Energy drinks such as monster red bull and rockstar lead to health issues so try ginseng and taurine in a suspended gel.

February 8, 2011

Caffeine and plenty of sugar don’t amount to real energy but to crashing with the likes of monster, red bull and rockstar!

Such unhealthy energy drinks like red bull are marketed to children and adults equally. These so called energy drinks like red bull provide some health benefits to the consumer and if someone is looking for real natural energy drinks they should be consuming natural organic juices without all that caffeine and sugar.

Better yet, real natural energy can be found with ginseng, taurine and rhodiola in a breakthrough suspended gel product which will provide natural energy without the caffeine and all that sugar. Let’s be honest with ourselves here, as adults we claim we like coffee because of the taste – this might be the case that the coffee has a unique taste but the health issues associated with caffeine are not really worth it. With taurine and ginseng in a suspended gel, you will get the energy which is natural and appreciated by the body where the likes of rockstar, red bull and monster fall considerably short. The choice for natural energy is without caffeine but with ginseng, rhodiola, Schizandra, chromium, apple cider vinegar and taurine. The best part about ingesting a suspended gel with rhodiola, taurine, all the vitamin Bs, ginseng and more is that you will not only be naturally alert, but will have enhanced memory skills (cognitive skills) and be better at whatever it is that you do. So, instead of drinking a very expensive sugar and caffeine beverage such as red bull, try OHM in a suspended gel without caffeine and very little sugar but plenty of ginseng, rhodiola and taurine in addition to many other natural ingredients – and you won’t be crashing and will be able to get to sleep without all that caffeine in your system. If you have an interview in the near future, get your box of OHM now so that your cognitive skills will be enhanced, with fact coming to mind quickly and accurately.


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