Makeup applied from the inside

May 11, 2015

Sounds crazy to think of makeup being applied form the inside, right?

Well think of this for a minute people apply makeup topically because of things related to the aging process as a form of anti aging but makeup is all superficial. Yes, makeup is superficial because even if it’s permanent makeup, that too goes away after time and then other issues surface like the need for makeup or another round of artificial makeup. - Agel GLO - Instead of topical makeup, ingest it as that's naturalWhat we’re trying to say is that makeup (of any form) is deemed necessary to hide flaws (from the natural or accelerated aging process) or to emphasize or de-emphasize certain aspects of someone’s face (for example) that they want to conceal as much as possible. To this we would like to tell you about ingested skin care which in a aspects is safer than any topical makeup on the market as it contains zero (none) parabens and since it’s ingested skin care makeup it combats where the aging process starts – the inside. Hence, ingested skin care makeup and it’s called Agel GLO. Imaging that in only a few weeks, fine line around the eyes, discoloration of the skin, wrinkles and acne scars over your entire body (yes, Agel GLO is like ingesting healthy makeup for your entire body); in addition to the healthy makeup benefits as an ingested skin care product, Agel GLO also promotes healthy hair and nails, where like the ingested skin care makeup does wonders on the skin’s surface, the anti-aging ingested skin care makeup GLO also will enable you to soon forgo having your artificial nails put on (and on and on and on). If you care about your skin, hair and nails, try a box of 30 single serving gel packets of Agel GLO instead of makeup, paraben-filled products to further dry-out your hair and gluing artificial nails (so that your nails cannot properly breath). Agel GLO is ingested skin care makeup and more.

Diet time, again?

May 9, 2015

For the ones living in the northern hemisphere (check a globe if you’re not sure if that’s you), Summer is coming and is a diet on the horizon?

Many may think that a diet is not realistic as it has been so heavily advertised that it’s nothing more than a manipulation of people’s money without a diet actually working. Others may think that they have tried every diet known and simply can’t commit to having a diet actually reduce that undesirable fat. - Agel Diet, with results!Others of course enjoy being fat and putting their health at risk (instead of going on a diet) and increasing their likelihood of developing diabetes, heart disease, elevated cholesterol level (the unhealthy LDL without increasing the healthy HDL), high blood pressure and extra pressure (and weight) on the joints; a diet which works is much better than having all these mentioned ailments which can lead to early death. Finding such a diet is not easy, until your try the Agel FIT diet; a healthy diet which won’t starve you, a diet which won’t result in needing any type of surgery. This Agel FIT diet also won’t leave you weak and fatigue. On the contrary, the Agel FIT diet will give you more energy, will enable you to eat until you feel full and of course is healthy and there is no surgical intervention involved. Interest in the Agel FIT diet yet? You should be because this diet literally take seconds a day; it’s a diet based on ingesting suspended matrix gel which come with great flavors and of course diet results to lose excess undesirable fat. Soon to tell you about the Agel FIT diet with three ingested suspended gel products appropriately named FIT, BRN and GRN. Read about a diet which produces results.

Acne then acne scars?

May 5, 2015

When it comes to acne is can be like when it rains it pores like acne scars.

Of course, not everyone who suffers from acne will develop acne scars, but those of you who have had acne and then later on acne scars you know who you are. And you may have a pretty good idea how that acne turned into acne scars. - Agel EXO to prevent acne and GLO to eliminate acne scarsSo what to do about it, the acne scars? You should know that Agel EXO prevents acne as it’s ingested suspended gel where each single serving gel packet comes with over 200 antioxidants. But for acne scars, there are choices too and not all acne scar solutions for hiding them that is are healthy or actually do anything to remove those acne scars. You could apply makeup (or lots of makeup) but in the morning, it will be noticeable; permanent makeup is also an alternative but then again if you like change this may not be a viable solution for hiding acne scars. There is also getting plenty of sun, via a sunburn and hopefully that turning into a tan but this is awfully damaging to the skin and can actually make acne scars look better than wrinkles and early aging of the skin. Agel GLO is a healthy alternative to not hiding acne scars but making acne scars disappear. Agel GLO is ingested skin care, not magic however. Perhaps it’s people who apply makeup or get suntans (via the sun or the booths/beds) who like magic but tans don’t last forever and frankly makeup is simply to cover up imperfections. Agel GLO works on wrinkles, fine lines around the eyes, evens out skin tone, creates healthy hair and nails and eliminates acne scars! What are you waiting for? Get your box of Agel GLO each with 30 single serving gel packets with a money-back guarantee and eliminate acne scars and all the other health benefits. Don’t cover up acne scars, eliminate them!


Naturally prevent acne with Antioxidants

May 3, 2015

Ingest your way with antioxidants to prevent acne.

Ingest you say, for acne? Yes, after all, acne really does not start on the outside but from the inside and ingested antioxidants in suspended gel is the natural and effective manner to prevent acne. - Agel EXO, the natural acne preventionAntioxidants in suspended matrix gel named EXO prevents acne, period. For those of you who think that being out in the sun in the warmer months of the year will dry-up acne on the outside, well in actuality two things will happen with your acne; for starters, you may have the appearance on the surface that the acne is getting better because a tan can conceal acne much like makeup conceals acne and secondly a not acne related is that the sun will accelerate the aging process by aging of the skin and thus accelerating the aging of the skin resulting in not less acne but getting wrinkles and sun spots earlier than later. So what to do about preventing acne, as it’s a fact or poorly understood myth that the sun results in acne prevention so that’s not the method to prevent acne. As acne starts from the inside, that is where to address the acne prevention starts with antioxidants. Agel EXO are over 200 antioxidants in each single serving gel packet (30 gel packets per box). Soon, why topical chemicals and prescription medicine do more harm in the long run for acne than benefit or prevent acne. For the time being, get your box or two of the natural acne prevention with Agel EXO. Prevent acne!

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