New skin or your new skin is where turmeric and CoQ10 can help.

November 30, 2010

Yes, face-lifts and other expensive and intrusive methods exist but are they with turmeric and CoQ10?

Let me ask you this…how much would you be willing to pay to have your facial wrinkles and fine lines removed and tighten up all of your skin? Perhaps a lot of money if you had it. With turmeric and CoQ10 in an ingested suspended gel you will see noticeable differences in just 4 weeks with only one green tea flavored single serving gel pack a day…two per day if you want younger looking skin sooner, of course.

Ingesting turmeric with CoQ10 is not by any means an intrusive method to look younger could also enable you to feel younger – that would be more of an interest to anyone wanting to look and feel younger and doing so naturally is a huge benefit with healthy natural ingredients. I am referring to collagen supplements with turmeric and CoQ10 and other natural and very beneficial ingredients. Perhaps you don’t know much about turmeric, but you should because this natural ingredient can provide the collagen supplements your skin has been seeking (aiding the collagen fibers is paramount) – be it from age, worrying, stress, over exposure to the sun or tanning beds. Turmeric in a suspended gel is the ultimate collagen supplements ingested and not applied to the skin topically. Think about it for a few seconds…your skin became the three layers it did from the inside so it would make sense to heal it from the inside with turmeric, CoQ10 and collagen supplements which are ingested. The breakthrough in health technology comes from the leader in the field of health technology and no other company than Agel Enterprises has a suspended gel matrix structure for collagen supplements with turmeric and CoQ10 where in 4-8 weeks can change your skin’s appearance about wrinkles, fine lines, and deep creases and in the process bring about a youthful feel – a real feel and not one as shown on television or mentioned on the radio when the skin is tight light a rubber band about to sever. Collagen supplements have changed with turmeric and CoQ10 in a suspension gel for best bioavailability, from Agel Enterprises. It’s time you start to look and feel younger, with all of your skin with turmeric as your collagen supplements natural relief with CoQ10. Wait until you see the difference in a few weeks and you will be telling all of your friends, especially the envious ones. GLO is the collagen supplements with turmeric and CoQ10 to provide the elasticity you had before your grew up. Get a box of GLO in 30 single serving gel packets and show off and let someone pull your cheek – no worries!

Daily immune system boost with Fucoidan in UMI from Agel Enterprises.

November 30, 2010

It is what your immune system needs on a daily basis.

Stop getting infections and more importantly any diseases. Fucoidan, the active ingredient to boost your immune system is accompanied with iodine and apple cider vinegar in a suspended gel for the best form of bioavailability and it will only strengthen your immune system whereas vaccines such as the flu vaccine or the swine flu vaccine simply weakens the immune system over time (and the other undesirable side effects of vaccines you don’t want).

Now that you know about the UMI product with fucoidan, apple cider vinegar and iodine in a suspended gel from the leader in health technology get your box of UMI with 30 gel packets and ingest a fucoidan packed suspended gel packet daily so that you will be able to boost your immune system year-round and never get any diseases or infections. The immune system is critical for optimal health and fucoidan in a suspended gel provides what the human immune system needs. Perhaps you are one of the few who never gets the common cold or any virus and think that your immune system is exceptionally strong and if so, good for you but should you ever get a virus you will know where to turn to boost your immune system and get rid of such a virus or disease naturally and effectively without any side effects. Fucoidan (from off the coast of Okinawa) is UMI and this should be what you ingest to boost your immune system – no matter if you have a child of one year of age or if you are 100 years of age; this is the natural manner in which to boost your immune system, so get your box of 30 gel packets or a few UMI pods and ingest fucoidan in a tasty green apple flavor from the leader in health technology.

Placebos for MSM Fucoidan Policosanol or drugs.

November 30, 2010

The issue is simple, whether you like it or not – pharmaceutical companies pay for the experiments by an overwhelming percentage of the time (up to 90%)  – so what is a placebo?

A placebo is whatever a manufacturer of the product wants it to be. Think of it this way – if you take statin drugs, the placebo may simply be a substance high in saturated fat.

Why would anyone possibly want to generate an experiment where the test of a placebo vs. a drug is more favorable for the drug – this is not health technology but simply lobbyists taking care of the need to create a demand. Sit back and think about this just for a minute, if at that. The pharmaceutical companies have invested a lot of money, in the millions or perhaps in the hundreds of millions of US dollars in creating a product (which looks nice, in a pill) and can or can’t resolve health issues. Now let me as you this question…and this one, keep to yourself; if you were paid money (not mentioning the amount of course) and your mind was set on the money, would you be inclined to think that the drug worked? If so, you may be a doctor! If not, you did not even participate in the trial or missed out on the sugar pill given to diabetics as a placebo (ensuring that their sugar levels would be inferior to the drug the pharmaceutical companies sell – and pay for the testing). If you are looking for solutions to health related concerns, be it with your immune system, cholesterol levels, CoQ10, MSM deficiency or anything else which matters to you or your loved ones, then stop listening about twisted testsor experiments or the fact that placebos were involved. The real solution is with natural health technology supplementation and it comes from Agel Enterprises. No placebos but only the best form of bioavailability with MSM and other natural ingredients, no experiments with fucoidan compared to swine flu vaccines or policosanol compared to any statin drugs but simply proven results with consumers. Sorry, we don’t have the multi-million budget to conduct results we already know will materialize into facts. It’s time you think about health technology in a different light with Agel Enterprises with MSM, fucoidan, policosanol, turmeric, and many, many other natural ingredients in the best form of delivery – suspended gel technology is health technology, this is your health technology leader…Agel Enterprises, around the global daily and at your finger tip!

Lipitor has 20 million prescriptions but how many for CoQ10.

November 30, 2010

Doctors pushing statin drugs such as lipitor, zocor and crestor is simply amazing.

I hope that these doctors are also pushing CoQ10 supplementation because their patients will need it. CoQ10 is cellular energy and is something which statin drugs inhibit and this is very dangerous.

Statins were created by pharmaceutical companies to lower LDL cholesterol levels but little is mentioned by these statin drug manufacturers about the side effects of statins – except that once you take them, you take them for life – your life! That’s a lot of pills and a lot of money to be spent on statin drugs to lower LDL cholesterol levels.

That’s all that statins do – lower bad cholesterol levels. Granted, lowering bad (LDL) cholesterol levels may be critical to someone with cholesterol levels which are much too high. How about all the potential and very real side effects associated with statins including but not limited to the inhibiting of CoQ10 production? The pharmaceutical companies know about the side effects and should be educating would be consumers about the health risks (the non cholesterol levels risks) which statins can generate and they are rather alarming! Your doctor obviously cares about your well-being – let’s see how much…you need to take statins for life, which means that the pharmaceutical companies are providing the incentive for your doctor to write prescriptions for statins and guess what – you need to go back to your doctor’s office periodically to have blood work done to see if the statin drugs he/she prescribed is damaging organs or causing other unhealthy side effects and one of them is the weakening of your muscles by inhibiting the natural production of CoQ10; your heart is a muscle! Statin drugs deplete or inhibit the natural production of CoQ10 which means that your cellular energy (muscle strength) is at risk – and this is not about cholesterol levels but about a heart attack! Take statins and lower cholesterol levels so that you lessen the chance of having clogged arteries and the need for by-bass surgery, but increase your odds of having a heart attack because your heart has become too weak because your body lacks CoQ10 and your liver and other organs may also be adversely impacted because organs can also be adversely impacted by the use of statins. How could any doctor prescribe statins and not insist that their patients also supplement their CoQ10? The solution is rather simple and it entails one product which lowers bad (LDL) cholesterol levels and increases the good (HDL) cholesterol levels with policosanol – this product contains CoQ10, selenium, oyster mushroom, l-carnitine, taurine, and folic acid along with policosanol; and the best part about this lowering of bad cholesterol levels and increasing the good cholesterol levels is that there are no side effects which do exist with statins. It’s your choice, take statins for life (yours) and visit your doctor frequently for testing on health related issues from statins or ingest policosanol with other heart health benefits and CoQ10 in a suspended gel named HRT – yes, this breakthrough in health technology comes from Agel Enterprises, the leader in bioavailability for health supplementation. The HRT suspended gel product with policosanol and CoQ10 comes in 30 single serving gel packets per box (a month’s supply) and can lower your cholesterol levels by 30% in 30-60 days; you don’t need to ingest the HRT suspended gel product for life, but once you get your cholesterol levels to where they are in the ‘normal’ range, you can ingest the HRT product a few times a week or daily if you would like because it offers many heart health benefits. It’s your heart and your health, choose wisely!

Problems sleeping with insomnia screams for melatonin.

November 28, 2010

Sleeping is something most of us want daily but a few claim to not need it and some people can get by with sleeping for a few hours a night.

If you suffer from insomnia or cognitive popcorn where your mind is thinking when you want it to be resting, melatonin is a natural means to get back to sleeping. Wanting to be sleeping quickly and in a deep sleep with melatonin can quickly become a reality, ending the insomnia you have despised.

When your head lands on the pillow, whether you sleep on your back, on your stomach/chest, or on your side (in the fetal position or not) most likely indicates that you want to be sleeping very soon and you don’t want any distractions from your ability to start sleeping quickly – a lack of melatonin can create insomnia. Some distractions can include external noises but light and temperature also play roles in sleeping quickly and sleeping well resulting in tossing and turning sometimes for hours because your body may simply not be producing enough melatonin. It is about your body’s ability to produce melatonin and not everyone produces the same amount of melatonin and this can lead to insomnia even when you are extremely tired and sleepy. Think of the immune system, some have a better immune system than others because some people seem to never get ill (rarely if ever get a common cold or a sore throat) whereas some get the common cold several times a year because their immune system is not as strong and they ‘catch what’s going around – every time’. The immune system can also create insomnia because if you have the common cold you may be coughing throughout the night and this is termed causal insomnia which can be controlled by simply boosting of the immune system with the UMI suspended gel product with fucoidan, iodine and apple cider vinegar; strengthening the immune system will result in getting ill less frequently or not at all. Assume your immune system is strong and there are no external or internal noise factors which provide reasons for insomnia, the reason for having difficulties sleeping may simply be attributed to cognitive popcorn (thinking too much) and this is where having additional melatonin can come to your sleeping aid and put an end to insomnia. There is a suspended gel strip named REM which just recently came to market and letting a strip or two melt on your tongue 30 minutes before getting around to sleeping will enhance the peaceful sleep you have longed for. Insomnia with a cure is with melatonin so get your REM gel strips now and always keep your immune system at its best with UMI. Sleep tight with melatonin and say goodnight to insomnia!

Antibiotics can become counterproductive for the immune system.

November 27, 2010

Nowadays and for some time now, antibiotics have more or less been available in the western world like candy in a grocery store.

In fact, antibiotics can be purchased over the counter (OTC) about as easily as candy. Antibiotics can wreak havoc to the immune system as some might have experienced by taking antibiotics for too long and can be rather ineffective if antibiotics are not taken for long enough to fight off undesired bacteria.

So what to do, take antibiotics or not? A good question. The solution is to take them as infrequently as possible and only take them when absolutely necessary. A common cold for example is not a reason to be taking antibiotics as the human immune system exists to combat such a small infection and the associated bacteria. Taking antibiotics for acne is simply the direction of dermatologists, when taking antioxidants in a suspended gel with a product named EXO will work better to get rid of acne and comes without any side effects – for acne, antibiotics do more harm than suspended gel antioxidants – antioxidants only provide benefits to the skin and overall health. So what are antibiotics good for? Certain infections might merit taking antibiotics when the immune system needs assistance but if you are ingesting an immune system booster on a regular basis, your body’s defense mechanism to diseases and bacterial infections will be strong – the immune system booster named UMI with fucoidan, iodine and apple cider vinegar will do just that, boost your immune system naturally (the active natural ingredient in UMI is fucoidan which is an ingredient found in brown seaweed and Agel Enterprises, the maker of UMI gets fucoidan from off the coast of Okinawa where fucoidan is richest in the brown seaweed). Now we know how to boost the immune system naturally without taking antibiotics for bacterial infections and most diseases from the common cold starting with a sore throat to AIDS to early stages of cancer because fucoidan promotes cell apoptosis. Where does the immune system originate you might be wondering – a hint, not from antibiotics! 80% of our human immune system is located in the gastrointestinal tract/digestive system so you will want to detoxify your digestive system to keep it clean with a product named GRN which like the UMI product comes in a suspended gel and cleanses the digestive system while feeding the good bacteria – yes, our digestive system hosts healthy bacteria which one must feed and the GRN suspended gel product does just that. Remember that taking antibiotics wipes out bacteria – the bad bacteria and the good bacteria and is the main reason for why people have a poorly functioning digestive system which can easily and often result in upset stomachs and irregular stools. So, if you are taking antibiotics, the suggestion is to stop taking them unless they are critical for your well-being and if you have taken them, be sure to ingest several GRN suspended gel packets to cleanse your digestive system from the antibiotic remnants and to nourish the good bacteria in your digestive system and you might actually need to consume some good bacteria (Activia yogurt could help). Once should always, and I mean always be building up the immune system with UMI which contains fucoidan, iodine and apple cider vinegar and stop taking antibiotics. To your stronger immune system and to a healthier digestive system, get your box (with 30 gel packets each) of UMI with fucoidan and your box of GRN to cleanse your digestive system and feed your good bacteria because your immune system is the means to combat disease and infections!

Tear sip and ingest arthritis and osteoarthritis joint pain solution.

November 26, 2010

It’s that easy and no need to choke down several pills of MSM, Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Celadrin daily.

Choking down pills and waiting until the ingredients are broken down in your gastrointestinal tract could take numerous hours, days, and for some weeks; then if these msm, glucosamine, chondroitin and celadrin pills are broken down they still need to be absorbed by your body so that they can travel to where you are suffering from joint pain, arthritis or osteoarthritis.

Let me simply ask a few questions: if you have joint pain (arthritis or osteoarthritis), what are you looking for when buying msm, chondroitin, celadrin, and/or glucosamine pills or any combination of such pills? Are you seeking relief at some point in time or a solution to your joint pain from a sports related or from arthritis or osteoarthritis? Are you looking for a quick solution to your knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain, hand pain, or where ever your joint pain may be at? Most of us are looking for a solution and the ones who are looking for simply relief have never heard of the health technology leader’s FLX suspended matrix gel product; this product provides the best form of bioavailability for msm, glucosamine, celadrin and chondroitin and provides a solution for arthritis and osteoarthritis for any and all of your joint pain areas including neck pain, ankle pain, knee joint pain, and lower back pain among other joint pain areas. So get yourself a box of 30 suspended gel packets of Agel Enterprises’ health technology FLX product and simply tear the gel packet and sip the gel containing msm, glucosamine, chondroitin and celadrin and quickly notice that your joint pain, arthritis or osteoarthritis solution is in progress. Pills and tablets will eventually provide joint pain relief but arthritis and osteoarthritis solutions come with msm, glucosamine, chondroitin and celadrin in a suspended gel with FLX! What are you waiting for?

Appetite suppressant to lose weight after or during Thanksgiving and the Holidays.

November 24, 2010

So tomorrow is the beginning of the weight gaining season.

Good thing it only lasts about a month! Start thinking about an appetite suppressant to lose weight even before you start to overeat during the holidays. If you want to know how to lose weight, continue reading on and if you want to learn how to lose weight fast and naturally, hurry up and read this article now – before your appetite grows.

To lose weight is usually an afterthought during the holiday season, with plenty of turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pumpkin pie or pecan pie and whatever else you may be able to swallow…then the leftovers. Then come the Christmas parties from work, your spouse’s work, your friends’, your own party…then Christmas, then the New Year! Then it’s time to lose weight with an appetite suppressant. How about learning how to lose weight and how to lose weight fast during the holidays all while enjoying your favorite foods? Sparked an interest? Let’s start off easy – do you like the taste of lemon meringue? If so, you are going to like learning how to lose weight with an appetite suppressant named FIT which will naturally enable you to lose weight! That’s right, naturally lose weight with an appetite suppressant. Now you’re perhaps thinking that learning how to lose weight is going to be easier than you had thought it was and that’s because it is easy and natural without any side effects (no headaches, not upset stomach, no feeling dizzy, and no suffering from insomnia). To lose weight with the natural suspended gel matrix FIT appetite suppressant really could not be an easier; simply ingest the 0.75oz / 21 grams of the tasty lemon meringue flavored lose weight supplement 30-45 minutes before the large meals during the holidays (and before the largest meal of the day whenever you want to lose weight). The appetite suppressant in the FIT naturally lose weight supplement simply indicates to your brain when you are full and not thirty minutes or so after you have stopped eating (when you realize that you have eaten too much or way to much). Now, the last thing you need to do to ensure that the appetite suppressant will enable you to lose weight is doing some simple form of exercise such as a 30-45 minute walk a few times during the week. How to lose weight with the appetite suppressant in FIT will give you extra energy which will facilitate the walking exercise because what you do eat will be converted into energy and not stored as fat – so you will want to walk or run or whatever form of exercise you enjoy doing and that is how to lose weight fast. I told you that when ingesting a natural appetite suppressant the ability to lose weight is simplified, significantly simplified and without negative side effects. Now you can tell all of your relatives, friends and coworkers how to lose weight and how to lose weight fast and correctly with FIT from Agel Enterprises, the leader in health technology!

If not now then when for a home based business generating cash flow.

November 24, 2010

Why put off starting a home based business which could create cash flow?

After all, you want more out of life right? How does financial freedom with residual income and cash flow with your own home based business sound to you?

A good choice for a home based business can bring residual income with cash flow. Yes, I am sure that you have been bombarded with home based business opportunities, be it with legitimate network marketing or illegitimate home based business scams where you make so much money a day or in a week or even during your first month that you ‘can’t miss this one.’ Well, the truth is that if you check your spam folder on whatever email system you have (or ISP) you will see a lot and I mean a lot of such ‘get rich’ spam email which has probably been sent to hundreds of thousands if not millions of email addresses and sure enough some people jumped in and lost their investment; eventually, such scams are shutdown by the appropriate authorities. These are not home based business opportunities but home based business scams and not network marketing opportunities which create cash flow. Good thing for spam folders! What I want you to think about for a home based business is something real with real health benefits which go along with residual income and cash flow for a home based business in network marketing. No, I am not stating that you should quit your job or do anything as imprudent – investing thousands and thousands of US $s would also be imprudent and borderline foolish. I want you to simply think about a home based business opportunity which would take up perhaps one to two hours a day of your time (or more or less depending on your schedule) without leaving your job of course; a home based business in network marketing which could generate cash flow literally the day you start your home based business. This way, you could find out if you have the determination and discipline to have a home based business in network marketing. Most of us have a phone and a computer, so the start up cost would simply be with health technology suspended gel products which you would benefit from. Sounds too easy? Well, that’s because it is – this is network marketing made easy and smart. Agel Enterprises has the perfect home based business model for part time home based business builders and when that residual income and cash flow replaces your income from your job, then you can think about your home based business and you as an entrepreneur. Take a look at why Agel Enterprises is the correct home based business in network marketing for creation of residual income and cash flow now while improving your health with breakthrough health technology suspended gel supplements (health technology breakthrough suspended gel matrix supplements are for arthritis and osteoarthritis with MSM, glucosamine, chondroitin and with celadrin, lowering bad cholesterol levels with policosanol, CoQ10 supplementation, cancer prevention with immune system boosters with fucoidan, iodine and apple cider vinegar, vitamins and minerals, aids to lose weight with an hca supplement, antioxidants from 17 fruits and plant extracts for acne and free radical elimination, antioxidants for anti aging supplements applied to the skin without parabens and toxins, and much much more)!

Rheumatoid arthritis and no more inflammation.

November 23, 2010

This form of arthritis is nothing to laugh about and can cause much discomfort and joint pain areas.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a very disabling form of arthritis and is not simply about joints rubbing too closely because of the lack of fluid and cushion surrounding the joints causing joint pain. Rheumatoid arthritis also entails inflammation of the joint areas with limited flexibility.

The joint pain area with rheumatoid arthritis can start as soon as one awakes which can make the start of a very long day with inflammation and stiff joint areas. There is a suspended gel product named FLX which quickly and effectively reduces inflammation and pain around the joints. This product can quickly come to the aid of anyone suffering from rheumatoid arthritis because the suspended gel product in ingested with bioavailability only surpassed by intravenous injections. You could take a suspended FLX gel packet the minute you wake up and in a few days the symptoms associated with the inflammation from rheumatoid arthritis could quickly and effectively be something of your past – the solution for getting rid of rheumatoid arthritis if FLX. The reduction in rheumatoid arthritis inflammation with the FLX suspended gel product comes from Agel Enterprises, the leader in health technology; this product is natural and contains msm, glucosamine, chondroitin and celadrin and if you have tried some of these natural ingredients in a pill or tablet with inferior bioavailability, wait until you ingest the FLX product and you will be amazed at how quickly your mobility and flexibility comes back as the inflammation quickly dissipates and cartilage is naturally regrown. Taking a anti-inflammatory natural health supplements with chondroitin, msm, celadrin and glucosamine will pleasantly enable you and your former rheumatoid arthritis to be behind you. Get your box of FLX with 30 suspended gel packets, each single serving gel packet contains 0.75oz / 21grams of msm, celadrin, chondroitin and glucosamine to come to your rheumatoid arthritis rescue without any side effects which drugs and other medicines can unfortunately create. FLX for your rheumatoid arthritis solution!

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