Why established companies provide less residual income.

August 24, 2010

Your guess is as good as mine.

Chances are that their organization was never meant to be. Residual income is serious. Very serious!

You should care about what type of organization you want to be a part of and I can tell you why a breakthrough in suspension matrix gel technology in the health supplementation industry is something to consider. First of all, it is a breakthrough and you will be part of a team with leading technology which can generate residual income much more quickly than a company which has conventional technology which is easily copied. Then you want to have your home based business (yes yours!) which can provide you with residual income in a matter of months, and from 60 countries. Then of course you want to try these products and see if they will work for you and I encourage you to do so with a small investment in your own health. Take advantage of an opportunity to provide you with both residual income and better health.


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