Less taxes in 2011 and beyond with a home based business and residual income.

October 9, 2010

Are you looking for a lower tax bill and want a small investment in a home based business?

Home based businesses can be a great manner to create residual income and lower your income tax. I ask again, are you willing to save money to earn residual income with a home based business opportunity?

Since you’re this far, my guess is yes. If not, then you did not thoroughly read the small part above – please see above. For those of you who read it and are on track with what I am referring to, this is an opportunity you do need to work on and not one which is inflated with unrealistic expectations and unbelievable residual income dreams – not fast US$ 3000 your first week. Granted, it could be but this is not common. Think of a business opportunity which can, with your efforts, create residual income in 6, 12, 24 or 36 months; residual income that equals what you were making at your last job if you made an adequate living. Of course, if you are new to a home based business, I can provide you with the tools to make your investment a very worthwhile investment as the investment is your time. How better to spend your time than to build a home based business which is going to be yours and not one that your boss and senior management benefits from? This, in my opinion makes Agel Enterprises the best home based business opportunity on the planet and being that this is in the health technology and health and wellness industry, it will not be going away any time soon. Think of the next 4 or so decades as your opportunity to have your very own home based business for creating residual income for that many decades. About the taxes, a home based business and all associated expenses are tax deductible in the United States – not sure about other countries but building a home based business with proven realistic residual income aspirations is with Agel Enterprises and the health technology and health and wellness industry. So, take a look at this home based business opportunity and envision the type of residual income you want to have and it can happen!

Tax laws changing in 2011 so stay healthy on your own with fucoidan and suspended gel health supplements.

September 11, 2010

Taking your own health in your hands is what this all means!

And Agel Enterprises has exactly what your doctor does not want you to know about – but soon you will know more than your doctor does. Stay healthy and there is no need to go to your doctor.

In 2011, employers (in the USA) will be required to indicate your (the employee) health care cost which the company pays and put it on your W-2 forms but it will not be considered taxable income…yet! Why would the W-2s need to reflect how much employers are spending on you, the employee, for health care expenses (if you use it or not) if such expenses are not going be be included as taxable income? Odd – well, let’s just say that they won’t be considered taxable income for 2011, but let’s see when they do become added to your taxable income; there is a reason for having this on the W-2s and it is not because there is an overabundance of toner ink which must be used starting in 2011 or a catastrophe might lure around the corner – in 2012! What can you do about what I and many others feel is the inevitable about health care costs being passed along to the employee as taxable income? Take control of your health with health supplements. This is called preventative health-care and it is much cheaper than a company sponsored health care and if you have been paying attention, it does not appear to be getting any less expensive for the employee (as you make more money and as you get older) and employers are passing more and more of the cost onto the employee as the years go by. Taking preventative health supplements ranging from your prevention of knee pain and that of all your joints to building up your immune system with fucoidan (to prevent you from getting diseases) and from cardiovascular disease prevention for unhealthy cholesterol levels and high blood pressure to prevention of the inflammation of your organs and from taking an HCA supplement to lose the undesired weight to cleansing and detoxifying your digestive tract an all of this can be taken care of with a breakthrough in health supplementation with suspended gel including antioxidants. Now that is taking your health into your own hands and ingesting it. The question is do you really need health care insurance from your employer anyway? If you remain healthy by ingesting preventative health supplements the answer is no! Start taking your own health seriously and in your own hands because you will end up paying for it in the near or long term if you don’t start now. And if you are business minded, you can even earn extra income and easily get your health supplements for free by telling others about preventative health and in a short period of time have a home based business yielding residual income. Now that’s being an entrepreneur and changing a burden to an opportunity! More to come.

Wellness industry is going to create home based business millionaires.

September 6, 2010

You could be one of them!

The health and wellness industry has been picking up speed the last several years and it is not going to be slowing down any time soon. The opportunity to start your very own home based business with a very small investment in your own health is all that is required.

The cost ranges from $300 to $1,100 US dollars but the investment is in your health and to hand out some suspended gel packs to people you know or don’t know who have health concerns or health issues. Think of people you know and some who are merely acquaintances – do any of them have joint pain, have any reason to be concerned about cardiovascular diseases, need to lose weight, have a poor immune system and are always ‘catching what’s going around’, lack natural energy, are always stressed-out, lack mental focus and memory, eat processed fake food without any vitamins and minerals, look older than they really are because of the condition of their skin with deep creases, wrinkles, or many fine lines, will be or recently have gone through chemotherapy or radiation treatment, are always out in the sun, have bad habits including smoking or drinking too many alcoholic beverages? Now think about your potential audience, your customers, how many of them could know people who have one or many of these health issues or concerns? The wellness industry is not going to simply be a passing phase, it is here to stay and the people who will take advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity to have a home based business with a breakthrough in technology in the wellness industry will be some of the ones who will become millionaires with residual income. A home based business can cost thousands of dollars but with Agel Enterprises it can cost as little as a $300 investment in health supplements which you can personally benefit from. Take a look at this home based business opportunity for the first time and if you passed it up in the past, take a look at it again, because you could have customers and people in your team in 60 countries while your work from your own apartment or home earning residual income 24 hours a day and while you sleep. Take a look at Agel Enterprises and think of your home based business as the solution to all financial concerns you have had the last couple of years and may be facing in the near and distant future. Agel Enterprises is here to stay because it is the wellness industry – get your piece of this one trillion US dollar industry which will be growing every year!

Don’t simply join any network marketing or MLM opportunity.

September 4, 2010

Network marketing can be a great home based business opportunity or a disastrous one.

Let’s face it, network marketing (MLM) companies are created very often but how many such opportunities can quickly get a team member to generate cash flow and earn extra income. And more importantly be able to create residual income and I am not referring to taking 10 years to create residual income.

Do your due diligence! How long has the network marketing organization been around? If such an opportunity has been in existence for days, weeks, months, and even up to 1-2 years, be very weary, especially the ones which are in pre-launch and the MLMs being in existence for a few days to several months. If a network marketing or MLM opportunity has been in existence for 3 years but not more than 10 years and the company is profitable, then this would seem to be a logical home based business opportunity from an age perspective. For business with over 10 years of being in business it’s not a bad thing but such an opportunity would become a full-time job where creating residual income will probably never materialize. The reason for the 3-5 years in business is that such companies are in a growth stage but most likely not in the exponential growth stage yet. The wellness industry is showing strong signs of growth for demand in products, driven by the baby boomers (born in 1945-1964) and their desire to live a healthier life at older ages; this makes the wellness industry a leader for MLM or network marketing opportunities. The services industry is a very challenging industry for network marketing because residual income is more often not attainable because such a home based business opportunity becomes a full time job (linear income) as people who enroll with network marketing services usually close their account because they don’t use the services or close their account after they have used the services once (getting their money’s worth). The high tech industry is also very difficult to create residual income from a network marketing perspective because high tech phones, PDAs, and laptops are very price elastic; price elasticity products such as high tech electronics are not proper home based business opportunities because the price elasticity drives the price of such technological electronics and this simply lowers the profit and hence making residual income nearly impossible to attain – never mind that this industry introduces new technology almost monthly. A home based business opportunity in the wellness industry can be your residual income solution and Agel Enterprises has the breakthrough technology in suspended health supplements for the best form of bioavailability of any health supplement on the market. This organization for your home based business will enable you to earn extra income immediately and residual income in as little as a few months to a couple of years – and you can start this home based business opportunity on a part time basis. Agel Enterprises has the best compensation plans in the industry with its quadra plan. Another great aspect of having Agel as your home based business is that you get to consume the state-of-the-art products to improve your health! Agel is the solution for your home based business and your residual income dreams!

Your home based business for 2010 and beyond.

August 26, 2010

One that is in a growth stage is the type of home based business you really want.

Electronics are constantly growing but I am referring to the demand for products offered by your home based business. Take the USA for instance, what is happening to the population – it is getting older.

What do older people need more of? Health supplements. Why do they need more health supplements, simply because the cost of health care and health insurance is not going to be going down any time soon, but will be increasing and there is a good chance that the level of care which is going to be available will worsen in time. Because of the deterioration in health of Americans, the deterioration in the health care system (and the increase in the cost of it) all lead to one question – where will the baby boomers get to stay young and how will they do it? Health supplements, but not any type of health supplements because the older generation is not looking to be popping pills and tablets but taking preventative health care in the form of health supplementation with superior bioavailability. This is where your home based business opportunity comes to mind or should come to mind. Agel Enterprises has a technology which provides the best form of bioavailability and convenience for health supplements on the market. With Agel Enterprises, you will not have to limit your market to the USA, Canada and to Mexico but as Agel is distributing in 60 countries after 5 years in operation, you can start a global home based business and you can do it now. Now that you know the industry for your home based business and specifically an organization named Agel Enterprises, what are you waiting for? Check out some videos and you will quickly realize that this is the home based business opportunity of your lifetime if you want to quickly start to earn extra income leading to residual income in a relatively short period of time!

Why established companies provide less residual income.

August 24, 2010

Your guess is as good as mine.

Chances are that their organization was never meant to be. Residual income is serious. Very serious!

You should care about what type of organization you want to be a part of and I can tell you why a breakthrough in suspension matrix gel technology in the health supplementation industry is something to consider. First of all, it is a breakthrough and you will be part of a team with leading technology which can generate residual income much more quickly than a company which has conventional technology which is easily copied. Then you want to have your home based business (yes yours!) which can provide you with residual income in a matter of months, and from 60 countries. Then of course you want to try these products and see if they will work for you and I encourage you to do so with a small investment in your own health. Take advantage of an opportunity to provide you with both residual income and better health.

Something for nothing and residual income.

August 24, 2010

Nothing is gained without some effort.

Network marketing is no different than any other profession. You simply need to know how to effectively communicate with people and residual income will come to fruition.

I may not be the best writer, but I know a great home based business when I see one. Agel Enterprises has provided this home based business opportunity with my being able to build residual income in as little as a year. Yes, there were some obstacles at the beginning because I had never been in network marketing but I learned that such a business can be created on a part time basis without much effort. Building a business does not need to imply that a lot of money needs to be put on the table. With Agel Enterprises, you get the products for YOU to consume and have great health benefits – then you can introduce such great products to others and let them make their own decision as to whether or not they want to consume such great health supplements and share the idea with people who they know. The bottom line is that in any business, you will never reach out to your target segment and get such a market to buy your products. With Agel Enterprises you have the advantage of building a home based business which can quickly generate residual income. All you need to do is try and the worse thing which could happen is that you remain healthy. A home based business with residual income opportunity you do not want to miss out on!

Electronics not good for a home based business and residual income.

August 23, 2010

Years ago, yes!

The issue here is that technology has been changing for electronics for a home based business for years. This will not change, it will keep changing for years to come.

Do you really want a home based business where you are having to tell people that this is the best new product with these great new features and speed and then have to recreate the entire conversation with the next people you talk with in a month or two; never mind the people you spoke to about the breakthrough a month or two ago.

Is this a home based business? No! Running around trying to find the latest technology for someone to join your business is extremely difficult and might require a large capital outlay – not sure. Your alternative with technology, the best form of technology is with matrix gel technology and not in electronics or mobile devices which are under the electronics field of course. Technology brought to the health care industry – an industry which is in need of change and this is the change! This comes with Agel Enterprises and after only 5 years being in business Agel Enterprises has been expanding product lines with a solid R&D group, has expanded into 60 countries and has the best compensation plan in the industry – this can quickly create residual income. Now that is a home based business anyone can join at any time, as a full-time employee at some company doing it part time or full-time with someone looking for the right opportunity, right now! Agel Enterprises is your solution for growing a home based business and leading to residual income in a matter of months to a few years, depending on how you approach your home based business. I assure you that if you are slow with your business you will at least get healthier and it time grow your home based business. I have found it to be both a form of residual income and increasing my and my family’s health! Let’s talk.

Your residual income without losing your job.

August 15, 2010

Simply put, do not quit your job now.

Soon, maybe. But not now. There is an opportunity which you really need to take a close look at and it will provide you with the means to create your financial freedom with starting off simply with the ability to earn extra income.

This will lead to residual income if you choose a company which has proven itself to be a leader in the network marketing or MLM industry. It has. This is Agel Enterprises and it will provide anyone with the ability to have better health and of course residual income and time freedom along with financial freedom. Start building your home based business now with Agel Enterprises and you could have your home business residual income in less than a year. Learn about Agel Enterprises’ breakthrough technology in an industry which is in need of a leader and Agel Enterprises stands out from all of the others.

A Yes for residual income is in the making.

August 15, 2010

This is the breakthrough between settling on the hours exchanged for pay concept and where residual income will create financial freedom for ever.

It also enables the ones who are so busy finding a justifiable reason in which to eliminate your job to justify there own job. Most of these people are willing, some desperately, getting PMI certifications so that they can become project managers.

I don’t mean to knock down any profession of course, but I was a project manager creating large scale efficiencies and saving a company millions of dollars every year. You know what happened next! This is your time to create residual income and your own home based business. Building your own home based business residual income financial freedom dreams. Imagine not working for someone and doing what you want to do when you want to wherever you so desire. This is all about your home based business and the financial dreams you have envisioned. Get your residual income and get your share of wealth which Agel Enterprises can bring you. Don’t hesitate, but act on it instead and do it now!

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