Cancer and global success rates alarming

November 24, 2012

What many Americans take for granted as finding a cure for cancer is prostate cancer.

Well, let’s not say take for granted, but statistically when compared to other countries like neighboring Canada or across the Atlantic Ocean in England, the survival rate of cancer, specifically prostate cancer survival rates in the United States is significantly higher, at more than ninety percent. Why is that prostate cancer has such varying survival rates from one developed country to another.

If you compare breast cancer for women and the survival rates in let’s say the Ukraine compared to the United States, the survival rate in the Ukraine is approaching zero whereas in the United States it’s above eighty percent; granted, the stage of detection of the breast cancer and the prostate cancer have a significant role in the survival rates. With the survival rate of prostate cancer in the United States at about ninety percent and eighty-five percent for breast cancer and where the survival rates for prostate cancer is close to fifty percent in other developed and industrialized nations, so what is it that differentiates cancer survival rates from country to country? Some may argue prevention, early detection, populace habits, eating habits, and of course level of sophisticated healthcare. We can relatively assume that eating habits are not the result of higher cancer survival rates in the USA as Americans are not, overall, the most conscientious eaters. Prevention may have some relevance because of the ability and the desire for women and men alike to have an annual physical in the United States but so many still don’t take advantage of this inexpensive or even no cost option. When it comes to other habits, Americans are no less guilty of habits which ruin their health as that of any other industrialized nation, except that they tend to more recently smoke much less and the pollution is relatively low in the United States. So what is it that drives the cancer survival rate in the USA to be that much higher than other countries, be it for prostate cancer, breast cancer or other forms of cancer? It’s about healthcare, and the healthcare system in the USA is about to change. With the change in healthcare coming to the USA, it’s safe to say that healthcare has been changing in the United States over several years or even the last two decades but soon it will become very much like of all the other healthcare programs in the other industrialized nations of the world so you can expect what is going to happen, statistically referencing. With the onset of healthcare change or reform, it’s time to take healthcare and prevention into one’s own hands, that of the consumer; from numerous forms of simple prevention to cancer prevention, the odds of staying healthy are becoming more critical and being that prevention of disease like cancer can be made natural and throughout the world with Agel’s breakthrough product delivery mechanism. Agel Enterprises has created, since 2005, a breakthrough delivery method termed suspended gel technology. Take a closer look at some of the tasty ingested products for boosting the immune system and another one as the precursor for naturally generating glutathione; these are natural alternatives to preventing diseases like cancer. Taking control of your health from a preventative stance is going to become the norm. Agel UMI, EXO and GSH for a stronger immune system, elimination of free radical which damage cells and the precursor for glutathione. This is going to be the norm.

Diet which will not leave you in the dark

November 23, 2012

At least the thought of the inevitable diet starts, with the holidays having started.

Another year-end approaching and another time of the year to gain some weight and then the inevitable new year resolution to go on a diet to lose that extra fat. Tired of these so called diets which we will all be hearing over and over again and leaving all in the dark?

Thought we’d simply give you a heads-up on how to avoid gaining that fat in the first place with a diet solution which will not result in starvation or being undernourished, being malnourished, or anything unhealthy, or a diet which leads to fatigue and lack of endurance and strength loss. On the contrary, with the Agel FIT diet, in combination with this diet comes the cleansing of the digestive system. That’s the wise manner in which to start a diet which will result in a successful diet and be the last diet choice one will have to make, forever; and this is very promising if the other diets have left you in the dark and in search for yet another diet the next time you had the need for the miracle diet. Yes, you may decide to eat poorly and not even desire to perform even a little exercise such as walking a few times a week for thirty minutes with any diet but we’re sorry to inform you that no diet in the world will work with no effort on your part except for exceptionally unhealthy diets. The Agel FIT and Agel GRN diet is simply the easiest diet because after naturally cleansing the digestive system with a tasty ingested lemongrass mint flavored Agel GRN healthy ingested detox a few times a week and ingesting the Agel FIT thirty to forty-five minutes before the largest meal of the day, what you eat will be less because the Agel FIT is an appetite suppressant and because of a healthy and vibrant digestive system the nutrients you do consume will be used by your body and not get trapped in the digestive system resulting in waste; and another advantage of the FIT diet is that you will have more energy. The diet which is changing the manner in which people eat, providing them additional energy and of course results, results in them telling others about it; the Agel FIT and Agel GRN ingested suspended gel diet. So, go ahead and try to indulge or overindulge this holiday season or any time of the year because with a clean and vibrant digestive system and a proven to work appetite suppressant, the diet will naturally occur and won’t leave you in the dark. Bonne apetite!

A must daily for all adults is for glutathione

November 18, 2012

Never before has there been a product on the market, and a natural one, which is the precursor for the body to generate glutathione.

That has all changed, as of late September 2012 when Agel Enterprises introduced the revolutionary breakthrough with the Agel GSH ingested suspended gel as the precursor for the body to naturally manufacture additional critical cell fuel named glutathione. Perhaps you have never heard of glutathione, but after reading this you’ll realize why the breakthrough is naturally remarkable.

It’s rather simple in the fact that the precursor for glutathione is now delivered in a gel because in addition to the precursor for glutathione with the Agel GSH suspended gel, Agel has over ten other breakthrough products also with suspended gel delivery. It’s even more remarkable that Agel GSH, the precursor for glutathione, was finally engineered and done so in a healthy manner. It’s however not surprising that the leader in health technology, Agel Enterprises, brings the natural precursor for glutathione production in a tasty ingested suspended gel in a most bioavailable solution. Getting your share of glutathione comes naturally when one is young, but when one ages into their upper twenties and over, glutathione is produced less and less naturally and that’s when the remarkable breakthrough by Agel with Agel GSH changes everything and that is for all of your body’s cells where glutathione is a necessity for your entire life. As you can see, health supplements have taken a new form and delivery method with the ingested and highly bioavailable solution as the precursor for glutathione with Agel’s GSH; the question is what are you doing about your glutathione on a daily basis and the solution for all of the numerous health benefits where glutathione is not something you really want to skip; the body can’t absorb glutathione in pills or capsules but with the precursor for glutathione in suspeneded gel, one can assist the body and it’s cells in having more glutathione. Get the precursor for glutathione in the Agel GSH ingested suspended gel for yourself and for anyone you care about.


Definitely CoQ10 or Ubiquinol but please not in pills

November 8, 2012

By now, most have or should have knowledge of the benefits of CoQ10 or ubiquinol.

But how many of you have heard about bioavailability when referring to pills of CoQ10 also called coenzyme Q10? Bioavailability is simply the body’s ability to breakdown and absorb, in a quick and effective manner, the nutrition, vitamins, minerals and other ingredients the body can use and CoQ10 like so many vitamins and minerals needs to be delivered with the most effective form of bioavailability.

If the bioavailability of CoQ10 or any other form of nutrition or ingredient delivered to the body is not the highest in bioavailability, the body is simply getting less of what it’s being given and that amounts to a few outcomes including wasting of money and not knowing how much the body actually was able to absorb and in this case it’s about CoQ10 where CoQ10 is essential. Why is CoQ10 so important as an antioxidant; without CoQ10 your heart health is at risk, your muscle loss is at risk and as can be surmised, this can lead to serious health issues and even the inability to get around and of course heart disease and a heart attack. So why is it that people don’t know more about CoQ10, and it’s simply because of modern science, backed by the revenue generating intentions of the healthcare system and more importantly the large pharmaceutical companies in the world pushing drugs instead of natural CoQ10; granted, pharmaceutical companies literally almost have a drug for everything but so many come with a plethora of serious side effects. Take statin drugs for example, to lower LDL cholesterol levels; sure the statins on the market will lower unhealthy cholesterol levels, but they will also inhibit the body’s natural production of CoQ10; prohibit the natural production of CoQ10! Nice, lower unhealthy LDL cholesterol levels and get heart disease because of CoQ10 antioxidants being inhibited from production resulting in the depletion of CoQ10. There’s an alternative to this pharmaceutical nonsense and it starts with HRT in the butterscotch flavored CoQ10, policosanol, taurine, oyster mushroom, carnitine and selenium gel packets, pioneered by the leader in natural health supplementation; Agel Enterprises. Imagine lowering unhealthy LDL cholesterol levels, increasing healthy HDL cholesterol levels, and increasing CoQ10 to the body; that’s a solution with CoQ10 and policosanol where policosanol lowers unhealthy cholesterol levels and increases healthy cholesterol levels better than statins. That’s HRT and that’s simply smart. Get your money back box of Agel HRT with thirty single-serving ingested gel packets per box and as they are only available online, you won’t have to take the trip to get the CoQ10 your body needs as Agel will delivery it to your door in dozens of countries around the globe. It’s time to get smart with HRT and provide your body CoQ10 and other natural heart health ingredients with the most bioavailable delivery form other than getting CoQ10 intravenously which could quickly become cost prohibitive.

Sleep on high blood pressure with melatonin

November 3, 2012

Getting high blood pressure or hypertension down made naturally possible with melatonin to simplify sleep.

Suffering from high blood pressure, because of the elections in the USA or some other longer-term reason, and wanting to get it down, melatonin can help when delivered in the most bioavailable form; suspended gel strips with just the correct amount of melatonin melting on the tongue. Lowering high blood pressure naturally with melatonin, while sleeping.

Makes you want to sleep just thinking about lowering high blood pressure if the simple notion of putting a single melatonin gel strip on your tongue as you prepare for sleep is not comforting enough. There are alternatives for lowering high blood pressure with taurine in the HRT suspended gel which provides many other hearth health benefits in conjunction to lowering high blood pressure with taurine, with the likes of policosanol, CoQ10, oyster mushroom, selenium, folate and carnitine. Many of these natural ingredients in the HRT suspended gel packets will bring about normal cholesterol levels, strengthen the heart with CoQ10 for cellular energy and powerful antioxidants from carnitine will bring about a stronger heart to prevent heart disease. Naturally addressing hypertension or high blood pressure can naturally be taken advantage of during the day by ingesting a HRT butterscotch flavored HRT gel packet upon awakening and before laying down to sleep the melatonin gel strip melting on the tongue which will not only lower high blood pressure but will also enable you to get to sleep quickly and very effectively and unlike sleeping pills, melatonin in the proper amount as with the REM suspended gel strips, brings about the precise melatonin for getting sound sleep without providing difficulties in waking up and while you sleep your high blood pressure will be lowered. The leader in health technology brings you melatonin and taurine in the two different but highly effective suspended gel alternatives to drugs, for naturally lowering high blood pressure without being accompanied with adverse or side-effects of prescription drugs and pills. From the perspective of healthcare, why is it that when a doctor’s patient suffers from high blood pressure that such healthcare professionals write prescriptions to drugs with long lists of potential side-effects and not offer a natural solution to their patients with the likes of natural melatonin and taurine; the facts are that doctors who have the license to write prescriptions do so mainly because they simply don’t know that natural and highly effective alternatives exist for the likes of lowering high blood pressure with the likes of melatonin and taurine in best-in-class delivery methods pioneered by Agel Enterprises. It’s time people can find out the alternatives for themselves about managing and lowering high blood pressure with taurine and melatonin and get their high blood pressure under control without side-effects associated with drugs but with suspended gel alternative with melatonin and taurine.

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