Energy drinks Red Bull meet match for caffeine

October 7, 2011

What energy drinks are you drinking, perhaps Red Bull for caffeine.

Energy drinks will give you energy because of the caffeine but Red Bull and so many other energy drinks add so much more than caffeine to the ingredients that it makes such energy drinks extremely unhealthy. With Red Bull comes a lot of sugar or unhealthy aspartame, sodium and carbohydrates which are in essence sugar, some taurine and some vitamin B complex components and of course caffeine. Energy drinks like Monster and Red Bull come with an ample amount of caffeine but with a lot of sugar and sodium.

Now if you want energy, natural energy, there is a solution which does not need to be kept cold and therefore provides portability without the sodium and significantly less sugar than with energy drinks like Red Bull and more caffeine when compared to energy drinks including Red Bull. That’s correct, more caffeine in the twenty-nine gram VLT suspended gel packet with considerably less sugar and of course no sodium; no sodium in this breakthrough suspended gel unlike Red Bull and other energy drinks. Imagine how much more healthy natural energy you’ll be getting with VLT instead of the likes of Red Bull and other energy drinks. Energy drinks offer energy as we have stated but what happens when the energy levels wears off with the likes of Red Bull and other such caffeine, sugar and sodium rich energy drinks. The answer is a crash where your only solution for more energy is another Red Bull or some other form of energy drinks which are available in so many stores; seems like people either pick up a cup of coffee with caffeine or a Red Bull on their way to work when they can simply grab a VLT from the box they purchased instead of energy drinks or coffee with caffeine and get better results without staining their teeth or damaging their health with sodium and fat. With VLT, one gets the caffeine they need in a low sugar and high caffeine ingested solution without the sodium and side effects associated with the highly marketed energy drinks. With a tasty fruit flavor for on the go type of personality without the need for a can like with Red Bull which needs to kept cold, the suspended gel solution for caffeine instead of energy drinks is with VLT. There’s a reason why this VLT product took over five years to formulate and it’s because it provides the necessary caffeine, l – carnitine, vitamin B complex and other natural ingredients one needs to perform at their best without the sugar or aspartame and sodium of Red Bull and other energy drinks. Energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster, RockStar fall short of expectations, so raise your level of physical energy with the natural health supplement in suspended gel with even more caffeine than those energy drinks like Red Bull. And if your needing cognitive energy to accompany the desired physical energy there is OHM.


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