Living longer with fucoidan and your immune system

January 23, 2012

People, some anyway, thought that they could live longer with what’s in the soil and with fucoidan for the immune system it’s somewhat true.

Season after season, believe it or not, the soil in what is produced will not add to the betterment of society; this of course is simply from facts and delivery of information. The fruits people are eating and the vegetables they consume are simply not as they were one hundred years ago but it’s a different story with fucoidan.

The soil has been depleted of essential minerals. Unlike much of the Earth’s surface at or above sea level, which we have been using to furnish nutrition to our body’s needs, other forms of nutrition have been detected and one is fucoidan. The miracle from the sea as some scientists have claimed it to be is fucoidan. This has been a buried treasure for many years except for more recently in that fucoidan has been harvested naturally to bring about the natural health benefits for the immune system, circulatory health, cholesterol levels, joint health, respiratory systems, natural energy, respiratory system, gastrointestinal and digestive system assistance, and so many more health benefits. Why not read about fucoidan, because this is what health is all about from cell apoptosis to cancer apoptosis and if you know something about preventative alternatives for health, you will enjoy this and if you are simply learning and curious, there is that much more for you to learn about fucoidan and the immune system you walk with and carry with you all day long and care for throughout the night. Fucoidan is the natural wonder from the ocean and seas which is derived from brown seaweed or algae, but the fucoidan which is most effective is not the raw, steamed or cooked version of fucoidan which offers few of these health benefits. It is the fucoidan which can be ingested in the most bioavailable form named suspended matrix gel technology. Don’t worry that so much of the planet’s soil is offering fewer and fewer minerals for fruits and vegetables, because now you can feed your body fucoidan in the most bioavailable delivery form. Of course, like so many things in life, fucoidan comes in pills and tablets but these provide inferior delivery methods; for the most effective delivery of health solutions there is fucoidan in suspended matrix gel named UMI from the pioneer in health technology, Agel Enterprises.

Natural ingredients for knee pain and joint pain must include these.

September 21, 2010

Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Celadrin and MSM!

This is the power of 4 (four) for optimal knee pain and knee joint pain solutions and of course relief from inflammation, getting rid of the pain and rebuilding your cartilage. By far the best method to take these four natural health supplements for joint pain is in a suspended gel because gel has the best form of bioavailability, taking pills and tablets for joint pain is the equivalent of cassettes compared to CDs (some of you might remember cassettes). The pills and tablets will somewhat work but you will never have the clear and static free sound of CDs.

Joint pain and specifically the most common form of joint pain, is with our knees. Knee pain or knee joint pain needs attention and being able to reduce swelling and inflammation around the very intricate knee joint pain in combination to healing the joints with lubrication and enabling the cartilage to regrow around the knee pain is what anyone with joint pain needs and wants to accomplish. This can best be accomplished with all four of these natural ingredients in a suspended gel; imagine ingesting chondroitin, msm, celadrin and glucosamine in a suspended gel with a product named FLX and within the hour noticing a big difference in your knee joint pain or any joint pain in your body – specifically how quickly your joints will be feeling better. Pills and tablets exist for these natural joint pain ingredients but don’t expect them to work nearly as quickly or as effectively as what can be accomplished with a suspended gel as pioneered by Agel Enterprises for health supplementation; worthy of noting is that should you choose the inferior delivery method with pills and tablets your body will only be able to absorb 10-40% of the nutrients and the amount of time your body requires to breakdown these compressed pills or tablets is more time you will have to endure the joint pain. If you are going to do one thing for your knee pain or knee joint pain or for any form of joint pain, you need to get yourself a box of FLX and you will guard that box of 30 gel packets as you might your passport or credit card because the joint pain relief and solution you will quickly experience will be simply amazing!

Having knee pain can become an opportunity.

September 20, 2010

When you think of having knee pain or knee joint pain you might initially have a look of pain displayed on your face.

Rightfully so if you have experienced such a joint pain. But what if you had knee pain or knee joint pain and it was taken care of with a natural health supplement?

This thought might bring a smile to your face, wiping away the look of discomfort you previously had. Now think about how many people you know who currently suffer from a joint pain, be it knee pain, knee joint pain, back pain, elbow pain, neck pain or any form of joint pain. If you have knee pain for example and let’s assume that you have had it for quite some time, what would you be willing to give up to have such a knee pain or knee joint pain go away and have this pain go away in a day or in a few days and never have such joint pain again? Would you be willing to tell others who have joint pain which you know about? Of course you would. I am telling you about a breakthrough in technology in the health and wellness industry which will bring about incredible joint pain solutions to everyone who suffers from joint pain and they won’t have to give up much except about US $85-$90 for 30 joint pain solution gel packets containing msm, glucosamine, chondroitin and celadrin. The question is how much would you be willing to pay to have your own knee pain or knee joint pain be something of the past? My guess is much more than $100 – especially if you have been having joint pain for a long period of time and such joint pain has prevented you from doing physical activities you have longed to do again. Knee pain and knee joint pain (and all forms of joint pains  for that matter) can in fact become an opportunity for a home based business with only a small effort from you, the entrepreneur! More to come for entrepreneur minded people who know the benefits of FLX and see a home based business opportunity which is to healthy to pass on.

Joint pain may not be as bad as you think.

September 19, 2010

We all suffer from one form of joint pain at least a few times in our lives.

This could be simply from sleeping in an awkward position or accidentally bumping into something. Walking into a coffee table might create a temporary form of knee pain or an elbow hitting a corner on a wall.

These are forms of joint pain which may go away in a day or so, but other types of joint pain may linger on for much longer and can be associated with physical activity with sports and perhaps having been in a vehicular accident. Either way, joint pain, be it knee pain, tennis elbow, shoulder pain, back pain, wrist pain, ankle pain, hip pain, or pain in any part of the many joints in your fingers or toes, can be brought back to normal with various methods – ice may work for some or simply getting a good massage. There is an alternative which is non-invasive and which requires little to know effort and works exceptionally fast and is actually very healthy for any and all of our joints; be it serious joint pain or simply an inconvenient joint pain. The alternative is a natural and ingested health supplement with msm, celadrin, glucosamine and chondroitin. Some of you have probably heard of msm and perhaps glucosamine and or chondroitin. Not many or perhaps none of you have heard of all four of these natural joint pain natural ingredients in one product and of course suspended gel provides the best form of bioavailability – enabling the most effective and quickest means of taking care of joint pain and bring the relief you need. Get yourself a box of FLX for joint pain relief for your joint pain no matter which joint pain you suffer from; each box comes with 30 gel packets to bring you guaranteed joint pain relief for all of your joints.

What you do not know can make knee pain or knee joint pain worse.

September 18, 2010

Do something about your knee pain!

But what you ask? Simply put, ingest a knee joint pain health supplement with MSM, glucosamine, celadrin and chondroitin!

Why? Because this all natural ingested health supplement for knee joint pain and for all around knee pain works! It works better than any other joint pain health supplement. Agel Enterprises came out with FLX in 2007 and this product with the best form of bioavailability in a suspended gel using matrix technology works faster than any other knee pain or knee joint pain health supplement – better than any set of pills or tablets! There are products on the market which have glucosamine, chondroitin and msm, but no product on the market also comes with celadrin oil. Celadrin will come to your knee pain and knee joint pain rescue to alleviate the minor or temporary pain from one’s daily active lifestyle making this knee joint pain health supplement named FLX a product which can be ingested anytime and of course anywhere without any need for water. This best in class knee pain and knee joint pain suspended gel health supplement is ingested without water and can be kept at temperatures up to 168F or 75C without losing any of its natural ingredients’ health benefits because of the suspended matrix gel technology. Again you could take inferior products which lack bioavailability in pills and tablets and are of course less effective because pills and tablets are compressed at with very high amounts of pressure and ones gastrointestinal tract needs to break down such pills (or rocks) and as our bodies were not designed to quickly breakdown and absorb such pills and tablets, the effectiveness of pills and tablets containing glucosamine and chondroitin, or msm, glucosamine and chondroitin is significantly inferior at bringing about quick solutions to knee pain and knee joint pain when compared to FLX and its suspended gel technology and FLX is the only product on the market which has all four of these natural ingredients in one single serving suspended gel to bring about solutions to your knee pain and knee joint pain quickly! Plainly put, if you are looking for the quickest and most effective solution for putting knee pain and knee joint pain behind you and carry on with your joint pain free life, get yourself a box of FLX with 30 suspended gel packets and be as active as you want to be in your busy or not too busy life! FLX works for everyone so why aren’t you ingesting the best knee pain and knee joint pain solution? Start to now!

The alternative to ice and heat for knee pain or knee joint pain.

September 17, 2010

It is not the orthopedic surgeon who is only thinking about his/her revenue stream with performing surgery.

Your knee pain or knee joint pain, be it from a sports injury or from simply being clumsy does not have to require ice, heat and then surgery if the former efforts don’t resolve the knee pain, swelling and inflation and of course the lack of mobility and flexibility in your knee joint pain or any other joint pain. Think about a natural alternative for your knee pain and that is a suspended gel ingested health supplement which is both natural and has no side effects.

FLX is the leader in suspended gel for knee pain or knee joint pain and for all your other joint health issues and it does not require applying ice or heat, nor does it require a visit to your family doctor and/or an orthopedic surgeon. What is required is ingesting the FLX joint pain solution suspended gel health supplement with celadrin, chondroitin, glucosamine and MSM to reduce the swelling, the inflammation, take away the pain, bring back your flexibility and mobility to where you had the knee pain or the knee joint pain and this breakthrough product works extremely effectively and quickly, unlike taking a few to several pills which lack bioavailability and produce slow results. After all, when you have suffered an injury which results in knee joint pain, you want quick knee pain relief and not waste time with ice for a couple days, then heat for a couple of days simply to see if the knee pain and knee joint pain relief has subsided and you can be on your way again – or not and have to go see an orthopedic surgeon. So, before applying ice and then heat to your knee pain or knee joint pain (or any other joint pain you may experience), ingested a tasty citrus flavored FLX with MSM, chondroitin, celadrin, and with glucosamine and have your knee pain and knee joint pain be something of the past and quickly get on with your life as if your knee pain or knee joint pain was simply part of your day and not a catastrophe. There is a reason why this knee pain and knee joint pain health supplement named FLX was voted as the number one health supplement in 2008 within a year that it came to market – because FLX is the solution for all of your joint pain, be it your knee pain and knee joint pain or for your back pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain, etc. And if you suffer from arthritis or osteoarthritis take FLX in the breakthrough suspended gel and you will simply be amazed with the results! Get your box of FLX and get on with your life knee joint pain free and that of all of your other joints!

What helps with knee pain or knee joint pain from an injury.

September 17, 2010

I will give you a hint – not running up stairs.

You could try putting ice on your knee pain shortly after sustaining an injury and continue doing this for the first two to three days to help reduce the swelling and the inflammation. After that, you would need to apply heat to the knee joint pain or for any joint pain for that matter if the symptoms continue past the initial three days, to continue treating the swelling and help to regain movement in the knee joint pain area or for any other joint pain.

What happens if the knee pain or shoulder pain, elbow pain, ankle pain etc. was not due an an injury? What happens if the knee pain does not go away after let’s say a few weeks? The experts would probably advise you to go see an orthopedic surgeon, but first you would probably have to go see your primary physician or your family doctor to get a referral. Now what are the odds that such a referral would be a friend or acquaintance of your family doctor? Not this is important but you would probably want to see the very best orthopedic surgeon who would be able to provide you with the best information about your knee pain or knee joint pain (or any joint pain you may be suffering from, for that matter – again). The orthopedic surgeon would probably want to scope your knee joint pain after grabbing above the knee with one hand and below the knee pain with the other hand and move his/her hands to get a better understanding of what might be wrong and causing your knee joint pain. Then the verdict – your knee pain or knee joint pain needs surgery! Oh no! Don’t fall for this! This is a natural alternative for knee pain and knee joint pain.

Knee pain and knee joint pain are synonymous with colder weather.

September 14, 2010

In a month or so, some of you may be feeling the cold air down to your joints in the northern hemisphere.

In several months, many will be feeling knee pain and knee joint pain because that cold weather will be reminding you that you need knee pain relief. You won’t be alone but you can all do something about it daily.

Simply ingest a knee pain and knee joint pain suspended gel which will lubricate your joints – all of your joints. Your joints are similar to moving metal parts in that they need lubrication so that they don’t cause friction with other joints. Yes, the human knee is very intricate and it also endures a lot of stress. You oil metal moving parts so that friction is minimized because with two pieces of metal rubbing against each other you can hear the friction and you know that those metal parts will endure wear and tear. You knee joint pain is not all that different because your knees also need to be lubricated, but done so from the inside like a car engine’s moving parts. For knee pain MSM, glucosamine, celadrin and chondroitin will come to the rescue by reducing inflammation, easing of the pain, adding natural lubricants to the joints by helping them retain water so that friction is minimized with a cushion and rebuild cartilage all at the same time. So, as the colder weather approaches in the northern hemisphere think of your knee pain and your knee joint pain and the pain in any of your other joints and give your moving parts some natural assistance with FLX with the power of 4 (celadrin, chondroitin, msm, and glucosamine) in a suspended gel for best bioavailability. You will notice the difference and you will be alleviating your knee pain and your knee joint pain will be very soon forgotten. Get your box of the best joint pain solution in FLX with 30 suspended gel packs! Lubrication for your knee joint pain and much more!

You do not need surgery for your knee pain.

September 13, 2010

Don’t let an orthopedic surgeon convince you that you need a surgical procedure if you suffer from knee pain!

Instead tell them that you are seriously considering ingesting a suspended gel with the best form of bioavailability for your knee pain. Tell him or her, the orthopedic surgeon this and chances are that they will end the conversation and send you off on your way so that they can quickly convince someone else who has knee pain or any other joint pain, that they need surgery.

Tell the orthopedic surgeon that the suspended gel which you want to take includes all four (yes, all 4), glucosamine, chondroitin, celadrin and MSM; the orthopedic surgeon might tell you to keep your mouth shut about what you know and insist that you do not tell any other potential victims waiting in the surgeon’s waiting area. Tell everyone you care about who is suffering from knee pain and is searching for healthy joints; you are not the only one in this world with knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain, ankle pain, wrist pain, etc. The more people you tell about this breakthrough in technology with this suspended joint pain solution in a suspended gel named FLX, the more friends you will have – and the more people you will know who will no longer be suffering from knee pain and will not have to undergo an unnecessary surgical procedure and all the rehabilitation which follows. This knee pain solution named FLX with celadrin, glucosamine, MSM and chondroitin is all natural and so effective that not only will the joint pain go away, the inflammation will dissapate and the flexibility and mobility you once had will return and it will also naturally regrow cartilage. Ingest FLX after you get you box of 30 suspended gel packs and in a matter of less than one hour you will notice results – even if you suffer from severe arthritis! FLX is your solution for knee pain to osteoarthritis. Become mobile and flexible again without an orthopedic surgeon and of course without the expense of such an unnecessary surgery.

Do something natural for knee pain.

August 30, 2010

Ingest a natural suspended gel health supplement for knee pain named FLX.

Yes, of course in time your knee pain may subside with regular exercise but who has time nowadays and what if exercising alone won’t alleviate the pain? What if you knew of a natural knee pain health supplement which can come to your aid in less than one hour?

Are your eyes open a bit wider now? They should be! The suspended gel matrix product named FLX was named health supplement of the year within the first year it came to market, in 2007 and there is a reason for this. This natural solution to knee pain combines MSM, celadrin, glucosamine and chondrotin in one citrus flavored knee pain solution health supplement. One can consume this gel pack anywhere and without any water making it extremely portable. It has the highest form of bioavailability in that the joints are lubricated from the inside and done so quickly, and it aids in regrowing cartilage and of course it reduces inflammation and reduces the amount of discomfort or pain within an hour. One’s knees take a beating be it in sports or simply walking up stairs and the older people get the more pressure is put on their knees. So do yourself a favor and come to the rescue of your knee pain (inner knee pain as well as anterior knee pain) with FLX and in a matter of days you will be amazed that your knee pain has simply gone away! Then ingest the FLX joint pain health supplement a couple of times a week and your knee pain will be something of the distant past. You can exercise if you want to or not exercise at all; FLX will take care of your knee pain either way and get you back on your feet again with MSM, glucosamine, celadrin and chondroitin!

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