Quit smoking or else take the best antioxidants.

November 20, 2010

Smoking as we all know is highly detrimental to our health but antioxidants can come to your assistance.

Of course I am not condoning smoking and quitting smoking would greatly benefit your health – but you already knew this. Antioxidants can help to rid your body of pollutants.

After all, cigarette smoke is in essence the equivalent of carbon monoxide which is what automobiles emit from mufflers. Ever try inhaling the exhaust from a vehicle’s exhaust pipe? If so, I am fairly certain that once was enough. All things put aside, people do smoke – and it varies from country to country. Taking antioxidants in the form of a suspended gel with seventeen (yes, 17) fruits and plant extracts can help to rid ones body of the pollutants which is found in cigarette smoke and can help to purify the body of smokers – antioxidants and in essence help to rejuvenate a person’s cells – smoking increases the aging process of the cells and antioxidants reduces the aging process of our cells. So if you don’t quit smoking because of the cardiovascular disease implications such as lung cancer and emphysema, you need to be ingesting a daily suspended gel pack with the best form of delivery for antioxidants and help your body to reduce the aging process of the cells. Taking antioxidants named EXO will also help a smoker’s skin to look younger because if you were not aware, cigarette smoke creates older looking and feeling skin. So, get your box of EXO with 30 suspended gel packets with the best delivery for antioxidants and if you can’t simply quit smoking, these antioxidants will at least offset some of the damage you’re doing to your body’s cells.

Antioxidants supplements ingested and for the face and skin from the leader in health technology.

November 6, 2010

Some people drink antioxidant juices to rid their bodies of free radicals.

Antioxidant juices lack convenience and don’t offer the best form of anti aging of our body’s cells. Health technology as pioneered by Agel Enterprises brought EXO, a suspended gel antioxidant with the best ORAC score (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity), best delivery form by being exceptionally bioavailable and portable – also with a great purple grape flavor.

As some of you may know that our body’s cells get oxidized and there is really not much we can do to prevent that living normal lives, but taking antioxidant supplements can slow down the aging process of our cells – slow down our aging process, in essence. Free radicals wreak havoc on our body’s cells and antioxidants when delivered and ingested in a suspended gel with the EXO gel packets gets rid of such oxidation of our cells by the free radicals we inhale every day (outside and inside our home or apartment, when we’re awake as well as when we’re asleep). If antioxidants are designed to rid the free radicals from our cells by being ingested, imagine how such antioxidants could work on our skin which is also impacted by free radicals and pollutants in the air – this has been termed antioxidant skin care and why not apply antioxidants to our skin. Agel Enterprises formulated and brought to market antioxidant skin care or better known as anti aging skin care in a set of products appropriately named Ageless. The leader in health technology concluded that applying over 200 antioxidants to the outside of our skin would do wonders to slow down the aging process of our skin from the outside as it does from the inside. This is what brought about the Ageless antioxidant supplement anti aging skin care line which is derived from the same 17 fruits and plant extracts which is in the EXO antioxidant supplement. One could imagine the cost of such an antioxidant supplement skin care line to be in excess of US $500 as there are seven products which make up the product line which does not contain any parabens and toxins which department store brands do contain – Agel Enterprises knows that fighting free radicals from the inside and from the outside is critical to slowing down the aging process so the anti aging skin care supplement named Ageless with 7 different products has been priced accordingly. Get your Ageless skin care line of anti aging supplements and also take care of the normal oxidation process from the inside with a couple boxes of EXO for you and your family members. Antioxidants supplements ingested and applied to your face makes for a complete antioxidant supplement experience to slow down the aging process of your cells. The leader in health technology has come through with antioxidant supplements with EXO and Ageless – get yours today!

Rush hour traffic passion or a home based business.

October 19, 2010

Realistically speaking, I hate rush hour traffic.

Not that I dislike waiting in lines, but lines which don’t seem to be progressing are at times a bit frustrating – to me, that is. You can make the best out of rush hour in crowded intersections, and ingesting an antioxidant supplement would be a good idea to cleanse your body of the free radicals and perhaps the foundation for a home based business – from your transportation method.

You see, rush hour can be a reason to take an antioxidant supplement without the need for water or to keep the antioxidant cool as antioxidant juices require. The EXO product by Agel Enterprises is ingested without water and can be ingested when left at a temperature reaching 160+F or 75+C but then again that might make it a bit too warm or too hot to ingest; this is simply proof that an antioxidant supplement with the suspended gel technology as the leader in health technology has pioneered the greatness of antioxidants – to be taken anywhere at anytime. You could also start your own home based business from your own vehicle during heavy rush hour traffic, handing out EXO antioxidant supplement gel packets to your neighboring vehicles and of course you could do the same waiting for a train or subway or inside such forms of public transportation. To your health and to antioxidants and EXO with the highest ORAC score of any and only suspended gel antioxidant supplement – and to your home based business venture, be it on foot during a traffic jam in rush hour or when taking public transportation. Suspended gel technology with antioxidant supplements are portable – why simply ingest antioxidant juices which are inconvenient? The antioxidant supplement in suspended matrix gel is EXO and get your box of 30 gel packets before your next rush hour!

Collagen supplements and antioxidants will naturally reduce your age appearance.

October 17, 2010

Looking younger all over your skin is great, how about youthful hair and nails to go along?

That is what a breakthrough in collagen supplements can generate – a youthful appearance from the inside-out. No more need to apply parabens to your face as these are chemicals which are actually more harmful in the long-run than beneficial.

What facial anti-aging creams contain parabens and fillers you might wonder – almost every single product which is purchased in department stores in the skin care or beauty departments. These are not skin care products but merely temporary psychological means to cover up flaws in people’s aging skin and uneven skin tone. It’s time that whomever is purchasing such damaging anti-aging skin care products stop and start helping their skin instead of damaging it. There are a few products which are all natural which will naturally reduce the actual appearance and bring out a youthful feel of younger skin and they are all paraben and filler free. These are suspended gel products, which most are applying antioxidants to the face, ingesting an antioxidant supplement and a collagen supplement which is ingested and rejuvenates the elasticity your skin had in your youth while getting rid of deep creases, wrinkles and fine lines in a matter of 4-8 weeks; the collagen supplement ingested gel contains turmeric and lecithin among other natural ingredients and will become a lady’s best friend in a very short period of time. Turmeric and licithin will bring back the elasticity and even out the skin tone and bring back youthful hair and nails which used to be dried out and inflexible and without body. Antioxidants which are ingested will get rid of the free radicals (from the inside) which enter our bodies on a daily basis and the Ageless skin care line will provide additional protection from the air our facial skin is in contact with daily (all the pollutants). Ingesting the collagen supplement named GLO with indeed make your skin glow and bring out the youthful appearance you have been searching for to no avail in department stores as GLO contains turmeric and lecithin which are essential for collagen fibers to become strong and provide the necessary flexibility to all of your skin and the hydration the skin requires. Get the GLO as your collagen supplements and the EXO as your antioxidant supplement  both ingested; get the Ageless anti aging skin cream and lotions which are antioxidants applied topically to your skin, be it on your face or anywhere else on your skin.

Antioxidants taken daily and forget the antioxidant juice.

October 5, 2010

Antioxidant juices may taste good or not, but without a doubt they are not delivering the antioxidants most effectively!

Antioxidant juices lack convenience with poor portability, their nutrients are not effectively distributed and not measurable. These drawbacks to antioxidant juices render them inferior to alternative sources of daily antioxidants to combat the free radicals you encounter throughout each and every day.

What you want from your antioxidants is to rid your body of the free radicals and reduce the aging of your cells and hence the aging process – leading to having an older appearance physically. Slowing down the aging process is what you want from your antioxidants and antioxidants come in all forms and sizes…some juices some pills, large and small. It is so confusing to many as to what is the antioxidant to take. Juices may be tasty or not but they have good bioavailability but lack convenience and the nutrients are heavy in antioxidants and tend to float to the bottom (the sinking of the nutrients). Pills and tablets provide poor bioavailability and hence are not worth your while and that of your body. Powders – well, what really goes into a powder – fillers perhaps and then the previous concept of the nutrients floating south once mixed. Antioxidants and the benefit to one’s health does not need to be ingested with conventional methods. Think out of the box and you have suspended gel technology with precise measurements of the ingredients which happens to be from 17 fruits of different colors and sizes and plant extracts – which can be consume anywhere at anytime. This is Agel’s EXO and this is the only antioxidant supplement with the best form of bioavailability for antioxidants. This is the antioxidant supplement you and everyone else needs. The name is EXO and it is the best form of antioxidants for getting rid of the free radicals. Get your box of 30 gel packets of EXO and let the others buy some antioxidant juice with one or a few fruits with limited amounts of antioxidants and ORAC score – antioxidants means EXO!

Who really needs antioxidants.

September 28, 2010

We all do!

Believe it or not, our bodies in this century and the latter half of the 20th century have been asking for antioxidants.What have you been doing to get your antioxidants?

Perhaps you have been getting them with consuming several different fruits such as mangosteen, cranberries, blueberries, bilberries, grapes, elderberries, gac, aronia, acerola and others. How much did you spend on these tasty antioxidants and how far did you have to travel to get them? For how long were they fresh and providing the antioxidants your body needs? Obviously I don’t know this but you have a better idea. What if you could get your daily antioxidants in one single serving with well over 200 antioxidants – yes, in a single serving which you could ingest in a gel from anywhere without any water at any time of the day? That seems more interesting than going shopping for 17 different fruits and plant extracts which are included in the EXO suspended gel which provides the best form of bioavailability and great grape flavor. Children will love this as well as anyone of any age. So get your daily antioxidants with EXO with an incredible ORAC score and leave the shopping expense to…well, the people who do not know about EXO. Get your antioxidants today!

Ingesting antioxidants for acne free skin.

September 16, 2010

You could be a teenager, in your twenties, thirties, or older and still get acne!

Why? You thought that this was only something which teenagers have as their bodies change and their glands change, along with hormones and the like. Acne comes around for such reasons and also for some because of what we eat and how we handle stress and the like.

Yeah, yeah, yeah…you might be rolling your eyes thinking so what? Well, did you know that seeing a dermatologist which nowadays probably cost around $100 after the insurance deductible – and this is simply for a visit! Perhaps you’re paying US $100 so that you can get a prescription for accutane, retin-A or the generic version or some antibiotic prescription for tetracycline, minocycline, erythromycin, doxycycline, clindamycin. All of these antibiotics have side-effects ranging from sensitivity to the sun, to discoloring of the skin and teeth to more serious side-effects including serious intestinal infections which could lead to a form of IBS (irritable bowl syndrome) – taking any antibiotic for too long can wreak havoc on all bacteria in your digestive tract and we all need good bacteria in our digestive tract because 80% of our immune system starts there. You can spend your hard earned money on having yourself or your teenagers go to see dermatologist and take drugs (topical or oral) with side-effects or you can ingest the best antioxidant supplement on the market with over 17 different fruits and plant extracts and clear your skin naturally. You see, the best antioxidant named EXO cleanse your cells from the inside and therefore clears your skin. Antioxidant juices lack convenience and as they are not held in suspension and the nutrients are not evenly distributed and antioxidants which come in pills and tablets lack bioavailability and are also lacking the measurability of the nutrients within each pill or tablet. Only EXO is able to measure to a size smaller than a human hair the nutrients which make up the antioxidants and all the other wellness products which come in suspended gel by Agel Enterprises; this ability to measure exactly what goes into the suspended gel matrix enables the best form of bioavailability and perfect distribution of antioxidants to your cells. This antioxidant supplement will clear up your skin to become acne free and do so naturally and in a matter of a few weeks and it will also enable your cells to slow down the aging process which the free radicals we inhale all day and night-long speedup. So who’s going to get a box of EXO antioxidants with 30 suspended gel packs and who’s going to go see the dermatologist to get a prescription for drugs which come with side-effects?

What is in the best antioxidant supplement will amaze you.

September 8, 2010

In a very positive way, of course!

The best antioxidant supplement using the best form of bioavailability and the highest ORAC score is not simply a mangosteen drink. Nor is it a noni or goji drink – these are basic antioxidant juices.

The leader in antioxidant supplements comes in a suspended gel with particles smaller than a human hair – using matrix technology so that each nutrient can be precisely measured, ensuring that the consumer is getting what they expect to be getting. 17 different fruits and plant extracts in every EXO suspended gel pack – now that’s an antioxidant supplement which can take care of many types of free radicals. These antioxidants come from fruits of different colors and sizes further distinguishing the antioxidant benefits of having many different forms of antioxidants in one product. The contents of the EXO antioxidant supplement encompasses dark grape puree, blueberry puree, cranberry puree, aronia (aronia melanocarpa) juice from concentrate, pomegranate juice from concentrate, acerola puree, elderberry juice, prune juice, noni puree, bilberry juice, wolfberry juice, aloe vera juice from concentrate, gac (momordica cochinchinensis) fruit juice, sea buckthorn juice, mangosteen juice, rooibos tea extract, and acai juice. Did y0u count them – 17 and they all fit in a suspended gel pack of 21 grams or 0.75oz and provide the highest ORAC score. There is not much competition to the EXO product, that competition starts at a distant 2nd place. To get the most of your antioxidant supplement for slowing down the aging process, having better skin, fighting off free radicals, cleansing your cells of the pollutants in the air, get yourself a box of EXO with 30 suspended gel packs and do it today!

If you color your hair you need antioxidants and a strong immune system with fucoidan.

September 1, 2010

Ladies (not all of you) and some gentlemen, something you need to know about coloring your hair – even if you won’t admit to anyone that you do in fact color it.

Hair colorants (or colourants) are filled with toxins, but you probably knew this because after all they change the color of hair for a long period of time. All toxins are unhealthy, be it with hair colorants, antiperspirants or make up or even skin creams which contain carcinogens. This is where antioxidants and your immune system are critical but we will only focus on hair colorants now.

Our bodies naturally have an immune system, some people have better ones than others but most people have very similar immune systems as human beings. Our immune system works as a defense mechanism for isolating and removing unhealthy cells in our bodies and without the ability to remove such unhealthy cells (or destroying them, in essence) such unhealthy cells can duplicate at an alarming rate and result in cancer and other major illnesses. It is very important that one’s immune system is strong enough to promote apoptosis – natural cell death of unhealthy cells; a product with fucoidan helps to promote apoptosis. Now think about your scalp, which is somewhat like a sponge when it comes to hair colorants; it absorbs the toxins from the hair colorant which then enters your blood flow and in this process enables toxins to contact your healthy cells making them less healthy. Repetition will gradually weaken the healthy cells where some will become unhealthy and if the immune system is weakened by repeatedly applying hair colorants, apoptosis will not naturally function and unhealthy cells will duplicate – leading to major illnesses including cancer. Yes, of course some people want to color their hair and some do it very often. The concept is not to stop coloring your hair but before you color it, make sure that you ingest at least 5 EXO antioxidants in gel packs and 3-5 EXO gel packs for the next 3-5 days daily because antioxidants will facilitate the removal of free radicals which can threaten and penetrate your cellular structure. So for every time you color your hair, you will be needing a half of a box to a full box of Agel Enterprises’ EXO antioxidants, with 30 gel packs per box. You should also be consuming plenty of fiber after having applied the hair colorant and for the few days which follow the coloring. Obviously you will need to drink much water (distilled preferably) at least two gallons or close to 8 liters of water a day for the next 3-5 days after coloring your hair to help flush out the toxins from your system. We all should be continuously boosting our immune system and  ingesting fucoidan for a strong immune system and ingesting it in a gel is consuming it in its natural form and provides the optimum immune system booster; fucoidan is the main nutrient in the UMI gel pack for building up one’s immune system and this is not simply a guideline for hair coloring but for a healthy immune system. Before coloring your hair, make sure that you have a box of EXO on hand by ordering your 30 gel packs of antioxidants and while your getting your antioxidants get a box of UMI and start building up your immune system with fucoidan.

Natural younger skin with turmeric and anti aging cream and antioxidants.

August 31, 2010

Let’s face it, nobody wants to have damaged skin, wrinkles, fine lines, acne, uneven skin tone and many other undesirable skin conditions; turmeric and anti aging cream antioxidants applied to the face and ingested can make an incredible difference to you and everyone seeing you.

Damage or alterations to one’s skin can leave people to have low self esteem. Think of a teenager who has acne, their self-esteem is obviously not going to be as high as a peer who has no acne. How about trying to get back into the workforce after being laid-off and being in your 40s or 50s and looking older. Ladies, would you like smoother and younger looking skin with an anti aging cream full of antioxidants and turmeric? Of course!

A natural plant called turmeric can do wonders for the skin as such can antioxidants both ingested and applied to the facial areas. If it seems like a lot of effort do not worry, it will take only about 10 minutes of your day. The question is the following: is spending ten minutes of your day too much time for you to look and feel younger? Is 3 minutes a day too much time to have your teenager’s acne go away? Is a few minutes a day worth looking younger so that you can get a good job to replace the lost income you had before? I am sure that there are some ladies who would spend 60 minutes a day to have their skin look many years younger – and some probably spend 60 minutes a day with products which contain parabens; there are over 800 chemicals in beauty products, many of which are potentially carcinogenic and that will not make your skin look younger in time – what it will do is eventually lead to infections, older looking skin and even cancer! The intent was not to frighten you but to let you know that natural alternatives do exist which have no short or long term side effects / illnesses but instead will bring out your youthful appearance and improved health. All the ingredients in all of our products are all natural without any fillers, parabens, or carcinogenic substances. Applying anti aging skin care products (so called anti aging creams) which can be purchased at department stores almost all contain fillers and parabens and what this essentially does is they allow the skin to absorb toxins which enter your blood stream and lead to poor health – so, you may look younger in the short-run with an anti aging cream from department stores but in time when such anti aging skin care products have been absorbed by your body, your body has started to age at an accelerated rate and in time such aging will come to the epidermis and will result in uneven skin tone, wrinkles, fine lines and even deep creases; this is one reason the wealthy get face-lifts. The Ageless product line (of seven products) has been formulated and created by fruits and plant extracts and is the only skin care line in the world based on suspension gel technology. If you happen to be using anti aging products from department stores you really need to be consuming antioxidant supplements and the best antioxidants come with the EXO product which is comprised of 17 fruits and plant extracts and will help rid your body of free radicals and boost your body’s immune functions. The EXO product has the highest ORAC score of any health supplement being that it is the only one which comes in a suspended gel with the best form of bioavailability. When you start using the EXO and Ageless products (for your internal body’s antioxidants and for your anti aging cream and skin care antioxidants, respectively) you will also want to ensure that you are ingesting the GLO product to hydrate and moisturize your skin from the inside-out. This collagen fiber supplement contains turmeric which can protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun and by providing new elasticity to your skin (face and the rest of your largest organ – yes, your skin). Turmeric with the other natural nutrients in the GLO product will quickly reduce deep creases, wrinkles and fine lines and it will also do wonders for your hair and nails; turmeric has been used for centuries to heal the skin. With the EXO, Ageless, and GLO products you have the perfect three product line(s) which will bring about a youthful appearance inside-out and outside-in, because you still need to protect your face from the pollutants in the air. So get yourself looking and feeling younger with antioxidants ingested with the EXO product and applied to your facial areas with the Ageless product line, and with turmeric in GLO for all of your skin – and do it now because you won’t be getting any younger by applying a carcinogenic anti aging cream to your face.

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