Agel TV for the entrepreneur who wants a global home based business with the best health supplements

Agel Enterprises proudly brings you Agel TV every Tuesday evening at 10pm Eastern Time in the USA but being that it’s via the internet, you can see it live or you can see it recorded and you can learn about either the home based business aspect as an entrepreneur or only as a consumer wanting to delivery nutrition in the form of vitamins and minerals to your body with the most superior and convenient delivery form ever created.

A home based business is not cut out for everyone, and we know this and we hope that the ones who don’t envision themselves as an entrepreneur also know it. That’s not to say that Agel TV is not going to benefit people who are not the entrepreneur type and not the type to want to have a home based business which can grow global cash flow from sixty countries. Agel TV will also provide information on the best health supplements with the use of suspended matrix gel technology. This same technological breakthrough in the delivery of nutrition, vitamins, minerals and other body aiding health benefits is great information for the consumer who is not an entrepreneur and who also does not want a home based business either because they simply love their job or just don’t have an interest in generating global cash flow from the privacy of their own home and turning that cash flow into residual income.

The health benefits associated with Agel TV and Agel Enterprises breakthrough technological innovation in the delivery of vitamins, minerals and other forms of nutrition to the body simply provides a much more superior delivery form for the body and this is called bioavailability. So for those consumers who think that the pills, tablets or capsules you’re currently ingesting to supplement your body’s needs for nutrition in the form of vitamins and minerals is all that you need, you really need to pay attention and learn about suspended matrix gel technology for the superior bioavailability in the delivery of what your body needs.

The first Agel TV program took place in Costa Rica and it was simply an amazing start to a weekly show, bringing to the audience news about how an entrepreneur can start a home based business from a tax deductible small investment in their health with the breakthrough suspended matrix gel technology with special guest and Agel superstar Randy Gage:

Agel TV Episode 1 from Agel Enterprises on Vimeo.

The second Agel TV was even more amazing as the entrepreneurs showed off that they too have fun while working hard building their global cash flow home based business with an all expense paid vacation and equally important to building a home based business as an entrepreneur is giving back as AgelCares does with assisting deprived children around the globe:

AGEL TV Episode 2 (WMV File) from Agel Enterprises on Vimeo.

The third AgelTV show talks and shows about the product manufacturing, using the breakthrough suspended matrix technology and all of the production process including quality control checks; this of course ensures the ability to have the entrepreneur to grow a global home based business as the need to personally hold inventory on hand is not the responsibility of the home based business entrepreneur but that of Agel, enabling the entrepreneur to focus on building their global home based business while Agel takes care of everything else. This is the manner in which a home based business ought to be for the entrepreneur of the 21st century. Also, learn about the suspended matrix gel product which provides the necessary natural detox of the digestive system, with GRN:

Agel TV Episode 3 from Agel Enterprises on Vimeo.

Stay tune for the fourth AgelTV episode on Tuesday, January 31st at 10pm Eastern time in the U.S.A. and right here thereafter to learn more about the home based business for the entrepreneur of the 21st century and how building cash flow can and should be global. This episode starts about the technology which Agel has pioneered with suspension gel technology for the best possible delivery of nutrition in the form of minerals and vitamins for the body – the body of athletes and every day people alike. The compensation plan is also discussed, in one of the many ways in which an entrepreneur can get significant benefits with their successful home based business with the car allowance part of the compensation plan. The entrepreneur can also find out from brief conversations with other home based business owners as to how they got started and how their personal entrepreneur home based business evolved, on a global scale with cash flow:

Agel TV Episode 4 from Agel Enterprises on Vimeo.

AgelTV and it’s fifth episode capture the essence of how an entrepreneur can be a home based business builder while giving back to needing children throughout the world with AgelCares. Also, you’ll be able to find out more about the leading antioxidants suspended matrix gel technology product named EXO to cleanse the body’s cells by eliminating free radicals. Also in this episode, the FIT challenge to lose weight is highlighted for diet with protein and being healthier for the existing entrepreneur and their home based business and for the every day person who simply wants a healthier lifestyle with the ability to lose weight and succeed with a diet. And of course, find out how some of the leading home based business builders and entrepreneur with Agel are global in presence as they are in diversified in background. Find out on this AgelTV where the next global events are taking place.

Agel TV Episode 5 from Agel Enterprises on Vimeo.

Agel has reached a new success with the sixth episode of AgelTV with the simple concept about health supplements, from naturally lowering cholesterol levels, strengthening the immune system and feeding your overall body the best form of delivery for nutrition in the form of vitamins and minerals. Wealth is great and building wealth with a job or a home based business brings about many opportunities with cash flow, but what about health; is having wealth really worth it if one is going to spend all of that wealth to get their health back? With the Agel products, you can get your health to great levels without basically no effort and then you can continue to focus on building long-term wealth with your job or with your home based business in network marketing. Also in this episode, Agel displays how it continues to give back with AgelCares.

Agel TV Episode 6 from Agel Enterprises on Vimeo.

The seventh Agel episode of AgelTV was tremendous with conversations about the synergistic effects of the best products in the marketplace with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, the immune system booster, diet with phytonutrients for the digestive system. Also, comments by team leaders who have experienced success with their home based business in various countries in the world where Agel distributes in among the 60 such countries. Truly an episode you won’t want to miss for the health benefits of these amazing products and tidbits about how to build a home based business generating global cash flow.

Agel TV Episode 7 from Agel Enterprises on Vimeo.

Episode 8 of Agel TV focuses on the home based business concept with events, Agel Cares foundation, the diet FIT challenge with learning to appreciate exercise with protein in the PRO product, VLT for intense energy with caffeine, vitamins B3 and B12 and carnitine, and GRN for phytonutrients to cleanse and detox the digestive system; these products will facilitate a very successful diet with energy to really get in shape and stay in shape. Most importantly, in episode 8 is about the UMI suspended matrix gel product for the immune system with fucoidan. This is the product which if you take it once because of having a sore throat or the common cold you’ll always want to be with an UMI gel packet with fucoidan ingested daily because viruses and disease will be prevented and for those who have never heard of fucoidan in suspended gel to boost the immune system, will find out that the simple concept of a common cold can vanish overnight with ease of ingesting only one of 30 single serving gel packets of UMI with fucoidan which come in a box.

The 9th episode of Agel TV talks about the most healthy manner in which to apply antioxidants to your skin for oxidation for natural results and anti aging skin care solutions. Oxidation is a natural process which ages the skin from the outside in and from the inside out. With the Ageless anti aging skin care topical line of seven products, including the most powerful antioxidants with the breakthrough of suspended gel technology. The Ageless line of antioxidants products contain no parabens or harmful chemicals, ensuring that the flaking of your skin will become something of the past as will dry skin; furthermore, the anti aging skin care antioxidants Ageless product line is great for people with sensitive skin and the products won’t irritate your skin, even around the eyes. This episode also discusses the President’s club for the entrepreneur who wants to build a successful global home based business. Agel is a breakthrough network marketing home based business if you want it to be, or one can simply enjoy the breakthrough health products with the best form of bioavailability. Combine your Ageless topical anti aging skin care antioxidants with the ingested EXO with over two hundred antioxidants from seventeen fruit and plant extracts. Remember, it’s your choice to either benefit from the breakthrough Agel product line of antioxidants and so many other preventative natural health products or start your home base business as an entrepreneur, either on a part-time basis or full-time basis. So if your not sure about how to build a home based business or to become an entrepreneur, the last few minutes of this short Ageltv episode with Randy Gage is a must view.

Agel’s 10th episode clears the air about network marketing, also known as MLM, and portrays the fact that anyone can do it with Agel Enterprises. With Agel, the breakthrough technology with the delivery system of the products (suspended matrix gel technology), the vast global presence with distributing in about 60 countries as of early 2012 and the ongoing support from the field leadership and the leadership at the corporate office enables in essence anyone who has nothing to be very successful with this home based business opportunity; with Agel it’s really about going as far as you want to go related to how much you want to grow. You can start to build a home based business with the fundamentals of creating a list, with the knowledge that some people will not want to join the business but see the benefits of the products and some may want to join the business in a month or later on. During this episode, in addition to learning how Agel is a proud member of the Direct Selling Association, there is the solution for a successful diet and it’s named FIT. The FIT Challenge is about the diet which will slow down your body’s ability to produce fat, this diet will enable you to naturally eat less and this diet also give you more energy to lose weight and keep off the excess fat weight. The FIT Challenge diet will perhaps increase your muscle tone which might not be something you would have thought a diet would facilitate but then again the FIT Challenge diet is not the typical diet.

Natural intense energy with more caffeine than energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster, RockStar and all other such energy drinks. VLT is one Ageltv, the 11th episode. Natural intense energy with more caffeine and without the crash, without sodium, and without all that sugar in the cans of Red Bull and other energy drinks. Twenty-nine grams of VLT is going to bring you one full day’s worth of caffeine to really assist you in getting everything accomplished without the awful side-effects associated with energy drinks like Monster and Red Bull and without the crash. With VLT and natural caffeine you won’t be experiencing the artificial excitement and the nervousness but will be calm and very productive or if the caffeine is for physical energy, VLT will come to your assistance with the long lasting burst of energy with natural caffeine.


Agel with the 12th episode displays that a real global home based business is possible, from literally anywhere in the world. As an entrepreneur with Agel, a home based business is made easy with breakthrough suspended gel technology which is so tasty that children will ask for more and where you won’t ever have to worry about them taking their minerals, vitamins and other essential forms of nutrition antioxidants to boosting their immune system. With Agel the entrepreneur is in business for themselves but not by themselves where the home office takes care of everything from taking online orders and shipping them; from a customer service point, there are a dozen Agel offices around the globe to better assist any potential customer and existing customer. Now for the product highlight; it’s omega 3. There are many omega 3 products on the market but most offer limited bioavailability for omega 3 where the benefits are already oxidized leaving the benefits of omega 3 gone before the benefits can be absorbed by the customer; with suspended matrix gel technology, omega 3 in gel packets brings about essential fatty acids or EFAs for the nervous system, anti aging skin care, cardiovascular system and the body’s metabolism. With omega three salmon fish oil and the most bioavailable delivery form without the oxidation effects of pills, tablets and capsules, omega 3 by Agel protects the nutrients of omega 3 with the suspended matrix gel packets of omega 3 without the harsh taste and aftertaste of salmon fish oil. And for the entrepreneur in you who wants to join a global growth opportunity for their very own home based business, Ageltv is an incredible marketing tool. As an entrepreneur, send a link of one Agetv episode to people you know around the globe to let them know about a global home based business where they too can be an entrepreneur. To complete the 12th episode, Agel again is giving back to the needy with the AgelCares Foundation.

Agel TV Episode 12 from Agel Enterprises on Vimeo.

The 13th episode starts with the lifestyle of the entrepreneur who has their home based business with Agel Enterprises. This home based business model for the entrepreneur of the twenty-first century enables business-builders to work from home in any of sixty countries and work with people in your business from all of those countries from all continents. Another great benefit of the Agel home based business for the entrepreneur is the ability to travel around the globe, wake up when you are finished sleeping and not when the alarm clock rings. With the Agel home based business as an entrepreneur one can spend their free time helping people in need or taking extended vacations; remember that once you business is built, it will generate global cash flow around the clock and do so every day. Also in this episode the joint pain, tennis elbow, lower back pain, knee pain, arthritis solution with MSM, glucosamine, chondroitin and the propriety blend of celadrin, all in one suspended ingested matrix gel named FLX. All four of these joint pain solution ingredients are delivered in the most bioavailable form available anywhere, and only online. Celadrin, for those who don’t know speeds up the healing process suffered from joint pain and this, by itself, sets FLX by far apart and ahead of all other arthritis and joint pain solutions and then when combined with MSM, chondroitin and glucosamine in suspended gel, you have the world’s winning supplement which naturally regrows cartilage, reduces inflammation and eliminates the joint pain associated with lower back pain, tennis elbow and all other forms of joint pain. Next the legendary Randy Gage talks about how the entrepreneur can grow their home based business with Agel by following-up; this is priceless information for the entrepreneur with the most global home based business opportunity in the world today. This is followed by the annual event which will teach the less experienced entrepreneur and home based business to effectively build their business globally. Craig Bradley closes by talking about the AgelCares Foundation and how giving can bring hope to less fortunate children throughout the world with surgeries and essential supplies including footwear. Closing episode thirteen Ageltv hosts talk about how preferred customers who consume products can elect to start their own home based business on a part-time or full-time basis as an entrepreneur, especially since they will have realized the benefits of the products they purchased. Perhaps it will be your turn to become an Agel home based business entrepreneur this year.

In Agel’s 14th Ageltv episode, find out about the home based business model in network marketing from the industry itself and the home based business with Agel, including the breakthrough technology for nutrition with suspended matrix gel, about the company which has grown to sixty countries in about seven years and truly offers a global home based business for the entrepreneur of the 21st century, and about joining Agel for your home based business as an entrepreneur to become part of the future of preventative health, from a consumer to a home based business owner with global presence. Next, the episode talks about the difference between intense caffeine and energy with the VLT ingested suspended matrix gel with a and mental energy and enhanced cognitive skills and stress management with the OHM ingested suspended matrix gel. Next is about Italy and it’s weekend of events where Co-CEO Jeff Higginson and the legendary Randy Gage will be in person to speak to people who want to learn about network marketing and starting a home based business with Agel Enterprises. Co-Founder of Agel highlights about AgelCares giving to help people and communities. Finally, the results of the first 90 days of the FIT challenge to lose weight with a diet which will results in losing fat and getting healthier from a heart disease perspective. Ageltv’s 14th episode is not to be missed. Find out about how Agel can make a difference in your health with breakthrough products and from a cash flow perspective with a truly global home based business for the entrepreneur of the 21st century.

The 15th episode of Ageltv includes sleeping better with a natural solution named melatonin which comes in suspended gel matrix strips which melt on the tongue in a matter of a few minutes, and your sleep sets in quickly and naturally. But first, about building a home based business from anywhere in the world, this time from Mexico. As an entrepreneur, having a home based business is real work and not simply something full of empty promises as with so many scams associated with a home based business. Real work with Agel as an entrepreneur is the means by which a home based business can grow from a simple work from home to a home based business which is truly global; that’s what makes the Agel home based business unique in many facets from superior products which are in a class by itself offering a multitude of health benefits which everyone can benefit from with at least one product and most people can benefit from perhaps all the suspended matrix gel products, from antioxidants, to an enhanced immune system, to heart disease prevention to anti aging skin care, to joint pain and arthritis solutions. The episode provides a customer’s experience about sleeping better and waking up better because of melatonin in suspended gel matrix strips; melatonin in gel strips not only enables people to get to sleep quickly and effectively without the nuances associated with insomnia or stress and the melatonin in REM enables the consumer to wake up without feeling groggy. REM with melatonin will enable the consumer to get to be sleeping and even if people don’t have difficulty sleeping, the precise amount of measured melatonin enables the body to balance hormonal levels while sleeping. Also in this 15th episode, Randy Gage talks about the world’s most effective and healthy diet with FIT as an appetite suppressant, PRO with the worlds most effective protein delivery system and with GRN to nourish, cleanse and detox the digestive system. Randy Gage continues with mentioning that the best way in which to start a diet is to detox and cleanse the digestive system because after all, with so many bad eating habits there is so much waste which needs to be cleaned out of the digestive system so that the good foods which contain vitamins, minerals and other forms of nutrition can actually be absorbed by the digestive system and delivered into the bloodstream; remember that an effective diet only starts with a detox of the digestive system with GRN, which is simply ingested suspended gel packed with phytonutrients. The episode continues with success stories with the FIT diet challenge which will work and it’s not about a diet where one needs to starve themselves. Agel is packed with the world’s best delivery method with natural preventative health benefits coupled with a global home based business opportunity for the entrepreneur of the 21st century. Find out more about Agel’s products and for the entrepreneur in you, learn about the global home based business which with hard work will lead to global cash flow. Enjoy your diet with the FIT appetite suppressant, the detox and cleansing of the digestive system with GRN and the delicious chocolate flavored PRO and sleeping better with melatonin.

The sixteenth episode starts with one of Agel’s team leaders, with global presence. From Thailand, this home based business entrepreneur has, in simply three years, reached a goal which the typical entrepreneur with a brick and mortar business might achieve in twenty years if achieve it at all. As an entrepreneur with Agel and a home based business, the alarm clock can become something of the past where you wake up when you want to wake up and spend your time the manner in which you want to spend your time; be it with your family, friends, or traveling globally. Granted, there is much work with a home based business but as an entrepreneur who works hard, the time freedom with cash flow on a global scale can materialize in simply three years. The entrepreneur of the twenty-first century really needs to take a close look at the Agel home based business opportunity with breakthrough suspended gel technology health supplements. This 16th episode introduces the MIN multi vitamin and multi mineral berry punch flavored suspended gel which provides the digestive system the highest quality of essential vitamins and minerals which are absorbed by the body at an astounding rate of 400% more efficiently than leading multi vitamins and minerals sold in grocery stores and health food stores. It’s time the world sees the real benefits of essential vitamins and minerals with the most effective and bioavailable delivery system – suspended matrix gel.

Agel episode 17 from Ageltv. The episode is about AgelWorld 2012 and Randy Gage talks about the breakthrough in the products – suspended matrix gel. From digestive system detox with GRN, fucoidan for boosting the immune system with UMI and joint health and solutions for joint pain and arthritis with FLX. Randy Gage continues with the fact that at AgelWorld in September, new breakthrough products will be introduced. With GRN’s phytonutrients, UMI for preventing and eliminating diseases including cancer and viruses, and joint pain and arthritis solutions with FLX, Agel has the best products by far in the industry with the quality ingredients and the best form of delivery with the fastest and most effective bioavailble forms of nutrition. In late September 2012, you want to be in Park Cities, Utah for AgelWorld, where you as a home based business owner will learn how to be a successful entrepreneur, rank advance, build and grow your home based business globally, and increase your highest standards of health. This AgelWorld, you will be able to visit the manufacturing facility, where not all secrets and proprietary information will be revealed about the world’s most effective and bioavailable delivery system for vitamins, minerals and other forms of nutrition, but you will learn so much about the manufacturing products which is going to quickly make Agel a billion dollar company and you owe it to yourself to learn about growing your home based business as an entrepreneur. This episode closes with the very important mention that at this, the best AgelWorld yet, the Walk of Hope (5 kilometers) is the fundraiser for less fortunate children throughout developing nations around the globe. You really need to be at AgelWorld this late September 2012; and of course, Agel will be introducing more new breakthrough products which will further enhance the health of millions around the globe. Learn how to build your successful home based business as a leader in your globally expanding 21st century business as an entrepreneur at AgelWorld.

The 18th episode starts off in Italy where a home based business leader and entrepreneur shares her success and her lifestyle with Agel Enterprises. She meets people globally and locally who have the energy and drive to be successful-minded home based business building individuals with their home based business; she further emphasizes that to be successful in the Agel Enterprises home based business, you need to surround yourself with leaders and with people who are motivated to become successful as an entrepreneur. Next, from the Ukraine, a leader in Kyiv talks about the growth Agel has started to experience in the Ukraine and that Agel is a great company surrounded by people with faith; Agel has the breakthrough product line, the financial backing necessary to continue to expand exponentially and with already being in about sixty countries, Agel is truly a global opportunity for an entrepreneur and their home based business to naturally take it to a global scale generating global cash flow. The product of episode 18 is the ingested anti aging skin care solution where makeup for the skin on the cheeks, neck, forehead, nose and chin will become something of the past. The ingested skin care solution named GLO works naturally from the inside-out whereas topical creams work somewhat effectively at keeping moisture in the skin and the GLO skin care solution works from the inside-out toward the skin by starting to rejuvenate and hydrate the collagen fibers. By doing so, the ingested GLO skin care gel packets bring back a rejuvenated skin where wrinkles, lines and acne scars will quickly start to be repaired to bring back a smooth and youthful feel and appearance. The ingested GLO skin care product will eliminate dry skin, cracking skin and prevent the skin from bringing about that itchy feeling which is developed because of the lack of hydration in the skin. GLO’s skin care solution also evens out skin tone, protects from the sun and lifts sagging skin; what other skin care product on the market can do all this? None, and that comes from the leading scientist at Agel who developed the GLO skin care product which being fair skinned, he is a avid user. No other skin care product in the world comes close to offering what the ingested GLO skin care solution can. Closing tonight’s episode of Ageltv is about AgelCares and how Agel is contributing to the building of a hospital to provide cataract surgeries to less fortunate children, enabling them not to be blind for the rest of their lives. Agel cares.

Agel, with its 19th episode starts with why the leader in the R&D division joined Agel Enterprises to introduce the world’s best delivery system with the finest ingredients in the suspended gel technology. The leader of R&D, Joel Rockwood, clearly states that the breakthrough and world-leading technology in the products bring incredible health benefits to millions of people throughout the world, in about 60 countries and in the process the entrepreneur with their home based business with Agel grow their cash flow position. Next, more about cash flow and how the compensation plan works at Agel, like no other network marketing company in the industry. Agel Enterprises has a cash flow generating compensation plan with the simply concept of telling people about how Agel’s products are truly the best in the world; in addition to this, the compensation plan generates cash flow by people you talk to as a home based business owner and entrepreneur with Agel who enroll as you the entrepreneur and start to build their home based business – this is fast start bonus cash flow. Furthermore, cash flow is generated as the entrepreneur minded people who enroll perform the same as you and introduce the breakthrough products to others and as they generate cash flow you as an entrepreneur can a portion of that as additional cash flow which in time will generate residual income and that Agel is distributing in 60 countries, that makes global cash flow. This episode displays the compensation plan at a high level which shows potential team members and the entrepreneur with their home based business who they get their cash flow through their compensation plan through their bank with direct deposit of such cash flow or checks mailed to entrepreneur team members. Next one of Agel’s numerous home based business owners displays how an entrepreneur with Agel can build their home based business on a part time basis, generating cash flow. What does cash flow accompany? Premier Club and President’s Club with Agel Enterprises is proof that the entrepreneur with their home based business is growing. Take a look and listen to Ageltv’s 19th episode and contact us so that we may answer any question you may have about the world’s greatest health products, cash flow, or how to start a home based business with Agel.

Episode 20 from Agel and Ageltv brings about more about building a home based business but also highlight the preventative heart disease ingested matrix gel product named HRT. This breakthrough in heart health provides natural assistance with normalizing cholesterol levels, normalizing blood pressure, and providing cellular energy to all muscles including the most critical muscle the heart. The HRT suspended matrix gel product contains powerful natural antioxidants including CoQ10, carnitine, and taurine, policosanol, oyster mushroom, selenium, and folate and being that these natural ingredients are most effective and provide synergistic benefits unmatched when taken individually, HRT stands far above the rest of products for heart disease prevention. Best of all, the HRT product is delivered in the most bioavailable form – suspended matrix gel. Prevent heart disease naturally with HRT and stop taking statins, and other drugs which attempt to prevent heart disease but result in many instances at creating other health risks. Heart disease prevention is with the HRT butterscotch flavored suspended gel which each box comes with 30 single serving gel packets which can be ingested in seconds and don’t require having to choke down pills, tablets or capsules. HRT with carnitine, CoQ10, policosanol, taurine, folate, selenium, and oyster mushroom is heart disease prevention.

The 21st episode of Ageltv and its breakthrough concept of introducing health technology as a home based business for the entrepreneur is changing the way in which people think of a home based business and how relatively easy it is to have a global home based business as an entrepreneur in the 21st century. Agel in seven years has made distribution possible in about 60 countries, spanning all continents and time zones. Find out why Agel is leading the industry with it’s breakthrough compensation plan with breakthrough preventative health supplements to match which have no competition. Agel is leading health technology, find out more with Agel and Ageltv. With Agel and its breakthrough products, you can change your health for the better and do it naturally, unlike any other products on the market. Also in this episode, a special part of the joint pain and arthritis elimination solution named FLX. This breakthrough ingested gel comes with the proven ingredients including glucosamine, chondroitin, celadrin and MSM in one suspended matrix gel; no other such product exists with the power of 4 with celadrin, chondroitin, glucosamine and MSM and of course no other product offer the solutions for joint pain and arthritis as FLX does. Listen to a story about a lady and mother who was desperate to become mobile again and FLX was the savior to her severe lower back pain. FLX is simly the most effective and natural provider for fast solutions to end joint pain and arthritis. Get FLX and get mobile and flexible again and live like you did before joint pain and arthritis. The episode closes with an update of the hospital Agel Cares is assisting in building to provide a facility for cataract surgeries on young children; visit Agel at When you’re building your home based business as an entrepreneur with Agel, you can give back to your community and to communities around the globe which need your help.

The 22nd Agel episode of Ageltv starts in Italy with a couple which are entrepreneur with their Agel home based business. With Agel, a global home based business is why the entrepreneur is attracted initially to the opportunity of a home based business and with the compensation plan, the concept quickly materializes to a possible dream and when the breakthrough suspended gel products are introduced, the positive growth of one’s Agel home based business with global proportions is that much more realistic – bring a dream to reality. Of course, the entrepreneur needs to set a goal and keep adjusting their goal with growing their home based business. When your a home based business with Agel, your never alone as Agel is committed to helping out all home based business builders to succeed with global proportions. Agel is always having global events, be it in Russia, Mexico, Italy, the Far East, in the USA, and elsewhere and this September like every September, Agel World is a place to learn from top home based business builders how to succeed with Agel as an entrepreneur. If you’re going to be at one global event this year, just go. Feel at liberty to find out about global events for building your home based business with Agel. This episode also discusses the protein packed PRO product which after being reintroduced in January 2012 as a food product and has quickly become the leader for protein delivery. With five sources of protein, including whey protein concentrate, soy protein isolate, soy protein concentrate, calcium caseinate and pea protein isolate, no other product in the world offers the benefits of protein like PRO can. Being that the many forms of protein in PRO can be easily substituted as a meal, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner; this makes the many forms of protein in PRO that much healthier and provides the essential protein for energy, endurance, burning fat and great to succeed when on a diet.

Agel makes Agel TV’s 23rd episode show how an entrepreneur gives back to the community around the world with AgelCares. The entrepreneur with their home based business with Agel travels to grow their global home based business, but in their free time give back to children who are less fortunate. Imagine having your global home based business where you can grown your business as a global entrepreneur all while working from home and traveling to grow your business once your cash flow supports such personal global home based business expansion, all while having the time to give back to communities all over the world. Next, the FIT diet and fat loss challenge competition heats up. Randy Gage then talks about posture when talking to people about the Agel home based business as an entrepreneur and it’s nothing like you might envision a home based business as an entrepreneur; it’s not sales, it’s not pressure, it’s pure passion. When you find out about the products Agel has, the compensation plan, the cash flow potential, you will be able to simply tell people to look at the Agel home based business opportunity for the entrepreneur. Perhaps many of the people you will be talking to won’t be interested in the home based business aspect of the Agel opportunity, but everyone will benefit from at least one of Agel’s breakthrough suspended gel technology products; later, they very well might join the business and start a home based business as an entrepreneur in their spare time. There is no pressure with the Agel home based business opportunity with the health and wealth benefits. Try the products, and you’ll see for yourself that there is no other such products with such a delivery system in the world.

The 24th episode of Agel’s short tv episodes is about building a home based business and opportunities where business builders can learn to build their Agel home based business as an entrepreneur. A critical component about this Agel TV episode is about the products, specifically the suspended gel technology behind the breakthrough products. As you can easily imagine, all athletes want the edge, be it a slight edge simply to be better than the others. Athletes want the delivery of carbohydrates to be quick and effective and therefore they seek gel-based products. The advantage of gel based products is simple, over liquids in that they don’t pass through the digestive system as quickly, but suspended matrix gel takes it a step further in that the delivery of the gel is timed, in order to maximize the effectiveness of the nutrition, be it vitamins, minerals or other ingredients. Agel changed what athletes wanted and provided the delivery of nutrition, in the form of minerals and vitamins so that everyone could benefit from the superior bioavailability suspended gel offers; and yes, athletes too use the Agel products and get the edge, and then some.

This episode starts with the topical skin care line which is all natural and it’s named Ageless. With all the other anti aging and skin care products on the market, how can one know which skin care product to buy and try, and buy another and another and so on. Why is it that so many skin care products don’t perform as intended you may have wondered or may not, because perhaps you’ve been over marketed to and think that the petroleum based skin care product you’re using is skin care or skin care line of products which works for you. Fact is that petroleum based products are barriers to keep the skin hydrated, but what happens when your skin gets wet? When your skin gets wet, the petroleum based skin care products simply wash away, little or a lot and in time the protection in keeping the skin hydrated is lost. The Ageless skin care line of seven products contain only all natural products making the Ageless skin care product line truly skin care because it does not contain parabens as you can imagine how petroleum based products contain a form of oil; the oil from the earth is in essence a petroleum byproduct. Furthermore, the Ageless skin care line of products penetrates the skin with antioxidants, unlike petroleum based skin care products which only protect or create the barrier to keep the skin temporarily hydrated. The Agel Ageless line of course also protect the skin from dehydration, but without the parabens. Protect and heal your skin with Ageless skin care products, and get all seven of them for under $200, a price which is unmatched in the skin care industry and comes with the superior technology known as suspended gel. Check out AgelTV’s 25th episode and learn about Ageless and about building your home based business; after you try the Ageless skin care line of products, you’ll want to be telling all of your friends, and gentleman it’s also for men.

This 26th episode of Agel’s AgelTV starts with an informative part about the Agel home based business in Spanish with English subtitles; the solution for the entrepreneur is with the Agel home based business. Next, the GRN superfoods comes with the solution for a natural detox and cleansing of the digestive system; with chlorella, spirulina, wheat grass, barley grass, broccoli, alfalfa, spinach, chlorophyll, and other natural ingredients, GRN is the best detox and cleansing product on the market and it comes with the breakthrough suspended gel technology. What company brings you the best products, Agel Enterprises! Check out the products and then realize that these products are available for distribution in 60 countries throughout the world. From detox and cleansing superior solutions with GRN to joint pain solutions and heart disease prevention, Agel is your solution for a home based business as an entrepreneur in the 21st century.

Agel TV’s 27th episode starts with Agel team members where one is going to be a stay at home mother with her and her husband’s home based business. What other type of home based business offers that flexibility, perhaps some, but none which have a global presence with distribution in sixty countries in seven years with only growth potential being that Agel and the home based business concept is in the preventative health industry. Agel’s products bring assistance to life and do so in a natural manner like other company in the world with breakthrough technology; that makes starting a global home based business that much easier, with breakthrough suspended matrix gel products with new product introductions at least once a year and product line extensions. Realistically speaking, anyone around the world in realistically any country can become an Agel distributor with their home based business and become an entrepreneur of the 21st century. Find out about AgelWorld in Salt Lake City and learn how to become a successful entrepreneur, more about the products, how to benefit both men and women with these breakthrough health supplements and of course learn about the cash flow potential with you and your global Agel home based business. Of course, as Agel gives back to the global community, AgelCares is presented by Co-Founder Craig Bradley.

Agel and episode 28 starts off with some of Agel’s home based business leaders and entrepreneurs, but quickly jumps into the MIN suspended matrix gel product. MIN is packed with essential vitamins and minerals which unlike other forms of vitamins and minerals as supplements, MIN is generated from the highest quality of vitamins and minerals and because it is compounded with the breakthrough delivery of suspended matrix gel, the MIN product provides 400% more vitamins and minerals benefits than other vitamins and minerals supplements on the market. That ingest-ability with a great berry flavor. Don’t simply take inferior vitamins and minerals, get your essential 12 vitamins and 10 minerals from the MIN suspended matrix gel packets; the MIN vitamins and minerals comes in a box of 30 single serving gel packets. The winner of the FIT diet challenge has been announced. Lastly, find out how network marketing like anything in life, takes training. AgelWorld provides the training to build a successful home based business where the entrepreneur can grow as their cash flow grows.

This episode of Agel TV, the 29th, starts with events and the biggest event by far is Agel World; this is where one learns about building their home based business from the best in the industry. We’re not stating that you must attend this Agel World event this September 2012, but it would be a good idea. If the timing is bad, next year in September will be a must to attend the next Agel World and up to that time, there will be numerous opportunities for you to learn about building your home based business with Agel. Next, the GRN suspended gel product in introduced by the vice president of research and development, Joel Rockwood; Mr. Rockwood talks about the ingredients in the incredible GRN suspended detox and cleansing ingested product for the digestive system and more. GRN, with spirulina, chlorella, chlorophyll, spinach, broccoli, barley grass, wheat grass and other natural ingredients is simple a multi-functional super-food. Think about cleansing and detox of the digestive system and nourishing healthy bacteria in the digestive system with the abundance of nutrients and you have spirulina which is also very high in protein, chlorella is very high in fiber content and very bioavailable, then take the suspended gel delivery system and you have the digestive system solution for cleansing, detox and nourishing. Next, Agel’s Randy Gage has a conversation with a Russian home based business star who’s first network marketing and MLM experience is with Agel and she loves the suspended gel products. Find out which one’s her favorite. Closing out is Craig Bradley with AgelCares.

Agel’s next episode of AgelTV is the thirtieth and it starts with a successful home based builder from Italy, a must read the subtitles if your Italian is not up to par. Next, Agel’s Co-CEO, Jeremiah Bradley mentions that the second new product to be introduced at Agel World in September 2012 is going to change the Agel home based business opportunity for any entrepreneur with a new product which will benefit 3 Billion people or nearly have of the world’s population; this one of two new products to be introduced in September 2012 is going to really change things in the world and anyone’s Agel home based busienss. Agel’s health coach and FIT mentor speaks about the FIT diet challenge and how she’s excited to be a part of Agel. Lastly, AgelCares reiterates how Agel’s organization helps the less fortunate children in the world to get cataract surgery so that they don’t go blind. Agel cares and AgelCares proves it. It’s not surprising that the Agel home based business opportunity is like no other home based business opportunity for the entrepreneur living in any part of the world.

Coming in at 31 is Agel’s episode of AgelTV. A senior manager in Mexico talks about the health benefits of the topical antioxidants Ageless skin care line which is like no other skin care line and can be the foundation of a home based business, with the Ageless skin care product line alone. Again the VP of Research and Development talks about Agel’s two new products, which were developed over 18 months. Professionals in the health industry are really impressed that Agel is able to create this new products, but the suspended gel products which Agel has created over the last 7 years has been amazing the health industry; now, it simple to assume that Agel’s products are gaining popularity because of the solutions they provide with natural synergistic products, that the health industry is become more and more amazed with how the research and development of the leading products are introduced to the industry. Agel is a leader, without a doubt and this is an opportunity for someone who wants to be an entrepreneur with a home based business. Soon, next month in September 2012, the world will be able to find out about the next two breakthrough products and everyone will want to get a hold of these breakthrough products. Agel’s product line is bar far the best in the industry, globally. Lastly, learn how to have your home based business literally from anywhere in the world, be it from in your home or on a beach in Acapulco. Just think how the entrepreneur will benefit with the new product line extension coming to the Agel team and consumers worldwide next month.

AgelTV’s 32nd episode starts with Thailand’s top home based business builder and entrepreneur. AgelWorld is approaching and that signifies home based business training for the new entrepreneur in the 21st century. As this episode approaches Agel World 2012, there are growing reasons for why the entrepreneur or the want to become entrepreneur could learn priceless training about successfully building a home based business. Agel’s growing and the question is do you want your home based business to grow as fast, or faster. It’s about your Agel home based business. Agel Cares will include the annual AgelCares Walk of Hope, the five kilometer walk of hope for the less privileged children in lesser developed countries throughout the globe.

The 33rd episode of AgelTV starts with Ann Feinstein talking about the Agel FIT challenge, weight loss, diet, and of course Agel World coming up in late September 2012. This episode of AgelTV shows a manufacturing facility where Agel’s breakthrough suspended gel product line is made, after receiving the raw materials and this is very interesting, especially once you try at least one of these products. Simply put, these suspended gel products bring about solutions to better health, be it from cholesterol issues, immune system issues, joint health, digestive system assistance, weight loss, skin care solutions, antioxidants, mental energy, physical energy, protein, omega 3 and sleeping better. Agel has the products and will continue to add to their product line of the world finest breakthrough suspended gel technology based natural products. And for those not attending Agel World in Salt Lake City, Utah, you’ll be missing Neon Trees live, just for Agel home based business builders and there’s no price of admission if you’re already registered or will be registered for AgelWorld.

Episode 34 from Agel’s AgelTV is about building a home based business with network marketing. Learning how to build a home based business in network marketing is simply learning how to pass on and share enthusiasm and with the Agel home based business opportunity, the breakthrough suspended gel products, the global customer outreach, the compensation plan and of course your health. Agel Enterprises is uniquely positioned to keep getting more market share from other companies offering less effective alternatives to better health and with Agel, it’s natural. Agel’s VP of Research and Development introduces the FIT challenge with the remarkable synergistic effects of combining the appetite suppressant, the cleansing and detox and the protein one needs to have the formula for the perfect storm of a diet. Randy Gage concludes this episode talking about the future of Agel with it’s breakthrough products in a world which is technologically changing where jobs are going away and not coming back; the opportunity for a home based business on a global scale from about 60 countries is in your future with Agel Enterprises and this is more than a job. It’s an experience.

From Agel, comes the 35th episode of AgelTV, with building a home based business from anywhere in the world. From Italy to Russia, to Australia to Chile, to the United Kingdom to Canada, to South Africa to anywhere in the world you want your home based business to be at. What does it take to become a leader in network marketing, and the reality will pleasantly surprise you. This episode also covers the benefits of gel versus juices and pills and it’s remarkable how juices and pills still have market share when all things considered in how poor of delivery systems they are for essential nutrition for vitamins, minerals and other ingredients. Gel is simply and by far a significantly better alternative to provide the body what it needs and Agel offers this globally.

From Agel and the 36th episode, let’s start about taking care of joint pain and FLX. Our body is simply not able to adapt to change with our joints. FLX has chondroitin, glucosamine, MSM and celadrin. To begin, celadrin will accelerate the healing of joint pain to bring back the flexibility and mobility. With ingested FLX, joint pain takes a back seat so that you can get on with your life without the likes of knee pain, lower back pain, tennis elbow or any other form of joint pain. For spot joint pain assistance, FLXRub was introduced as a topical solution which quickly and effectively penetrates specific areas where joint pain is bothersome. Simply put, for ending joint pain, there’s ingested FLX which works for all forms of joint pain and FLXRub for specific areas of joint pain.

The final episode before AgelWorld 2012 is the 37th episode of AgelTV. If you miss AgelWorld this year, you have an entire year to start building your Agel home based business with smaller events throughout the globe and of course next year there will be another AgelWorld. But for now, this episode covers the new products which two more will be introduced on Friday September 28th. These products are going to change things in an incredibly positive manner for Agel and better than that, your home based business as an entrepreneur with Agel’s home based business opportunity. Of course one does not need to have their home based business with Agel Enterprises today to benefit from the new products being introduced on September 28th 2012 as there will be new products brought to market with Agel; Agel is the pioneer in bringing the best form of bioavailability of nutrition in the form of vitamins, minerals and other critical ingredients, to the human body for generating natural health benefits. In two weeks the recap of AgelWorld for those of you who could not attend. In the interim, find out about building your home based business as an entrepreneur with AgelWorld, on a part-time or full-time basis.


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