Melatonin and Caffeine not all that different

January 12, 2012

Think about it, we want to be productive during the day and caffeine gets us going and melatonin helps us get to be sleeping.

This is not the best of all worlds but many of us, and you the reader, does this day in and day out with caffeine in the morning and perhaps throughout the day and then wanting to be able to be sleeping quickly because the next day is going to be needing another long lasting burst of energy; then there’s melatonin for the quiet time.

If you’re like many people you need the caffeine to get you moving in the morning and being productive at work or at the college or university level and caffeine gets us to that point. The question is whether the caffeine one consumes is really healthy, with the likes of energy drinks including Red Bull and Monster, the caffeine is really not there and with coffee there are many nuances including health ramifications similar to the Red Bull and other energy drinks. There’s an alternative which provides much more caffeine than coffee or Red Bull and all other energy drinks but without the health consequences and of course without the headache and crash when the caffeine wears off or if you happen not drink such energy drinks like Red Bull or have the caffeine from coffee on the weekend. The alternative to better and more caffeine without the unnecessary sugar or sweeteners and without the sodium is caffeine intense VLT; simply put, VLT has significantly more caffeine than any of the energy drinks and makes Red Bull what it is – a lot of sugar and sodium without any significant amount of caffeine. Ever wonder why so many people who drink Red Bull and other energy drinks are all wired and overly excited, it’s because of all the sweeteners and not because of the caffeine. When the sugar in the Red Bull or other energy drinks like Rockstar, Monster and a slew of others, wears off, the crash starts and that state of being overly excited comes to a drastic halt. VLT has the long lasting and intense caffeine which will get you going all day long at work, at the college level or in physical activity, all without the crash because with only ten grams of natural sugar it’s the significant amount of caffeine which is working and it won’t keep you up at night because it slowly wears off, without feeling like you hit a brick wall. But after a long day at work, in school or with significant amount of physical exercise, you want to be sleeping well for the day ahead and that’s where melatonin comes to your aid, your sleeping aid. Just the correct amount of melatonin in suspended gel strips is exactly what you need to be sleeping quickly and effectively so that you can wake up for the day ahead and feel refreshed and maybe you won’t need caffeine the next day. Noteworthy is that the amount of melatonin in REM is of course safe and is not a drug like other sleeping aids; melatonin is in fact naturally produced in the brain but with the hectic lifestyles most of us have, melatonin suspended gel strips melt on the tongue in just a few minutes and enable you to be sleeping quickly, naturally and effectively. The melatonin gel strips offer the specific amount of melatonin for every adult for one night or with twenty-four melatonin gel strips per REM packet, a month’s supply of melatonin safe and serene sleeping. One never knows what the day ahead will lead to, and since the VLT caffeine suspended matrix gel packets are extremely portable and don’t require refrigeration or water, you can take your caffeine packet VLT with a fresh fruit flavor anywhere and of course with the melatonin suspended gel strips water is also not needed.



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