Naturally prevent acne with Antioxidants

May 3, 2015

Ingest your way with antioxidants to prevent acne.

Ingest you say, for acne? Yes, after all, acne really does not start on the outside but from the inside and ingested antioxidants in suspended gel is the natural and effective manner to prevent acne. - Agel EXO, the natural acne preventionAntioxidants in suspended matrix gel named EXO prevents acne, period. For those of you who think that being out in the sun in the warmer months of the year will dry-up acne on the outside, well in actuality two things will happen with your acne; for starters, you may have the appearance on the surface that the acne is getting better because a tan can conceal acne much like makeup conceals acne and secondly a not acne related is that the sun will accelerate the aging process by aging of the skin and thus accelerating the aging of the skin resulting in not less acne but getting wrinkles and sun spots earlier than later. So what to do about preventing acne, as it’s a fact or poorly understood myth that the sun results in acne prevention so that’s not the method to prevent acne. As acne starts from the inside, that is where to address the acne prevention starts with antioxidants. Agel EXO are over 200 antioxidants in each single serving gel packet (30 gel packets per box). Soon, why topical chemicals and prescription medicine do more harm in the long run for acne than benefit or prevent acne. For the time being, get your box or two of the natural acne prevention with Agel EXO. Prevent acne!

Glutathione finally increased with suspended gel

October 4, 2012

For all of you who have been looking for a delivery method for glutathione or GSH, it’s here.

Of course, perhaps we’re jumping ahead of ourselves, or ahead of you specifically by stating that glutathione in a suspended gel has arrived. So here is the breakthrough by the leader in health technology Agel Enterprises; the scientists at Agel have created the natural precursors or compounds which participate in the chemical reaction that produces another compound and that is glutathione.

This is amazing. Never before has there been a breakthrough in health technology for the body’s ability to create glutathione, or in this case additional glutathione. Why is this so important, or better stated incredible? Simply stated, Agel has created the precursor for the human body to be able to naturally produce more glutathione and if this still does not get you excited, think about glutathione for a minute and how its the most single critical form of antioxidant for the body and is in every cell. With more glutathione in the body, cell toxicity is reduced and this signifies healthier cells. This breakthrough for a natural precursor of the generation of glutathione already has the medical industry excited and just think what this implies for the health of essentially every living person on the planet. With the body’s ability to naturally produce glutathione, the immune system is made stronger, oxidative stress is lessened, more energy is generated, faster recovery time from physical exertion and illness, and of course glutathione provides a natural protection for organs and tissues. Since Agel’s breakthrough technology known as suspended gel can be the precursor for health revitalization of glutathione with the Agel GSH suspended gel product, brought to market in late September 2012, imagine what other scientific breakthroughs Agel will create which are natural and very beneficial to the human race after Agel GSH for glutathione. The start of Agel GSH as the precursor for glutathione is just the continuation of the beginning of the best delivery of ingredients with far superior bioavailable than any other form which improves health. Try Agel GSH and get your glutathione levels heightened. More about glutathione and Agel’s GSH product coming soon, in addition to glutathione assisting with the side-effects of cancer treatments, but better simply get your box of thirty single serving glutathione precursor suspended gel packets today or tomorrow. Agel’s GSH is termed cell fuel for a reason, find out for yourself.


You eat them why not use antioxidants as skin care

September 20, 2012

Well, at least you should be ingesting antioxidants, and if you don’t, start and apply them topically as skin care.

At Agel Enterprises, the research and development leader found a way to transform the most bioavailable and most natural delivery form of antioxidants from an ingested form in the EXO antioxidants cellular care solution to a topical skin care antioxidants solutions. No parabens in these antioxidants as skin care nor as ingested antioxidants.

Agel started with ingested antioxidants in the EXO ingested suspended gel product and after much success with customers from improved skin with youthful feel and appearance, which it’s antioxidants eliminate the pollutants we breathe as well as clears away acne. Some customers tried the EXO antioxidants suspended gel on their hand as a topical skin care alternative, and being that the EXO antioxidants come with over two hundred naturally delivered antioxidants from seventeen different fruits and plant extracts, the results were amazing as a skin care topical antioxidants solutions. Enough that the Ageless skin care line of topical antioxidants were brought to market with several of the same antioxidants which are found in the EXO suspended gel ingested antioxidants. The Ageless antioxidants skin care line is without parabens but with all of the natural anti aging skin care topical needs the skin needs to become rejuvenated from the outside-in. Agel has brought antioxidants full circle with the world’s only suspended gel antioxidants skin care line which is complimented with the EXO ingested suspended gel antioxidants to bring about youth to your body’s cells from the pollutants we interact with and inhale on a daily basis to the air which touches our skin and accelerates the aging process of the skin’s layers. With that stated, it’s time that your skin care needs come from antioxidants and while your at it if you don’t like getting your antioxidants from eating fresh fruits and plants, then the EXO antioxidants will become both your fruits and your cells aid. Get your antioxidants from Agel for your skin care and overall better health and they all come with a money back guarantee and are available only online and on this site. Natural antioxidants for your skin skin needs, from the inside and the outside.

Skin care and network marketing

September 12, 2012

Perhaps you knew that the likes of skin care names including Avon and Mary Kay were introduced with network marketing.

Surely you’ve heard of one or even both of these names for skin care but were you surprised that they were brought to market via network marketing? Not that this matters all that much, but what is special about skin care is what’s in the ingredients in skin care products and will they either act as natural skin care or function as parabens to the skin and not remotely close to the desired results of skin care.

Perhaps looking at many skin care products on the market today and comparing them to soft drinks or soda pop will shed light on the difference between skin care and who cares; soft drink or soda beverages are advertised as being refreshing, quenching thurst and come with a great, and addictive, flavor but what the makers of such beverages don’t mention is that the ingredients are awful for one’s health and some can lead to the development of brain tumors which is cancer. Now take skin care products which so many contain parabens, which are carcinogens, and the manufacturers advertise how such skin care products make the skin feel and look younger, but what they don’t mention with such skin care topical product are the ingredients which most can’t be easily pronounced and the fact that these same ingredients they label as skin care result in accelerating the aging process of the skin. We refer that to as anti-climatic skin care solutions. The alternative to such parabens riddled skin care products on the market comes in two delivery methods, ingested and topically applied natural skin care solutions. These natural skin care products come from a leader in network marketing, much like the Avon and Mary Kay skin care products, but without any parabens, which in many countries such skin care products are brand names; these alternative breakthrough and technologically advanced natural skin care products include the topical Ageless line of antioxidants skin care for the entire face, cheeks, about the eyes, nose, chin, forehead and neck where we experience the most amount of harsh and damaging skin results because of exposure to the sun and pollutants in the air. For ingested skin care products, Agel Enterprises has the GLO skin care solution to remedy the natural aging process of the skin and is a revitalizing skin care solution for wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin tone, remover of acne scars and even strengthening the hair and nails and GLO of course works for all of the skin making it a universal skin care solution because it’s ingested. Finally the EXO antioxidants and what is the basis for the Ageless antioxidants skin care line; EXO too is ingested and is packed with over two hundred antioxidants from seventeen fruits and plant extracts and serves many purposes from working to slow down the skin’s aging process by strengthening the cells in the body by means of eliminating the pollutants we inhale and is also a wonderful and natural antioxidant to eliminated acne. Yes, skin care has changed and the Agel Enterprises suspended gel products are changing skin care drastically by bringing nature back to the skin; it’s time you look at skin care this way and with such suspended gel skin care products you and everyone else will notice the difference.

Do something about acne will ya

September 10, 2012

Life’s to short to procrastinate and having acne does not have to be a waiting game.

Eliminating acne on the surface comes with proper in-gestation of superior antioxidants with the most bioavailable delivery form with EXO antioxidants. How about realizing how to prevent acne from materializing; this may or may not be a shock to all, but the natural means as to why acne develops may be an eye opener.

It simply does not discriminate on people living in one house or another, acne that is. It, acne, also does not discriminate on gender or color or other demographic disparate decision-making. What acne does however is start in the digestive system, and acne is waiting for the digestive system to be impaired. An impaired digestive system leads to acne simply because of the digestive system not being able to process the foods and beverages consumed, be it the vitamins and minerals as forms of nutrition. The digestive system works with the liver, the pancreas and other organs as designed but acne is more likely to become a factor if the digestive system is not functioning as intended and that’s to break down and process what the organs need and discard the rest; acne is comes to fruition because of debris-plagued digestive systems. Simply put, acne needs the help of a well functioning digestive system and the fact that acne can materialize on someone’s skin who eats perfectly well and no acne materializing on someone eating processed foods and foods heavy in saturated fat does by no means indicate that the individual’s eating habits are directly related to the generation of acne. What matters pertaining to acne is how the digestive system is functioning and whether it’s functioning as intended. To cleanse and detox the digestive system does for preventing acne what buying the winning lottery ticket does, and that’s to get results. Try GRN, from Agel Enterprises, to cleanse and detox the digestive system to prevent acne from starting in the first place and for insurance in eliminating acne, the EXO antioxidants will work exceptionally well. Prevent and eliminate acne naturally with the GRN and EXO suspended gel packets; very soon, you won’t be looking at your acne in the mirror, so get on with your life, without undesirable acne.


Stop complaining about acne

September 8, 2012

Complaining about acne won’t make acne miraculously vanish.

Unfortunately, acne is what it is and it has a tendency to impact confidence in people of all ages, but as expected the older one is and having had acne for years and even decades the confidence level is not as severe as that of a teenager. Rightfully so, a teenager can be negatively impacted where having acne could in fact impact their social skills for the rest of their life.

But acne does not have to be the handicap or the reason anymore for the inferiority complex or the introvert personality which plagues young adults. Treating acne is one option where with over-the-counter chemicals and parabens the acne will temporarily go away and then come back, perhaps like a roller-coaster in very slow motion; such acne may come back in a few days or in two weeks, for example. Visits to the dermatologist won’t really help much other than going to see a so-called professional who studied in school how to recommend the same parabens and chemicals you find at so many shopping outlets and don’t need a dermatologist visit to know that there are such over-the-counter acne so-called treatments; it’s true that as the dermatologists are doctors they have the license to try to treat acne with prescription parabens and other such drugs which can have adverse effects to the skin and even the digestive system. The natural alternative, which will eliminate acne on the surface of the skin and beneath the surface of the skin, is natural acne care with antioxidants, and not simply any antioxidants to eliminate acne but ingested antioxidants which come from seventeen different fruit and plant extracts and are delivered in the most bioavailable and natural method named suspension gel technology; this acne antioxidants elimination solution is named EXO, by Agel Enterprises, and it has a dark grape flavor so anyone with acne will enjoy ingesting one or two EXO suspended gel packets per day where no water is needed and the only skill needed is to tear off the top of the gel packet as seen on the image on the left with the blue arrow; all Agel products, including the EXO acne elimination solution come with a money back guarantee are are only available online and conveniently on this site. Try finding another acne treatment which comes with such a guarantee. Next, about how to prevent acne from being created and this natural suspended gel product in combination with the EXO mentioned here will be the natural solution to eliminate acne and prevent acne from preventing the teenager from being socially active, and such social interaction without acne will go a long way in the teenager’s adult life.

Finally healthy sleep with melatonin

September 5, 2012

Now is the time to get excited about melatonin with suspended gel strips for better sleep, real sleep happy.

Raise your hands if you hate having to go to sleep, such as hearing the voice of a parent stating that it’s time for sleep or bed. Perhaps this does not apply to the youth as much, but getting to sleep with melatonin suspended gel strips will make the difference between, literally, night and day as opposed to trying to get to sleep without melatonin.

Think about melatonin in this light and well beyond simply assisting in getting to sleep, although melatonin is wonderful and a natural manner in assisting people to get to sleep. By now we know that during sleep, with or without melatonin, the immune system has the ability to build strength; of course if getting to sleep is an issue, or rather being able to sleep being the issue, then the immune system will in time suffer more and more but this is where melatonin can assist in helping people get to sleep who may need to get to sleep. Now think about melatonin in addition to assisting people in getting to sleep for the sake of the immune system; the sleep assistant in melatonin works exceptionally well with antioxidants in enabling antioxidants to rid the body of free radicals and such pollutants which makes melatonin and the EXO suspended gel ingested antioxidants a great combination before heading off to sleep. In addition, melatonin has been demonstrated to prevent damage to DNA by some carcinogens, and thereby melatonin prevents the mechanisms which cause cancer; this should most definitely help people to get to sleep and really boosting the immune system with melatonin during sleep and in combination with the UMI suspended gel packets will naturally assist. There’s more which melatonin does beyond helping people to sleep, but the best delivery of melatonin is when it’s precisely measured and not in pills or liquid form, but in suspended gel strips named REM, brought to the marketplace online by the leader in healthy technology, Agel Enterprises. Get to sleep, but before you head off, realize the health benefits of melatonin and antioxidants preventing cancer and the immune system becoming stronger.

Preventing acne starts from the digestive system

August 26, 2012

Who would have thought otherwise, that acne starts in the digestive system.

Fact is that dermatologists go to school, medical school, to learn about drugs to treat acne. Wait a minute, since when do drugs prevent acne; correction, dermatologists were taught to treat acne or at least to attempt to treat acne.

Ever heard the equivalent of the cart pushing the horse when the horse should be pulling the cart; of course you have. Now, have you ever been to see a dermatologist for acne and end up with a prescription to treat acne? Again, sure you have, if you have seen a dermatologist for acne reasons. What’s with treating acne anyway when the real concern is stopping acne from coming back or eliminating it and preventing such acne from coming back, if you’re going to go see a dermatologist for acne reasons. Let’s see it from the dermatologist perspective about your acne or the acne of any of their patients; the dermatologist wants to see the patient again to see if the acne treatment is working and if it’s not, then perhaps a stronger prescription or a different prescription is deemed required, or from their schooling a deemed necessity, to treat the acne. Fact is, for those who don’t know, acne starts in the digestive system because of toxins and unhealthy bacteria, which these forms of undesirable waste prevent the digestive system from effectively operating and lead to the development of acne among other health concerns like constipation and poor delivery of essential nutrition to the body’s organs. If the digestive system is cleansed and detoxed of debris and unhealthy bacteria and given the ability to nourish the healthy and essential bacteria, then acne will be prevented and the need to go see the specialist named a dermatologist will quickly come to an end and such dermatologists can read this information and recommend GRN for their patients, close their practice and start selling the GRN suspended matrix gel solution for preventing acne; unfortunately, the dermatologist has medical school loans to pay for and can’t simply close their practice overnight. For the time being, stop going to see the dermatologist and try ingesting the GRN suspended gel product with phytonutrients which are a super-food, with spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass, spinach, broccoli, barley grass, chlorophyll and other natural ingredients. Try GRN for two months, with ingesting one gel packet per day or two if you’re very determined to not going to see your dermatologist within the next thirty days, because the solution to preventing acne is not with prescriptions to treat acne temporarily but to cleanse and detox the digestive system with GRN. In addition to GRN, ingesting the best form of antioxidants to clear existing acne and help to clear out the pollutants your body is in contact with on a daily basis will also help in eliminating acne. The combination of acne prevention and acne elimination is natural with Agel’s GRN and EXO suspended gel ingested products and if you happen to have acne scars from past acne, the GLO suspended gel product will eliminate acne scars, along with wrinkles, lift aging skin, even-out skin tone and rejuvenate the collagens which also strengthens nails and hair. Enough with acne and visits to the prescription writing dermatologist, take care of your digestive system with GRN and say goodbye to acne and to your dermatologist.

Antioxidants may not be as advertised

August 24, 2012

What are antioxidants and what do manufactures of so-called antioxidants want you to believe.

Anything which comes to the promoters mind to get you to purchase their antioxidants, that’s what. The fact that so-called antioxidants come in noni juice or pomegranate juice signifies that the manufacturer is cutting cost to provide antioxidants to the consumer in hopes that revenues will soar and expenses curtailed, but that’s not how natural and healthy antioxidants benefit people’s health.

Think about antioxidants not in juices or pills, capsules or tablets but with suspended matrix gel antioxidants which don’t simply come with one or two fruits like many forms of antioxidants but with numerous antioxidant benefits, over two hundred of them. Seventeen different fruits and plant extracts, specifically is what goes into each and every single gel packet of the antioxidants named EXO, brought to the marketplace by the leader in health technology, Agel Enterprises. Simply stated, when getting antioxidants, or more specifically ingesting antioxidants, the color, size, and shape of the fruit and plant which provides the antioxidants is critical for optimal effect while providing a wide range of health benefits. The typical, highly marketed and advertised antioxidants are very expensive for the amount of real antioxidants one gets from them in the form of juices for example. The EXO antioxidants contain over two hundred antioxidants in each and every single serving EXO gel packet and there are thirty such single serving gel packets packed with antioxidants in each box of EXO. The antioxidants packed EXO suspended gel products provide the most bioavailable delivery of antioxidants instead of juices with some antioxidants which quickly pass through the digestive system and end up where you might imagine. EXO antioxidants in suspended gel get attached to the gut and digestive system and thereby are time-released so that all of the over two hundred antioxidants can be effective for longer periods than all other forms of delivery of antioxidants. What’s in the EXO antioxidants? How about this list; sea buckthorn, aronia, acerola, elderberry, dark grape, prune, aloe vera juice, rooibos tea, bilberry, gac, mangosteen, blueberry, cranberry, goji, acai, noni, and pomegranate. Some antioxidants in EXO may be different for different parts of the world, but rest assured that all EXO antioxidant gel packet contain over two hundred antioxidants. EXO is antioxidants for people who are on the go and for people who want natural health benefits. For those who don’t know what benefit the EXO suspended gel packets can have, think about reversing the signs of aging skin, reversing the signs of aging organs, eliminating free radicals, acne elimination and of course the EXO antioxidants come with a wide variety of many vitamins and minerals and the best form of bioavailability. It’s time to get a box or two of EXO, which are beneficial to everyone in the family from young children to the elderly; think about the pollutants in the air we breathe; the need for EXO is literally everywhere and often.

Ingesting skin care for a change

August 22, 2012

Enough with the skin care cover-up makeup.

Hiding the inevitable is not providing skin care solutions, but instead accelerating the aging process of the collagen fibers which support healthy and youthful skin appearance and define skin care. We receive comments and questions about the GLO ingested skin care solution and about how it works better than leading skin care lines on the market, even the expensive ones.

The question about solving the skin care dilemma is fundamental in understanding what skin care should be and what it should not be. Seems fairly simple right? There is a healthy skin care solution and then there are a plethora of skin care want-to-be solution products but these are driven by marketing, promotional figure-heads and in essence false advertising. Let’ look at skin care products and compare them to food products for instance. How many fast food or so-called convenience foods are really healthy for an individual; the facts are that with so much advertising and promotions backing such unhealthy forms of nutrition, many people are somehow almost coerced to thinking that such foods are healthy. Now take skin care products, where most such skin care product lines in the market place contain parabens; these parabens are in essence carcinogens and applying them to the skin is not going to become the solution for healthy skin care, unless of course someone’s looking for skin care to accelerate the aging process of their skin. The fact is skin care can be all natural as it is with the ingested skin care solution named GLO, by the leader in health technology and to back up this claim, the GLO ingested suspended gel skin care products come with a money back guarantee from the manufacturer without forms to fill out. But once you get your box or two, each with thirty single serving GLO gel packets for natural skin care solutions, we are extremely confident that the last thing you’ll want to do is send back your favorite skin care products, which contain lutein, lecithin, CoQ10, trace minerals, natural oils including green tea seed oil and grape seed oil, turmeric, tocotrienol and many more natural ingredients. This breakthrough in skin care is ingested, so it works where your collagen fibers need the most assistance, from the inside-out; topical products temporarily hydrate the skin if not based on antioxidants. GLO is only available online and is the most portable and bioavailable form of skin care solutions which bring about natural skin care solutions where makeup and cover-up will quickly become a forgotten bad old habit.

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