Do three things daily to help your body with antioxidants a boost to your immune system and taking vitamins and minerals.

April 2, 2011

If you neglect to take daily antioxidants your body’s cells will age faster, if you don’t strengthen your immune system your body becomes more vulnerable to all diseases and viruses and if you don’t take your essential vitamins and minerals your critical organs could get inflamed.

It’s your body and you chose how you want it to treat you, but I assure you that ingesting the best antioxidants daily, giving a boost to your immune system with fucoidan on a daily basis and ensuring that your organs get the required daily vitamins and minerals will do natural wonders for your body’s insides. We live in a world where many of us simply react to situations and some of this is logical but prevention is wise.

Take driving a car for example, we react to avoiding a possible accident by either applying the brakes, or avoiding some object by going away from the obstruction in question; the preventative measure before ever driving a car should be driving lessons and learning about driving and rules of the roads. Your body has needs just like your needing to get to work for example and the vehicle you drive enables you the convenience of getting to work and back to your residence, unless you sleep at work (after hours, of course). No, your body is not exactly like a car but for your car to function properly you need some preventative maintenance including an occasional oil change, rotating the tires for even wear, replacing warn out tires, flushing of the brake fluid, changing the brake rotors or pads or both, filing up your gas tank with the proper fuel; this last one is important, as is getting your daily antioxidants, helping your immune system and taking daily vitamins and minerals – if your car manufacturer recommends 91 octane unleaded gasoline and you want to save some money and you only use 87 octane, your car’s motor will function properly for some time but eventually (and there is not preset time here) you will start hearing pings and rattles and other noises coming from the inside of your motor because you saved some money on the octane level your ‘feeding you car’. Your body is in essence similar in that if you eat unhealthy foods which are high in saturated fat and cholesterol chances are (in time) that you will experience higher than normal cholesterol levels and even could need surgery to clean out your arteries. Now back to the topic and the relevance of preventative maintenance; we all breath and not all the air we breath outside and indoors is all that healthy and that’s where antioxidants come into the picture where you can clear your system of the undesired free radicals and pollutants your body is in contact with and antioxidants can come to your body’s assistance. Granted, there are many types of antioxidants and I am quite sure that you have been approached with choices of many different types of antioxidants with noni, pomegranate, goji, acai, or some other fruit and of course such antioxidants will come to some in getting rid of the oxidation your body comes in contact with – unless you suddenly decide to stop breathing and good luck with that lasting long. As I was stating, there are many antioxidants you can choose from but if you’re going to be ingesting antioxidants for preventative measures why would you want an inferior product (remember the 87 octane scenario) when you can be ingesting the one with the most amount of different forms of antioxidants in one single serving with seventeen (yes, 17) different fruits and plant extracts of various colors, shapes and sizes of fruits. The choice is yours to cut the amount of antioxidants you consume but EXO by Agel Enterprises provides the best health technology delivery system for antioxidants in a suspended gel with a grape flavor. Your immune system is not all that different in that if you don’t take care of your immune system you will eventually get a virus or disease and it may be the last virus or disease you ever have because you won’t be having to worry about that breathing issue previously mentioned and then you won’t have to worry about antioxidants nor your immune system – the ultimate damage will have been taken care of and no immune system will come to your aid then. So, you could give a daily boost to your immune system and again there are many immune system helping products on the market but why would you want a poor imitation to help your immune system when you could prevent diseases and viruses with fucoidan as your immune system booster; for those of you who may not be aware, fucoidan is a natural immune system booster which comes from brown seaweed but no worries as Agel Enterprises has created a delivery method in a suspended gel which has a green apple flavor and provides the best form of bioavailability. So now you can, on a daily basis, strengthen your immune system with fucoidan in a product named UMI. Finally – yes, I know this has been going on for quite a bit but you could stop reading now and skip all the preventative assistance your body needs and be in some health trouble like the cars on the shoulder of the highway who’s owner did not use the recommended gasoline or who skipped an oil change or thought that they could get a few more miles from the low treaded tires – or you could learn about taking daily vitamins and minerals which when delivered by the proper delivery system provide a recharging mechanism where 12 essential vitamins and 10 essential minerals are used by your body (absorbed and delivered) up to 1000 times in a single serving. No pills or tablets for vitamins and minerals can do this and the bioavailability of pills, tablets and gel caps are significantly inferior to suspended gel. With that stated, the solution for proper and preventative ingestation of vitamins and minerals is with a berry punch flavored suspended matrix gel product named MIN; this vitamins and mineral suspended gel product by Agel provides the required amount of vitamins and minerals which your body needs on a daily basis and not some 300% or more of the RDI (recommended daily intake) which will either be flushed out of your system or become toxic because too much of vitamins and minerals is unhealthy – perhaps like too much oil in your car’s engine and hence the range in your oil dip stick (stay between the lines of max and min). Perhaps you forgot why it’s necessary to ingest your daily vitamins and minerals after all of this but it is to, in essence, feed your organs and the rest of your body with the needed fuel so that your organs won’t become inflamed and the health issues which can materialize thereafter. To wrap it up – yes, finally; right? On a daily basis, for preventative health you need antioxidants with the highest ORAC score (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) with EXO, UMI to boost your immune system and MIN to ensure that your body gets the daily essential vitamins and minerals it needs to function properly. Any questions? For those with any questions, I will be discussing the digestive system soon which needs to be cleansed and detox more often than you may have surmised to ensure that the immune system is functioning properly- and no, it does not require you to hang-out near the bathroom for a day. For the time being, get your antioxidants, your immune system booster and your daily vitamins and minerals and each box comes with 30 single serving gel packets and hence a month’s supply of each. To your preventative health.


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