Flu vaccine or an immune system booster.

November 6, 2010

Flu vaccines suppress the immune system whereas a health technology product with fucoidan boosts the immune system.

Which one would you rather have and that of your family members, including your children and your parents or grandparents? The choice is easy but why are the pharmaceutical companies pushing so much for flu vaccines for example, which only offer a temporary immune system boost and actually suppress one’s immune system for other diseases and viruses?

This is a topic which I personally reflect upon daily and the only logical answer as to why pharmaceutical companies and government agencies push for ineffective flu vaccines and other vaccines is only because of monetary ramifications and not for the health of people and their immune system. Fucoidan is natural and builds up the immune system without any immune system suppressing effects. For the people who care about their immune system, I highly recommend ingesting a gel packet of fucoidan daily as this will enable your immune system to be strong against the flu and all of its different strains and not simply getting a flu vaccine for one or perhaps a few strains and even perhaps becoming obsolete in a matter of weeks as a new strain emerges – in addition, a flu vaccine will actually suppress you immune system leaving you vulnerable to getting other viruses and infections, in addition to the many side effects associated with flu vaccines and many other vaccines. Take fucoidan to boost your immune system in a tasty suspended gel name UMI which comes from off the coast of Okinawa and its all natural and comes from brown seaweed with a green apple flavor which everyone will enjoy. You could take a trip to Okinawa and search for fucoidan from the sea and eat it that way – perhaps the taste won’t be as palatable as fucoidan in a green apple suspended gel with significantly better bioavailability than fucoidan in pills and tablets. The choice is yours, but it is your immune system. I highly recommend getting you and your family a box or two of UMI with fucoidan in a suspended gel from the health technology leader, Agel Enterprises. About the flu vaccine, well I am sure that the companies manufacturing the syringes will be able to use the needles for people who want to donate blood to add to the blood supply for people in need.


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