A maybe becomes an okay.

August 15, 2010

Now that you realize that there are other opportunities to get ahead of inflation and your job which might be going away…

What are your options for creating that ability to earn extra income? There are many indeed. Which ones work is the risk which you do not need to take.

Take a look at your options. What are they? A second job is really not the answer as it still leaves you in the ‘might be let go’ window of missed opportunities. The solution is with doing something part time on your own free time…no commitments to showing up anywhere at a specific time to ensure that you are ‘on time’ but something you can do on your own free time. After hours or on weekends, depending on your job schedule. So, what is it that you could do during these extra hours you have during your week. Sure, many will simply conclude that they don’t have any time for financial freedom and time freedom; I sense irony in what some or most of you have just expressed. Make the time! Time freedom will enable you to have the ability to do what you want and when you want to do it. And this is when your ability to earn extra income can quickly lead to residual income. Now that is a manner in which to supplement that job which may be going away soon. Hopefully not, but be prepared for your financial freedom today and start that home based business during your free time!

An okay is on the horizon.

August 15, 2010

Why would you take a risk at losing your job for an opportunity which was too good to think about in the first place.

Don’t do it! Anyone who wants you to do something which common sense indicates that it is too good to be true – well, it probably is. Think about what you really want in your financial freedom and time freedom (yes, after you have spent hours on the job wondering if it will be there the next day…and you with it).

Now, think about your health. You want to be healthy, we all do. Anyone who indicates that health is not a concern of theirs will be the first one to go in to that previously announced corporate ‘restructuring’. I digress. Your health is important and the health of your loved ones is equally important. Imagine a residual income opportunity where you and your loved ones could benefit with time freedom and financial freedom. Not giving up on that dream for that corner office in the building you currently work at which is being sought out by 50% of your co-workers. Sorry to disappoint you but this is life. Your life, so take control of your residual income dreams today! Don’t sit around procrastinating, take control of your financial future with your own home based business and create the residual income you thought was unattainable.

How a no becomes a maybe.

August 15, 2010

A steady job is by no means steady.

Even the professionals managing large corporations know that their job could go away any day. They need to perform and have their business perform.

This forces process improvements, downsizing, process re-engineering, best practices approach, etc. This stuff works! In the end, if you are any part of this aspect of saving the company money, you are expensive for the company. And if you are on the outside and not creating cost savings, you best be aware that they are looking at what you are doing. This is how companies work! If you want to create your own financial freedom and financial future, it is not going to be with a company which is trying to continually find manners in which to be more efficient and cutting costs, but to start your own home based business. Don’t jump into this if you have one of those jobs which may be cut, but instead start your own home based business with little [very little] investment and with little time [a few hours a week]. Seems as if the ability to earn extra income while still working at that job may seem like a good idea for your financial freedom and your time freedom with residual income on the horizon.

A simple yes or no.

August 15, 2010

Is network marketing for you?

Yes, for most of us. Because most of us do not know about residual income.

Why? Because we are stuck chasing the promotion, the salary increase and simply trying to stay above the inflation rate. I am assuming that you all know about inflation and how your salary is in essence a benchmark for your income stream. Let us say that you earned $50,000 (US) to keep it simple – you would need to earn more and more every year because the chance is that the merit or salary increase will not surpass the inflation rate…and this is assuming an inflation rate of 3%. What if it becomes 7-10% and you see your hard earned hours exchanged for hours and you soon realize that you are working for less money. Now picture this…the people who you were working with are now no longer there and you have add to your workload. Is this a manner in which to create any form of income stream – with or without any inflation? Of course not! This is a means to an end, and hopefully not your end. Now what about having the ability to earn extra income; we shall call it an additional source of income for now.

Stop procrastinating about your future and create your home based business

August 11, 2010

It is really not that difficult and provides great tax breaks.

Of course you need to know what type of home based business to pursue. The only one which makes sense to me from a business perspective financially and from a heath related aspect is Agel Enterprises.

Why? Simply because this organization has created so much wealth in only five years to so many team members and has benefited hundreds of thousands from a health perspective. Imagine if your home based business could not only help you out financially so that you could quit your job or stop looking for a job and at the same time help out people’s health and their financial freedom as well. This seems like an easy success story and it is with Agel Enterprises. The beauty about this network marketing company is that you get to help people and help yourself simultaneously, both physically and financially. No more storing products in your garage and dealing with the risk that the company is going to close down its doors any day now. Agel has been in existence for 5 years and is in 60 countries already and this is a simple reason to create your home based business with Agel Enterprises. The leadership within Agel Enterprises is remarkable and the products are state of the art technology for the best health supplements you can find on the market. Stop procrastinating about starting your own home based business and come and find out how you too can do this and have your own home business residual income from anywhere in the world.

Never give up on your dreams for your home based business.

August 11, 2010

I am not referring to getting people to call a certain phone number and then call upon several other people. That is a pyramid scheme!

I am referring to an home based business opportunity to grow a global business in all continents and your personal perseverance to add countries to the already 60 which Agel Enterprises is distributing in.

This is the beautiful concept about having your own home based business in that this company has ‘spread the seeds’ in 60 countries in only five years; tell me another company which has accomplished this task…there is not a single one. Agel Enterprises has the leadership at the home office and the leadership in the field globally and of course the products and compensation to match. So, where is your home based business? Where it should be is with Agel Enterprises and I can show you the way to earn extra income and then residual income, from the privacy of your own residence – no matter where you live (in a one bedroom apartment, in a condo, in a house, at a P.O. box). It does not matter where you are at because this home based business opportunity is global! Join my team and create the financial freedom and time freedom you have always been seeking. Learn how a simple and small investment in products will change your life (financially and with improved health) and livelihood of countless others. I assure you that this is the opportunity to build the home based business your have been seeking. Talk with you soon.

Unemployment benefits extended so how about your home business residual income.

August 9, 2010

Why wait for the government to add more weeks to keep you slightly above the poverty line?

What is getting this type of income really going to accomplish other than providing you with more taxes that you will need to pay during tax time? Will it really motivate many people to go and look harder for a job? What if the the bill had not been passed in the U.S.A. to extend such benefits?

Of course we don’t have answers to such questions as every situation and every individual is different and acts differently being in-between jobs. What if you were to use the government’s unemployment benefits (simply a couple of weeks’ worth) to start your very own home based business? I see tax breaks, immediately. I also see a very easy manner in which to earn extra income, income which far exceeds the unemployment benefits one gets from the government. Best of all, envision a home based business which can create residual income in a short period of time and this could easily lead to your home business residual income. That is what I would describe as putting your unemployment benefits to good use and toward an investment in your own future! Learn more about this once in a lifetime…or at least an opportunity which only comes around every 15-20 years and this opportunity has been around for 5 years and is already in 60 countries; it is global and yet can be managed from your one bedroom apartment, from your home or from wherever you choose. This is the home business residual income opportunity which you must take a look at closely or you may simply be telling yourself in a few years that you had the opportunity to take advantage of something great. Agel Enterprises is this great opportunity and let me and my team show you how you can join us in earning residual income with your own home based business!

Tired of working for a paycheck so how about residual income.

August 6, 2010

This is the opportunity that you cannot pass up!

This is an international opportunity for anyone and being that this opportunity is already in 60 countries in only 60 months, think of the residual income possibilities. You could become someone who opens up the 61st country, the 62nd, and so on.

Or you could simply exchange hours at work for a paycheck. The way the global economy is going, you might not be getting a paycheck in the near future so you should at least join my team from anywhere in the world and start to earn extra income until you build this into residual income. The means starting this opportunity part-time, a few hours a week and then when you have replaced your income from that paycheck you can do this full-time, 20 or so hours a week or more if you like. The best about this network marketing opportunity of a lifetime is that you won’t have to be working for many years and in the process you will improve your health as this once in a lifetime residual income opportunity will improve your health as it improves your financial freedom. With your home business residual income comes financial freedom and time freedom, being able to do what you want when you want to where you you want to it. Traveling to exotic locations throughout the world on a month’s long vacation or for several months because once you have your residual income organization set up, you earn money without doing anything and it will be coming in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Stop putting all of your eggs in one basket and join my team and build your international and global home business residual income starting this week!

Waiting for a job to suddenly fall in your lap. How about residual income.

August 3, 2010

Residual income is something to consider. Jobs come and go which are posted on the internet and most are simply put there as openings for positions which have either been filled internally or will be soon by means of networking.

Are you a victim of the rat race in finding a job in the corporate world – not sure who to talk to, to get where you want to be and specifically in a certain company? Start your own business and an international business.

A home based business which can lead to an international business. You see, home based businesses have been expanding with a company which has broken all the records for innovation and expansion. The name is Agel Enterprises and if you have a good and strong work ethic, I would like to talk with you and how you could earn extra income and in a short period of time create residual income – on a part-time basis. I would never ask for you to discontinue your job (if you have one) and of course when your international home based business is generating as much income as your job (or the job you were aspiring to get), you can quit your job or continue to build upon your international home based business and the residual income you really wanted in the first place. Join me in a residual income opportunity with Agel Enterprises and I assure you that the worse thing that will happen to you is that your health will improve and the best thing to happen, well you will find out soon. Remember that your business could be generating residual income literally around the clock as after 60 months Agel Enterprises is in 60 different countries!

Your home based business, will it create residual income?

July 16, 2010

If not, you are not alone!

Most home based businesses end up with money being put to add undesired inventory to the garage, which eventually is sold at deep discounts at perhaps a garage sale. The issue here in clearly an example of having embarked upon the wrong home based business model.

Such a business would most likely never result in your (or anyone’s ability) to earn extra income or better yet residual income. So what type of home based business model will work in the 21st century? Anything you have to store in your garage or attic will not work well, that is assured. You need to think of something which is in a growth stage and not a declining one and also in the correct industry. Cell phones are in a growth stage (and have been for some time) but technology is very difficult to have as a home based business because the competition is so fierce and it is a price war. Utilities is another example of a home based business which can provide the ability to earn extra income but not residual income for all but the first to enter such a business. Buying things at a deep discount and then selling them on some online site can create the ability for someone to earn extra income but that is basically a job, exchanging time for money and will never result in residual income. If you agree with me thus far, please continue; if not, I wish you well in your business endeavors. Now for those of you who want to create a home business residual income machine, think about something which people want and need but also think about having a set of products which are different than any competitor – one with no real competition, your niche! Take the human being for example, people age and with age comes physical needs (for maintaining or improving one’s health). This should help you better understand that a home based business can create residual income when it comes to health supplements but with a breakthrough in technology with suspended matrix gel. Suspended gel, unlike pills, tablets or juices has the portability and has the best form of bioavailability and with Agel Enterprises there is no inventory to keep in your attic or garage. Take a look at www.NanoHealthTechnology.com and see for yourself why such a home based business can quickly generate residual income in a matter of months with some work. Then you will be able to have time freedom and of course financial freedom! Who’s with me?

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