Work from home for yourself and your health

August 30, 2012

That’s exactly what an entrepreneur does, work from home in the twenty-first century.

What type of entrepreneur has the opportunity to work from home and have personal health benefits with their home based business? With Agel Enterprises, one can work from home, have their own home based business and benefit from better health all while building cash flow in global proportions with a global and growing home based business opportunity.

The real question is not about Agel Enterprises being a great success as an organization, because it introduced breakthrough health technology to the marketplace with suspended gel tecnology, been in business with growing sales every of its seven years and is distributing in about sixty countries and has the industry’s most attractive compensation plan with cash flow coming in global proportions by various compensation plan payouts. The question is about the ability to work from home, your ability to work from home specifically. Let’s think about the qualities of being able to work from home, on a part-time basis; liking to converse with people, having the ability to take rejection because not everyone is going to want the best health products in the world, ability to use a computer as a novice, have an interest in meeting people, wanting to be your own boss, liking of new technology, determined to improve your financial situation with positive cash flow, like teaching others, and wanting better health for yourself and for others. These are most of the skills needed to be able to work from home on a part-time basis; sorry there is one more, doing work, but we simply thought that as you would be interested to work from home you would actually be productive; to work from home is like a job, but the cash flow is very different, in a positive manner where linear income is money paid for hours worked and this work from home based business opportunity entails residual income where when you work from home you get cash flow over and over again for doing something correctly once. This is just the beginning about an opportunity to work from home, and no worries, this is not an exchange for hours worked for pay as previously mentioned, but this is about the ability and desire to work from home for your cash flow and financial cash flow aspirations. After all, who wants to work from home doing something which is simply a job, when global cash flow can be accomplished. Just think about it and how you could work from home a few hours a week while keeping you full-time job and grow a work from home based business around the globe.


The cancer and immune system relationship

August 29, 2012

It’s real, the relationship with cancer and the immune system.

But what to do about preventing cancer by means of the immune system. It’s really quite simple, to prevent cancer, and all that’s required is knowing about fucoidan as the means to naturally strengthen the immune system.

Sure there other means to prevent cancer, like not smoking, drinking moderately, staying away from radiation, and a host of other things to avoid like not hanging out by the exhaust pipes of automobiles which have their engines on; most of us, or at least we hope that most of us know that such inappropriate habits can lead to cancer and some are simply annoying like the smoking one or a darwin award recipient when the car accidentally backs up. What’s surprising though is that not many people realize that preventing cancer can be a simple process with fucoidan in a suspended gel named UMI to strengthen and boost the immune system for cancer prevention. How does this work, the cancer prevention thing with fucoidan to boost the immune system some may wonder. Preventing cancer by boosting the immune system about as easy as tearing the top off of a fucoidan packed UMI suspended gel packet and ingesting the green apple flavored fucoidan to boost the immune system, so then the immune system can be more productive in fighting off foreign matter such as cancer cells, viruses, infections and other illness creating foreign bodies within the body. The immune system is not perfect because as you have most likely experienced a cold or the flu and you realized, or perhaps have not until now, that your immune system was the culprit in not preventing such an illness, granted it was not cancer; of course preventing cancer is more important than preventing the common cold or the flu or another virus or disease, but cancer prevention like other diseases or viruses and infections can be prevented with fucoidan by getting a strong immune system. With these facts stated, you have most likely witnessed people with a weak immune system because they get the cold far to often or the flu at least once a year and it’s every year with that flu; such people have a very weak immune system and fucoidan could assist them in not only preventing cancer but also in preventing getting other more mild viruses. Eating well of course plays an important role in helping the immune system with proper vitamins and minerals, but adding a fucoidan packed UMI to your daily regime will go a long way to naturally helping your immune system to prevent cancer and the more typical illnesses like the flu. UMI with fucoidan in suspended gel packets or fucoidan in UMI pods, where pods are only available for delivery in some countries, all come with a money back guarantee and for your convenience are available on this site by finding a green Order Products link. UMI with fucoidan for your immune system is nothing to sneeze at and it’s the natural manner in which to boost the immune system to prevent viruses, infections, and diseases including cancer; prevention of disease like cancer has never tasted as good and the UMI suspended gel actually tastes like green apple candy so children will also love the taste. So what’s it going to be during the flu season, fucoidan in the the most bioavailable delivery form for the immune system to promote cell apoptosis and cancer apoptosis or taking days or weeks off from school or work and laying in bed with visits to doctors? UMI is a natural alternative for cancer prevention and prevention of less serious diseases and viruses; it’s your immune system, you should probably take care of it read about fucoidan on


Sleep with melatonin and not alone

August 28, 2012

Ever get the feeling you’re sleeping alone, try melatonin and get to sleep.

Sorry, with melatonin you won’t naturally be able to sleep with someone but with melatonin suspended gel strips you will be able to sleep and dream. After all, being able to sleep is naturally made simple with melatonin so stop that insomnia and stress related issues keeping you from getting the sleep your body and immune system needs on a daily basis; melatonin is also an antioxidant and facilitates dreaming, perhaps about a special person.

Why melatonin to get to sleep and not some over-the-counter sleeping aid which contains drugs, or even worse a prescription sleep aid where both forms of drugs are habit forming and this is not a good thing for the body and not really the type of sleep your immune system benefits from. Our brain naturally produces melatonin to assist with sleep but as we lead busy and hectic lifestyles, the amount of melatonin which is created is not always sufficient or may be created to late at night and this was a reason enough for the creation of the REM melatonin suspended gel strips. With melatonin in suspended gel strips, not only does one get to sleep quickly and with tranquility, if you have a partner who also has difficulties getting to sleep, relax as you will both be able to get the sleep you both want with each of you letting a melatonin suspended gel strip melt on each of your tongues in minutes. Getting to sleep is now natural with melatonin suspended gel strips, which come with twenty-four melatonin strips per packet or about one U.S. dollar per tasty melatonin gel strip after shipping and comes with a money back guarantee. These melatonin suspended gel strips are only available online and conveniently on this site and shipped directly from the manufacturer, Agel Enterprises which is changing the manner in which health supplements are delivered, with superior bioavailability. With melatonin, getting to sleep is not going to be such a bad thing if you’re alone because with melatonin REM gel strips, they’ll melt in your hands during your calm and serene sleep.


Which country in MLM do you want with Agel

August 27, 2012

Network marketing is a professional and the opportunity with an proven MLM is real.

This is an MLM opportunity in network marketing with Agel Enterprises. Of course, there are many different types of MLM or network marketing opportunities throughout the globe, but how many provide the reality of global cash flow from about sixty countries from every continent on the globe; Agel Enterprises offers such a network marketing opportunity in MLM with global proportions and with natural ingredients and product lines of breakthrough technology unmatched in the health industry.

Take for example the countries which Agel already distributes in with the network marketing and MLM opportunity; Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Guadeloupe, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan-NFR, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, East Malaysia, West Malaysia, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan-R.O.C., Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Hong Kong, and Macau. Quite a list for an MLM and network marketing opportunity with Agel Enterprises which has been in the network marketing and MLM preventative health industry with leading products for seven years. The question is not about the unmatched products which Agel creates or that it’s an emerging MLM opportunity with the most attractive compensation plan with global cash flow generation and with breakthrough suspended gel technology, but which country do you as a home based business entrepreneur want to open with the Agel network marketing and MLM opportunity. Africa and the Middle East have many opportunities for opening up distribution with an Agel MLM and network marketing opportunity for the entrepreneur with their home based business; it does not signify that you must have your home based business with Agel’s MLM and network marketing opportunity physically in any new country you envision opening up for Agel’s distribution and your network marketing and MLM expansion, throughout the globe, as you can live anywhere. The Agel MLM opportunity for the entrepreneur in the twenty-first century is indeed global, seize your country and get on-board with Agel’s MLM opportunity and in the meantime, perhaps you need to try one or two breakthrough suspended gel products to start envision how your MLM home based business can naturally grow global with cash flow.

Preventing acne starts from the digestive system

August 26, 2012

Who would have thought otherwise, that acne starts in the digestive system.

Fact is that dermatologists go to school, medical school, to learn about drugs to treat acne. Wait a minute, since when do drugs prevent acne; correction, dermatologists were taught to treat acne or at least to attempt to treat acne.

Ever heard the equivalent of the cart pushing the horse when the horse should be pulling the cart; of course you have. Now, have you ever been to see a dermatologist for acne and end up with a prescription to treat acne? Again, sure you have, if you have seen a dermatologist for acne reasons. What’s with treating acne anyway when the real concern is stopping acne from coming back or eliminating it and preventing such acne from coming back, if you’re going to go see a dermatologist for acne reasons. Let’s see it from the dermatologist perspective about your acne or the acne of any of their patients; the dermatologist wants to see the patient again to see if the acne treatment is working and if it’s not, then perhaps a stronger prescription or a different prescription is deemed required, or from their schooling a deemed necessity, to treat the acne. Fact is, for those who don’t know, acne starts in the digestive system because of toxins and unhealthy bacteria, which these forms of undesirable waste prevent the digestive system from effectively operating and lead to the development of acne among other health concerns like constipation and poor delivery of essential nutrition to the body’s organs. If the digestive system is cleansed and detoxed of debris and unhealthy bacteria and given the ability to nourish the healthy and essential bacteria, then acne will be prevented and the need to go see the specialist named a dermatologist will quickly come to an end and such dermatologists can read this information and recommend GRN for their patients, close their practice and start selling the GRN suspended matrix gel solution for preventing acne; unfortunately, the dermatologist has medical school loans to pay for and can’t simply close their practice overnight. For the time being, stop going to see the dermatologist and try ingesting the GRN suspended gel product with phytonutrients which are a super-food, with spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass, spinach, broccoli, barley grass, chlorophyll and other natural ingredients. Try GRN for two months, with ingesting one gel packet per day or two if you’re very determined to not going to see your dermatologist within the next thirty days, because the solution to preventing acne is not with prescriptions to treat acne temporarily but to cleanse and detox the digestive system with GRN. In addition to GRN, ingesting the best form of antioxidants to clear existing acne and help to clear out the pollutants your body is in contact with on a daily basis will also help in eliminating acne. The combination of acne prevention and acne elimination is natural with Agel’s GRN and EXO suspended gel ingested products and if you happen to have acne scars from past acne, the GLO suspended gel product will eliminate acne scars, along with wrinkles, lift aging skin, even-out skin tone and rejuvenate the collagens which also strengthens nails and hair. Enough with acne and visits to the prescription writing dermatologist, take care of your digestive system with GRN and say goodbye to acne and to your dermatologist.

Finger pain you think is not arthritis

August 26, 2012

It hurts and it seems like after weeks it’s not improving so is it arthritis.

Or simply older age and longer healing time and not arthritis after all. Perhaps waiting will tell if the joint pain is arthritis or it isn’t, but is waiting to find out if you’re developing arthritis time well spent.

Being that arthritis is a result of joints rubbing more and more together or closer together, over time, because of the fluids which cushion the joints have become less vibrant and the cartilage to protect the bones in the joint area has been worn over time, arthritis is indeed a possibility and being that over twenty million people in the USA alone suffer from arthritis is it prudent to find out if that joint pain in your finger, elbow, shoulder, knee, lower back, hip, ankle or in some other join is not going to lead to arthritis? Perhaps not, but what if such joint pain does lead to arthritis, then what? Look at it this way if you like, in that prevention is a means to avoid joint pain leading to arthritis. Even more proactive would be prevention to avoid joint pain which would naturally alternatively materialize with age and the wear and tear of where joints meet, further preventing the risk of developing arthritis. But being that we are a reactive society and prevention is not applicable in many situations because we would rather wait and see if such a thing as joint pain can lead to arthritis; this, for example makes for an interesting but awkward wait and see type of behavior. By this analogy with joint pain perhaps or perhaps not leading to arthritis one could compare having high overall cholesterol levels, where the unhealthy LDL levels are not compensated by unfortunate low HDL cholesterol but how about waiting to see if they lead to a heart attack; here we’re not recommending statins however, but a safe alternative named policosanol which is one of seven natural ingredients in the HRT suspended gel product. By now the reactive ones in the audience have perhaps realized that the wait and see if joint pain will lead to arthritis is not the best approach. The alternative to improving your chances of joint pain not leading to arthritis and eliminating the joint pain so that it does not lead to arthritis or avoiding joint pain altogether can be accomplished with the ingested suspended gel named FLX. The solution for taking care of joint pain or arthritis comes with regrowing cartilage naturally which the FLX ingested gel for joint pain and arthritis accomplishes, in addition to taking care of inflammation and lubricating and cushioning the joints to avoid joint pain and arthritis; and if the joint pain is already existing, get your box of FLX, available online and with a money back guarantee, and start to ingest the citrus flavored assistance FLX offers and get back to being flexible and mobile and not having to worry about joint pain or arthritis developing.

The entrepreneur with expanding product line

August 25, 2012

That makes for an entrepreneur with growth in mind.

What entrepreneur would not be thinking about growth is simply someone exchanging hours for pay. We’re not stating that a job is not a good idea, but as an entrepreneur having a home based business, can bring about growth in many facets including growth in cash flow, residual income and friends for life from around the world, and of course better health.

Sure there are jobs where people can meet people and generate cash flow, but being an entrepreneur literally signifies controlling your cash flow without sales experience and that is a great proposition to any entrepreneur. How about controlling your own destiny as an entrepreneur with your own home based business, the dream which can become a reality for the entrepreneur. A home based business for the entrepreneur is not like working from home for a company, answering phone calls, filling out forms or other form of widget activity for a monetary exchange; the entrepreneur wants more than this while building their home based business and this includes having access to expanding product lines where new products can be introduced to an existing customer base or getting new customers because of new products the entrepreneur can market, providing additional and new health benefits for both the entrepreneur and their customer base and business partners. With Agel Enterprises, new breakthrough technologically advanced health products benefit everyone and this is something the entrepreneur wants with their home based business; benefits drive any business because such a business, and in this case a home based business generates repeat customers because of the remarkable product line and expanding product line of breakthrough best-in-class and most bioavailable suspended gel technology based products which delivery solutions. Are you the entrepreneur who wants growth with cash flow and product line extensions and of course health benefits. Perhaps it’s time the entrepreneur come and simply try one box of any of the eleven existing suspended gel products, and two more coming out in late September 2012; the entrepreneur knows where they could benefit from a health perspective and we’re certain that there are at least a few of the products which benefit every single person in the world. Let the entrepreneur in you envision, because reality is not too far away. Ingest health and create global cash flow as an entrepreneur with Agel Enterprises and your home based business.

Heavy metals like mercury in your digestive system before diet

August 25, 2012

When people think about going on a diet they don’t think about mercury in their digestive system or gut.

They think of losing that extra fat, where a diet will get their BMI down to an acceptable level or within a normal range. The first step for any diet should include the cleansing of the digestive system and the detox of heavy metals like mercury and toxins which reside in the digestive system or gut.

Heavy metals like mercury are prevalent in seafood and this would be obvious to anyone who’s pregnant in that their doctor should have recommended to not eat seafood in order to keep their mercury levels low and that of their unborn baby; as you may have surmised, high levels of mercury is toxic. Now when preparing for a diet, be in getting mentally prepared in finding out which diet is going to work and which diet won’t, we have some suggestions. The simplest and first suggestion to start a diet is to cleanse end detox the digestive system or gut from such heavy metals like mercury and in the process to detox and cleanse the digestive system from aged waste or debris and existing toxins; another step at the onset of a successful diet is in the cleansing and detox of the digestive system to start of a diet with the correct approach is to eliminate the unhealthy bacteria in the digestive system while nourishing the healthy bacteria in the digestive system. This first step in starting a diet is accomplished without inconvenience by ingesting the GRN suspended gel packets which were introduced by the leader in healthy technology, Agel Enterprises. These GRN suspended gel packets quickly and effectively nourishes healthy bacteria while eliminating waste, toxins and mercury in addition to other heavy metals in the digestive system and also eliminating unhealthy bacteria, and this is how the start of a successful diet should be. Think of the start of your diet by naturally enabling your digestive system to properly function so that it can nourish your body with the necessary vitamins and minerals your body needs for energy and maintaining normal health. Now the diet can start and the FIT diet will work; find out more about the FIT diet, another ingested gel breakthrough by Agel Enterprises.


Antioxidants may not be as advertised

August 24, 2012

What are antioxidants and what do manufactures of so-called antioxidants want you to believe.

Anything which comes to the promoters mind to get you to purchase their antioxidants, that’s what. The fact that so-called antioxidants come in noni juice or pomegranate juice signifies that the manufacturer is cutting cost to provide antioxidants to the consumer in hopes that revenues will soar and expenses curtailed, but that’s not how natural and healthy antioxidants benefit people’s health.

Think about antioxidants not in juices or pills, capsules or tablets but with suspended matrix gel antioxidants which don’t simply come with one or two fruits like many forms of antioxidants but with numerous antioxidant benefits, over two hundred of them. Seventeen different fruits and plant extracts, specifically is what goes into each and every single gel packet of the antioxidants named EXO, brought to the marketplace by the leader in health technology, Agel Enterprises. Simply stated, when getting antioxidants, or more specifically ingesting antioxidants, the color, size, and shape of the fruit and plant which provides the antioxidants is critical for optimal effect while providing a wide range of health benefits. The typical, highly marketed and advertised antioxidants are very expensive for the amount of real antioxidants one gets from them in the form of juices for example. The EXO antioxidants contain over two hundred antioxidants in each and every single serving EXO gel packet and there are thirty such single serving gel packets packed with antioxidants in each box of EXO. The antioxidants packed EXO suspended gel products provide the most bioavailable delivery of antioxidants instead of juices with some antioxidants which quickly pass through the digestive system and end up where you might imagine. EXO antioxidants in suspended gel get attached to the gut and digestive system and thereby are time-released so that all of the over two hundred antioxidants can be effective for longer periods than all other forms of delivery of antioxidants. What’s in the EXO antioxidants? How about this list; sea buckthorn, aronia, acerola, elderberry, dark grape, prune, aloe vera juice, rooibos tea, bilberry, gac, mangosteen, blueberry, cranberry, goji, acai, noni, and pomegranate. Some antioxidants in EXO may be different for different parts of the world, but rest assured that all EXO antioxidant gel packet contain over two hundred antioxidants. EXO is antioxidants for people who are on the go and for people who want natural health benefits. For those who don’t know what benefit the EXO suspended gel packets can have, think about reversing the signs of aging skin, reversing the signs of aging organs, eliminating free radicals, acne elimination and of course the EXO antioxidants come with a wide variety of many vitamins and minerals and the best form of bioavailability. It’s time to get a box or two of EXO, which are beneficial to everyone in the family from young children to the elderly; think about the pollutants in the air we breathe; the need for EXO is literally everywhere and often.

Infection control with fucoidan for your immune system

August 24, 2012

Ever heard of Clostridium difficile, an infection generated bacteria which overpowers the immune system; to combat it, fucoidan can naturally assist.

Diseases, viruses and infections are common, but the immune system was designed to combat and beat viruses, infections and diseases, for the most part. When is the immune system most at risk may surprise you or not, but either way, fucoidan is a natural necessity in assisting in preventing such illnesses.

Turns out that Clostridium difficile kills almost as many people in the United States alone as the number of motorists dying from traffic accidents; think about how that statistic could be lowered with fucoidan to strengthen the immune system, and many such Clostridium difficile deaths are the result of being in a hospital after undergoing surgery. The natural way to avoid such an infection would be to forgo surgery, but that’s not always practical or even feasible so fucoidan should seriously be considered; there is something which can be done prior to having any type of surgery and it pertains to strengthen the immune system or the boosting of the immune system and this can naturally be accomplished with fucoidan. This word fucoidan is pronounced as it appears; fucoidan is a sulfated polysaccharide found in several seaweeds but the most amount of fucoidan nutrients are located in brown seaweed but eating brown seaweed to benefit from fucoidan to boost the immune system would be an acquired taste and a lot of seaweed would need to be consumed to get the same health and immune system benefits as found in a single ingested fucoidan packet suspended gel named UMI. Some may wonder how brown seaweed with the natural active ingredient named fucoidan can assist the immune system and naturally strengthen the immune system; for those who want to read more about fucoidan and the immune system, research fucoidan at where hundreds of research papers discuss the natural benefits of fucoidan, including but not limited to assisting the immune system, circulatory system, digestive system, respiratory system and promoting cancer apoptosis or cancer cell suicide. As mentioned, Clostridium difficile has recently been magnified as being a very deadly infection associated with post surgery and bacteria. We should all know by now that bacteria and infections run rampant after surgery and the surgery can be relatively minor or major surgery. Another point is that the immune system needs to be strengthened prior to undergoing any surgery and after any surgery so why would anyone take the risk of getting an infection by unhealthy bacteria when boosting the immune system with fucoidan has no negative side effects; being that bacteria and infections are non-discriminatory pertaining to age, gender or skin color, the immune system should be strengthened prior to and after any surgery and doing so with fucoidan in a suspended gel provides the most effective delivery with the highest form of bioavailability. Not only is fucoidan essential to strengthening the immune system before and after surgery, imaging how effective fucoidan will be when ingested in the UMI suspended matrix gel packets on a daily basis; the green apple flavored fucoidan packets named UMI are available only online, where each box comes with thirty single serving gel packets or larger fucoidan packet UMI pods are also available for delivery in certain countries, and fucoidan packet UMI comes with a money back guarantee. Remember, that ingesting fucoidan could actually prevent diseases, viruses and infections in the first place and this could prevent many needs for surgery. Prevention starts with fucoidan to strengthen and boost the immune system, everyone’s immune system.

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