Health technology is changing the health and wellness industry.

October 16, 2010

And guess which company is leading the path.

Agel Enterprises with breakthrough health technology accompanied with revolutionary delivery methods for best bioavailability for the wellness industry. We all want to remain young and Agel Enterprises has the natural products to enable this to come to fruition.

Suspended gel technology was introduced in 2005 with nutrients for the body and mind. Before that there was energy gels for athletes which was simply sugar and carbohydrates. The health technology industry has changed and the wellness industry will never be the same again. Away with pills and tablets and the lack of bioavailability such antiquated forms of supplementation provide and toss the beverages which lack portability and convenience and hello to suspended gel for the ‘on the go wherever you may be at any time form of supplementation’. The wellness industry is changing and the health technology has what any home based business minded person is looking for. Are you a home based business minded person or have you thought about starting a home based business? If not, perhaps you should if you have the aptitude and the desire to grow residual income and get away from the 8-5 type of job with perhaps a boss who is simply instructing you to chase things – how about chasing your dream, your financial dream and your financial freedom. Agel Enterprises can set the stage for your home based business with breakthrough products with the fastest growing industry which will not be slowing down for decades – the health and wellness industry. Learn more about health technology and your home based business dreams with Agel Enterprises and let that dream flourish into a reality with residual income. Pills and tablets are being phased out in the health and wellness industry bringing suspended gel to health technology and Agel Enterprises is leading the way, have your home based business lead your residual income with Agel Enterprises.

Less taxes in 2011 and beyond with a home based business and residual income.

October 9, 2010

Are you looking for a lower tax bill and want a small investment in a home based business?

Home based businesses can be a great manner to create residual income and lower your income tax. I ask again, are you willing to save money to earn residual income with a home based business opportunity?

Since you’re this far, my guess is yes. If not, then you did not thoroughly read the small part above – please see above. For those of you who read it and are on track with what I am referring to, this is an opportunity you do need to work on and not one which is inflated with unrealistic expectations and unbelievable residual income dreams – not fast US$ 3000 your first week. Granted, it could be but this is not common. Think of a business opportunity which can, with your efforts, create residual income in 6, 12, 24 or 36 months; residual income that equals what you were making at your last job if you made an adequate living. Of course, if you are new to a home based business, I can provide you with the tools to make your investment a very worthwhile investment as the investment is your time. How better to spend your time than to build a home based business which is going to be yours and not one that your boss and senior management benefits from? This, in my opinion makes Agel Enterprises the best home based business opportunity on the planet and being that this is in the health technology and health and wellness industry, it will not be going away any time soon. Think of the next 4 or so decades as your opportunity to have your very own home based business for creating residual income for that many decades. About the taxes, a home based business and all associated expenses are tax deductible in the United States – not sure about other countries but building a home based business with proven realistic residual income aspirations is with Agel Enterprises and the health technology and health and wellness industry. So, take a look at this home based business opportunity and envision the type of residual income you want to have and it can happen!

Your home based business with expanding product lines.

October 1, 2010

Great home based business opportunity in the health and wellness industry creating residual income.

Agel introduces 3 new products to their technologically advanced product line in September 2010, with two gel strips for libido and a good night’s sleep and a FLXRUB gel. A home based business with expanding product lines is the grounds for creating residual income.

In addition to new product lines in a rub gel and gel strips, Agel Enterprises has yet increased the compensation plan providing discounts on products for large quantity purchases. Not only will the compensation plan pay out more, but it will enable team members with a home based business to create residual income at a faster rate. After all, anyone who starts a home based business should have residual income in mind because otherwise they are simply working a job and not planning for financial freedom. Agel’s field leadership with the home office leadership have also created several other home based business team member levels giving more money back to the team members in the form of residual income. Breakthrough technology for products, expanding product lines and more money being paid out in residual income is the only home based business opportunity you or anyone on Earth should be looking into. Agel’s in 60 countries in 5 years – another breakthrough accomplishment to have your home based business grow exceptionally fast. Having Agel as your home based business will make your home based business a global home business residual income machine signifying residual income around the clock!

Home based business needs compensation plan with residual income.

September 20, 2010

When we think of a home based business we think about replacing a job’s income with the income from our home based business.

Having a job and simply quitting without building up a home based business which replaces the job’s income (linear income) would be rather foolish. Therefore you need to have a home based business which can replace a job’s income in a relatively short period of time (6 – 36 months) and when it has replaced your job’s income then you can quit your job.

At this point your compensation has residual income and such residual income has surpassed your job’s income and can really start to grow quickly and make that 40-80 hour a week job look like mediocre income pertaining to a compensation plan. Residual income with the correct home based business can lead to financial freedom and time freedom without working 40-80 hours  a week but getting to enjoy 40-80 hours a week or more doing what you want to do and where you want to go to do it. Agel Enterprises has a home based business opportunity for anyone in 60 countries which want to have a compensation plan which includes residual income and one which will generate residual income from up to 60 countries – imagine getting paid while you sleep – makes you want to go on long vacations which you can afford to do with residual income. The reason why Agel Enterprises is a great home based business opportunity creating residual income is not simply because of the great income potential but because Agel Enterprises is in a growth industry for a home based business – the health and wellness industry! Don’t you think that it’s time for your home based business to be in the correct industry with the incredible growth potential for residual income? Take a look at the compensation plan which Agel Enterprises has augmented twice since June 2009 while so many companies are cutting back on their compensation plan – this should be your home based business opportunity you have been searching for.

Home based business worth your time or not.

September 18, 2010

Yes and no!

It will be worth your time if you take it seriously. Starting anything should never be a spur of the moment concept.

After all, you don’t simply decide to go to college on the spur of the moment – you plan for it and in some instances it is something which has been expected of you for years and perhaps before you could even say the word ‘education’. A home based business is not really that different except that you as an individual should make the rational decision about your own home based business. If you are looking for home based business ideas, you can probably find hundreds if not thousands of them on the internet – get rich overnight, make US $1,500 in a day every day of the week, or perhaps $500 guaranteed daily. This is all nonsense of course and I would assume that you already knew this. A home based business is just that, a home based business – one that you can grow with your own efforts and not make outrageous amounts of money overnight. I offer you a solution if you have been searching for such a home based business idea. You could say that your search is complete. Two words says it all: Agel Enterprises! Why is this your home based business solution? Because the health and wellness industry is the future for any home based business and anyone who tells you otherwise is simply entrenched in another industry which in due time will an industry that same person will be desperately trying to get out from under. Don’t be fooled by people who tell you that the health and wellness industry is not in a growth stage – it is! And such an industry will be in such a growth stage for quite some time – decades. Why, because those baby boomers born from 1945-1963 are not getting any younger but they want to stay younger for longer! Hence, health and wellness! This is your home based business solution and Agel Enterprises has what you should be looking for and if you are not, you need to!

Benefits of a Home Office

September 13, 2010

If you’re looking into the possibility of becoming self-employed, it’s absolutely imperative that you have your own office. Setting up this room will have several major benefits. For one, it will help you feel like there’s just one part of your home that’s associated with work. In this way, when you leave your office, you can actually feel like you’re back in the relaxed, non-work related section of your home. This is psychologically very significant.

But the home office is also a way to keep yourself focused on the task at hand. Many times, when people have a home based business opportunity, they find that the daily chores of the house pull and draw away their attention. In this way, being in the office will help you focus on work for the equivalent of a full workday. And this kind of dedication will enhance your chances of ultimately finding success with your new venture.

Start a home based business because that job you lost is not coming back.

September 11, 2010

And if you don’t believe me, see the video in the picture below.

Let’s face it, times have changed and these are changes that whether you like it or not will not revert back to when you had that job you lost. This also signifies that job opportunities will be much more competitive should anyone dare to leave their job for the unexpected outcome of the new job. The unemployment rate will not be significantly reduced any time soon or even ever in your lifetime. This is your opportunity to start your own home based business if you still have a job and a home based business opportunity is something you really need to get a grip on.

You see, opportunities come and go – take vinyl records which became cassettes and then became CDs and now MP3s and ipods. The people who got in at the correct time during such changes in technology benefited financially as when Listerine changed a flat market for mouthwash and came out with the strips – essentially rejuvenating and entire industry with a surge in sales which put the mouthwash business far in the back seat of sales and profits. Technology itself is a field worth thinking about for a home based business which can generate cash flow and of course residual income. However, technology changes quickly and to be on top of technology requires getting that edge which entrepreneurs look for. I am in essence handing you a home business opportunity using new technology which will revolutionize an industry which is in a growth stage (with old technology – pills, tablets and liquids) and will not be slowing down any time soon. I am referring to the health and wellness industry. But the health and wellness industry turned into the health and wealth industry with Agel Enterprises because Agel Enterprises has the delivery method people want but not many know about it! This is a home based business with serious residual income possibilities and an opportunity you do not want to pass on; not now and not for the next several years if you are the procrastinating type. Think of an opportunity with a management team in Agel Enterprises which after 5 years has a presence in already 60 countries – that amounts to distributing in a new country every month! How many companies have attained this status? The beautiful thing about this home based business opportunity is that all of the groundwork has been laid out for anyone who wants to start their own home based business. Think of a country and chances are that Agel Enterprises is already distributing state-of-the-art matrix gel technology health supplements in that country or will soon be distributing there. Of course Agel Enterprises is in all continents and if a country is not yet distributing these preventative health suspended gel products, you could be the one who opens up a new market. This is something you really do not want to miss out on as your opportunity to start a home based business with the realistic ability to have residual income in a year. Do this part time or full time, and remember that the change in the global job market is not coming back to the glory days of low unemployment – take control of your financial freedom and time freedom and become an entrepreneur with a home based business with Agel Enterprises. Your health will improve by consuming these breakthrough technologically advanced health supplements and that of people you know or don’t know (yet) and if you are determined to succeed in what you set forward you will earn residual income with this home based business opportunity. Contact me and my team to make your home based business opportunity your home based business solution.

Wellness industry is going to create home based business millionaires.

September 6, 2010

You could be one of them!

The health and wellness industry has been picking up speed the last several years and it is not going to be slowing down any time soon. The opportunity to start your very own home based business with a very small investment in your own health is all that is required.

The cost ranges from $300 to $1,100 US dollars but the investment is in your health and to hand out some suspended gel packs to people you know or don’t know who have health concerns or health issues. Think of people you know and some who are merely acquaintances – do any of them have joint pain, have any reason to be concerned about cardiovascular diseases, need to lose weight, have a poor immune system and are always ‘catching what’s going around’, lack natural energy, are always stressed-out, lack mental focus and memory, eat processed fake food without any vitamins and minerals, look older than they really are because of the condition of their skin with deep creases, wrinkles, or many fine lines, will be or recently have gone through chemotherapy or radiation treatment, are always out in the sun, have bad habits including smoking or drinking too many alcoholic beverages? Now think about your potential audience, your customers, how many of them could know people who have one or many of these health issues or concerns? The wellness industry is not going to simply be a passing phase, it is here to stay and the people who will take advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity to have a home based business with a breakthrough in technology in the wellness industry will be some of the ones who will become millionaires with residual income. A home based business can cost thousands of dollars but with Agel Enterprises it can cost as little as a $300 investment in health supplements which you can personally benefit from. Take a look at this home based business opportunity for the first time and if you passed it up in the past, take a look at it again, because you could have customers and people in your team in 60 countries while your work from your own apartment or home earning residual income 24 hours a day and while you sleep. Take a look at Agel Enterprises and think of your home based business as the solution to all financial concerns you have had the last couple of years and may be facing in the near and distant future. Agel Enterprises is here to stay because it is the wellness industry – get your piece of this one trillion US dollar industry which will be growing every year!

Don’t simply join any network marketing or MLM opportunity.

September 4, 2010

Network marketing can be a great home based business opportunity or a disastrous one.

Let’s face it, network marketing (MLM) companies are created very often but how many such opportunities can quickly get a team member to generate cash flow and earn extra income. And more importantly be able to create residual income and I am not referring to taking 10 years to create residual income.

Do your due diligence! How long has the network marketing organization been around? If such an opportunity has been in existence for days, weeks, months, and even up to 1-2 years, be very weary, especially the ones which are in pre-launch and the MLMs being in existence for a few days to several months. If a network marketing or MLM opportunity has been in existence for 3 years but not more than 10 years and the company is profitable, then this would seem to be a logical home based business opportunity from an age perspective. For business with over 10 years of being in business it’s not a bad thing but such an opportunity would become a full-time job where creating residual income will probably never materialize. The reason for the 3-5 years in business is that such companies are in a growth stage but most likely not in the exponential growth stage yet. The wellness industry is showing strong signs of growth for demand in products, driven by the baby boomers (born in 1945-1964) and their desire to live a healthier life at older ages; this makes the wellness industry a leader for MLM or network marketing opportunities. The services industry is a very challenging industry for network marketing because residual income is more often not attainable because such a home based business opportunity becomes a full time job (linear income) as people who enroll with network marketing services usually close their account because they don’t use the services or close their account after they have used the services once (getting their money’s worth). The high tech industry is also very difficult to create residual income from a network marketing perspective because high tech phones, PDAs, and laptops are very price elastic; price elasticity products such as high tech electronics are not proper home based business opportunities because the price elasticity drives the price of such technological electronics and this simply lowers the profit and hence making residual income nearly impossible to attain – never mind that this industry introduces new technology almost monthly. A home based business opportunity in the wellness industry can be your residual income solution and Agel Enterprises has the breakthrough technology in suspended health supplements for the best form of bioavailability of any health supplement on the market. This organization for your home based business will enable you to earn extra income immediately and residual income in as little as a few months to a couple of years – and you can start this home based business opportunity on a part time basis. Agel Enterprises has the best compensation plans in the industry with its quadra plan. Another great aspect of having Agel as your home based business is that you get to consume the state-of-the-art products to improve your health! Agel is the solution for your home based business and your residual income dreams!

Why does MLM or network marketing frighten people.

August 16, 2010

What should really frighten you is your job!

Yes, the one you have no control over because you are not the boss! Become your own boss and you will see that network marketing with your own home based business can create residual income for just about anyone. Remember that you can be a top performer in a large corporation but a restructuring or a re-engineering initiative can leave you unemployed.

I must admit that certain MLM or network marketing opportunities are indeed pyramid schemes which in time are investigated and shut down. This is why one should never simply jump into any network marketing opportunity but should do some due diligence. After all, you are going to be engaged in a home based business – your home based business. Think of it this way, if you were thinking about leaving the company you work for, to join another company; you would not simply take any offer but do some research on the opportunity with the other company – you would not simply join another company which has been having major regulatory issues and being sued by legislators and attorney generals left and right! Do your research on your own home based business. There is one company which I did a lot of research on, named Agel Enterprises because it had state of the art technology and the company was entering new global markets so quickly that the leadership at the company must be doing something correctly. In fact, the products are remarkable and produce results for so many people that I tried one of the products myself before joining. The product which I tried was for joint pain which I had in one of my knees for over 20 years and the results were simply amazing so I joined because I knew many people who could benefit from simply joint pain relief with this product named FLX, for joint mobility and flexibility. Do your due diligence on the network marketing opportunity you are thinking of joining for your first or your next home based business and you will never again be frightened about network marketing! Agel Enterprises gets the fear out of network marketing!

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