Your home based business and nobody elses

June 26, 2012

A home based business is just that, no body else’s business.

Why would someone not want to start a home based business, even simply as a hobby or past time, in order to get some extra cash flow where there’s extra money. Sure, we’re all too busy working for someone else who ultimately reaps the benefits of your work, but with a home based business even on a part-time basis, it may imply opportunity for a home based business later on as an entrepreneur.

Simply stated, establishing a home based business is very simple and with such a home based business, your legitimate expenses can be deducted come tax time. Now, surely your thinking that starting a home based business is going to cost a lot of money and surely there are many such home based business opportunities which are opportunities for starting a home based business and entail or encompass a major expense. These are not the types of home based business opportunities which fall into the category of opportunities, except for the home office or person getting your home based business start-up cost. Now think about a home based business which has health supplements which by law, in numerous countries, is tax deductible; the Agel Enterprises home based business is just that. With Agel, the start-up cost requires very little out of pocket to get your home based business started, assuming that you have access to a computer and a phone, but the phone is not even a necessity. Going further about the Agel home based business start-up cost, it’s about three hundred USA dollars as the starting point to an aggressive retail home based business at about three thousand USA dollars. There is a mid-point entry for this home based business and it’s about one thousand USA dollars. Now, wait here; you’re not simply tossing this money in starting your home based business but you’re purchasing the best preventative health supplements in the industry, at the wholesale cost or at a thirty percent discount for the large retail home based business start-up cost. These products, which are the foundation of your home based business have the breakthrough delivery system of suspended gel technology. This is a home based business you should look into, but perhaps seeing more on this site will assist you and the products come with a money back guarantee.

Not simply antioxidants but over 200 hundred of them

June 24, 2012

You might think that this is going to take way too much intake of fruits to get that many antioxidants, but no.

Over two hundred antioxidants does not come in a juice, pills or tablet or even the magical power. Yes, of course antioxidants come in all forms with numerous fruits and vegetables but what is it that antioxidants make delivery methods different than others.

Pills by all means are no form to get antioxidants as are tablets or capsules. Juices would seem to be a logical solution for providing the body with the necessary antioxidants but then bioavailability comes to mind. Think of antioxidants as juices, yes they may taste great like a juice but what does such a delivery form of antioxidants do to eliminate free radicals? Not much, because most of the antioxidants in fruit juices contain a few antioxidants from a couple of fruits and the antioxidants which are delivered in juice pass through the body quickly. If you’re going to get antioxidants, you should focus on maximizing the amount of antioxidants you are giving your body. Instead of antioxidants juices, there is EXO antioxidants. EXO in a suspended matrix gel comes with over a dozen different fruits and plant extracts and with the over two hundred antioxidants in each one of thirty EXO gel packets of antioxidants per box, you literally get the antioxidants for one month to assist your body of eliminating the antioxidants which can negatively impact the body’s cellular aging process and also eliminates acne naturally. Next you’ll quickly find out how antioxidants are not only extremely beneficial when ingested, but also when applied topically as antioxidants working from the outside-in and the inside-out. Now, the antioxidants for you come in the ingested dark grape flavor with EXO antioxidants from seventeen sources like noni, mangosteen, bilberry, gac, pomegranate, acai, amongst others. Why are you not getting your antioxidants with a money back guarantee from Agel online here, there is an answer about antioxidants.

Immune system improved with fucoidan and melatonin

June 23, 2012

What do melatonin and fucoidan have in common with the immune system you may wonder.

Getting adequate rest with melatonin will help build the immune system and this is enhanced when combined with immune system supporting ingredients such as fucoidan. It’s a fact that the immune system needs rest and rest is simplified by naturally producing melatonin.

More facts is that diseases, viruses and infections are more prone with people who have an immune system which is weak and vulnerable to foreign cells; this implies that the immune system, when weak, is reluctant at fighting off and beating foreign bodies which are invading healthy cells. Granted, this occurs at all times of the day and night, simply by breathing. After all, when we breathe we are inhaling cancer cells; shocking but it’s true that we are constantly interacting with cancer cells from the simple air we breathe. Think about your environment and think about what your immune system needs to work on when you’re inhaling all these foreign matter from automobile exhaust, paint fumes, cigarette fumes, smog, and the list goes on and on; the immune system, with the assistance of fucoidan can become stronger by boosting the immune system to fend off these foreign cells and assist the immune system in promoting cell apoptosis and cancer apoptosis. Anyone who informs you that a weak immune system is not related to the increased possibility of developing cancer is a fool. Natural polysaccharides, which are sulfated include fucoidan which comes from brown seaweed; such fucoidan naturally boost the immune system and are very helpful in combination with melatonin to strengthen the immune system. Recall that getting good rest and sleep is critical for the immune system, now the most natural manner in which to get the sleep your body needs is with melatonin which is naturally produced in the brain. With all of the technology in our lives and our lives being very busy, we at times are too exhausted to get to sleep and this is where additional melatonin can naturally help people to get to sleep so that their immune system can be rejuvenated and with fucoidan, in addition to melatonin, the immune system has a better chance of fending off foreign matter be it from inhaling cancer cells and other diseases in addition to preventing viruses and infections. Of course the melatonin which our body naturally produces varies with individual lifestyles but with the REM suspended gel strips your body will get the additional melatonin to function as the helping hand to get to sleep quickly and thereby enable the immune system to become stronger, especially when ingesting an UMI gel packet daily, which contains fucoidan, to further enhance the immune system.

Ready for gel based protein

June 21, 2012

For those of you who eat protein bars you’re going to love the most bioavailable form of protein.

Suspended gel based protein with all the health benefits is available online at this site from Agel Enterprises. We’re by no way trying to discourage anyone from getting protein from cheese, pork, eggs or from protein bars but for some of these delivery forms, be aware of possible hightened LDL cholesterol levels and of course low levels of healthy protein.

We all live life with easy here and easy there and a protein bar is in essence the most convenient form of protein; salmon for example is exceptionally beneficial for protein and omega 3 but comes with a financial cost and for most people is not all that convenient. About those protein bars, they can be high in sugar and fat and only have a little protein which is not really about getting the protein your body needs and therefore does not fill one up until meal-time effectively. Agel Enterprises formulated a protein solution which includes several forms of the most healthy protein based on suspended gel technology where all you need is to add skim milk and stir and your going to get the protein you need for energy and the facilitation of burning off excess fat and the PRO protein solution will also fill you up so think of it also as a protein meal. The protein in PRO includes whey protein, soy protein, pea protein, vitamins B2, B3, B6, minerals including calcium caseinate, chromium and several others, polyphenols from green tea extract, and inulin as a soluble fiber which makes PRO protein a powerful muscle fuel with fat-burning super nutrients, containing amino acids like no other product on the market, all delivered to your body faster and easier than other form of protein. Time for great tasting chocolate protein packed PRO in the morning for breakfast, for lunch, or simply as a healthy snack.

The products alone attracts the entrepreneur

June 19, 2012

For the entrepreneur, something special needs to get their attention, really special.

Let’s face it, a sophisticated entrepreneur does not simply jump on the first opportunity they see, but jump on the opportunity where the entrepreneur can quickly envision success. Success for the entrepreneur starts with a product or service which can be seen as being different than anything else in the marketplace.

But first, the entrepreneur wants to try such a product or service if they have not come up with the idea themselves. Of course, well known entrepreneur types start companies such as with the computer industry in garages or apartments, but these are unique types of entrepreneur which sorry to say such opportunities also only come to a very small number of people. But don’t be getting down on yourself as an entrepreneur as there is a product line which because there is no advertising, you most likely have not heard of it. Ever heard of suspended matrix gel technology for preventative health? Probably not, unless you have been reading what we write here and perhaps some or several entrepreneur have read this site. Suspended matrix gel is a breakthrough in the delivery of the same vitamins, minerals and other forms of nutrition which have been around for many years and some even for many decades, but to the entrepreneur the interesting part is that this delivery technology is unlike any other in the world. Suspended matrix gel technology allows the nutrition, in the form of vitamins, minerals and other ingredients to be kept in their own matrices so that the benefits stay intact in their little compartments; some of the reasons for why this technology will attract the entrepreneur in that this technology uses the highest quality of ingredients found on Earth and provides the most palatable experience for the end-user which will also be the entrepreneur and these products offer portability, ease of use and flat out look awesome. Next, for the entrepreneur and health conscious consumers, these products enable the vitamins and minerals to be recharged in the digestive system and body up to one thousand times in a very short period of time because the suspended gel attaches better than any other delivery method, be it pills, capsules, liquids, or tablets; that’s breakthrough technology the entrepreneur can see benefits from a health perspective and a cost perspective where people will benefit faster and more effectively from the ingestation of suspended matrix gel health products and benefit more than traditional delivery alternatives. Next, for the entrepreneur, the distribution of these breakthrough suspended matrix gels is already in about sixty countries and the opportunity for the entrepreneur to open distribution in new countries is highly encouraged; in seven years, this opportunity has grown global. This leads us, and the entrepreneur to cash flow, global cash flow specifically with the entrepreneur and their home based business. This is the Agel Enterprises opportunity for the entrepreneur of the twenty-first century. This just may be what the entrepreneur has been seeking; it’s at least something every entrepreneur should try a box of the products and see for themselves.

Stress relief with natural caffeine and vitamins

June 16, 2012

By the way, the correct caffeine with proper vitamins and minerals can naturally reduce stress.

Mental and physical energy provide focus, stress avoidance to support overall health and resistance. VLT with caffeine and vitamins and antioxidants and OHM with numerous B complex and other essential ingredients including ginseng, rhodiola and schizandra provide the stress relief combination for mind and body for better health.

Where is it that we find stress or better stated where does stress find us! Work, play, competitions, exams, presentations, first dates, etc. How about a first date; the level of stress is perhaps mentally at a peak. Think about the stress inducing possibilities here such as stress related to questions about past relationships, what you enjoy doing, and not enjoy doing. Let’s face it, there is relatively no stress associated with looking at someone, but asking a question to someone you have been admiring from afar may pose a different perspective and generate some real stress. Now, take stress from a complete different perspective, in that you spoke to this person and everything worked out fine, but now a commitment is forming and perhaps another level of stress is building. You know, meet the parents, siblings, etc. Does this perhaps seem somewhat relevant to your place of employment in that you may be apprehensive about asking someone from a different department for information, going to their boss, etc. All this creates stress, and we’re not kidding here. The question is how much of this stress is necessary, like the stress before an exam or presentation, even if you have convinced yourself that you’re prepared. The stress may still be there. Now there are two forms of stress relief, where one is for the mind and cognitive skills and this is the stress where when you talk to that potential special person you’re cool, calm and collective. The other form of stress relief which will be discussed later is about making sure that when you talk to that boss in the other department that you can fulfill any data request supporting your desire for clarification and that by itself can be very much of a stress relief when accomplished quickly. OHM with ginseng, rhodiola, schizandra and other natural ingredients and the full B complex of vitamins is for mental stress relief and going forward relief of stress and unforeseen moments, and with VLT, it give you the caffeine with the long lasting burst of energy to get you to get the information without undue stress and work overtime if need be without getting burned out or fatigue. You can now order either or both of these stress relief natural energy enhancers online with a money back guarantee with the OHM and VLT breakthrough suspended matrix gel products. The elimination of stress induced situations will become clear and grow into very manageable situations.


Skin care with natural antioxidants

June 15, 2012

No parabens here, only antioxidants and other natural ingredients for skin care which is perfectly named Ageless.

What do you apply topically to you face, neck, forehead, nose and elsewhere as skin care to really take care of your skin? Perhaps some parabens, carcinogens, toxins, all of which are interchangeable and down right awful and not even skin care but accelerating the need for natural skin care to stop the skin’s aging process.

Such products termed skin care exist everywhere, from grocery stores, pharmacies, and department stores in shopping malls. Ever wonder why skin care products including makeup are at the entrance of the most frequently entered part of any department store? It’s simply because skin care product, be it creams, lotions, and other topical skin care products including makeup have an exceptionally high markup and profitability for the store; the fact that the store knows where people come in the store most often makes it that much easier to sell skin care and makeup products with the nice perfume and skin care product odors sucking you in. Not figuratively, of course, but skin care products are big money makers for department stores but almost all of them do more harm as far as what skin care is literally intended to accomplish. Now with the Ageless skin care product line of suspended gel based topical antioxidants, not only do you get the antioxidants as skin care which will naturally do wonders as there are no parabens, but you’ll also be applying to your skin natural anti aging solutions which cost far less than skin care products found in department stores. The world’s only suspended matrix gel based skin care antioxidants come with seven products, and some department stores would charge about the price of one inferior skin care product when with that cost you get the complete topical skin care Ageless solution with antioxidants and without parabens of seven skin care products. Ageless, the way topical skin care should be, throughout the world. Find out if the breakthrough in antioxidants topical skin care solutions named Ageless is available in your country and note that these products are only available online and come with a money back guarantee. Now skin care offers guaranteed solutions from the leader in health technology, Agel Enterprises.


Are you the entrepreneur type

June 13, 2012

Find out quickly if you’re the entrepreneur type.

What’s an entrepreneur for starters; the entrepreneur really wants to answer this one, we know. Without a dictionary or textbook explanation or definition, for the sake of the twenty-first century, an entrepreneur is one who wants to control their own destiny from a financial cash flow perspective doing what he or she enjoys doing and wanting to work hard to get to this point as quickly as possible in order to benefit from their efforts for decades to come.

The entrepreneur might want to add much more to this but for the purpose of this post, let’s simply state that being an entrepreneur in the twenty-first century provides opportunities which have never before been experienced before by the entrepreneur because of global opportunities and technology. For the entrepreneur, this type of opportunity to grow as an entrepreneur is truly unprecedented, because it comes with breakthrough preventative health benefits, global product distribution in about sixty countries, expanding and growing product lines with products which stand alone in delivery, convenience and bioavailability, and an unmatched compensation plan which generates global cash flow. Of course, the entrepreneur needs to be committed to being successful and in about three years working part-time, significant cash flow can be generated over that same period and working full-time as an entrepreneur global cash flow will become global residual income during this same period. This is Agel Enterprises and it just might be the perfect opportunity for the novice entrepreneur and most definitely the ideal opportunity for an experienced entrepreneur. This is most definitely a unique opportunity for the entrepreneur as the technology for the suspended preventative health industry has been pioneered by Agel. Find out if you’re the entrepreneur type.


Cancer treatment or prevention

June 10, 2012

For much time, the question about cancer has been seen as the the cart pushing the horse or something wrong in comparison.

Treating cancer with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery or a combination of these is similar to replacing an entire roof because of an existing lead developed without a storm, and if after replacing the roof, the leak still persists, with the next rainfall, or the cancer and it’s tumor is not getting smaller and no longer spreading then let’s tear off the roof again and go with another more toxic round of chemo, more radiation, and perhaps another surgery.

For the roof being replaced a few to several times, the risk is that the roof decking will become weak and and eventually give in, leaving a gaping hole inside the home. For cancer treatments, some may argue that the analogy is not a valid one, but for those doctors who are recommending toxic chemotherapy and other highly invasive cancer treatments we ask them why they focus on money generating procedures such as cancer treatments using methods and procedures which only extend the life of a cancer patient; why not focus on cancer prevention and not chemotherapy toxicity thresholds. Preventing cancer is found naturally with fucoidan and it is not being subject to any scrutiny as it’s as natural as life itself, coming from brown seaweed. Is it time that we look at cancer differently, of course it is. Is it time that we prevent cancer before the so-called urgency for chemotherapy, radiation and invasive surgery; yes. Is it time for cancer prevention and cancer elimination with fucoidan; you bet it is. Read about fucoidan and cancer prevention and elimination on and realize that there are natural alternatives and fucoidan is just the alternative someone with cancer needs or someone who has been diagnosed as being a likely candidate for cancer should be ingesting. The UMI suspended matrix gel promotes cancer apoptosis; there is no cure for cancer but with fucoidan, one can naturally boost the immune system and have their own body be on the defensive. With fucoidan promoting cancer apoptosis, it’s the best opportunity to eliminate and prevent cancer. However, one could go and see an oncologist and hemotemologist and get a cancer toxic treatment or find out what happens to those who listen only to these so-called specialists. UMI is natural cancer prevention and cancer elimination as it strengthens the immune system which is exactly what the doctor recommended treatments destroy. In reality, one only has one chance to prevent cancer, remain healthy.

It is arthritis until you try FLX

June 9, 2012

Nobody is going to force you to get rid of your joint pain and arthritis.

You can live with it and get used to your arthritis for as long as you like and perhaps the arthritis will enable time to slow down to accompany your lack of mobility and flexibility. Or, you can do something natural about your arthritis and joint pain, be it lower back pain, knee pain, tennis elbow, joint pain in your fingers, and any other form of joint pain and arthritis; you can ingest FLX and apply FLXRub and eliminate that arthritis and joint pain.

We’re not going to tell you want to do about your arthritis and joint pain, but perhaps if and when it becomes osteoarthritis you’ll be seeking some advice or even help. Life’s fun watching from the sidelines, perhaps if you’re the betting type, but realistically nobody wants arthritis or any form of joint pain such as knee pain, back pain, tennis elbow, lower back pain or the pain you get when you try to write or type and it’s more of an effort so you simply try to call someone. For those of you who want to eliminate arthritis and joint pain, read about FLX and FLXRub, with glucosamine, chondroitin, celadrin and MSM in the FLX ingested suspended matrix gel which provides the best in class bioavailability so that your arthritis and joint pain is addressed quickly and effectively with the highest grade of ingredients on the market. Now you can finally think of ending the arthritis and joint pain by ingesting the solution in a citrus fruit flavor FLX ingested suspended matrix gel, the only solution for joint pain and arthritis which contains all four of celadrin oil, MSM, glucosamine and chondroitin and FLXRub which naturally penetrates joint pain and muscle pain as a topical joint pain and arthritis solution provider. End joint pain and arthritis your way, if possible, or do what so many are realizing and switch to the solution to end arthritis and joint pain. If you happen to know that your joint pain will most likely lead to arthritis, why wait until it leads to arthritis, prevent such arthritis with ingested FLX. All products come with a money back guarantee and are available only online and here.

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