Unbelievable to think that not even doctors pushing statins don’t tell patients about CoQ10.

Believe this about CoQ10; your body needs CoQ10 and without it, heart disease and muscle erosion is guaranteed. So why would doctors not tell patients about CoQ10 or more importantly push statins like Crestor, Lipitor, Zocor or Pravachol to their patients and not insist that their patients supplement CoQ10 in their diet; statins like Lipitor, Zocor, Pravachol or Crestor prevent CoQ10 from naturally being produced by the body and this poses health risks like heart disease including heart attacks.

We’ve analyzed why doctors prescribe statins like Lipitor, Zocor, Crestor and the host of other statins and why patients get generic statins online; the number one reason is that they simply don’t know how statins inhibit and block the natural production of CoQ10 and also how they really don’t know that statins in addition to being very unhealthy from a CoQ10 depletion capacity aspect but also from statins having the ability to damage the liver and deplete muscle tissue throughout the body and the heart; this of course is attributed to many doctors not even knowing how critical CoQ10 is for the body. One thing is certain is that patients take statins because of their LDL cholesterol levels being too high and their HDL cholesterol levels being too low, to offset to the high overall cholesterol levels, but what they don’t know is that CoQ10 is severely impacted with statins. Don’t risk your body’s natural ability to produce CoQ10 with statins, but instead ingest policosanol; CoQ10 and policosanol, truly a great combination when in gel form for natural heart health. The safe and wise alternative to the likes of Lipitor, Crestor, Zocor, and Pravachol is HRT in the breakthrough suspended gel product which is ingested with the best form of bioavailability and it contains plenty of CoQ10, policosanol, oyster mushroom, carnitine, taurine and other healthy natural ingredients and the HRT suspended gel is natural and will increase your CoQ10 levels all while lowering your unhealthy levels of LDL cholesterol because of policosanol. So why take statins when you can get rid of unhealthy cholesterol, increase healthy cholesterol and increase the CoQ10 your body naturally needs. The HRT suspended gel product comes with thirty single serving gel packets per box with CoQ10, policosanol, carnitine, taurine and other natural ingredients all in a tasty butterscotch flavor where no water in needed to swallow the heart disease preventative health benefits. So, instead of taking statins like Zocor, Lipitor, Crestor or Pravachol to name a few of the statins on the market, get your box of HRT with CoQ10 and policosanol and HRT comes with a money back guarantee from Agel Enterprises and is available only online and of course for your convenience on this site, but we are confident that with the additional energy you’ll be having because of CoQ10 and carnitine and the reduction in overall cholesterol levels  because of policosanol and oyster mushroom, you won’t even think about returning the CoQ10 and policosanol HRT gel packets. What you might be inclined to do instead is tell that doctor about HRT with much essential CoQ10 and policosanol and perhaps in time, common sense would result in such a doctor recommending HRT to their patients, if they really do care about their patients.

Pharmaceutical drugs vs suspended gel alternatives is the surprise

August 22, 2012

Pharmaceutical companies and their drugs are all about profitability and at times much more than the health of the consumer.

There are alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs, contrary to some popular thought. Imagine breakthrough natural products which don’t come with adverse health effects which are accompanied by long list of warnings found on pharmaceutical drugs.

We’re not stating that pharmaceutical drugs are unnecessary, because in times of life or death, intravenous drugs can make the quick difference between life and the end of it. For prevention of diseases and very common ailments, including the natural process of aging, pharmaceutical drugs are not the solution. Take unhealthy levels of LDL cholesterol where pharmaceutical drugs are heavily advertised; such pharmaceutical drugs offer significant health risks for inferior results in lowering unhealthy cholesterol levels when compared to natural policosanol, and when you add CoQ10, oyster mushroom and carnitine, among other natural ingredients you prevent heart disease in addition to more effectively improving cholesterol levels. Lowering hypertension, or high blood pressure, also has pharmaceutical drugs to combat this, but taurine can assist without the side effects associated with pharmaceutical drugs. How about the most invasive products engineered by pharmaceutical companies and this has reference to cancer, with chemotherapy, never mind other cancer treatments; chemotherapy is associated with significant side effects and even death whereas strengthening the immune system naturally is simply safe and effective at preventing diseases such as cancer and other more common ailments like the flu or common cold. Pharmaceutical companies also make non-prescription drugs which in fact contain parabens, or toxins and carcinogens, which are not at all necessary ingredients for what such pharmaceutical products were designed to assist with; alternatives to such pharmaceutical drugs include natural skin care solutions, natural digestive system cleansing and detox solutions instead of drugs, natural vitamins and minerals instead of asthma drugs, natural arthritis and joint pain solutions instead of arthritis drugs, natural mental energy with enhanced cognitive skill reinforcement instead of side-effect riddled drugs, natural and healthy antioxidants, natural sleep aids which are non-addictive instead of sleeping-aid drugs, natural diet solutions which work without posing health risks associated with pharmaceutical drugs in the form of diet pills, and there are other examples and alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs, be it over-the-counter drugs or prescription ones, which are natural. Agel Enterprises has developed natural suspended matrix gel technology ingested products which does not come with health risks or side-effects because the products are natural and provide solutions. Take a look at the alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs, where prevention is the safe alternative to having the need to get intravenous drugs to save a life.


Who really needs CoQ10 will surprise you

July 10, 2012

Everyone needs CoQ10, period.

Anyone who states differently in that CoQ10 or Coenzyme Co10 is not a necessity, stay away from them and that specifically entails doctors who are prescribing statins like Crestor, Zocor, Lipitor, Pravachol and a host of other cholesterol lowering drugs. Better yet, ask such professionals who prescribe the likes of Lipitor, Crestor and other statins, why our body produces CoQ10 and why is it that statins inhibit the production of CoQ10 and most importantly ask why is that not a concern to a patient.

Again, if the health professional does not know why CoQ10 is critical and prescribes statins like Crestor or Lipitor, get out of that health professional’s office. Such a health professional may recommend an x-ray if you simply caught a common cold; increasing your chances of developing breast cancer and depleting CoQ10 both have drastic ramifications. The point is simple in that everyone needs CoQ10 and preventing CoQ10 from naturally being created implies health risks, including the depletion of muscles and increased risk of heart disease. Taking statins like Lipitor and Crestor, without supplementing CoQ10 is simply taking a risk nobody should venture taking, in addition to inhibiting the natural production of CoQ10 statins can cause liver disease. A solution named HRT provides CoQ10 and much more of it than you can find in foods which are very high in CoQ10; not only this fact but the HRT breakthrough suspended gel packets contain other essential heart disease prevention assistance, in addition to CoQ10 with heart healthy antioxidants like carnitine, and other heart health ingredients including taurine, oyster muchroom, selenium, folate, and policosanol. Think of policosanol as the better alternative to taking statins like Crestor or Lipitor in that it won’t deplete or inhibit your CoQ10, and with the HRT suspended gel packets, not only do they come with a money back guarantee and available online from this site, but combine policosanol with CoQ10 and the other heart healthy ingredients and you have the best all around heart disease prevention solution delivered with a butterscotch flavor. Time to get your CoQ10 and with policosanol, you can forget about the Lipitor and Crestor as part the solution for lowering unhealthy cholesterol levels.

CoQ10 with carnitine and taurine in a gel is heart disease prevention

May 23, 2012

What’s heart health if it does not contain CoQ10, taurine, carnitine, oyster mushroom, selenium, folate and policosanol you should wonder.

Not much and taking statins like Lipitor or Crestor will only make things worse, by depleting naturally produced CoQ10. Heart health implies prevention, natural prevention of heart disease where heart disease is more often associated with a heart attack. Never before have CoQ10, carnitine, oyster musroom, selenium, taurine, policosanol and folate been in one product which produces positive synergistic results for heart health and heart disease prevention.

Not until Agel Enterprises developed the natural heart disease prevention suspended gel appropriately named HRT, which comes with oyster mushroom, policosanol, CoQ10, taurine, carnitine, folate and selenium. These are the heart disease preventative natural ingredients, like CoQ10 and carnitine, which have been proven to work in reducing heart disease but never have they been combined into one product and in the most bioavailable delivery form; suspended matrix gel with oyster mushroom, CoQ10, and taurine among other natural critical heart disease preventative ingredients. Of course one could go to the drug store or a pharmacy and perhaps find CoQ10 pills, tablets, or capsules or a mix of them for CoQ10, carnitine, taurine, oyster mushroom, selenium, policosanol, and folate but what will all those pills, tablets and capsules do when you attempt to swallow them simultaneously? Pills or tablet, or even capsules of CoQ10, taurine, carnitine, selenium and the other natural ingredients may benefit your heart but will they effectively prevent heart disease? Put it this way, even if you could take the seven pills, tablets, or capsules of CoQ10, taurine, selenium, policosanol, carnitine, oyster mushroom and folate in a period of a few minutes, how long will you be willing to swallow such spherical objects of CoQ10 and selenium to prevent heart disease? Perhaps a week, perhaps more; perhaps depending on what your doctor recommends for the frequency of you swallowing CoQ10 pills, carnitine capsules, taurine tablets, and so on. Realistically why would anyone want to go through CoQ10 and policosanol spherical ingestation when the HRT suspended matrix gel contains the CoQ10, taurine, selenium, carnitine, oyster mushroom, folate, and policosanol your body and heart needs for heart disease prevention and with HRT, you get your daily CoQ10, carnitine and all the others without having to drink three or so glasses of some beverage. People think that pills like ones for CoQ10 or selenium, for instance will be less expensive and perhaps they will be but how much of that CoQ10 will you body keep and use; Carnitine, CoQ10, selenium and the other natural ingredients do significantly better job in nourishing your body when delivered in suspended gel. There’s a better solution for preventing heart disease and it’s in suspended matrix gel with the most bioavailable delivery of essential CoQ10, policosanol, taurine, selenium, carnitine, oyster mushroom and folate your heart needs for managing cellular energy, cholesterol levels and blood pressure in addition to tasting great as the HRT heart disease prevention gel packets come in thirty single serving gel packets per box and in a butterscotch flavor. Get heart and prevent heart disease naturally with taurine, carnitine, oyster mushroom, CoQ10, selenium, folate, and policosanol and leave the pills, tablets and capsules for the ones who like chocking down inferior heart disease prevention alternatives. Prevention of heart disease is natural HRT and get your daily CoQ10 and other critical preventative heart disease solutions.

Are you getting enough CoQ10

May 14, 2012

You may not know this, but CoQ10 is critical for your health and heart attack and other heart disease prevention.

Sure you may be thinking that if for example your cholesterol levels get to be too high that you can always go see your doctor and have your doctor put you on statins like Crestor, Lipitor or many other forms of statin drugs to lower unhealthy cholesterol levels, and these statin drugs will lower such unhealthy cholesterol levels. The question is do you know that taking such statin pills that you will be preventing the natural production of CoQ10 which may actually increase the chances of your developing heart disease of having a heart attack?

Some of you may now be wondering about statins and why all the advertising for the likes of Lipitor, Zocor, Pravachol, and Crestor if such statins lower unhealthy LDL cholesterol levels but deplete or inhibit the natural production of CoQ10. It’s a fact that CoQ10 is inhibited, or that it can’t be naturally produced because statins like Zocor, Lipitor, Crestor and Pravachol shut off the pathway for CoQ10 to be produced and delivered to the heart and to the rest of your cells for natural cellular energy. Take that a step further, in that your body has CoQ10 which is, we’ll call it, left over and some may still be produced in small amounts when the statins wear off before the next statin pill to lower and normalize the unhealthy cholesterol levels, but your doctor will inform you that when you start taking the likes of Pravachol, Lipitor, Zocor or Crestor that you will need to be taking such statins for the rest of your life and that signifies CoQ10 needing to be supplemented or the probability of having heart disease will keep increasing. There’s an alternative and it’s not a drug; it HRT with CoQ10, policosanol, taurine, folate, carnitine and other natural ingredients which will normalize cholesterol levels, the unhealthy LDL type and increase the healthy cholesterol levels or the HDL type with policosanol and with the necessary CoQ10 your body will increase its cellular energy. So, in short, for essential CoQ10, there is the butterscotch flavored ingested gel named HRT which provides all of the heart attack and heart disease natural preventative ingredients with CoQ10, policosanol, carnitine, oyster mushroom, taurine, folate and selenium; but instead if you want to deplete and inhibit the natural production of CoQ10, there are many statins to choose from like Lipitor and Crestor. Also keep in mind that if your cholesterol levels are normal, CoQ10 supplementation is also very important because people in their late twenties and older naturally produce less CoQ10 as time passes; ever see people walking around like they lack energy? It’s not because they need a Red Bull, Monster or a Rockstar, it’s simply because their CoQ10 levels are low and they really need to supplement their body with CoQ10 and the HRT suspended gel matrix offers the best form of bioavailability for CoQ10 and all the other heart disease and heart attack preventative natural ingredients including policosanol, carnitine, taurine. Get HRT and get your CoQ10 levels back up and get that natural energy back, and stay away from statins. HRT with CoQ10 is what you naturally need to supplement your heart health with.

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Weight Loss (8)
Weight Loss Supplement (12)
Work at home (1)
Work from home (3)
Wrist Pain (4)
Yohimbine (6)
Zocor (1)

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