Skin Care Alert!

January 26, 2016

The breakthrough Agel Caspi Skin Care product line is now also available in Europe!

Today, Agel announced that the breakthrough Caspi skin care product line is now available for distribution and shipping in Europe. This is your opportunity to be one of the first in Europe to see and feel what many in the USA have already experienced in breakthrough skin care solutions. - Ageless Caspi - Anti-Aging Skin Care far ahead of the packSo whether you live in France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Ukraine, and all other European countries, the Agel Caspi 3-product skin care solution is now available. The three-part skin care Agel Caspi renewal system includes a caviar cleanser, a gold-infused anti-aging serum and a caviar moisturizer. This will be the last skin care product-line you buy and if for some reason you are not completely satisfied, the Agel Caspi skin care product line comes with a money-back guarantee. Do yourself a favor if you’re looking for a natural paraben-free skin care solution, get Agel Caspi and see and feel what skin care should do for you facial skin. It has been since September 2015 that Europe has been waiting for the Agel Caspi skin care line, and the breakthrough in skin care in now available online here for your purchase and delivery to your residence or place of work. The Agel Caspi skin care line of products are waiting for you order to be shipped from our warehouse in Holland. Skin care has never been so close and providing so many solutions.

Skin care that’s ingested

April 27, 2015

Enough is enough about all the skin care parabens (toxins) applied to your skin.

You want skin care which is natural, ingest it with Agel GLO. Take a look at the breakthrough in skin care ingredients, natural skin care ingredients. - Agel GLO - ingested skin care, the solutionWhen you think about skin care and a busy lifestyle, what comes to mind? Making or having the time to use skin care? Applying parabens (toxins) to your skin and actually accelerating the aging process instead of using skin care to have younger looking and feeling skin? How about ingested skin care which takes less than ten seconds per day to use. Agel GLO is that skin care, make that ingested skin care and it’s more than skin care as it’s also nail care and hair care. When you think about skin care, normally you would not think of an ingested green tea and apricot flavored skin care solution. Now you can, so get your box of Agel GLO ingested skin care where each box comes with thirty single skin care gel packets and of course with a money back guarantee. And yes, get younger feeling and looking skin with Agel GLO ingested skin care. Leave the parabens and toxins for people who don’t know about skin care and sooner they’ll come around to Agel GLO skin care; chances are they’ll be asking about your skin care product!

Sunscreens contain parabens leading to cancer

February 5, 2013

We stated this before and we’ll state it again that skin cancer, specifically melanoma, is augmented with most commercially available sunscreens on the market.

For those of you who have been fed the misconception that sunscreens reduce the risk of skin cancer, rest assured that the world of marketing dollars has been selling you something you really did not want as skin care on your body. Now that sunscreen has been labeled as increasing the likelihood of skin cancer or melanoma because of the toxic parabens penetrating the skin, there’s more about the sun and skin cancer which should be mentioned. - Ingested skin care without parabens, it's GLO by Agel with many more benefits than any sunscreen.The sun is our friend because without the positive effects of UVB rays, our body is not able to get the appropriate levels of vitamin D. Getting the proper amount of vitamin D helps to prevent cancer, and not necessarily skin cancer because vitamin D is critical to optimized health. Let’s take a step back about sunscreens and skin cancer and the parabens in the suncreens; where is the number one place on the body where such cancer increasing sunscreens are applied? On the face of course, which is also a very small are of the body which does not absorb much of the necessary vitamin D the body needs to function optimally; instead of sunscreen being applied to the face, cover up the face with a sombrero, cap, or some other hat and don’t listen to the marketing advertisements which push to use skin cancer accelerators on the face. In addition to wearing something on your head to cover your face, there is an ingested suspended gel product by Agel Enterprises which is similar to sunscreen but without any parabens and obviously won’t result in skin cancer or any other form of cancer for that matter but which will protect the skin from getting burnt; an alternative to skin care without the skin cancer accelerator. The Agel GLO is ingested skin care and much more, with turmeric, lutein, lecithin, CoQ10 and other natural ingredients and oils which as they are ingested, they work throughout the skin and also protect and strengthen hair and nails and again the GLO ingredients in the ingested product don’t contain parabens and don’t lead to skin cancer or any other form of cancer. Granted, in the northern hemisphere, this is not the time of year to be laying on the beach and getting skin cancer because most northern hemisphere climates don’t offer the proper temperatures this time of the year. But think about the warmer months or even when a job requires exposure to the sun where sunscreens have historically been used. Wear a hat and ingest an Agel GLO suspended gel packet to protect from skin cancer and with this ingested skin care suspended gel, not only will your body be protected from the burning effects of the sun, your body will be able to benefit from the sun’s UVB rays for generation of vitamin D and skin cancer will not be something marketing campaigns will need to cover up because when more people realize that skin cancer can be naturally avoided without the use of sunscreens, such products will be removed from the shelves because they won’t be selling. To your health, vitamin D and better natural skin care alternatives with GLO.

Tasty skin care for the Holidays

December 10, 2012

Specifically, ingested skin care which is natural and not only for women.

Apricot green tea flavored ingested skin care named GLO by the leader in health technology, Agel Enterprises, is going to change the way your skin looks and feels for the holidays and forever after. Ingested skin care named GLO is simply the natural solution for all of you skin care needs, from toes to hair and all the skin and nails in-between.

How many skin care products on the market are first of all natural, without parabens; not many. Next, how many skin care products which are ingested to naturally work from the inside-out to bring about skin care solutions and not only to where one would typically envision as associated with topical skin care products; even fewer. Finally, how many skin care products work on all of the skin layers, the hair and the nails in less than ten seconds a day without any side-effects except for youthful feeling and looking radiant skin, stronger nails and stronger hair; chances are there’s only one such natural skin care product on the market and it is GLO. If your looking for a Holiday gift for someone who wants to have fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, brittle nails, easily breaking hair to be something of the past, then the choice is the GLO ingested skin care solution. Then again, these ingested skin care packets provide such wonderful results, you’ll probably want them for yourself too. Ingested skin care solutions with turmeric, lutein, lecithin, tocotrienol, CoQ10, trace minerals and many other natural ingredients is waiting for you and only available online and conveniently on this site and yes, there is of course a money back guarantee but we know you won’t want to return any of the boxes of thirty single serving ingested skin care GLO gel packets.

Breast cancer and what experts do not know

October 20, 2012

The experts for diagnosing breast cancer are wonderful at discrediting possibilities.

Sure, there’s no real proof that deodorant, soap, cleaning agents, or other consumer goods are directly linked to breast cancer but most have a long list of parabens. But if one out of eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at one point during a women’s life, surely there’s more than simply discrediting such possibilities about causes of breast cancer.

For starters, preventing breast cancer is the real goal correct! Note, this was not a question but a statement in that breast cancer has to be beaten. We’re not suggesting that women, or anyone for that matter stop taking showers or baths with soap in order to avoid breast cancer, but there are natural soaps on the market which don’t contain parabens and yes it’s true that they won’t provide the same scent which some of us want to give off the impression that a person has bathed. Changing to a natural soap is a simple change which may or may not be linked to breast cancer prevention, but then again drinking a carbonated flavored beverage named a soda can be linked to cancer and stopping drinking a can or worse yet a plastic soda drink can assist in preventing cancer, be it brain cancer or even breast cancer. The professionals are not sure what causes breast cancer recall, but discrediting the likes of deodorant seems rather odd because after all, the female breast is fairly close to the underarm area where such deodorants are applied as anti-perspiration so such an application with parabens could in time develop into breast cancer; it could right? Now about breast cancer and household cleaning products, which by now we should all know that such products contain numerous chemicals and of course parabens and any health professional which states that such cleaning agents can’t lead to breast cancer or any other form of cancer need a reality check. Recall that more people are diagnosed with cancer, be it breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer or some other form of cancer than were in the past and there must be a correlation which should not be discredited. For those of you wanting to prevent breast cancer, you can elect to avoid all forms of technology and cleansing products of any type or help your body to prevent breast cancer or any other form of cancer and it comes in the form of helping out your body, from the digestive system, to the immune system, to ridding the body of free radicals and to naturally promote glutathione the natural and essential super antioxidant which resides in ever cell of the body. Now, no health professional can discredit natures manner in which to help prevent breast cancer or any form of cancer or other disease. The GRN, UMI, EXO, GSH all natural ingested health preventative suspended gel by Agel Enterprises with great taste are available throughout the world which also happens to be where cancer like breast cancer is diagnosed.

Skin care and network marketing

September 12, 2012

Perhaps you knew that the likes of skin care names including Avon and Mary Kay were introduced with network marketing.

Surely you’ve heard of one or even both of these names for skin care but were you surprised that they were brought to market via network marketing? Not that this matters all that much, but what is special about skin care is what’s in the ingredients in skin care products and will they either act as natural skin care or function as parabens to the skin and not remotely close to the desired results of skin care.

Perhaps looking at many skin care products on the market today and comparing them to soft drinks or soda pop will shed light on the difference between skin care and who cares; soft drink or soda beverages are advertised as being refreshing, quenching thurst and come with a great, and addictive, flavor but what the makers of such beverages don’t mention is that the ingredients are awful for one’s health and some can lead to the development of brain tumors which is cancer. Now take skin care products which so many contain parabens, which are carcinogens, and the manufacturers advertise how such skin care products make the skin feel and look younger, but what they don’t mention with such skin care topical product are the ingredients which most can’t be easily pronounced and the fact that these same ingredients they label as skin care result in accelerating the aging process of the skin. We refer that to as anti-climatic skin care solutions. The alternative to such parabens riddled skin care products on the market comes in two delivery methods, ingested and topically applied natural skin care solutions. These natural skin care products come from a leader in network marketing, much like the Avon and Mary Kay skin care products, but without any parabens, which in many countries such skin care products are brand names; these alternative breakthrough and technologically advanced natural skin care products include the topical Ageless line of antioxidants skin care for the entire face, cheeks, about the eyes, nose, chin, forehead and neck where we experience the most amount of harsh and damaging skin results because of exposure to the sun and pollutants in the air. For ingested skin care products, Agel Enterprises has the GLO skin care solution to remedy the natural aging process of the skin and is a revitalizing skin care solution for wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin tone, remover of acne scars and even strengthening the hair and nails and GLO of course works for all of the skin making it a universal skin care solution because it’s ingested. Finally the EXO antioxidants and what is the basis for the Ageless antioxidants skin care line; EXO too is ingested and is packed with over two hundred antioxidants from seventeen fruits and plant extracts and serves many purposes from working to slow down the skin’s aging process by strengthening the cells in the body by means of eliminating the pollutants we inhale and is also a wonderful and natural antioxidant to eliminated acne. Yes, skin care has changed and the Agel Enterprises suspended gel products are changing skin care drastically by bringing nature back to the skin; it’s time you look at skin care this way and with such suspended gel skin care products you and everyone else will notice the difference.

Ingesting skin care for a change

August 22, 2012

Enough with the skin care cover-up makeup.

Hiding the inevitable is not providing skin care solutions, but instead accelerating the aging process of the collagen fibers which support healthy and youthful skin appearance and define skin care. We receive comments and questions about the GLO ingested skin care solution and about how it works better than leading skin care lines on the market, even the expensive ones.

The question about solving the skin care dilemma is fundamental in understanding what skin care should be and what it should not be. Seems fairly simple right? There is a healthy skin care solution and then there are a plethora of skin care want-to-be solution products but these are driven by marketing, promotional figure-heads and in essence false advertising. Let’ look at skin care products and compare them to food products for instance. How many fast food or so-called convenience foods are really healthy for an individual; the facts are that with so much advertising and promotions backing such unhealthy forms of nutrition, many people are somehow almost coerced to thinking that such foods are healthy. Now take skin care products, where most such skin care product lines in the market place contain parabens; these parabens are in essence carcinogens and applying them to the skin is not going to become the solution for healthy skin care, unless of course someone’s looking for skin care to accelerate the aging process of their skin. The fact is skin care can be all natural as it is with the ingested skin care solution named GLO, by the leader in health technology and to back up this claim, the GLO ingested suspended gel skin care products come with a money back guarantee from the manufacturer without forms to fill out. But once you get your box or two, each with thirty single serving GLO gel packets for natural skin care solutions, we are extremely confident that the last thing you’ll want to do is send back your favorite skin care products, which contain lutein, lecithin, CoQ10, trace minerals, natural oils including green tea seed oil and grape seed oil, turmeric, tocotrienol and many more natural ingredients. This breakthrough in skin care is ingested, so it works where your collagen fibers need the most assistance, from the inside-out; topical products temporarily hydrate the skin if not based on antioxidants. GLO is only available online and is the most portable and bioavailable form of skin care solutions which bring about natural skin care solutions where makeup and cover-up will quickly become a forgotten bad old habit.

Should acne be a concern

August 19, 2012

For most people with a poor functioning digestive system acne will be a concern.

Ever heard people say that they can’t eat certain foods or a certain beverages, because it gives them acne? We assume that you have heard this at least once in your lifetime pertaining to reasons for developing acne but the reality is that it’s not the food that creates or generates the acne in question but the digestive system not being able to assist the body as effectively as it should.

Relax, nobody is to be blamed for acne and surely a dermatologist is not going to cure acne with harsh chemical recommendations or with prescriptions to deplete the healthy bacteria in the digestive system, of course along with the unhealthy bacteria in the digestive system. A reminder, acne may temporarily be aided by the dermatologist’s recommendations and prescriptions from parabens accompanying acne topical products or ingested presciptions for acne, but that’s all these acne treatments will be; in essence providing temporary acne assistance and at both a financial cost and with health costs. Get acne where it starts, but not by eliminating healthy bacteria and unhealthy bacteria, but by preventing acne in the digestive system by nourishing the healthy bacteria with phytonutrients and greens like broccoli, spinach, alfalfa, wheat grass, barley grass, chlorophyll, and other natural ingredients and in the same time as preventing acne you’ll be able to eliminate unhealthy bacteria. There’s a reason why certain types of foods affect some people with the development of acne and not others and it’s not because they have a stronger will power or have passed the age of developing acne, it’s however because of their digestive system simply working more effectively at eliminating toxins and unhealthy bacteria so that such bacteria is excreted as waste properly and not as toxins coming out through the pores in the form of acne. Naturally cleanse and detox the digestive system, your digestive system with ingested GRN lemongrass mint flavored suspended gel packets and prevent acne; no worries, ingested suspended gel GRN packets won’t put you at the mercy of the effects of laxatives or preparations for bowel cleansing, GRN simply cleanses and detox of the digestive system with nourishing healthy bacteria all while eliminating undesirable bacteria so that your skin can naturally be without acne.

Acne and skin care and the key

August 8, 2012

The key to eliminating acne and preventing acne is not created by making an appointment with the dermatologist.

Seeing a dermatologist, in most situations for acne reasons is to help the dermatologist grow their income stream, with a license to write harmful prescriptions which don’t get to the reason for why acne became your reason for seeing the dermatologist. No pill or drug will eliminate or prevent acne, simply because your body needs the attention starting in the digestive system and with topical and ingested antioxidants and not with drugs or parabens.

The simplest solution to eliminating acne is with antioxidants, and the best delivery of antioxidants which work from the inside-out are ingested and the EXO suspended gel provides over two hundred antioxidants from seventeen different fruit and plant extracts; natural antioxidants eliminate acne. This is how acne is eliminated naturally, with antioxidants, from the inside-out and coupled with the Ageless skin care line which is based on antioxidants, from the outside-in. Now about preventing acne and this is the part which dermatologists will, for some reason, never understand and perhaps it’s because they don’t teach this in graduate school; acne is not started by eating certain foods and having acne breakouts because of such foods. The truth is that acne starts in the digestive system and acne starts there because of the toxins and debris in the digestive system prevent the proper breakdown and absorption of essential vitamins, minerals and other forms of nutrition which prevents your acne from developing. If one wants to prevent acne, a cleansing and detox of the digestive system is a necessity, and no there’s no invasive procedure or enema involved, but simply ingesting phytonutrients in the most bioavailable delivery form to prevent acne by clearing out the toxins, waste, unhealthy bacteria and let’s face it feces which has been in the digestive system and gut way too long; this cleansing and detox of the digestive system is naturally accomplished with GRN in suspended gel. Eliminating acne is simple with antioxidants with EXO and Ageless and preventing acne from coming back with GRN phytonutrients is the healthy choice over seeing the dermatologist who just might prescribe a drug or recommend parabens to wreak havoc to your digestive system. It’s time to eliminate acne and of course to prevent acne from developing. How many dermatologist do you know who know this about acne anyway?


Breakthrough ingested natural skin care

August 5, 2012

From our point of view, this is what women and some men have been seeking; ingested skin care solutions.

There is much made up advertising about skin care products which work so-called miracles where in a few days your skin, because of a new skin care product, will become ten to twenty years younger looking. This is simply not possible, at least not with any skin care product.

Plastic surgery or some unhealthy product, acting as skin care, may generate skin care results but with the tightening of the skin beyond the normal comfort level is not what skin care was intended to be. Also, skin care with parabens, which are in essence carcinogens, may provide short-term results but in time end up accelerating the skin’s aging process. It’s about time that skin care became ingested, naturally ingested with natural ingredients including turmeric, lutein, lecithin, CoQ10, tocotrienol, trace minerals, green tea extract and oils including grape seed oil and green tea seed oil, among other natural ingredients which work from the inside with the collage which is the critical component for skin care results. These are natural ingredients and this makes the GLO suspended gel product the natural manner in which to ingest skin care; take a look at the ingredients in the skin care products you’re currently using and you’ll undoubtedly see a list of words you have never seen before, never mind pronouncing them correctly the first time you see them. It’s a fact that most skin care products contain harmful carcinogens which are called parabens and the last thing you want to be apply to your skin for skin care reasons are parabens. Marketing sells skin care products and the parabens are in the skin care products. If you want natural solutions for skin care, ingest them with the likes of turmeric, lecithin, lutein, CoQ10, and many other natural ingredients and get the skin care solutions you really want, from lifting sagging skin, eliminating wrinkles and fine lines, eliminating acne scars like ice pick scars and boxcar scars, and this is all accomplished with the money back guarantee GLO skin care suspended ingested gel packets. In addition to skin care solutions with the GLO ingested skin care solution, GLO also strengthens nails and hair and we know that some women and men could also find advantages the skin care GLO product simply because of these additional benefits. Other benefits is that GLO can be used as sunscreen, but remember that as its natural and ingested, the skin care solution works from the inside-out, as all skin care products should and GLO is only available online and available on this site. Get your box or two of GLO skin care solutions and ingest the natural green tea flavored solution anytime of day or night.

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