Immune system with fucoidan and your teeth and diseases

February 20, 2012

Eventually, we all pass on but having an immune system which can make life pleasant is worth it and fucoidan is the natural assistance.

Without a healthy and well functioning immune system disease can quickly materialize with the likes of arthritis, cardiovascular disease, neurological disease, kidney disease, autoimmune disease and that’s simply from a dead tooth because of a root canal. Fucoidan to boost the immune system does much more than strengthen the immune system against the common cold, the flu or cancer, but all of these diseases as well.

Makes people who are fearful of visiting the dentist for a six month check-up even less likely to set up a tooth cleaning appointment as their immune system may not be ready for what the dentist has in mind for them. The root canal procedure, which by itself should require a strong immune system and fucoidan, is the cash cow for dentistry; the dentists’ cash cow and your reason to budget for this expense as far as preventing tooth decay. But bacteria lives the mouths of every living person and a strong immune system with the assistance of fucoidan will do much to offset such bacteria from developing into a disease. In all reality, everyone should be ingesting fucoidan, which is algae and specifically from brown seaweed; this brown seaweed’s algae is natural as one would expect, making fucoidan an extremely effective natural means where anyone can give a boost to their immune system so that they won’t have to fear about a visit to the dentist, never mind actually calling to set up such an appointment. We must confess that dentists have a great sense of humor in that they measure the patient’s blood pressure even before a routine check-up; what do you think the odds are that someone even with a strong immune system may not experience some anxiety by visiting the dentist’s office? Relax, fucoidan will enable the natural promotion of cell apoptosis and cancer apoptosis which in essence signifies that it will enhance your body’s natural ability to destroy harmful bacteria and harmful cells and prevent such foreign matter from doing harm to your body’s healthy cells and weakening the immune system which is paramount to good health. By all means, fucoidan can provide much assistance to the immune system well beyond preventing diseases from a root canal of the past so why would you not want to be ingesting fucoidan in its most bioavailable and natural form with the UMI suspended matrix gel. It’s your immune system and fucoidan in a tasty green apple flavor with iodine and apple cider vinegar is what your immune system needs and wants. Fucoidan is for you to have a strong immune system and accompanying good health, so stop being afraid of the dentist; instead of opting for the conventional root canal, you could have them simply remove the tooth and fucoidan will also assist by the immune system and its quick response to combating and preventing infections.


Omega 3 more than salmon fish oil

January 2, 2012

Hopefully omega 3 does not sound like a new Greek fraternity or sorority chapter on a college campus.

I guess it could be one, but omega 3 is much more than this and it’s more than simply knowing that omega 3 when properly designed contains fresh water ulta purified salmon fish oil. Omega 3 contains essential fatty acids, Eicosapentaenoic Acid or EPA, Docosahexaenoic Acid or DHA, and of course ultra purified omega 3 salmon fish oil; the omega 3 suspended gel product offers the best of what salmon fish oil can provide.

So why does our body need omega 3 and is omega 3 nutrition for your body? Let’s simply take a quick look at why omega 3 may be nutrition your body needs. Take the nervous system and people might start to get nervous, albeit perhaps because they are unaware of what makes up the nervous system and why it’s fundamental to living as humans, animals and plants. The nervous system is paramount to communication throughout the body and omega 3 with salmon fish oil can naturally help the nervous system in functioning properly and effectively. In addition to a healthy nervous system, omega 3 with salmon fish oil is very helpful for proper skin care and cardiovascular disease prevention or cardiovascular heart health. If omega 3 is this healthy for so many aspects of critical bodily functions, than why is it that if people supplement their diet with omega 3, with our without salmon fish oil, they simply take pills, tablets or even more often in gel caps which provide a horrific taste and leave that taste in your mouth for quite some time. For best bioavailability for omega 3 with salmon fish oil, there is an alternative which is truly remarkable in that it is not oxidized like in so many delivery forms. The alternative for omega 3 with salmon fish oil and the best form of delivery for the nervous system, cardiovascular health and skin care health is omega 3 salmon fish oil in single serving suspended matrix gel packets with all the benefits of omega 3 salmon fish oil which you paid for and best for your body. Stop taking omega 3 in oxidized delivery forms which are unfortunately the norm for omega 3 and start ingesting omega 3 daily with the omega 3 salmon fish oil suspended matrix gel packets with the essential fatty acids and of course note that this omega 3 contains the unique ultra purified salmon fish oil which you simply can’t buy just anywhere. Omega 3 salmon fish oil; it’s time you think of your health with suspended matrix gel with the best form of bioavailability.

Quit smoking or else take the best antioxidants.

November 20, 2010

Smoking as we all know is highly detrimental to our health but antioxidants can come to your assistance.

Of course I am not condoning smoking and quitting smoking would greatly benefit your health – but you already knew this. Antioxidants can help to rid your body of pollutants.

After all, cigarette smoke is in essence the equivalent of carbon monoxide which is what automobiles emit from mufflers. Ever try inhaling the exhaust from a vehicle’s exhaust pipe? If so, I am fairly certain that once was enough. All things put aside, people do smoke – and it varies from country to country. Taking antioxidants in the form of a suspended gel with seventeen (yes, 17) fruits and plant extracts can help to rid ones body of the pollutants which is found in cigarette smoke and can help to purify the body of smokers – antioxidants and in essence help to rejuvenate a person’s cells – smoking increases the aging process of the cells and antioxidants reduces the aging process of our cells. So if you don’t quit smoking because of the cardiovascular disease implications such as lung cancer and emphysema, you need to be ingesting a daily suspended gel pack with the best form of delivery for antioxidants and help your body to reduce the aging process of the cells. Taking antioxidants named EXO will also help a smoker’s skin to look younger because if you were not aware, cigarette smoke creates older looking and feeling skin. So, get your box of EXO with 30 suspended gel packets with the best delivery for antioxidants and if you can’t simply quit smoking, these antioxidants will at least offset some of the damage you’re doing to your body’s cells.

Better have enough CoQ10 or else.

November 13, 2010

Or else you may appear to be considerably older than you really are and feeling it also.

Cellular energy is CoQ10. That means that your muscles (including your heart) need CoQ10.

Are you the type of person who is always finding that doing anything requires effort when others are always on the go? If that’s the case, whether you admit it or not, it is most likely because your CoQ10 (coenzyme Q10) levels are low and this may be simply because of age (if over 30 for example) or perhaps because you are taking Liptor, Crestor, Zocor or any other type of statin drug; statins naturally and unfortunately deplete essential CoQ10 levels and this is (or should be) of great concern to you and anyone else who seems to be making an effort to do things which require in essence minimal effort. Back to the age-related reason for why CoQ10 levels could be low – our bodies naturally produce CoQ10 but the amount which is produced diminishes as we age; this natural diminished CoQ10 production is normal but can lead to health issues – heart health issues and overall energy levels. There is a natural product which contains CoQ10 in a tasty butterscotch flavor and provides several heart health cardiovascular disease prevention benefits – lowering of bad cholesterol levels with policosanol and oyster mushroom among others. The product is natural and has no side effects and provides many heart health benefits including raising your CoQ10 levels. The name is HRT and it comes to you by Agel Enterprises, the leader in health technology; this product was designed for lifestyles of the 21st century and provides the best form of bioavailability with suspension gel technology. Get your CoQ10 levels naturally back to where they need to be with HRT; get your box of 30 gel packets today and start to naturally prevent cardiovascular disease with CoQ10 for cellular energy and policosanol to have better and healthier cholesterol levels without the use of Lipitor, Crestor or Zocor.

What is a placebo and why you need to know.

November 5, 2010

Yes, in school we learned that placebos are controlled groups which do not have any altering impact to anything – a bit wordy, but then again wait until you learn about scientific placebos.

Some of you have heard of the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and know that pharmaceutical drugs need to be approved by this organization before being brought to market (in the USA) where consumers can purchase them (usually with a prescription). The approval requires clinical trials with two groups of people – one group taking the drug which the pharmaceutical company wants to be approved by the FDA and the other group taking a placebo.

The issue is that the FDA does not inquire as to what the placebo in such clinical trials is composed of – the placebo simply needs to be inert? What is inert anyway? Nothing is inert when it comes to a placebo – if the placebo is a soft gel, then the soft gel itself is made of something, correct? A rather drastic inert placebo would perhaps contain cyanide, and I guarantee that no matter what drug the pharmaceutical company was trying to get approval for would be passed because the placebo group taking the cyanide pill would all be dead and the ones taking the drug in question would survive. A more realistic but yet highly contradictory placebo group could be taking a placebo which contains some form of LDL cholesterol level inducing placebo and the experimental drug could be a statin drug – the outcome would be that the statin drug clinical population had lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. Other examples could include just about anything to make the placebo group have more adverse results than the clinical test group taking the drug in question. The FDA needs to inquire about the contents (ingredients) of every placebo for every clinical drug trial because the way things are now, every drug should be getting approved; after all, the pharmaceutical companies have a vested interest in ensuring that the placebo group has worse results than the test group and since most all clinical tests where placebos are part of the decision-making process the pharmaceutical company is paying for the clinical study and yes, supplying the placebos. No wonder drugs get passed. What I would like is for new tests to be performed and not with ‘out of the hat’ placebos but alternative placebos; for example, a cardiovascular disease prevention clinical experiment where a test of statin drugs against a placebo of the HRT product which contains policosanol, oyster mushroom, taurine, selenium, l-carnitine, folate and coenzyme q10 and see after a month or two which group had lower overall cholesterol levels and which group had adverse health effects – the result would show that the HRT product clearly demonstrates cardiovascular disease prevention whereas the statin drugs display adverse health effects and lower LDL cholesterol levels and provide some cardiovascular disease prevention (note that the HRT product also contains coenzyme q10 which statins deplete and policosanol not only lowers LDL cholesterol levels but increases HDL cholesterol levels as well). More real tests for the FDA to consider soon. In the United States there was somewhat of a shift in power in the government following the November 2nd 2010 elections – perhaps its also time that the FDA be overhauled leading to other drug approving organizations using legitimate placebos or at least having the pharmaceutical companies list all the ingredients of the ‘inert’ placebos in question.

Tired of healthcare not meeting expectations.

October 30, 2010

Do something about it for cardiovascular disease prevention!

Don’t just sit there or stand there when you can do something about it. It is named ‘taking control of your health’. That is what health technology is about and it entails cardiovascular disease prevention.

Doctors are in essence paid by pharmaceutical companies to ‘push’ drugs and this is highly evident with the several recent years’ push for statins as an example; also, hospitals dictate what doctors can and can’t do, even if it may save a patient’s life because it may be against conventional medicine which the hospital has established for let’s say cardiovascular disease prevention. I digress and should state that a doctor, a family doctor could be great if a patient suffered from … wait, I digress again, family doctors are simply a means to get to go to someone else who really knows what the health issue is (a specialist, such as one for cardiovascular disease prevention). Now, let’s take a different perspective on this and let’s say high levels of LDL cholesterol (this, by the way is the type you do not want elevated) are found by simple family doctor analysis with tests. The doctor recommends that you see a specialist for reducing cardiovascular disease or simply writes you a prescription for the ill-fated statins which he/she may recommend a higher dosage or in time changing to other statins to alleviate further damage and perhaps create damage to another one of your organs by switching to another manufacturer of statins – who needs a doctor who is going to prescribe you to take a drug which may cause cardiovascular disease (because statins deplete coenzyme Q10) or another diseases. So now we are on statins which are in essence great at preventing or better stated, great at lowering bad cholesterol levels. I must admit that statins work exceptionally well, but the side effects are worse than another heart attack. Now, stand back and think about this before you read more…pause…what is worse than a heart attack with major cardiovascular disease implications? A heart attack is what it is – the question I have is why would you want to take the risk of jeopardizing your heart health without ensuring that you have coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) in your health supplement diet – statins do not contain coenzyme Q10 but actually deplete it and have 20+ other potential very serious side effects! That is what I call falling short of cardiovascular disease prevention – very short! Meeting expectations and far exceeding them is taking policosanol which will increase the HDL while lowering the LDL cholesterol levels. The HRT product has so much to offer with the best form of bioavailability with policosanol and CoQ10 and the reason for why you and your loved ones should be staying away from drugs. Agel Enterprises provides natural health technology supplements making it the leader in health technology. Take care of your cardiovascular disease prevention with policosanol and COQ10. Get your reality check with health technology with Agel Enterprises and get a box or two of 30 gel packets of  HRT for cardiovascular disease prevention and leave the doctors to take their own statins and to follow a hospital’s conventional medicine protocol.

Health technology changing delivery system for a home based business.

October 22, 2010

Technology has been changing things we took for granted and health technology is no different.

Technology like health technology brings about home based business opportunities for the entrepreneurial minded individuals, and not about sales. Introducing better delivery systems is what has created residual income for many people and you don’t have to be on the sidelines anymore.

Take a look at the music industry, specifically the delivery method for music – vinyl records were the delivery method for decades, then came the cassettes and both of these brought a change to the music industry where one could listen to music repeatedly albeit not indefinitely. Then came newer delivery methods such as the CD which in reality one could listen to the same music or song indefinitely and with greater ease and the CD quickly gained popularity and people replaced their vinyl record collection with CDs – the same music but with better sound and clarity and ease of use and portability. Then came the advent of MP3s and highly portable and much larger storage capabilities in a small form of portability. I bet if you ask a 20 year-old if they have ever seen a vinyl record they may say that they have seen one in a museum – some of us might feel a bit embarrassed by such a comment and especially if some of us still have vinyl records laying around in the attic. The delivery method for music brought about new sales by companies which simply reinvented the delivery method and my guess is that CDs within 5 years will become something of the past like vinyl records were 10 years ago. The health technology is really not all that different in that pills and tablets have been around for a long time and more bioavailable delivery methods have emerged. Pills and tablets lack convenience because of the need to drink water to swallow or choke down the pills and tablets. Then came chewable tablets which became more convenient and with a bit more bioavailable. The colloidal solutions emerged which had better bioavailability but lacked the portability with the need to carry such liquids and some needed to be refrigerated; there are other limitations with colloidal solutions in that they tend to not be evenly distributed (sinking nutrients after shaking) with what is consumed (pills and tablets have always lacked the measurability in that the contents of each pill and tablet is not easily measured). Drugs have almost always been delivered in pills and tablets with technology leading to soft-gels but still lacking the convenience of having to swallow or choke down such pills and tablets although they do provide better bioavailability because soft-gels are not manufactured at hundreds to thousands pounds of pressure which the human body cannot quickly break down and absorb in a timely manner; soft-gels still take time to be absorbed by the human gastrointestinal tract. Pills and tablets have created home based business opportunities and colloidal solutions even more home based business opportunities (with antioxidant juices) but such home based business opportunities have been short lived because of the lack of convenience with the products and such products being widely sold in retail outlets. A newer delivery method was introduced years ago for athletes in liquid packs which contained sugar and carbohydrates for short-term energy. Lately suspended gel has emerged as a new delivery method for health supplements resulting in a major delivery change in health technology and Agel Enterprises has pioneered this change with health technology supplementation for natural health supplements ranging from cardiovascular disease prevention with lowering bad (LDL) cholesterol levels with policosanol and coenzyme q10 for cellular energy to immune system boosters with fucoidan to joint pain relief to an appetite suppressant in weigh loss supplements with an hca supplement, to organ inflammation prevention with essential vitamins and minerals, to collagen supplements with turmeric and licithin to cleansing and detoxifying the digestive system with spirulina to antioxidants with the highest ORAC score to cleanse the body of free radicals and all of this and more health technology supplements – with suspension gel matrix technology. These are products which can launch and sustain a home based business, and do so globally with the very realistic residual income potential in month to a few years. Perfectly measurable with the best delivery method for bioavailability and portability. Technology changes and Agel Enterprises has changed the health technology industry into something you could have your home based business based upon to create personal health benefits and wealth benefits with residual income. Take advantage of health technology with Agel Enterprises and launch your home based business with a very small investment in your own health and start it today, part-time or full-time and let the entrepreneur in you take advantage of the best delivery method for health supplements with Agel Enterprises.

To prevent cardiovascular disease does not entail a flu shot.

October 20, 2010

These drug manufacturers are creating income with every stretch of the imagination without a realistic care about cardiovascular disease prevention.

Flu shots generate more health complications than benefits! If I’m lying, I’m dying! Flu shots are about as healthy as swallowing statin drug pills.

Drugs are what they are, drugs! They were not meant to be ingested – have you ever heard of the preposterous notion that pills can replace the foods which you eat? If so, you may have been watching too much television or are simply too lazy to cook a meal and actually go shopping for fresh organic fruits and organic vegetables from non GMO growth. Instead of flu shots, build up the immune system with fucoidan and be sure to take your vitamins and minerals to prevent inflammation of your organs. Leave the flu shots to the people who develop the flu shot vaccines and you and your family members can take fucoidan in its natural form to build up the immune system and help prevent cardiovascular disease. Get you and your family a box of UMI with fucoidan to build up the immune system and a box of MIN to ensure that you get your essential vitamin and essential minerals daily.

Why the popularity in statins.

October 17, 2010

And why such statin drugs should be banned worldwide with very few exceptions, if any.

Can you say policosanol and coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)? You need to be come very familiar with policosanol and CoQ10 instead of listening to your doctor and what you see on television about statin drugs from pharmaceutical companies with the net income of these corporations on the line by pushing statin drugs.

Statins exist and these pharmaceutical drugs are ruining peoples’ lives. Why would anyone be taking statin drugs without supplementing their diet with CoQ10. It is a fact that statin drugs deplete peoples’ CoQ10 levels and can do so to the point where it is very unhealthy. CoQ10 is cellular energy for all of your cells and all your muscles and the heart is a muscle and obviously a critical one. I have yet to see or here that statin drugs do not deplete necessary levels of CoQ10 and worse of all, CoQ10 is naturally produced at lower levels as we age making statin drugs extremely dangerous. Instead of taking statin drugs such as lipitor, crestor and zocor, take natural policosanol because not only does policosanol reduce the levels of bad cholesterol, it also increases the levels of good cholesterol – another point that pharmaceutical companies do not mention – that statins do not necessarily increase levels of good cholesterol; cardiovascular disease prevention is to lower the bad and increase the good cholesterol levels! Think of statins as a means to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol and that’s it – statins do not add any more value than that! Statins might be an alternative for someone who has inherited high levels of bad cholesterol but policosanol is a safe alternative to statins even if people already had a heart attack because of high cholesterol levels (and this is referring to bad cholesterol levels). We all need cholesterol (HDL) to function properly as our bodies need it and if statins decrease the bad cholesterol without increasing the good cholesterol, statins are simply reducing cardiovascular disease related to high bad cholesterol levels and not doing your body any good other than that. Switch to policosanol with the HRT suspended gel product and increase your good cholesterol levels and feed your body antioxidants with CoQ10 which is also in the HRT product. Get your box of 30 HRT gel packets today and stop swallowing the statin pills or tablets and start preventing cardiovascular disease naturally!

The cost of statins and the cost of statins for cardiovascular disease prevention.

October 13, 2010

In monetary terms, co-pays can be high for the more effective lowering LDL cholesterol statins; but in the long run, the more powerful the statin drug the more side-effects.

What are you really paying for when buying prescription statins? You are in essence paying to reduce your chances are getting a cardiovascular disease associated with too high of levels of LDL cholesterol.

Okay, take drugs to lower bad cholesterol levels in the hopes of lowering cardiovascular disease with statins and to some people the cost of such statins should be immaterial – because after all, statins could save someone’s life from getting a cardiovascular disease. But what is the cost of statins to lower the LDL cholesterol really? What is the non-monetary cost from taking statins? Take a look at potential (and realistic) side effects: Gout and/or Elevated Uric Acid, Peripheral Neuropathy: Numbness and/or Tingling of the Hands/Feet, Myopathy (Muscle ~ Weakness, Cramps, Spasm, Stiffness), Insomnia, Loss of Libido, Impotence, Heart Palpitations, Heart Arrhythmias, Depression, Short Term Memory Loss, Long Term Memory Loss, Transient Global Amnesia, Neck and Shoulder Pain, Fatigue, Migraine Headaches, Chest Pain, Digestive Disorders, Rhabdomyolsis, Trouble Walking – Shuffling, Trouble Walking – Balance, Hand Tremors, Speech – Trouble finding the right word, Speech – Slurred, Dizziness, Sciatica Pain, and Hair Loss. Now that list makes for a hefty price to pay for anyone; now imagine the cost of taking medications to offset all of those potential and yet very realistic side effects? You probably can’t, but taking care of everything would no doubt become very costly and might make a person ‘pill-man’ or ‘pill-women’. Instead of taking statins which have so many awful side-effects, why not take policosanol which is natural and will also increase the good (HDL) cholesterol levels while reducing the bad (LDL) cholesterol levels; keep in mind that statins do not (I repeat, do not) increase the HDL (good) cholesterol levels. The suspended gel product named HRT contains policosanol and several other natural ingredients to help with cardiovascular disease prevention and such natural ingredients include oyster mushroom, coenzyme q10 (CoQ10), folate, selenium, taurine and l-carnitine. The HRT product, unlike zocor, lipitor, crestor, simvastatin, lovastatin, pravastatin and the other statins has no side effects other than positive health related outcomes. So you can spend a lot of money on statins and then spend even more money on taking care of your health with the numerous side-effects statins can easily create or get your box of HRT with 30 gel packets and prevent cardiovascular disease. It is obviously well advised to stop eating foods high in LDL cholesterol, but this is more of a food preference alternative.

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