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We all need our essential vitamins and essential minerals – but most of us simply don’t get them – now we all can with MIN

This great product enables all who consume it once a day to get what they are missing out on their unfortunate daily food consumption – lack of essential minerals and essential vitamins, from processed foods to fast food which all of these have limited amounts of nutrients your body needs to remain healthy. And yes, microwaving frozen dinners is not in the healthy category – read the nutrient information. Agel’s MIN contains the exact amount of key essential vitamins and essential minerals which everyone’s body needs on a daily basis – not too much and not too little and with the matrix technology suspended gel supplement MIN has the best bioavailability in the market meaning that what you consume is utilized by your body and not like a pill or tablet sitting in your body waiting to be properly absorbed.

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Nowadays proper nutrition is not as simple to locate. Back before 1920, our soil in the land were full of up to 40 different types of nutrients but as of 1997, that number has diminished to only 4; imagine what that number is today. So, we need to seek elsewhere to get the proper vitamins and minerals our bodies need. Instead, we get our calories from food products and not really food – convenient processed and modified or refined meals which have minimal nutritional value to what your body (all of ours) need. Worse yet, these quick fixes (including the snacks some of us consume) are high in sugar and fats and obviously low in essential minerals and vitamins. Realize this – our bodies need the proper nutrients to functional at it’s best so the simple solutions is a MIN gel-pack which will provide you with the proper amount of minerals and vitamins every single day.

What MIN provides is 100% of the 12 essential vitamins including vitamin D your body needs everyday (not more) and this makes MIN the very best vitamins supplement on the market because of it bioavailability with suspended gel technology.  MIN also provide up to 75% of essential minerals. Of course there are several organizations which provide huge dosages of minerals and other vitamins but think of the nature of their delivery methodology – it’s not suspended gel technology so who really knows what the bioavailability is with those other products in the marketplace – truth of the matter is that if you take in too much of any nutrient, it’s harmful and toxic to your body. With our products, the bioavailability is measured so that the contents of the tasty gel-packs can be absorbed in up to 30 minutes instead of hours or days and with a recharging mechanism which allows your body to benefit from the essential vitamins and minerals up to 1000 times per suspended gel packet of MIN. Swallowing will never be an issue with the vitamins and minerals in the MIN berry punch flavor, enjoyed by children and adults alike.

The technology behind all of Agel’s products is Suspended Gel Technology which implies that the consumption of the products will result in maximized absorption. This way, you won’t be wasting your vitamins and minerals (or for that matter any of our Suspended Gel Products and associated nutrients). These gel-packs have been created with the taste-buds in mind and this one tastes likes a Hawaiian Punch – without the sugar, of course.

The MIN product is sold in a box which includes 30 gel-packs, essentially a month’s supply. This will enable all consumers to get the essential vitamins and minerals their bodies need. MIN is great for children, enabling them to not get ill at school or at daycare. The MIN product can be consumed by children as young as one year of age, and should be consumed by everyone daily. The flavor of MIN is berry punch!


How can MIN improve your health?

Here are just a few of the many potential benefits in addition to the suspended matrix gel technology enabling the MIN essential vitamins and minerals to offer 400% better bioavailability than the leading multi vitamins and minerals you commonly see in stores near your residence:

  • Contains 100% RDI of essential, energy-producing coenzyme and up to 75% of essential minerals*
  • Contains high levels to significantly improve your stamina*
  • Provides the path to converting carbohydrates, proteins, and fats into productive energy*
  • Facilitates the normal bone health, teeth health and joint health*
  • Great assistant to vision and hearing*

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (supplements providers are given guidelines to follow but the FDA does not require supplements to be approved and Agel follows such guidelines). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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