CoQ10 and policosanol lower your cholesterol levels and prevent a heart attack

March 11, 2011

This may seem to be a lot to accomplish in a given day but think about the health benefits with policosanol to naturally lower cholesterol levels and CoQ10 to provide natural cellular energy.

Sure you might be thinking that you’ve heard of statins like crestor, zocor and lipitor and that this is the means to lower cholesterol levels. Perhaps you’ve never heard of policosanol and therefore you think that statins is the way to lower elevated LDL cholesterol levels to prevent a heart attack.

In actuality, statins like lipitor, crestor and zocor, because they inhibit the natural production of CoQ10 and come with many other side effects can actually increase your risk of cardiovascular disease and a heart attack. So why would pharmaceutical companies advertise statins like zocor, lipitor and crestor to lower cholesterol levels if they can increase the likelihood of people who take such drugs to get a heart attack? Seems rather contradictory and in fact it is highly contradictory because lowering bad cholesterol levels to deplete CoQ10 to increase the risk of a heart attack is by no means healthy. Yes, the likes of crestor, zocor and lipitor will do very well to lower LDL (or bad) cholesterol levels, little to nothing about increasing HDL (good) cholesterol levels and deplete your bodies cellular energy by inhibiting the natural production of CoQ10. So why would anyone take statins to improve their health and not policosanol which does not come with all the negative side effects associated with the likes of statins like zocor, crestor and lipitor? Probably because their doctors recommend it and doctors do as the pharmaceutical companies tell them to do. Your body on the other hand (no pun intended) is telling you to take policosanol for lowering your LDL cholesterol levels and increasing your HDL cholesterol levels and there is a suspended gel product named HRT which also contains CoQ10, oyster mushroom, folate, selenium, taurine and l-carnitine and there is no need to swallow pills or tablets with this breakthrough in heart health. So, stop listening to the advertisements in the media about statins to lower cholesterol levels because the advertisements are not indicating that statins like zocor, crestor and lipitor prevent the natural production of CoQ10 which can lead to someone taking statins to have a heart attack. Let’s weigh the benefits of statins like crestor, zocor and lipitor against healthy policosanol with CoQ10 to lower cholesterol levels and improve your heart’s health and about avoiding a heart attack.


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