Natural manner to prevent a cataract and macular degeneration with lutein antioxidants and zinc.

December 31, 2010

Nobody wants to get a cataract or macular degeneration and people who have or are suffering from these diseases wished they had taken enough zinc, lutein and antioxidants in the past.

Natural health supplements are needed and the best manner in which to prevent diseases is by ingesting suspended gel health supplements which provided the best form of bioavailability. Make sure that you make 2011 a year that you start to prevent cataract and macular degeneration by ingesting lutein and zinc and if you already suffer from these two eye diseases in cataract and macular degeneration, be sure to ingest a couple EXO antioxidants in single serving gel packets from Agel along with a daily GLO gel packet to boost your lutein and zinc levels.

Diseases of the eyes, be it a cataract or macular degeneration can be avoided simply by taking lutein and zinc as a health supplement and the leader in health technology, Agel Enterprises has a suspended gel product which contains lutein and zinc in a suspended gel which can be ingested no matter your age. Pills and tablets are not the easiest to ingest but a suspended gel which requires no water can be ingested by the elderly without having to choke down any pills. Lutein and zinc, in the GLO single serving gel packet is the solution to prevent cataract ad macular degeneration. It is also important to ensure that you are getting enough antioxidants in a suspended gel with Agel’s EXO product which contains bilberry and goji which has also shown to have a positive impact at preventing or reversing cataract and macular degeneration diseases of the eyes. Antioxidants should be consumed daily and the antioxidants in the Agel EXO product provide the convenience and portability to enable anyone to ingest the daily antioxidants you need with bilberry and goji and 15 other fruits and plants extracts to optimize the positive effects of antioxidants with respect to cataract and macular degeneration diseases. Get your antioxidants with a box of 30 single serving suspended gel packets in every box of EXO antioxidants with bilberry and goji juice and your box of GLO (also with 30 single serving gel packets) with the daily requirements of lutein and zinc and prevent the onset of cataract and macular degeneration. Agel Enterprises, the leader in health technology provides solutions to improve your health – let Agel improve your health.

Anti aging antioxidants skin care and turmeric to help in looking your best for interviews and getting the job.

December 30, 2010

Why would skin care and antioxidants help someone getting past interviews and getting a job?

Well, not sure what age you are but the young professionals are less expensive and are more easily trained to do things as directed on the job. Sure, you may know more – much more perhaps, but it may simply come down to a cost issue. That being said, why not look your age or younger and skin care and antioxidants with turmeric can help?

Makes sense to me and this is what I propose, if you are interested in looking younger. It is antioxidants and not drinking antioxidants in juices but in a suspended gel – a suspended gel named EXO which provides natural antioxidants from 17 different fruits and plant extracts with the best form of bioavailability. Then, applying the same antioxidants to your skin (face and around the eyes) with a skin care line like no other in the world; this is Ageless and it is the only anti aging skin care line in a suspended gel with 7 anti aging skin care products. With antioxidants ingested with EXO and the same antioxidants applied to your face you have antioxidants skin care and the best ORAC score for antioxidants in a suspended gel. Now to improve your collagen fibers from the inside out with turmeric and lecithin there is GLO, another breakthrough in health technology from the leader – Agel Enterprises; turmeric and lecithin can get rid of acne scars, wrinkles and fine lines in as little as 4 weeks. GLO is also delivered in the breakthrough ingested form for best bioavailability like the EXO antioxidants and includes natural ingredients such as turmeric, lecithin and several natural ingredients including CoQ10. The collagen fibers ingested health supplement (GLO) provides the elasticity your skin has been needing to help your skin bring back its natural youthful feel and appearance. Taking all three forms of antioxidants with EXO, GLO and the Ageless skin care line of products will bring about the youthful appearance in little as 30 days which can and will enable you to look and feel younger and most definitely help with the interviews and getting that job offer. So, what do you have to lose by using these products except better health and getting a job by passing the interviews? Get your box of EXO antioxidants, a box of GLO with turmeric, lecithin and CoQ10 and the Ageless anti aging skin care line and get that job by looking great and younger from the inside-out and from the outside-in. You have the experience and now you have the youthful appearance and feel with antioxidants and a line of unique skin care – all based on suspended gel technology from the leader in the health industry, Agel Enterprises. Start applying for jobs or do your networking and get looking and feeling younger with antioxidants.

Natural ways to give you the edge during interviews over stress with ginseng and rhodiola.

December 30, 2010

Interviews to most of us signifies stress but stress can be managed with ginseng and rhodiola and not with energy drinks such as red bull or a monster energy drink or with drugs.

Some may say that they are not nervous before or during interviews and if that’s the case, they really are not normal – which is something completely different altogether which I won’t get into here. For the large majority of us, why is that interviews cause anxiety and stress and what can you as someone going in for interviews during the next couple of months do about managing that stress? Ginseng and rhodiola in a suspended gel by the leader in health technology, Agel Enterprises, is the solution.

If you think that drinking energy drinks such as red bull or a monster energy drink will help you to ace the interview, well it might if you’re applying for a job where they want someone who can be rather hyperactive. Energy drinks such as redbull or a monster energy drink are packed with caffeine and a lot of sugar which is not something you want going through your system during interviews as your level of excitement may actually appear to the interviewor that you are covering up your stress artificially and not being yourself. During the interviews, you want to be yourself and have your cognitive skills be at their best with memory, facts, detail and relevant answers to specific questions and not simply how many words a minute you can speak and perhaps at times rambling on about irrelevant answers. Ginseng and rhodiola in a suspended gel for best bioavailability will help you to manage your stress, help you to remain calm and enhance your cognitive skills, enabling you the one with the interviews to provide specific relevant answers to questions from memory. I conducted interviews for many years for many open positions and the people who impressed me the most are the ones who were able to manage their stress and provide logical and specific answers to questions, whether they were technical or more situational questions which I posed. Ginseng and rhodiola will help you to manage the stress level interviews come with and provide you with the edge with memory which is critical when you only get one chance at each interview. Before each one of your interviews, be sure to ingest an OHM gel packet, with ginseng and rhodiola to get that stress level to a natural controllable level and enhance your memory and cognitive skills. If you’re however having interviews for a position as a clown in a circus, go ahead and drink energy drinks such as red bull or a couple of monster energy drinks and it might help, but beware of the body’s effect after that caffeine and sugar wears off.

What is a new years resolution without one to lose weight other then a resolution not kept.

December 27, 2010

The question is, will this be a new years resolution which will be kept?

If to lose weight is your new years resolution then you have options. You can join a gym and pay a monthly membership to lose weight, and there might be some specials coming up but are you committed to this or perhaps to a diet? How to lose weight without joining a gym because with busy schedules the idea of joining a gym may simply be a good idea but not one which can be sustained for an extended period of time.

Some of us simply have too busy of schedules to join a gym and actually use the gym but want to lose weight. So, how to lose weight? Changing your diet would be logical, of course. Then again, your busy schedule may not allow this to come to fruition, with making healthy meals at home, eating a healthy lunch at the office and the time required for making such meals, in addition to all the activities you may have with family members after your work day. And yes, eating healthy snacks during the day and not be tempted with foods which put your desire to lose weight in jeopardy. What if I were to tell you that you can lose weight without having to diet but simply by eating less – eating less and be able to lose weight and not having to join a gym; getting more interesting right? How to lose weight by eating less and not having to diet can be simply accomplished with an appetite suppressant named FIT by the leader in health technology – Agel Enterprises. This revolutionary manner in which to lose weight without diet can be accomplished by simply eating less because you will become full faster. Instead of one of those ‘how to lose weight fast’ diet concepts as advertised on television or in the print media which come with health risks, the FIT suspended gel appetite suppressant will enable you to lose weight because you will eat less of whatever it is that you do eat. Ingest the suspended gel named FIT 25-40 minutes before your largest meal of the day and simply take a walk for 30-40 minutes a few times a week and you will lose anywhere from 7-20 pounds in a month; that’s it! No expense associated with a gym membership and monthly dues, no drastic change in your eating habbits. There is a drawback when you lose weight and that is that you might need to replenish your wardrobe but the health benefits associated with the FIT diet to lose weight naturally will far outweigh the cost of health complications if you elect not to lose weight as one of your new years resolutions. The best part about the ability to lose weight with the FIT product is that the weight will stay off. Agel’s FIT product simply indicates to your brain when you have had enough to eat and feel full and not 30 minutes after you have finished eating and then feel full – think of this breakthrough in health technology from Agel Enterprises as the diet with real-time feedback; you’re full, you stop eating and what you have eaten will be stored as energy and not as fat. This is a diet which will work for any lifestyle and all you need to remember is to ingest the lose weight FIT suspended gel product 25-40 minutes before the largest meal of the day.

Your new years resolution solution for arthritis should be ingested MSM glucosamine chondroitin and celadrin or else.

December 27, 2010

Or else your arthritis may persist and lead to osteoarthritis perhaps by the end of 2011.

Why MSM, glucosamine, chondroitin and celadrin and not an orthopedic surgeon for that joint pain called arthritis or degenerative arthritis named osteoarthritis? Or why not get physical therapy? Well, you could try the latter two options if you really feel that you need to get someone’s advice who will most likely inform you that you need surgery or spend money getting physical therapy which bring about short-term results without ingesting MSM, glucosamine, chondroitin and celadrin in a gel.

It’s your money and I am only providing you with the solution and not simply an expensive manner in which to have invasive surgery which may or may not cure your arthritis (back pain, knee pain, foot pain, shoulder pain, lower back pain, neck pain, ankle pain, wrist pain, finger pain and all the other forms of joint pain imaginable). MSM, glucosamine, chondrotin and celadrin will put your arthritis to rest naturally and when taken in a suspended gel with a product named FLX you will quickly notice the results in as little as one hour. No, you will not be cured of arthritis in an hour or a day, but in a few weeks with taking MSM, glucosamine, celadrin and chondroitin in a suspended gel – and you don’t need to be having to choke down pills with poor bioavailability with the suspended gel product named FLX from the leader in health technology – Agel Enterprises. You can ingest this breakthrough product in health technology for arthritis and joint pain solution which is delivered in a suspended gel product without water and ingested anytime of the day, with or without a meal. You see, Agel Enterprises, the leader in health technology introduced this breakthrough solution for arthritis, osteoarthritis and overall joint pain solution in 2007 and it was named the health supplement of the year within a year of introducing MSM, glucosamine, chondroitin and celadrin in one product – in a suspended gel for that matter, providing the best form of bioavailability which alleviated the issue of swallowing pills. You could, however choke down some pills and then stop taking them as most people do or take the FLX product in a gel with MSM, celadrin, glucosamine and chondroitin (in a citrus flavor) and make your 2011 the year you put an end to your joint pain, arthritis or osteoarthritis and perhaps end up having the most mobile and flexible year in a decade or more. FLX is the bioavailable solution for arthritis and osteoarthritis. Perhaps one of these years, the orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists will have a new years resolution and that would be to tell patients and customers about FLX, if they really truly care about people. Get your box of FLX with 30 single serving gel packets and FLXRub before the new year.

Ingested turmeric lecithin and CoQ10 for ladies who want even skin tone and more without makeup.

December 27, 2010

I can’t think of a lady who would not want even skin tone and the disappearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Are you such a lady? Most likely and this can be accomplished with the help of lecithin with turmeric and other natural ingredients including grape seed oil, green tea seed oil, aloe vera extract,  horse-tail extract, green tea extract, tocotrienol, trace minerals, CoQ10, oat concentrate, selenium and lutein.

If you’re wondering how such a product which is ingested can do so much for your skin with turmeric, lecithin, and CoQ10, you really need to read on. Some people think that makeup will help with wrinkles and fine lines, acne scars and evened skin tone. The truth could not be so further from this; makeup simply covers up the skin’s imperfections whereas ingesting lecithin, CoQ10 and turmeric in a suspended gel product named GLO will make your skin glow, along with your nails and hair. You see, makeup works from the outside whereas the natural manner in which to take care of your skin is from the inside and from the outside but not with makeup but with the ingested GLO product with all natural ingredients like lecithin, turmeric and CoQ10 and applying antioxidants to the skin topically with the Ageless product line which comes from 17 different fruits and plant extracts including acai berry, gac, noni, gogi, pomegranate among others. No more uneven skin tone, spots of your skin which are oily and others which are dry and no more fine lines and wrinkles. Get rid of your acne scars and your skin’s imperfections and not only look younger but feel younger with GLO from the leader in health technolgy, Agel Enterprises. You could simply go on applying makeup to hide your skin’s imperfections instead of letting turmeric, lecithin and CoQ10 among other natural ingredients provide the solution to no longer having to apply makeup. With the anti aging Ageless skin care line of antioxidants, which is the only suspended gel based anti aging skin care line in the world and with GLO containing turmeric, CoQ10 and lecithin your collagen fibers will be revitalized and provide the anti aging glow you and your skin has been wanting and needing. Get your box of GLO with 30 gel packets, each containing turmeric, grape seed oil, green tea seed oil, aloe vera extract,  horse-tail extract, green tea extract, lecithin, tocotrienol, trace minerals, CoQ10, oat concentrate, selenium and lutein and the Ageless anti aging skin care line created with antioxidants from 17 fruits and plant extracts and stop spending money on makeup for your skin which does not provide the solution but simply covers up what you hope nobody will notice. GLO and Ageless – treat your skin with what it needs from the inside-out and outside-in.

Acne free with antioxidants and anti aging solution from acai berry and 16 other fruits and plants.

December 25, 2010

Who needs acne? Who needs antioxidants?

Who needs anti aging solutions? Everyone who has acne needs acne treatment in the form of antioxidants. The question is if you want to have skin looking like this you need to be ingesting and applying antioxidants to your skin. The best acne treatment is not solved by going to a dermatologist but rather by ingesting and applying antioxidants to the skin with suspended gel technology from Agel Enterprises.

You see, anti aging antioxidants should be healthy and not contain toxins and parabens as most department store anti aging skin care lines contain. Getting rid of acne starts with getting rid of the free radicals in your body and applying antioxidants to your skin where your skin is most exposed to the elements in the air – your face and hands. Of course, pollutants in the air can impact the aging process of our body’s cells and this can lead to the early aging of our cells which in turn can accelerate the appearance of our skin’s age including the damage to our body from the inside. Ingesting antioxidants with the EXO product from Agel Enterprises, with 17 fruits and plant extracts, including acai berry, pomegranate and noni among others is going to quickly bring about a natural acne solution with a natural acne treatment. Imagine applying antioxidants in anti aging skin care products and you have Ageless by the leader in health technology – Agel Enterprises. Get acne free, slow down the aging process of your skin’s cells by ingesting antioxidants and applying antioxidants in the form of anti aging skin care. You could have skin like my wife and my wife’s friend – this Russian lady who has obviously benefited from the use of antioxidants – ingesting them and applied topically – keeping in mind that Moscow has some of the highest levels of carbon monoxide of any large metropolitan area in the world. Let antioxidants help to eliminate acne by letting fruits and plant extracts be your acne treatment and get back the skin you had in your younger years. Get your box or two of EXO, each with 30 gel packets of antioxidants and your 7 anti aging skin care line from antioxidants and the only suspended gel-based skin care line in the world. Your skin deserves the best antioxidants with acai berry, pomegranate, noni and others and let Agel bring about the smooth and young acne free skin you have longed for.

Vitamin D deficiency or not.

December 24, 2010

Simple choice to either get vitamin D or be vitamin D deficiency; 2 gallons of milk daily sounds encouraging.

What is up with all of these vitamins and the need for them? The need for vitamins and vitamin D specifically is real and very important. Yes, you could eat a lot of cheese and drink a lot of milk (the correct type) and then you will still need to be consuming more vitamin D.

What’s in your diet and are you ingesting vitamins and specifically vitamin D for the correct reason or simply because it’s the phase or the popular thing to do? If you think that vitamin D and taking vitamins is simply about a popularity contest, then I encourage you to drink 2 gallons of milk per day and swallow some pills or chew on them for at best average bioavailiability; if you do take vitamins and minerals in the form of pills or tablets, be sure that they do not contain iron. For those of you who are seeking to get vitamins from the health technology leader in suspended gel from Agel Enterprises – there is MIN with 12 vitamins, including of course vitamin D but keeping in mind that all vitamins are at the 100% RDI value which is what you vitamins and minerals pills or tablets are not indicating. Honestly, too much of anything is harmful, be it in vitamins or minerals – get your vitamin D from where ever you can but the best delivery form is from suspended gel with the MIN product and there is no need to be gulping down any water or having to hold your breath to swallow…the suspended gel MIN vitamins and minerals with vitamin D and much more will provide what your body needs on a daily basis with the best delivery form and bioavailability. No more vitamin D deficiency. Get your box of Agel MIN and stop the vitamin D deficiency for all of your vitamins and minerals.

Lowering cholesterol levels but at what cost to your CoQ10 health and poketbook.

December 23, 2010

Statins to lower bad cholesterol levels with Lipitor, Crestor or Zocor or Policosanol to lower bad cholesterol levels and increase good cholesterol levels.

Statins are expensive drugs to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and they come with a laundry list (dirty laundry) of undesirable and health risk side-effects. Policosanol is safe, relatively inexpensive and comes with CoQ10 in the HRT suspended gel product by the leader in health technology, Agel Enterprises.

Why would someone want to pop pills of Lipitor, Crestor or Zocor, or any other statins which have proven to be accompanied by a long list of side effects which range from inconvenient side effects to major health risks for organs (liver and kidneys) and cellular energy because statins deplete or suppress the production of CoQ10. Statins lower LDL cholesterol levels and do very little if anything to increase the good (HDL) cholesterol levels which our body needs. Another frightening ramification about statins to lower cholesterol levels is that you can’t stop taking these statins once you start! So what happens to your cholesterol levels if you don’t stop taking statins – your bad cholesterol levels will remain low, that is a fact, but they will also remain low with healthy policosanol as an alternative to statins. Policosanol in the HRT suspended gel packet contains CoQ10 and other natural ingredients for a healthy heart and not simply to lower the bad cholesterol levels (and increasing the good cholesterol levels). The Policosanol and CoQ10 HRT product by Agel Enterprises can lower overall cholesterol levels by 30% in a month and can be discontinued whenever someone wants to discontinue taking the product, unlike statins which require the patient to consume the Zocor, Crestor, or Lipitor (among other statins on the market) for the rest of their life. The cost of statins will quickly add up, if one is working or on a fixed income and what happens when someone’s income simply can’t afford statins like Crestor, Lipitor or Zocor. What happens then? The cholesterol levels will most likely increase because I can’t think of a logical reason for why your doctor would tell you that you can’t stop taking the statins once you start and of course the doctor will tell you that you need to lower cholesterol levels with statins because your doctor has a vested interest in prescribing statins to his/her patients – the vested interest is not only about the health risks side-effects associated with statins in that you will be returning to see your doctor to monitor your cholesterol levels (and the side effects) but taking other drugs to offset the side-effects associated with statins. Policosanol with CoQ10, oyster mushroom, carnitine, taurine, selenium and folic acid (folate) is simply a healthier and less expensive alternative to statins and these natural ingredients come in the HRT suspeded gel product with a tasty butterscotch flavor. Get your box of HRT today and naturally lower your bad cholesterol levels while increasing your good cholesterol levels with policosanol and get back the cellular energy your entire body needs with CoQ10. If you’re currently taking statins for lowering your bad cholesterol levels, transition over to policosanol and CoQ10 with the HRT product – do this over a period of a few weeks and stop taking the risk of severe side effects associated with taking statins!

What an entrepreneur in 2011 looks for in a home based business.

December 21, 2010

An entrepreneur in 2011 is looking for a home based business which will grow globally and which can be accomplished on a part time or full time basis, generating cash flow while the entrepreneur sleeps as well as when they are awake.

Be it on a part time basis while continuing their current profession in what ever it is that he/she is doing or on a full time basis having proven that he/she has the entrepreneur mindset but simply has been looking for the correct home based business to match their entrepreneur skills. This person is look for Agel Enterprises, the secret of a home based business with a global presence for entrepreneurs who have not heard about the health technology leader – Agel Enterprises.

The entrepreneur is looking to generate cash flow but not simply overnight cash flow with a short duration and then having to build up another home based business in a few months or in a couple of years. An entrepreneur is looking to join a global opportunity for a home based business with products which are unique and provide real benefits to hundreds of millions to billions of people. An entrepreneur is looking at growth industries and having their home based business being the leader in such a growth industry. The entrepreneur is seeking a home based business which will provide cash flow and residual income with expanding product lines, expanding into dozens of countries with the opportunity to personally open up another country or more for the products which are leading that industry. An entrepreneur is look to join a home based business opportunity which will provide financial freedom and time freedom so that in a very short period of time can do what they want to with whom they want to when they want to. An entrepreneur is looking for a leadership team at the company headquarters which has the experience to expand breakthrough technology and have the products become household names and field leadership to help the entrepreneur build up teams globally. An entrepreneur is looking for a home based business with Agel Enterprises, the leader in health technology. Are you one of those entrepreneurs?

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