Why extra glutathione is great

December 3, 2013

The reasons for extra glutathione are plentiful as are the benefits of glutathione.

Now that a method to effectively increase glutathione levels has been achieved, the reasons to have increased glutathione levels is that much more logical. Better health, from the organs, to heart disease prevention, to the immune system is what glutathione can bring about and in an ingested suspended gel as the precursor for glutathione there’s Agel GSH.

Glutathione 12.3.13There’s an obvious reason why Agel’s GSH, the precursor for glutathione has been hailed as the greatest product of perhaps the decade, it because there is no other product on the market which can facilitate the body’s natural generation of glutathione, except for Agel GSH. In addition to the breakthrough for the precursor for the body being able to produce more glutathione, Agel comes in a matrix gel where the precise measurement of the natural ingredients enable the body to effectively produce glutathione so all the consumer has to do is ingest a suspended gel packet of Agel GSH daily and all the health benefits of additional glutathione will be realized. If you’re the least bit skeptic, as many people are with the breakthrough products, suffice it to say that there is no other product on the market which effectively becomes the precursor for the body to generate glutathione and of course all of Agel’s products, like Agel GSH for glutathione, come with a money back guarantee and no questions asked. But then again who would even consider surrendering the precursor for glutathione? Get your box of thirty single serving gel packets for glutathione and let your body get all the benefits. There are many other delivery methods which promote the generation of glutathione, but rest assured that that is the skeptical part generating glutathione as such products fail to act as a precursor for glutathione. Preventative health starts with Agel’s breakthrough suspended matrix gel product lines and Agel GSH for glutathione generation is simply amazing.

Skin care and arthritis not a real product

May 27, 2013

Recently we found a product which promotes positive effects for skin care rejuvenation and also healthier joints.

Seems a bit far fetched that skin care ingredients like lutein, lecithin, CoQ10, tocotrienol, turmeric and others would benefit joints which would need glucosamine, chondroitin, celadrin and MSM, but if there are people willing to buy things once, perhaps the seller will make enough by not accepting returns and move on to the next so called promotion. We think about skin care and healthy joints as two separate concerns, and yes both skin care and joint health come as a concern without a doubt and do so naturally as people age.

NanoHealthTechnology.com - Skin care which is ingested named GLO and then there is joint pain gels named FLX.But for one product to solve both the skin care with wrinkles, acne scars, fine lines, uneven skin tone and the like, to be combined with joint health and perhaps even arthritis solutions is simply too unbelievable; such products for skin care as were promoted did not even mention the effective ingredients such as lutein, lecithin, CoQ10 and natural oils and there was no mention of the ingredients providing joint health. What is factual is that skin care like arthritis can be addressed, but in two different products from our vantage point. The breakthrough in skin care is not only from a topical source with antioxidants named EXO and Agelesss but also from an ingested skin care solution named GLO; think of skin care in a new manner which implies a healthy manner with the likes of natural ingested ingredients including CoQ10, lutein, lecithin, tocotrienol, turmeric and natural oils among other skin care ingredients which will bring about both a youthful feeling and looking skin. For those aching joints where joint pain and arthritis prevail, there is FLX which is also ingested and contains the power of all four in one with chondroitin, glucosamine, celadrin, and MSM. When you think about getting older, you can now relate to skin care solutions which are ingested with the GLO skin care apricot and green tea flavored gel packets and for that arthritis or simply joint pain with citrus fruit flavored FLX. With the breakthrough in health technology and suspended gel products, skin care and arthritis will bring about youth, so if you have aged skin but want to show off younger feeling and looking skin, the skin care solution is GLO and get around to showing yourself with FLX for your increased mobility and flexibility. There is skin care and then there’s GLO the ingested skin care solution which naturally works from the inside-out; all Agel products come with a money back guarantee.

How is that healthcare treating you

April 4, 2013

Is change in healthcare more than changing of seasons.

Perhaps you are one who’s about preventative healthcare and not about having the need for healthcare reform or whatever the healthcare choices you have really are. Preventative healthcare seems so simple, yet so many overlook healthcare as a do-it-yourself solution.

NanoHealthTechnology.com - Better health and better friends.The choices are getting slimmer with healthcare options, where when you’re employed and your employer helps pay of the cost of healthcare, your options for coverage seem to be diminishing in choices and increasing in cost, annually; specifically the coinsurance associated with healthcare, the deductibles, and the amount for maximum out of pocket, not in these specific orders of course. Healthcare is changing and the question is are you moving with the cheese or simply getting what’s available in the form of healthcare from your employer. Surely it’s less expensive to have an employer subsidies healthcare costs, but in all reality the best form of supplementation for healthcare coverage is preventative healthcare in the form of supplementation; the ingested type of healthcare supplementation which comes in suspended matrix gel. The cost of healthcare is not going to be going down any time soon and chances are that if they don’t go up literally every year, they may simply go away from the employer’s point of view. Think about the future in the workforce; contractors. Contractors need to pay for their own benefits and healthcare is the most costly of benefits, to the employer and in some respects to the employee as well. Now being a contractor, the cost of funding your own healthcare may surprise you and may actually astonish you, even to the point where having the traditional type of healthcare becomes optional because of the staggering cost. Healthcare is not inexpensive and this is at the forefront of why preventative healthcare is something to really consider. Agel’s suspended gel product line is not only the best-in-class for preventative health, it’s literally ingested healthcare. Take a look at the Agel healthcare alternative, and all products come with a money back guarantee and with great tasting flavors for people of all ages, from children to the elderly. See healthcare as taking control of your own health for a change.


Arthritis in humans and dogs

March 22, 2013

Man’s best friend, or in many instances the best friend of the one who feeds and walks them, can suffer from arthritis.

Man or women is not alone when it comes to arthritis and be it from obesity or simply by age, arthritis can become a hindrance and even a disability. We’re not going to rate which person or which dog suffers the most from arthritis because you humans who have arthritis know it and as for the dogs, they’re trying to tell you perhaps by choosing to lay down and instead of coming to you like they did when they were young and had no notion of what arthritis would feel like.

NanoHealthTechnology.com - For arthritis prevention for dogs and humans alike, ingested suspended gel FLXEver try telling a dog to go and play and also remind them that vigorous physical activity could lead to arthritis? Probably not and even if you have, what are the odds that the dog understood what arthritis was? Slim to none, and most realistically the latter. That being stated, man’s or women’s best friend gets arthritis and needs assistance. Giving your dog a pill or several pills, of glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, celadrin, for arthritis is not going to work very well for many reasons including the attempt to get the canine companion to swallow pills which can also be rather large and difficult to be absorbed by the canine’s digestive system. Treating arthritis with a suspended gel named FLX offers many more viable options for your canine friend in that the suspended gel is much more palatable than pills, offers the best form of bioavailability in that your canine’s digestive system will be able to breakdown and absorb the likes of chondroitin, celadrin, MSM and glucosamine and quickly have arthritis become something of the past. And guess what this does for your dog’s arthritis; that’s correct, your canine companion’s arthritis will be addressed and that of course leads to another course of action. A dog who’s arthritis is not bothering them enables them to run around and play, and also come to you when you request such a companion and it time such activity will bring back some form of arthritis, but that’s what FLX is for. For arthritis, don’t feed your dog pills of glucosamine, chondroitin, celadrin or MSM, give them quick and effective arthritis relief with FLX, the ingested solution for getting your dog over the pains and nuances associated with arthritis. A gel packet of FLX once a week should do it to ensure that your canine’s arthritis is addressed and their joyful attitude will enable all to cherish. Agel FLX for arthritis because it’s great for humans and great for your most unselfish friend, your dog.

CoQ10 in pills not as effective

March 17, 2013

If you want cellular energy from CoQ10 for the heart, liver, muscles and kidneys the question is not about ubiquinone or ubiquinol, but about the delivery of CoQ10.

Delivery implies bioavailability with timed delivery of CoQ10 and there is one product on the market which is clearly an alternative to pills of either form of CoQ10, be it ubiquinol or ubiquinone, where the difference in these two forms of CoQ10 is simply a matter of which one converts into the other and the body works with both equally effective. Note the real difference for CoQ10 is the delivery of CoQ10.

NanoHealthTechnology.com - CoQ10 and so much more in the best delivery for bioavailability with suspended gel technology.We can talk, or in this case write, about the fact that both forms of CoQ10, ubiquinol and ubiquinone offer the same results; instead, we recommend the reader find out on their own that any product which discredits ubiquinone or ubiquinol or favors one over the other form of CoQ10 is hiding something and that is simply the delivery of the CoQ10 itself. Try ingested suspended gel which comes in an all-natural form of delivery for the cellular energy your body needs and such CoQ10 is also delivered with taurine, oyster mushroom, carnitine, folate, selenium and policosanol. First of all, no other product offers close to the bioavailability and timeliness of the suspended gel with CoQ10 and the other heart health ingredients as does the leader in CoQ10 supplementation, but it also tastes great. HRT is the ingested suspended gel alternative for CoQ10 where no water is required for ingesting. You can finish off the CoQ10 pills you still have, be it CoQ10 with ubiquinone or CoQ10 with ubiquinol, but after that get your box of thirty single serving ingested suspended gel packets of Agel HRT with CoQ10, policosanol, carnitine, oyster mushroom, selenium, folate, and taurine and get the cellular energy your body needs with the best delivery of CoQ10. We have more energy to keep on writing here but think you get the picture about the superior delivery of CoQ10, so get HRT suspended gel packets for your health.

What energy drinks really lead to

February 18, 2013

Not what the manufacturers promote is what is delivered from energy drinks.

Let’s take a look at marketing for instance and energy drinks which is no further from typical marketing and promotions as they are flashed before your very eyes or screaming past your ear as fast food restaurants and yes, prescription or over-the-counter drugs which are heavily advertised. The most amazing thing about marketing and promotions, for energy drinks like deep fried foods is that they are all around us, on the radio, on television, in print ads and of course all over the internet with pop-ups and banners but are they healthy?

NanoHealthTechnology.com - The healthy alternative to energy drinks, chews and shotsWhat a world, what a world! Makes you feel like you might need energy drinks simply to keep up with all of the nonsense manufacturers are pushing into your head, or stomach and remember that not all which is advertised is good for you. Now imagine if you were on a deserted island without any media, and yes without energy drinks, your life may not be surrounded by wants which are embedded in our little heads by the big and mighty advertisers. The reality is that we all can’t be on deserted islands or else they would not be deserted, are you with us here? Anyway, energy drinks as you may have heard recently or over the years, are not healthy and some may even call energy drinks fatal. Granted, taking one energy drink is not going to do all that much harm to everyone, but does one really need energy drinks in the first place – when was the last time you woke up and screamed out ‘energy drink’? With the manner in which energy drinks seemed to be addictive, having just one such energy drinks may lead to a very bad health habit; getting off energy drinks is even more complex of a process than one might think. Sure there’s the occasional headache for people not having their cup of coffee in the morning but when it comes to energy drinks, the concept of having a headache may not seem like much but not having an energy drink at least once a day when one starts to consume such energy drinks regularly may become something very different altogether and some argue that having one such energy drink can negatively alter one’s health, so imagine what it’s like being addicted to such energy drinks? We’re not here to put blame on energy drinks and their manufacturers because consumers have a choice and if the mass marketing has led to people spending money on unhealthy energy drinks, be it in beverage, chews or even shots, perhaps the simple change would be to change the labeling on such energy drinks and related products; after all, all investment opportunities (legal ones) come with a disclaimer that past results are not indicative of future resuls. There are alternatives to such energy drinks which come with natural products like the OHM ingested suspended gel with ginseng, rhodiola, and a host of vitamin Bs and other natural ingredients where this product is for enhanced mental focus, clarity, and memory and great for interviewing because it brings about a calmness during times of stress. Another alternative to energy drinks is the caffeine richer VLT ingested suspended gel with a host of natural beneficial and non-habit forming vitamins and nutrients and comes with a small fraction of natural sugar. There’s a safe and effective alternative to energy drinks, perhaps it’s time to look at the Agel products.

Sunscreens contain parabens leading to cancer

February 5, 2013

We stated this before and we’ll state it again that skin cancer, specifically melanoma, is augmented with most commercially available sunscreens on the market.

For those of you who have been fed the misconception that sunscreens reduce the risk of skin cancer, rest assured that the world of marketing dollars has been selling you something you really did not want as skin care on your body. Now that sunscreen has been labeled as increasing the likelihood of skin cancer or melanoma because of the toxic parabens penetrating the skin, there’s more about the sun and skin cancer which should be mentioned.

NanoHealthTechnology.com - Ingested skin care without parabens, it's GLO by Agel with many more benefits than any sunscreen.The sun is our friend because without the positive effects of UVB rays, our body is not able to get the appropriate levels of vitamin D. Getting the proper amount of vitamin D helps to prevent cancer, and not necessarily skin cancer because vitamin D is critical to optimized health. Let’s take a step back about sunscreens and skin cancer and the parabens in the suncreens; where is the number one place on the body where such cancer increasing sunscreens are applied? On the face of course, which is also a very small are of the body which does not absorb much of the necessary vitamin D the body needs to function optimally; instead of sunscreen being applied to the face, cover up the face with a sombrero, cap, or some other hat and don’t listen to the marketing advertisements which push to use skin cancer accelerators on the face. In addition to wearing something on your head to cover your face, there is an ingested suspended gel product by Agel Enterprises which is similar to sunscreen but without any parabens and obviously won’t result in skin cancer or any other form of cancer for that matter but which will protect the skin from getting burnt; an alternative to skin care without the skin cancer accelerator. The Agel GLO is ingested skin care and much more, with turmeric, lutein, lecithin, CoQ10 and other natural ingredients and oils which as they are ingested, they work throughout the skin and also protect and strengthen hair and nails and again the GLO ingredients in the ingested product don’t contain parabens and don’t lead to skin cancer or any other form of cancer. Granted, in the northern hemisphere, this is not the time of year to be laying on the beach and getting skin cancer because most northern hemisphere climates don’t offer the proper temperatures this time of the year. But think about the warmer months or even when a job requires exposure to the sun where sunscreens have historically been used. Wear a hat and ingest an Agel GLO suspended gel packet to protect from skin cancer and with this ingested skin care suspended gel, not only will your body be protected from the burning effects of the sun, your body will be able to benefit from the sun’s UVB rays for generation of vitamin D and skin cancer will not be something marketing campaigns will need to cover up because when more people realize that skin cancer can be naturally avoided without the use of sunscreens, such products will be removed from the shelves because they won’t be selling. To your health, vitamin D and better natural skin care alternatives with GLO.

Feel like arthritis is a movement away

December 31, 2012

Granted, this is somewhat of an exaggeration but arthritis may not be far away if your joints have been feeling pain for a while.

You may have experienced this in your youth when you had joint pain from lower back pain, knee pain, tennis elbow like symptoms and one day you woke up and the joint pain was gone and most likely never thought about arthritis. On the other hand when people age, the cushioning between the joints and the cartilage age and offer less fluidity and cushioning in preventing arthritis-like friction.

NanoHealthTechnology.com - Ingest the issues pertaining to joint pain and arthritis with FLX in a gel, for results.Perhaps some of you know about this friction feeling in your joints as the early stage of arthritis and in time perhaps even osteoarthritis or simply ongoing arthritis for years and eventually part of every day life where the arthritis becomes acceptable because nothing you have tried has eased the arthritis. On the other-hand, there are alternatives to living with joint pain in the form of arthritis and such arthritis is not solely targeted at athletes but to everyday people like you and the rest of us. If it’s not about too much body contact with physical activity but simply by time passing and going up and down stairs or that daily jog you simply can’t give up, or picking up young children time and time again. Ingesting the suspended FLX gel with MSM, celadrin oil, glucosamine and chondroitin can be of great assistance in getting you mobile again without the friction associated with that joint pain and arthritis. Of course, you can enjoy arthritis with knee pain, lower back pain, tennis elbow or arthritis in the fingers and live life to the best of your abilities or ingest a Agel FLX suspended gel packet daily for a while and feel the natural solution to the lubricating of the joints and the dissipating of the arthritis with the most bioavailable delivery form far exceeding that of pills, tablets or capsules and much more palatable. Think of the alternative to arthritis with Agel FLX which will also naturally regrow cartilage in addition to reducing inflammation and lubricating the joints and provide cushioning. Now get on with life without the nuances and the limitations associated with joint pain and arthritis and get on moving.

All talk about how to lose weight fast is nonsense

December 25, 2012

Commitment made easy for a diet to lose weight is with the ingested gels named FIT and GRN.

Any other diet will be another excuse that the ability to lose weight has flawed. We highly encourage everyone not to simply try one diet, have it fail, then try another diet and have the same outcome because when someone is attempting to lose weight the idea is to have long lasting and productive results with a diet.

NanoHealthTechnology.com - Your diet alternative to lose weight in fat and gain energy and better fitness and health is with Agel suspended gelThe countless diets on the market is literally staggering and they will surely escalate their promotions for New Years; more empty promises to get a share of your wallet or purse holdings. We encourage you to listen to the lose weight diet promotions and advertisements on the radio or television and when you listen to such diet campaigns, listen to the diet solution which is being offered if a diet solution is even mentioned. Pay close attention whether or not the diet promotions mention a detox of the digestive system, with phytonutrients to effectively cleanse the digestive system to enable a natural detox of debris which has in all probabilities contributed to the need for a diet to lose weight. The breakthrough in digestive system cleansing and detox with the GRN ingested suspended gel with all-natural ingredients including broccoli, spinach, chlorophyll, chlorella, spirulina, spearmint and peppermint leaves, barley and wheat grasses and alfalfa and all in the most bioavailable delivery form which will cleanse and detox the digestive system but won’t cause sudden needs to excrete waste, is with Agel’s GRN. The GRN lemongrass mint flavored detox and digestive system cleansing solutions is the preparatory natural method for starting the FIT diet to lose weight in the form of fat which provides solutions you should be expecting from a diet. So, for your diet to lose weight, you can listen to propaganda in the media or get your diet to lose weight in the form of fat while having more energy than before starting this healthy diet; it’s time people realize that there is a better alternative to dieting to lose weight in the form of fat and it’s with the Agel GRN and FIT diet solution.

No more makeup for New Years

December 24, 2012

What, no more makeup for New Years?

Many, mostly women, think we’ve lost our minds as without makeup some actually feel naked. Of course this is only a sudden reaction to thinking about life without the makeup crutch, but rest assured there is reasoning behind this phobia creation of ours.

NanoHealthTechnology.com - The GLOwing alternative to makeup is natural with Agel ingested gelIt’s not really frightening being without makeup if one is prepared and this is where it gets interesting. The facts are that makeup serves two purposes where one is that makeup is to cover-up imperfections in the skin, be it from acne, wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, too much sun, pollutants in the air, or simply to emphasize certain features instead of other features; also noteworthy is that makeup is simply applied to be noticed. Of course, there is makeup for the areas around the eyes but for this write-up on makeup we’re focused on makeup as used as a form of skin care and if the only makeup you apply is around your eyes, good for you; the type which is usually applied topically on the skin is with parabens. Yuk! Why would anyone in their knowing mind apply makeup to their want-to-be soft and youthful skin when parabens are in these so called skin care solutions known as makeup. It’s almost 2013 and the time for makeup is becoming an unhealthy past; ingested skin care comes in a suspended gel named GLO with everything your skin needs including CoQ10, turmeric, lutein, lecithin and other natural ingredients including healthy oils and of course no parabens. You could, however, apply makeup and prolong the inevitable and needing to use makeup to simply step out to run a five minute errand or find the natural alternative solution to skin care ending the use of makeup on the skin. Best of all, Agel’s ingested GLO works from the inside-out and that simply signifies that it’s the skin care alternative to makeup for all of the skin, not simply your cheeks and hands. The time for makeup starts by ingesting the healthy alternative; can you feel your GLO?

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