Flu vaccine or an immune system booster.

November 6, 2010

Flu vaccines suppress the immune system whereas a health technology product with fucoidan boosts the immune system.

Which one would you rather have and that of your family members, including your children and your parents or grandparents? The choice is easy but why are the pharmaceutical companies pushing so much for flu vaccines for example, which only offer a temporary immune system boost and actually suppress one’s immune system for other diseases and viruses?

This is a topic which I personally reflect upon daily and the only logical answer as to why pharmaceutical companies and government agencies push for ineffective flu vaccines and other vaccines is only because of monetary ramifications and not for the health of people and their immune system. Fucoidan is natural and builds up the immune system without any immune system suppressing effects. For the people who care about their immune system, I highly recommend ingesting a gel packet of fucoidan daily as this will enable your immune system to be strong against the flu and all of its different strains and not simply getting a flu vaccine for one or perhaps a few strains and even perhaps becoming obsolete in a matter of weeks as a new strain emerges – in addition, a flu vaccine will actually suppress you immune system leaving you vulnerable to getting other viruses and infections, in addition to the many side effects associated with flu vaccines and many other vaccines. Take fucoidan to boost your immune system in a tasty suspended gel name UMI which comes from off the coast of Okinawa and its all natural and comes from brown seaweed with a green apple flavor which everyone will enjoy. You could take a trip to Okinawa and search for fucoidan from the sea and eat it that way – perhaps the taste won’t be as palatable as fucoidan in a green apple suspended gel with significantly better bioavailability than fucoidan in pills and tablets. The choice is yours, but it is your immune system. I highly recommend getting you and your family a box or two of UMI with fucoidan in a suspended gel from the health technology leader, Agel Enterprises. About the flu vaccine, well I am sure that the companies manufacturing the syringes will be able to use the needles for people who want to donate blood to add to the blood supply for people in need.

Stop the common cold during first symptom with fucoidan.

November 3, 2010

What is usually the first sign that you’re getting the common cold?

Probably a sore throat. What do you do about? Some might go to their local pharmacy or grocery store or even a convenience store and get some over-the-counter cold remedy, but more and more people are trying natural remedies because they minimize adverse health effects. Fucoidan is growing in popularity but not overwhelmingly in Europe and the Americas – not yet anyway.

In North America (the USA and Canada), many have been victims of TV mass advertising to become conditioned to buying a certain over-the-counter cold remedies. For most everyone, in time, our immune system will win the battle over the common cold without any over-the-counter cold remedy – something which is obviously not advertised by the manufactures of such over-the-counter cold remedies. When we feel our throat getting sore most of us probably hope that it will stop there and disappear and sometimes it does because our immune system wins the battel over the bacterial infection. Other times our immune system may temporarily lose the battle until it gains enough strength to go back to the battlefield and win. Trying something which works and is natural in stopping a sore throat from developing into something more long lasting is of interest to hundreds of millions if not billions of people. Fucoidan is that natural ingredient/nutrient which can stop a sore throat from developing into something more long-lasting. Why? Fucoidan, which comes from brown seaweed naturally enables the human immune system to be boosted in a way comparable to extra troops on the battlefield to beat the opponent (the sore throat). Taking fucoidan in a suspended gel enables the immune system boosting ingredients in fucoidan to remain in their natural form and not be altered as is the case with pills, tablets and powders – noteworthy is that the best fucoidan is harvested off the coast of Okinawa, where Agel Enterprises harvests it; it may cost a bit more to harvest it in this location but the immune system boosting effects are worth it. Take one to three fucoidan packed gel packets during the day when you feel that sore throat emerging and stop it there so that it will not develop into a full-blown cold leaving you feeling miserable and perhaps having to miss work or your child or children having to miss a day or two of school. Fucoidan is your immune system booster and in suspended gel it simply works best, providing the optimum level of bioavailability. For those of you who wonder how to avoid getting that sore throat to begin with, take one fucoidan packed UMI gel packet a day every day and be sure that you are getting your daily essential vitamins and minerals with the MIN product, also providing the best form of bioavailability being that it too is delivered in a suspended gel and provides no more than 100% of any necessary vitamin – because taking too much of a vitamin can wreak havoc and become toxic.

Benefits of Proper Nutrition

November 1, 2010

When it comes to nutrition, we here all the time about “take this, drink this, don’t eat that”, but few people know the actual immediate benefits to proper nutrition. Getting the necessary vitamins and minerals provides a number of different benefits including increased energy, increased metabolism, and overall ‘feeling better’. The body needs the essential vitamins and minerals to maintain all of its functions at optimal levels, in having all the necessary vitamins in balance you can increase both your physical and mental energy, and reduce tiredness. You will also increase your metabolism with proper nutrition; this means you will burn fat and calories faster and more efficiently, thus resulting in lower body weight.

When we say you will ‘feel better’ by having the necessary vitamins and minerals in balance, it might seem like an ambiguous claim, but literally you will be more resistant to disease and illness with proper nutrition because it acts as an immune system booster.  This translates into ‘feeling better’.

Cell apoptosis is critical and fucoidan comes to aid.

October 31, 2010

Unhealthy cells are supposed to be destroyed, that is an important role of our immune system.

The destruction of unhealthy cells or known as programmed cell death or cell suicide is cell apoptosis and fucoidan aids the immune system in continually creating cell apoptosis. Our bodies produce countless numbers of cells at all times and our immune system is designed to have cells which are unhealthy to self-destruct or cell apoptosis.

Like many things in life there exists exceptions and our immune system is no different than natural disasters, being large scale disasters such as a tsunami, earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and any other natural occurrences within the Earth’s atmosphere or on Earth; granted with our bodies such disasters are on a much smaller scale but can spread to other people quickly; certain viruses which have spread over time include plagues, fevers, influenzas, and the more recent the AIDS virus. Many of the worst spreading diseases from human to human have been as a result of immune systems which are not strong enough to generate cell apoptosis and historically the young and the old have been most susceptible to having inadequate immune systems. Cancer and its various forms have become more and more of a concern and this is attributed to pollutants and toxins which we either inhale or are in contact with at the skin level. Cancer apoptosis like cell apoptosis needs to be addressed and can be augmented and promoted by ensuring that one’s immune system is strong and can promote cell apoptosis. Fucoidan, being a natural ingredient found in brown seaweed and with the highest level of nutrients it is found off the coast of Okinawa where Agel Enterprises harvests it and keeps it in its natural form – in suspended gel in the UMI product. Help your immune system generate cell apoptosis and cancer apoptosis – the destruction of unhealthy cells which have the ability to spread at alarming rates throughout the human body. If you’re in potential contact with a virus ranging from the common cold symptoms to a more severe virus, ingest one to several fucoidan packed suspended gel packets of UMI to promote cell apoptosis and stop the spread of unhealthy cells and if your in an early cancer stage, be sure to ingest numerous (6 per day, minimum) fucoidan packed UMI gel packets which will not cause any harmful side effects but promote cell apoptosis and cancer apoptosis. At all times, make sure that you have at least one box of fucoidan packed box of 30 gel packets of UMI in your household which will come to your immune system’s aid to promote cell apoptosis and cancer apoptosis naturally – fucoidan is the natural immune system booster!

Cell apoptosis and cancer apoptosis and what you can naturally do.

October 23, 2010

You could do nothing of course and let your immune system try to naturally generate cell apoptosis.

You could also take drastic steps if in early stages of cancer and attempt chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments and have your health suffer for some time if you survive such invasive treatments, especially chemotherapy. There is a natural alternative for cell apoptosis which promotes apoptosis cancer.

Fucoidan is natural and comes from brown seaweed and is packed with nutrients when harvested from off the coast of Okinawa and when ingested in a suspended gel it is in its natural form unlike pills and tablets which provide poor bioavailability. As fucoidan delivered in a suspended gel promotes cell apoptosis and the programmed cell death of rapidly duplicating unhealthy cells (cancer apoptosis) without impacting health cells, fucoidan provides the healthy alternative to highly invasive chemotherapy alternatives which also promotes cell apoptosis of the cells your body naturally needs and uses. Chemotherapy also harms cells that divide rapidly under normal circumstances: cells in the bone marrow, digestive tract and hair follicles; this results in the most common side effects of chemotherapy—myelosuppression (decreased production of blood cells), mucositis (inflammation of the lining of the digestive tract) and alopecia (hair loss). Fucoidan promotes cancer apoptosis – the programmed cell death (cell apoptosis) of unhealthy and rapidly duplicating cells by building up the human immune system. You have the option to undergo highly invasive chemotherapy treatments which can obviously become extremely expensive or ingest many fucoidan suspended gel packets named UMI which are drastically less expensive and have no negative side effects. If you are experiencing early stages of cancer, get several boxes of the UMI product now and naturally promote cell apoptosis with fucoidan- each box contains 30 gel packets with 21 grams of suspended gel per gel packet with a palatable green apple flavor.

Something in the air getting people ill in in the world screams for fucoidan and body cleansing.

October 9, 2010

Yes, fucoidan as your immune system booster. Health technology is changing the way people live healthier lives.

Please don’t tell me that you don’t know about your immune system and that 80% of it starts from your digestive tract / gastrointestinal tract. If you don’t, well it does. And you need to do two things to prevent getting ‘what’s going around’ and that is to cleanse your digestive tract to be able to benefit from a detoxified digestive and gastrointestinal tract and ingest fucoidan to optimize your immune system.

Your immune system is optimized with fucoidan when your digestive tract has been cleansed and remains detoxified; you don’t want more bad bacteria than good bacteria in your digestive tract and detoxifying and cleansing the gastrointestinal tract will promote a clean and healthy digestive tract enabling your best natural immune system your body can naturally produce or protect you from but we all need that additional immune system boost with fucoidan especially when ‘something is going around’. Fucoidan promotes apoptosis which our body’s immune system is having difficulties in creating and there could be a natural reason for this as not all people are created equally and some simply have better natural immune systems – think of the healthy people (the ones who eat correctly and exercise appropriately) and some of them are always ‘getting something that is going around’ be it a cold, the flu, or any number of various other minor to major viruses. These such people are more susceptible to getting ill and need to ensure that their digestive tract is clean and detoxified as often as possible and remain that way and these people also need to boost their immune system with fucoidan more than others – this definitely includes young children and the elderly and many people in-between those age groups. To prevent ‘getting what’s going around’ cleanse and detoxify your digestive tract and nourish the good bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract with GRN and boost your immune system with fucoidan and help promote apoptosis to remain virus free with UMI and be sure to get yourself a box of each with 30 gel packets in each box – and do it before it’s too late. You should always be keeping your digestive and gastrointestinal tract clean and detoxified and also be building up your immune system to proactively prevent what might be ‘going around’; this is health technology and it will keep you healthy when others get ill.

If you are still thinking about getting a flu vaccine think fucoidan instead.

September 21, 2010

If you have not gotten a flu shot – don’t!

It will lead to potential more health issues than benefits. Think of the flu shot as getting the flu and why would you want to do that anyway. Think of an immune system booster with a natural ingredient named fucoidan instead.

Fucoidan comes from seaweed, specifically brown seaweed and it can be found in the world’s seas and oceans but the fucoidan with the highest nutrients is off the coast of Okinawa. That is where Agel Enterprises harvests the fucoidan which is the active ingredient in the all-natural UMI immune system booster suspended gel packets. Now that you know a bit about an immune system booster to prevent getting diseases and the flu you really need to stay away from getting the flu shot and if you have already gotten a flu shot or flu vaccine recently, get a box of UMI with fucoidan to boost your immune system because that flu shot is most likely not going to come to your aid. The simple truth about any flu shot is that they are only good as the type of flu the vaccine was designed to combat; if, for instance a new strain of the flu came to fruition somewhere in the world after the vaccine was developed then that flu vaccine or flu shot would not create the necessary defense mechanism for your antibodies therefore resulting in your body to not being immune to that new flu virus strain. On the other hand with an immune system booster with fucoidan from off the coast of Okinawa your are building up your immune system for all diseases – and any new strain of the flu would be included in your body’s ability to fight off the infection. Fucoidan promotes apoptosis which is of essence to the human body’s ability to fight off and destroy unhealthy cells and unhealthy cells are what propagates diseases to spread within ones body (via unhealthy cells which duplicate at alarming speed) and to others who are in contact with such an infected person. So, in short, to build up your immune system all the time, you and everyone you care about needs to be ingesting a suspended gel with fucoidan and the suspended gel product named UMI has the best form of delivery and absorption of any immune system booster. To your health and wellness – to your immune system with fucoidan!

Say No to flu shots and Yes to Fucoidan as your immune sytem booster.

September 5, 2010

Yes, it’s that time of the year in North America. Flu shots which do more harm than good!

Let’s face it, your immune system is what is lacking if you have ever had the flu. Remember the H1N1 swine flu virus which turned out to be simply another flu which killed people with poor immune systems?

To prevent getting the flu, you need to boost your immune system and in actuality we all need to build up our immune systems with fucoidan. Fucoidan is an extremely beneficial immunity booster. Refuse to have a flu shot injected into your body as such flu shoots can lead to unpleasant reactions (fevers, headaches, extreme tiredness, dry cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, muscle aches, and stomach symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea). Great side-effects for an influenza virus vaccine which only remotely helps the elderly and no other age group. Instead of getting the annual flu shot and providing an unnecessary flow of income to the pharmaceutical drug manufacturers (with your tax dollars), you can do some very simple things including washing your hands regularly, avoid putting objects or fingers in your mouth and in other orifices and of course building up your immune system with fucoidan in a suspended gel. The best delivery form for fucoidan is in a suspended gel because it keeps the nutrients in their original form and thus gel works better and faster than any other delivery form of fucoidan as your immune system booster. So, stay away from people who have the flu, wash your hands regularly and instead of getting pricked by a needle get yourself a box of 30 UMI suspended gel packs and build up your immune system ranging from stopping the common cold in its tracks at the soar throat stage to fighting off all possible diseases by promoting apoptosis, including any strain of the flu (influenza virus).

Eating processed foods, you need vitamins and a stronger immune system with fucoidan.

September 3, 2010

What do people in industrialized nations eat? Processed foods!

Processed foods obviously lack what hundreds of years ago in the now civilized nations was healthy nutrients. There is nothing healthy in dead or processed foods (junk food) because this type of diet is not natural and therefore cannot assist people in building up their immune system to prevent inflammations/infections.

Your and my digestive system is not only for processing foods but also for keeping the balance between good and bad bacteria. We all need to nourish our gut or digestive system because in addition to processing foods our digestive tract hosts 80% of our immune system and our immune system is what protects our bodies from all diseases. We all want to be healthy and disease free, correct? So why are so many of us eating processed foods? Convenience! Think of convenience from another vantage point for a minute; how convenient would it be for you to get more diseases than you are currently used to getting, if any at all? Not overly convenient after all! What can you do if you simply do not have the time to eat non-processed foods (natural foods)? There are solutions, natural solutions which will not take up much more of your time, perhaps a minute or two a day and they are tasty additions to your diet. To supplement your diet of eating dead or processed foods, you need to feed the good bacteria in your digestive system (gut) so that you can build up the balance of good bacteria vs. bad bacteria and therefore build up your immune system with a natural detoxification supplement named GRN. You also will be needing to ingest essential vitamins and minerals because you should by now know that processed foods are horrific when it comes to nutrition in the form of vitamins and minerals and the natural MIN product will come to your rescue; such essential vitamins and minerals will naturally build up your immune system to prevent the inflammation of your organs, asthma, eczema, and a variety of allergies. If you happen to be prone to getting infections or diseases you need to further boost your immune system with fucoidan as found in the naturally ingested product named UMI containing fucoidan. So, keep on eating the processed foods for the convenience and taste and ingest three natural health supplements in the likes of GRN for your digestive tract and detoxification, MIN for your essential vitamins and essential minerals and UMI with fucoidan to further boost your immune system to prevent undesired infections and diseases. Or you could change your diet to all organic foods and stop consuming processed foods – if you can.

If you color your hair you need antioxidants and a strong immune system with fucoidan.

September 1, 2010

Ladies (not all of you) and some gentlemen, something you need to know about coloring your hair – even if you won’t admit to anyone that you do in fact color it.

Hair colorants (or colourants) are filled with toxins, but you probably knew this because after all they change the color of hair for a long period of time. All toxins are unhealthy, be it with hair colorants, antiperspirants or make up or even skin creams which contain carcinogens. This is where antioxidants and your immune system are critical but we will only focus on hair colorants now.

Our bodies naturally have an immune system, some people have better ones than others but most people have very similar immune systems as human beings. Our immune system works as a defense mechanism for isolating and removing unhealthy cells in our bodies and without the ability to remove such unhealthy cells (or destroying them, in essence) such unhealthy cells can duplicate at an alarming rate and result in cancer and other major illnesses. It is very important that one’s immune system is strong enough to promote apoptosis – natural cell death of unhealthy cells; a product with fucoidan helps to promote apoptosis. Now think about your scalp, which is somewhat like a sponge when it comes to hair colorants; it absorbs the toxins from the hair colorant which then enters your blood flow and in this process enables toxins to contact your healthy cells making them less healthy. Repetition will gradually weaken the healthy cells where some will become unhealthy and if the immune system is weakened by repeatedly applying hair colorants, apoptosis will not naturally function and unhealthy cells will duplicate – leading to major illnesses including cancer. Yes, of course some people want to color their hair and some do it very often. The concept is not to stop coloring your hair but before you color it, make sure that you ingest at least 5 EXO antioxidants in gel packs and 3-5 EXO gel packs for the next 3-5 days daily because antioxidants will facilitate the removal of free radicals which can threaten and penetrate your cellular structure. So for every time you color your hair, you will be needing a half of a box to a full box of Agel Enterprises’ EXO antioxidants, with 30 gel packs per box. You should also be consuming plenty of fiber after having applied the hair colorant and for the few days which follow the coloring. Obviously you will need to drink much water (distilled preferably) at least two gallons or close to 8 liters of water a day for the next 3-5 days after coloring your hair to help flush out the toxins from your system. We all should be continuously boosting our immune system and  ingesting fucoidan for a strong immune system and ingesting it in a gel is consuming it in its natural form and provides the optimum immune system booster; fucoidan is the main nutrient in the UMI gel pack for building up one’s immune system and this is not simply a guideline for hair coloring but for a healthy immune system. Before coloring your hair, make sure that you have a box of EXO on hand by ordering your 30 gel packs of antioxidants and while your getting your antioxidants get a box of UMI and start building up your immune system with fucoidan.

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