The entrepreneur wanting a home based business should watch

January 29, 2012

Agel Enterprises a few weeks ago started AgelTV, for the entrepreneur who wants to find out more about his or her own home based business aspirations.

Learning about a home based business does not require listening to someone talk for an hour about the incredible benefits an entrepreneur can realize with a home based business. AgelTV brings it to you every Tuesday at 10pm Eastern time, for about twenty minutes or less an episode, and you can see it as it’s made available or anytime right here.

This just might be the best TV program for the entrepreneur and home based business builder in the world. In addition to learning how the entrepreneur can grow a home based business regionally, domestically, the home based business for the entrepreneur with Agel Enterprises is global with about sixty countries in which the entrepreneur can grow their home based business to and obviously redefining the concept of the home based business for the entrepreneur into the global marketplace from the privacy of your own residence. With Agel, the opportunity also exists for the entrepreneur to open up new countries and of course Agel will assist you in this process. AgelTV is just that, bringing the entrepreneur the opportunity for a home based business with the breakthrough technological products with the suspended matrix gel delivery of vitamins, minerals and many other forms of nutrition for the body and mind. For twenty minutes a week, the entrepreneur owes it to themselves to at least listen and see for themselves how they could naturally benefit form such a home based business and improve their health with the most effective and natural supplements with suspended matrix gel technology offering the best form of bioavailability. The entrepreneur will quickly realize that they could have a home based business reaching global proportions quickly with the product distribution in so many countries since 2005, which is how long Agel Enterprises has been in existence. Tune in on Tuesdays at 10pm Eastern time or anytime thereafter and find out if this is the home based business for you, the entrepreneur and don’t worry if it’s not the correct home based business opportunity for you, as you might know someone who could really want to learn about Agel and its remarkable product line and maybe also become an entrepreneur or realize that this is the home based business they have been seeking to work on, on a part-time basis.

The better way to delivery vitamins and minerals is smooth

January 28, 2012

Don’t think that the only way to provide your body essential vitamins and minerals is with pills, tablets or capsules.

Historically in the 20th century this was the case but vitamins and minerals need to be ingested in a manner in which the body can quickly and effectively break them down and absorb them and this brings about bioavailability. Not all delivery methods for vitamins, minerals and other forms of nutrition are the same and pills, tablets and capsules are simply part of the slow evolution of delivery systems.

How long does it really take for a pill or tablet to be broken down by the digestive system so that it is used by the body and this obviously applies to vitamins and minerals which the body needs on a daily basis. The length of time which is require for such vitamins and minerals to be broken down by the digestive system then leads to the next thought and that is how effective are the vitamins and minerals in being absorbed by the digestive system so that such minerals and vitamins can be readily used by the blood stream to feed the body. Pills, tablets for instance are difficult for the body to break down, leaving the delivery of vitamins and minerals not close to the amount of minerals and vitamins within such chemically compounded pills and tablets thereby leaving the unknown – how much is your body really using or worse yet how much of the vitamins and minerals and essential nutrition in it getting? The answer is unknown and that is why vitamins and minerals in pills and tablets are increased by the percentage of the daily recommended intake called RDI or recommended daily allowance called RDA; but for vitamins and minerals which your body needs and too much of some of them could become toxic to the digestive system leaving the simply question as to why would you want to take the risk or getting a significantly insufficient amount of vitamins and minerals or having your body absorbed significantly too much of such minerals and vitamins. Another very important note with respect to pills, tablets and capsules is that the manufacturers don’t know the specifics about all vitamins or minerals or both which is in the little ingested piece of solid matter which many are coated with chemicals. Even more importantly about vitamins and minerals is the recharging mechanism; let’s say that you ingest such pills, tablets and capsules of vitamins and minerals, without knowing how much of the vitamins and minerals are actually absorbed, how much of what is not absorbed leaves your body as waste or worse than that, remains in the digestive system for extended periods of time resulting in debris or even toxins after many undigested dosages of the vitamins and minerals remain at a standstill? Pills, tablets and capsules are simply poor delivery methods for vitamins and minerals and other forms of nutrition and suspended matrix gel technology is simply the wise and effective delivery solution. With suspended matrix gel technology the body, and specifically the digestive system, is able to quickly and effectively breakdown and absorb minerals, vitamins, and other forms of nutrition in minutes and even better than that the vitamins and minerals get recharged throughout the body in seconds and up to one thousand times. Suspended gel technology for the best in class bioavailability comes with vitamins and minerals for nutrition with products including the tasty berry punch flavored MIN. It’s time you feed your body with the essential vitamins and minerals it needs, and of course without the toxic RDI or RDA percentages manufacturers attempt to include in the archaic delivery methods of pills, tablets and even capsules.

Safely prevent heart disease with CoQ10 and policosanol

January 25, 2012

For heart disease prevention there is one drug category which will not be doing you any favors and that’s statins.

Statins, like Lipitor, Crestor, Pravachol and Zocor actually increase your chances of obtaining heart disease because of CoQ10 being prevented from being naturally produced. Instead of increasing the chances of heart disease with statins, why not choose wisely with policosanol for naturally lowering cholesterol levels which is also accompanied with CoQ10 and other heart disease preventative natural ingredients.

Simply put, and blatantly so, humans after the age of twenty-five or perhaps the age of thirty are in need of assistance with supplementing their diet with CoQ10 but CoQ10 is not found in everything we eat. For instance, CoQ10 can be found in some meats, a few oils, a half a dozen fish, a few nuts, seeds and beans, eggs, chicken and about a half-dozen vegetables but what is done with some of these foods will deplete the amount of CoQ10 such as frying, baking or boiling them and the freshness of some of these foods also may make the amount of CoQ10 suspect at best; also the delivery of CoQ10 is critical as bioavailability will determine how much of the CoQ10 is readily and effectively broken down and absorbed by the digestive system or gastrointestinal tract and transferred throughout the body. We’ve touched upon the criticality of supplementing CoQ10 because of age and of course because if one takes statins like Crestor, Pravachol, Zocor or Lipitor the CoQ10 natural production is in essence prevented and the levels of CoQ10 are therefore artificially reduced and this can lead to heart disease; CoQ10 is critical for cellular health and muscle function and your heart, as is that of everyone, is a muscle. So in short, if you suffer from elevated LDL cholesterol levels and need to get such cholesterol levels lowered, you have choices with ill-fated statins like Zocor, Lipitor, Crestor or Pravachol which will to a certain extent lower your LDL cholesterol levels but will increase your risk of heart disease because of the inhibiting CoQ10 factor and the eventual depletion of CoQ10 as you age or you can ingest HRT with policosanol to more effectively and naturally, without side effects, lower the LDL cholesterol levels and not deplete or inhibit CoQ10 production but actually increase CoQ10 supplementation because the HRT suspended matrix gel packets contain CoQ10, carnitine, taurine and policosanol for overall heart health and the prevention of heart disease. In life, we have choices, but to reduce the chances of heart disease by swallowing statin pills like Pravachol, Zocor, Lipitor or Crestor will simply transfer one heart disease risk to another heart disease risk. Choose wisely and read about the HRT suspended gel product before taking statins because with policosanol and CoQ10 and four other heart health natural ingredients, you will be lowering your overall risk of developing heart disease. Don’t become a statistic which statin manufacturers expect you to become so that they can sell you another drug to offset another heart disease risk; and if you’re going to supplement your heart disease prevention with CoQ10 with pills and tablets, you’re not going to be benefiting nearly as much as when ingested with suspended matrix gel like the breakthrough HRT gel packets from the pioneer in health technology, Agel Enterprises. Policosanol with CoQ10 is simply the much better heart health and heart disease prevention alternative.

Diet not working for you yet to lose weight

January 24, 2012

How much money have you really put down for you goal to lose weight with a diet and exercise.

Perhaps you don’t want to think about the cost associated with your diet to lose weight, fat that is. We all make mistakes but learning from our mistakes with a diet to lose weight is not really all that different than making a mistake at work, in school, while driving or in some other fashion or circumstance.

With so many possible mistakes, why is it that when it comes to a diet to lose weight the conventional way is very often to do the same; join a gym to get on a diet to lose weight and eat boring and plain tasteless food. Rubbish, both the food and this form of diet to lose weight. If you really want to go on a diet which will work and to lose weight in the form of fat, going to the gym will inevitably become a short-lived diet approach and the concept to lose weight will be gone as well as your gym membership if you can get out of it in time. Think of a diet in this light when thinking about joining a gym; if you’re not the type to enjoy the gym or have the endurance to actually perform the physical exercise and the discipline to continue eating the tasteless food the diet to lose weight will not be the solution and the diet will simply become another attempt which comes to no avail. How about a diet to lose weight, fat weight with energy to do it; part of it is with the best protein supplement on the market and it was introduced in early 2012. The other component of the diet which will enable you to lose weight from fat and gain it with muscle is an appetite suppressant. Combining protein from the PRO Agel shake, formulated with the revolutionary suspended gel technology and an appetite suppressant will make for a remarkable diet to lose weight in the form of fat and gain muscle and of course much extra energy where you’ll be able to have an incredibly successful diet which will increase your energy instead of most forms of diet which lead people to become weak and without energy. The question is if you have already given up on one diet, or perhaps on many different types of diet, you owe it to yourself to get on the protein and appetite suppressant diet from Agel to lose weight in fat with the protein your body needs to burn off fat and the ability to increase your energy levels while eating less. That’s the diet for anyone, including people who simply want to burn off some fat and gain energy. The FIT challenge is the diet with protein to really get rid of that fat because we all owe it to our health to lose weight which we really know we should not have in the form of fat.





protein will help.


Living longer with fucoidan and your immune system

January 23, 2012

People, some anyway, thought that they could live longer with what’s in the soil and with fucoidan for the immune system it’s somewhat true.

Season after season, believe it or not, the soil in what is produced will not add to the betterment of society; this of course is simply from facts and delivery of information. The fruits people are eating and the vegetables they consume are simply not as they were one hundred years ago but it’s a different story with fucoidan.

The soil has been depleted of essential minerals. Unlike much of the Earth’s surface at or above sea level, which we have been using to furnish nutrition to our body’s needs, other forms of nutrition have been detected and one is fucoidan. The miracle from the sea as some scientists have claimed it to be is fucoidan. This has been a buried treasure for many years except for more recently in that fucoidan has been harvested naturally to bring about the natural health benefits for the immune system, circulatory health, cholesterol levels, joint health, respiratory systems, natural energy, respiratory system, gastrointestinal and digestive system assistance, and so many more health benefits. Why not read about fucoidan, because this is what health is all about from cell apoptosis to cancer apoptosis and if you know something about preventative alternatives for health, you will enjoy this and if you are simply learning and curious, there is that much more for you to learn about fucoidan and the immune system you walk with and carry with you all day long and care for throughout the night. Fucoidan is the natural wonder from the ocean and seas which is derived from brown seaweed or algae, but the fucoidan which is most effective is not the raw, steamed or cooked version of fucoidan which offers few of these health benefits. It is the fucoidan which can be ingested in the most bioavailable form named suspended matrix gel technology. Don’t worry that so much of the planet’s soil is offering fewer and fewer minerals for fruits and vegetables, because now you can feed your body fucoidan in the most bioavailable delivery form. Of course, like so many things in life, fucoidan comes in pills and tablets but these provide inferior delivery methods; for the most effective delivery of health solutions there is fucoidan in suspended matrix gel named UMI from the pioneer in health technology, Agel Enterprises.

Was is up with pills for this tablets for that

January 21, 2012

We are part of an era of being ordered what to do, or it appears that way for all types of health concerns.

Worried about the flu, get a flu shot or a vaccine. Eat a lot of unhealthy food and have high LDL or unhealthy cholesterol levels, take statin drug pills like Lipitor, Crestor, Zocor or Pravachol. Need joint pain relief, take some MSM, glucosamine or chondroitin pills or tablets.

Have a need for weight loss because your diet is awful, there are pills for that and joining a gym – a place you only drive by in a car, so the odds of using the membership are fairly removed from the laws of probability. Worried about cancer, be it stomach cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer – no sweat because chemotherapy and radiation treatments are available. When is the madness going to stop about these poor delivery methods and some simply unhealthy choices. The is a solution and it’s non invasive. Imagine that, the best health solution without the long list of side effects. This is about Agel and the breakthrough in delivery of vitamins, minerals and other form of nutrition. Find out what the future is like, the past is just that, gone. Think about how you’re getting the delivery of your vitamins, minerals and essential nutrition, and don’t let inferior delivery methods leave you without hope.

When is arthritis well past joint pain

January 17, 2012

Joint pain to some is arthritis but people who have endured joint pain and then arthritis know the difference.

There is hope, realistic hope, for anyone with joint pain or with arthritis. When someone wakes up the day after much strenuous body contact from physical exercise or another form of potentially heavy joint impact activities they may very well feel joint pain and it may last a few days to a couple of weeks and it may come back quickly the next time such activity is renewed and for arthritis it may simply be that age has caught up to the joint pain of the past by physical activity or intense joint impact over the years by something as simple as walking up the stairs for decades bringing about arthritis.

Then again it may simply be severe arthritis where the joint pain is excruciating in the fingers and hands where the thought of something taken for granted like writing is unthinkable as an exercise of futility because the arthritis can make simply holding a pencil or other writing implement a painful experience; this is of course severe arthritis for the areas of the hand but other forms of arthritis can be found especially in the area of the knees. For those of you who suffer the occasional joint pain, the severe joint pain or the form of joint pain which seems to be followed by an activity you really enjoy and are willing to suffer the joint pain simply because that’s the type of person you are, there is FLX to bring back the flexibility and mobility the joint pain may have rendered you unable to continue for the time being; FLX will taking care of that joint pain and get your back moving. For those who suffer from arthritis, be it joint pain in the hands, the lower back or the knee pain or any other form of joint pain, FLX is also the solution with glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin and celadrin in an ingested suspended matrix gel; arthritis can be brought about by long term consistent joint movements but for some it may be because of an accident. When arthritis is so painful in the hands and fingers, opening up a bottle of ineffective pills or tablets or even capsules is more of a waste of effort than one could imagine because of such a poor form of bioavailability with pills, tablets and capsules which renders glucosamine, chondroitin, celadrin and MSM rather worthless when dealing with severe join pain or arthritis and seeking a solution for the arthritis joint pain. With these four natural ingredients in celadrin, glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM, from the best sources on Earth, FLX is the solution for arthritis and for joint pain of any kind; be it knee pain, lower back pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, foot pain, finger, hand or wrist pain, the suspended matrix gel named FLX will naturally work on joint pain and arthritis in less than one hour and will enable someone who has not been able to hold a writing implement in years to hold one with confidence in that same short period of time. How are the likes of chondroitin, glucosamine, MSM and celadrin working so quickly as solutions for joint pain and arthritis you may wonder when pills of these same ingredients do very little except for short term relief if anything at all; when FLX combines all four of glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and celadrin with the best ingredients for each of these and then delivers it in a suspended matrix gel, that is how the solution for joint pain and arthritis comes to fruition with reducing inflammation, lubricating around the joints and also naturally regrowing cartilage. Why would you want to buy pills, tablets or capsules of glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and celadrin with cheap and ineffective ingredients and fillers when the solution for joint pain and arthritis is with FLX in a suspended ingested matrix gel. With no water needed and the natural ease to ingest the single serving gel packets of FLX and the bioavailability starting to work in minutes to solve the joint pain and arthritis, you know you have the correct solution for the end of joint pain and that of arthritis. For muscle pain and minor joint pain, there is FLXRub.

Ingest acne away for teenagers with antioxidants and detox the digestive system

January 16, 2012

Getting rid of acne is at the forefront of many teenagers and can linger on into mid life as well but antioxidants and a detox of the digestive system is the natural solution.

Eliminating acne and preventing it from materializing is what countless of people hope to do when they look in the mirror but instead they should be reaching for natural antioxidants and about a cleansing and detox of the digestive system with suspended gels to naturally end their acne. Teenagers specifically want to be confident and acne can lead to the building of an inferiority complex and ostracism which can last for a long time in their lives, perhaps even forever but with antioxidants and a detox of the digestive system this can naturally be reversed.

Ingesting antioxidants from seventeen different fruits and plant extracts on a daily basis and a cleaning and detox of the digestive system two times a week is what will naturally eliminate acne and prevent acne from coming back; this is something any teenager can do to eliminate and prevent acne as it only takes about twenty seconds a day when ingesting both antioxidants and the detox of the digestive system solution gel packets. Twenty seconds a day for the solution to end acne with the best antioxidants and a natural digestive system detox, and these solutions can be consumed anywhere without the need for water. Instead what teenagers typically do to eliminate acne and prevent acne from resurfacing entails chemicals applied topically to the skin which is simply another means by which pharmaceutical companies attempt to infiltrate your body with toxins and parabens and that’s not the solution for acne elimination and acne prevention; with antioxidants and a detox and cleansing of the digestive system you’ll also be helping your body, its cells and of course your organs in addition to eliminating acne. Natural fruits and plant extracts is the solution which are antioxidants and entails the natural manner in which acne is eliminated and smooth skin prevails. Where does acne start, really start? Not on the surface of your skin of course and not simply in the pores of your skin but in the digestive system; simply put, in terms everyone can understand is that acne starts in the gut. When people eat and drink unnatural foods and beverages, the digestive system becomes slow to process what is consumed and that creates undesirable bacteria which is accumulated from toxins and foreign matter which has the natural tendency to back up the digestive system and thereby prevents the toxins from being excreted in the normal process as waste and thereby forces acne to the surface of the skin. With a natural detox and cleansing of the digestive system, the toxins which can develop into acne will be flushed out of the body as waste instead of acne passing through the skin’s pores. Feeding your digestive system the phytonutrients and other healthy greens with the best form of bioavailability in the GRN suspended matrix gel packets is part of the acne prevention solution and in combination with ingesting antioxidants named EXO with seventeen different fruits and plant extracts including gac, mangosteen, noni, bilberry, acai, goji, aronia, and many others allows the antioxidants to cleanse the body of toxins which have made it close to the surface of the skin by eliminating such toxins. Teenagers want to be without acne and the alternative to applying chemicals topically to the skin or swallowing pills which do more long term damage to the body than assist in preventing or eliminating acne, is antioxidants and not simply antioxidants in juices with a few antioxidants but with over two hundred antioxidants per single serving gel packet named EXO, and also an occasional cleansing and detox of the digestive system. For your teenager, EXO is the antioxidants with the highest oxygen radical absorbance capacity or ORAC score and with a detox of the digestive system the acne concerns and inferiority complex will become something of the past.



For a diet to work protein is going to become a friend

January 14, 2012

It’s a fact that great protein can assist in eliminating fat and building muscle but why settle on anything else than the best.

Eating healthy protein facilitates losing body fat, plain and simple. The question is where to get the healthy protein because there are many forms of protein but not all are the same and some protein can be accompanied with fat and other protein can simply not be absorbed by the digestive system.

The breakthrough in the most bioavailable form of supplementing the body with protein is with Agel PRO, from the leader in health technology. In the past, there have been makers of protein bars, protein shakes, and of course the pills or tablets for protein. What do all of these delivery systems offer in the form of protein is not what your body can realistically break down and absorb. Agel has created the unmatched protein delivery system using suspended gel technology and for the people who want to burn off the fat effectively and build muscle you now have the protein solution with Agel PRO. This is the product which the market has been seeking for as the alternative to less effective delivery methods for protein delivery. For the best delivery of amino acids and protein delivery on the market, Agel PRO is unmatched for protein. Get ready and get that protein working for you.

Antioxidants is something everyone needs

January 14, 2012

If you live on planet Earth you need antioxidants.

Now if you perhaps live on a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, antioxidants may not be as essential to a healthy diet; this is because antioxidants are most effective in eliminating free radicals which are inhaled throughout the day and even penetrate through our skin into the blood stream by means of entering the collagen fibers.

So how can antioxidants help to eliminate the pollutants most of us inhale during our waking hours and yes, also when we’re sleeping. Let’s stop here for a moment because many people actually think that pollutants are only in contact with your body’s cells when we’re outside and breathing the outside air; you would be amazed at the number of pollutants in your residence and your need for antioxidants also exists if you never go outside, unless of course you live on that beautiful island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. You may not need as many antioxidants if you’re one of the fortunate ones living on such an island but for practicality, let’s simply assume that you don’t have internet access on such a deserted island and therefore really don’t care about antioxidants perhaps because those on such an island are most likely eating fruits and vegetables and fish without the pollutants and toxins in the air or in the foods. Most of us are in contact with pollutants, from factories, automobiles, the sun, chemicals we use for cleaning, water we bathe with, foods we eat be it fruits or vegetables or fish or other types of meat. We all need antioxidants and that’s a fact of life and many of us simply don’t consume enough antioxidants whereby the pollutants we inhale or are in contact with with the battle of such carcinogens entering our body and slowly but surely wreaking havoc to our body’s cells which in time can lead to very unhealthy lives; without the proper antioxidants our body’s aging process is simply accelerated from the cells to the organs working outward to the collagen fibers and to the surface of our skin. Ever notice how some people have more aged skin than others, how some people have more health issues than others; it’s because of the amount of antioxidants ingested by our body on a daily basis. There is a simple solution to this and there is a more complicated solution to ensure that one ingests the proper amount of antioxidants on a daily basis to eliminate the pollutants, toxins and carcinogens from wreaking havoc to our body’s cells. The complicated fashion in which one can get plenty of antioxidants is by all means possible but comes with several drawbacks. Let’s quickly take a look at effective antioxidants one could and should consume or ingest on a daily basis. Such antioxidants, as perhaps envisioned need to include fruits and plants. If once a week, for example, you decide to get your week’s worth of antioxidants, where would you go. Well, you can’t simply go to any local grocery store and expect to purchase all the necessary fruits to accommodate the antioxidants you need for the week. Just for a check list, these are the highly recommended antioxidants for fruits; including gac as antioxidants, sea buckthorn, aronia, acerola, elderberry, dark grape, prune, aloe vera juice, rooibos tea, mangosteen, blueberry, cranberry, goji (wolfberry), acai, noni, pomegranate, and bilberry antioxidants. Now the question is how much money would it take from you expenses to buy all of these antioxidants; probably too much, even if such antioxidants were available in one health related specialized food store. The alternative for antioxidants, from the complex version, is with one simple ingested suspended gel matrix gel packet which contains all of the necessary antioxidants for your body’s cells. The name is simple and it’s EXO for antioxidants. You could, on one could, go and find beverages with some of these antioxidants, but the bioavailability factor will come to realization in that beverages containing antioxidants and pills or tablets containing antioxidants are simply far inferior in providing the results antioxidants have been designed for. EXO contains the antioxidants your body needs, and this is not speculation; with over two hundred antioxidants with each gel packet, your body will have results. EXO antioxidants is the alternative for the best form of delivery for antioxidants in the form of vitamins and fruits.

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Zocor (1)

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