Cell apoptosis is critical and fucoidan comes to aid.

October 31, 2010

Unhealthy cells are supposed to be destroyed, that is an important role of our immune system.

The destruction of unhealthy cells or known as programmed cell death or cell suicide is cell apoptosis and fucoidan aids the immune system in continually creating cell apoptosis. Our bodies produce countless numbers of cells at all times and our immune system is designed to have cells which are unhealthy to self-destruct or cell apoptosis.

Like many things in life there exists exceptions and our immune system is no different than natural disasters, being large scale disasters such as a tsunami, earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and any other natural occurrences within the Earth’s atmosphere or on Earth; granted with our bodies such disasters are on a much smaller scale but can spread to other people quickly; certain viruses which have spread over time include plagues, fevers, influenzas, and the more recent the AIDS virus. Many of the worst spreading diseases from human to human have been as a result of immune systems which are not strong enough to generate cell apoptosis and historically the young and the old have been most susceptible to having inadequate immune systems. Cancer and its various forms have become more and more of a concern and this is attributed to pollutants and toxins which we either inhale or are in contact with at the skin level. Cancer apoptosis like cell apoptosis needs to be addressed and can be augmented and promoted by ensuring that one’s immune system is strong and can promote cell apoptosis. Fucoidan, being a natural ingredient found in brown seaweed and with the highest level of nutrients it is found off the coast of Okinawa where Agel Enterprises harvests it and keeps it in its natural form – in suspended gel in the UMI product. Help your immune system generate cell apoptosis and cancer apoptosis – the destruction of unhealthy cells which have the ability to spread at alarming rates throughout the human body. If you’re in potential contact with a virus ranging from the common cold symptoms to a more severe virus, ingest one to several fucoidan packed suspended gel packets of UMI to promote cell apoptosis and stop the spread of unhealthy cells and if your in an early cancer stage, be sure to ingest numerous (6 per day, minimum) fucoidan packed UMI gel packets which will not cause any harmful side effects but promote cell apoptosis and cancer apoptosis. At all times, make sure that you have at least one box of fucoidan packed box of 30 gel packets of UMI in your household which will come to your immune system’s aid to promote cell apoptosis and cancer apoptosis naturally – fucoidan is the natural immune system booster!

An election in the USA and your home based business.

October 30, 2010

This is key!

Not about a safe deposit box of course but about your success with a home based business, a global home based business with health technology. Take the United States of America – yes, the U.S.A. and you quickly realize that this country was founded by pioneers and evolved into a nation of promises for home based business opportunities.

Think about Apple and Dell computers, being in technology with new technology and new delivery methods. These companies did not start with bureaucracy and did not evolve to be leaders in the computer technology industry. Why is that? Because for instance Apple came into a new form of technology with the Mac and the windows concept (which Bill Gates took advantage of, if you did not realize) and Michael Dell changed the delivery method for personal computers – order and have your PC built to your specifications and then get the PC delivered to your home. This might have brought a new concept to or invented home shopping…not sure on this one. Now what you have available is health technology for a home based business in the health technology industry! That’s very powerful and better yet, there is a company which has pioneered the suspended gel health technology industry but most of you are not aware of it. Yet! It is Agel Enterprises and let me inform you about what health technology can bring to you for your health and your home based business – it includes cardiovascular disease prevention (statins do not stand a chance against policosanol with CoQ10 in a single best in class form of bioavailability without side effects except for great cardiovascular disease prevention), an appetite suppressant, natural energy, collagen supplements, cleansing and detoxifying of the gastrointestinal tract/digestive system, antioxidants with the highest ORAC score, an immune system booster with fucoidan to promote cell apoptosis, joint pain solutions which are not simply taking care of the symptom but going after the disease (for knee pain, knee joint pain and all other forms of joint pain) and health technology delivers solutions with vitamins and mineral supplements to prevent the inflammation of organs. New additions include gel strips for libido and a sleeping aid – both again leading the health technology industry with natural ingredients in an exceptionally effective delivery form.  Health technology is going far and simply do not let your election choices forget that you can change your home based business and get the best form of health technology and it all starts with you. I’m already feeling better now about the outcome of the election coming up in the U.S.A. Visit your home based business and health technology opportunity. We will make more leaders, be one of them. Join my team at Agel Enterprises with your health technology global home based business with residual income – already in 60 countries in only 5 years!

Tired of healthcare not meeting expectations.

October 30, 2010

Do something about it for cardiovascular disease prevention!

Don’t just sit there or stand there when you can do something about it. It is named ‘taking control of your health’. That is what health technology is about and it entails cardiovascular disease prevention.

Doctors are in essence paid by pharmaceutical companies to ‘push’ drugs and this is highly evident with the several recent years’ push for statins as an example; also, hospitals dictate what doctors can and can’t do, even if it may save a patient’s life because it may be against conventional medicine which the hospital has established for let’s say cardiovascular disease prevention. I digress and should state that a doctor, a family doctor could be great if a patient suffered from … wait, I digress again, family doctors are simply a means to get to go to someone else who really knows what the health issue is (a specialist, such as one for cardiovascular disease prevention). Now, let’s take a different perspective on this and let’s say high levels of LDL cholesterol (this, by the way is the type you do not want elevated) are found by simple family doctor analysis with tests. The doctor recommends that you see a specialist for reducing cardiovascular disease or simply writes you a prescription for the ill-fated statins which he/she may recommend a higher dosage or in time changing to other statins to alleviate further damage and perhaps create damage to another one of your organs by switching to another manufacturer of statins – who needs a doctor who is going to prescribe you to take a drug which may cause cardiovascular disease (because statins deplete coenzyme Q10) or another diseases. So now we are on statins which are in essence great at preventing or better stated, great at lowering bad cholesterol levels. I must admit that statins work exceptionally well, but the side effects are worse than another heart attack. Now, stand back and think about this before you read more…pause…what is worse than a heart attack with major cardiovascular disease implications? A heart attack is what it is – the question I have is why would you want to take the risk of jeopardizing your heart health without ensuring that you have coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) in your health supplement diet – statins do not contain coenzyme Q10 but actually deplete it and have 20+ other potential very serious side effects! That is what I call falling short of cardiovascular disease prevention – very short! Meeting expectations and far exceeding them is taking policosanol which will increase the HDL while lowering the LDL cholesterol levels. The HRT product has so much to offer with the best form of bioavailability with policosanol and CoQ10 and the reason for why you and your loved ones should be staying away from drugs. Agel Enterprises provides natural health technology supplements making it the leader in health technology. Take care of your cardiovascular disease prevention with policosanol and COQ10. Get your reality check with health technology with Agel Enterprises and get a box or two of 30 gel packets of  HRT for cardiovascular disease prevention and leave the doctors to take their own statins and to follow a hospital’s conventional medicine protocol.

Remain calm and manage stress while getting natural energy.

October 29, 2010

Have a presentation or an interview coming up soon?

No sweat! Take care of your body naturally with products which are natural and are at the forefront of health technology to naturally reduce stress and increase your energy levels. Reduce stress naturally and increase naturally energy levels; this may appear to be contradictory but it’s not.

Taking care and managing stress naturally is not about taking depressants or mood modifying pills. Pills and tablets are archaic and the manufactures know this. Such products provide obsolete forms of bioavailability but as you, the consumer, continue to purchase them, the pharmaceutical companies are reaping the rewards, not your own health! What can you do, thinking out of the box? This also does not entail consuming energy drinks such as red bull and its competing sugar and caffeine packed beverages. You should look into a much more effective form of delivery with health technology with a natural product which will reduce stress and enable you to focus mentally on any task at hand from presenting to a large audience and interviewing to focusing on micro or nano tasks which require precision and extreme accuracy. For natural energy you want to ingest a suspended gel which will also provide the mental focus and reduced stress you might otherwise experience. The product is named OHM and it comes from the leader in health technology, Agel Enterprises! Why, because bioavailability is paramount to any health appreciation and suspended gel matrix technology is leading the path with bioavailability. Pills and tablets offer inconvenience and lack the simple concept of bioavailability. Health technology, like changing from typical grocery store fruits and vegetables to organic ones is thinking smart but how organic is what you eat, will be disclosed soon enough; just because a product is labeled as being organic does not imply that it really is as such. What health technology provides is the best form of convenience for the fruits and vegetables for simplicity but offers health solutions, real preventative health solutions which drugs in pills and tablets cannot offer because of the adverse health effects or simply because of the poor bioavailability or both. It is time that you look for natural health supplements with ginseng root, rhodiola root, schizandra fruit, taurine and more as found in the suspended gel OHM product. Remain calm and get that natural energy back in your body and mind and get a box or two of 30 gel packets of this natural energy health technology supplement and don’t panic and manage stress naturally now!


Your appetite needs an appetite suppressant.

October 28, 2010

If you want to lose some undesired fat an appetite suppressant should be something you need to seriously consider.

Don’t worry, an hca supplement as an appetite suppressant comes in a suspended gel with the best form of bioavailability and with the leading product in health technology. If you could lose the desired fat while gaining energy, that would be an appetite suppressant you would want to ingest.

Simply put, an hca supplement with super citrimax provides anyone who wants to lose fat to be able to do so while gaining energy; this is health technology. The product is named FIT and how appropriate for the name as when you consume one 21 gram FIT gel packet 30-40 minutes before your largest meal of the day this health technology weight loss supplement will actually become a natural appetite suppressant where what you do eat will be transferred to energy instead of being stored as fat. This energy will further enable the appetite suppressant with the hca supplement to help you to further burn the undesired fat when you perform modest levels of exercise such as a 30-40 minutes walk a few times a week or some other similar form of exercise; if you like to exercise already, your will be able to lose the desired fat with this appetite suppressant even faster and build muscle in the process. For you men and women, this could bring about a desired six pack with more significantly defining your abdominal muscles. With the natural FIT product as an hca supplement and appetite suppressant you will lose the desired weight, ranging from 7-20 pounds per month (or 3-9kg). It is recommended that you take the FIT suspended gel appetite suppressant for two months and then if you still want to lose more fat weight, take the FIT product again in a few months but think of keeping the desired weight off because this appetite suppressant will indeed keep the fat weight off and enable you to keep it off! Get your two boxes of FIT, the health technology hca supplement and appetite suppressant now!

Nobody should have back pain.

October 26, 2010

If so, there is a natural solution.

Avoid the cost associated with spinal specialists or joint pain specialists commonly known as orthopedics or pain specialists. Health supplements with the leader in health technology can bring quick and lasting back pain and overall joint pain relief with an ingested supplement with MSM, chondroitin, celadrin and chondroitin coupled with a topical gel.

Yes, a good massage can come handy, but a FLXRub with MSM and cetylated fatty acids applied topically to the skin can also do wonders and at a significantly lower cost. Not sure about your personal financial situation but why would anyone pay for a service they do not need? Yes, I had the outside of my home painted, I live in Texas (USA) and painting the outside of a home in the Summer is not something I would recommend to anyone in Texas – and to do it correctly in two days? No thanks. Instead of having a back pain, I elected to hire a professional for $1,600 which might have been too much or not, I am not sure and why have it done in the Summer, another good question. What I do know is that I did not have back pain from venturing to accomplish the project and there is no way I could have done it in two days. There are some of you who may enjoy the fumes from the water-based paint and the sweat, the bugs nature brings along and the rest of the hassles. Painting is one thing and back pain is something which can exist for many years because of performing such a task – up down, up down, side to side, etc. If you happen to experience such a back pain, think of an alternative to seeing a ‘professional’ and take matter in your own hands with FLX and FLXRub, both containing MSM. You see, joint pain, be it back pain, knee pain or knee joint pain – or any form of joint pain does not need to be complicated and require a professional to either examine your joint pain or heaven’s forbid convince you that you need invasive surgery or cortisone injections when MSM and other natural ingredients can suffice. Joint pain can easily be taken care of with a suspended gel health supplement, which is leading the health technology industry and it is named FLX. A new addition to the ingested joint pain solution for back pain, knee pain and knee joint pain among all the other potential joint pain areas (and we do have the potential for many – painting or not) is FLXRub; the latter is a topical gel which brings about relief to both deep joint pain and muscle pain at the tissue. It’s time you get your glucosamine, celadrin, MSM and chondroitin in a gel, ingested or applied topically – both work exceptionally well in combination for deep joint pain and now for muscle pain with FLXRub. Get your joint pain for back pain and all of your other joint pain areas with Agel Enterprises, at the forefront of the health technology revolution!

Health technology does not include pills and tablets but Agel.

October 26, 2010

That’s a fact and you had better get used to it and it also does not include antioxidant juices or any other liquids such as antioxidant juices in a plastic or glass container.

Health technology is the future of the health and wellness industry and it’s about suspended gel matrix technology. Pills and tablets are archaic delivery forms and antioxidant juices lack convenience and measurability and obviously portability.

Being able to accurately measure each and every serving is part of health technology and having the best form of bioavailability is another. Convenience and portability also play important roles in health technology and such roles entail being able to ingest health technology products at any time and anywhere. Pills and tablets are compressed at pounds per square inch (or centimeter) named psi and this has been a long-term measure for tires on vehicles used for transportation. The human body is not a machine and needs to have nutrients, vitamins, and minerals delivered in a manner consistent with the human body being able to quickly breakdown what is ingested and therefore quickly and effectively be absorbed by the body via the bloodstream (such nutrients, vitamins and minerals are broken down in the gastrointestinal tract); what’s a pill or tablet other than unmeasurable nutrients, vitamins and minerals packed at very high levels of pounds per square inch which lay in the gastrointestinal tract (at times for weeks) because of the human body not being able to break down such ‘rocks’. The future of the health and wellness is with health technology and Agel Enterprises is leading this industry and has been for 5 years. Read about the suspended gel health technology products and be sure to get the ones you need most, if not all of them. And if you are business minded and have been considering a home based business this is a home based business opportunity you need to seriously consider. Remember the future of health technology is not with pills and tablets and not with antioxidant juices but with suspended matrix gel health technology – with Agel Enterprises! Agel has once again expanded on the best compensation plan in the industry enabling home based business owners and builders to not only have a global home based business from anywhere in the world but to have their own home based business distributing in 60 countries. Open up the next country or two, or three. Agel Enterprises will help you to open up new countries and you could almost instantly become Agel’s leader in such a country. This is a home based business opportunity in the health technology industry which Agel Enterprises is the leader from product innovation for health and wellness coupled with wealth creation with residual income. Your home based business should be with Agel Enterprises where all you have to do is think globally with work of course and let Agel Enterprises do the rest!

Who has knee pain and who has back pain.

October 24, 2010

No sure about some of you, but I played 2 hours of cutthroat racquetball this morning.

Do I have knee pain and back pain? Not anymore. I must admit that playing racquetball with people half my age is a workout and doing it for 2 hours can be a beating for the onset of knee pain and back pain.

What did I do after the numerous matches, I took a shower and then ingested a knee pain and back pain suspended gel health supplement with glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and celadrin and then applies a topical gel to my knee pain and lower back pain. An hour later and now I’m ready for some more racquetball but this shall have to wait until tomorrow. The health supplements I used was FLX as an ingested suspended gel and FLXRub topical gel for my knee pain and lower back pain and it took me less than 10 seconds to ingest the citrus flavored suspended gel for all joint pain, with celadrin, chondroitin, MSM and glucosamine and a couple of minutes to apply the joint pain topical gel which actually also was very effective for my lower back muscle pain in combination with my lower back pain. Racquetball creates joint pain, be it knee pain, back pain, elbow pain and several other forms of joint pain – for me it is more related to running into walls than anything else. Perhaps I am not the best racquetball player but I probably would not play if I did not have the joint pain health supplements which I ingest and now also apply topically. So, if you have any type of joint pain (knee pain or back pain) from any serious physical activity or even by lack of moving perhaps by sitting in front of the computer or watching too much TV (or sitting for extended periods of time in your automobile), try FLX and FLXRub and I can assure you that any joint pain will be quickly diminished or will have vanished entirely within an hour. To your physical exercise and to joint pain relief. To FLX and FLXRub by Agel Enterprises! Get your knee pain and back pain relief with gel because gel simply works better than any pill or tablet!

Deep muscle pain and joint pain relief in a gel.

October 23, 2010

Some people are more prone than other to suffer deep muscle pain or joint pain.

Agel Enterprises has introduced a new topical gel named FLXRub for backaches, arthritis, strains, bruises and for sprains and this topical gel works to bring quick relief to deep joint pain and muscle pain. The breakthrough in suspended gel technology with the ingested FLX knee pain and overall joint pain solution now comes in a topical gel which will also bring relief to muscle pain.

Apply FLXRub topically to the skin to provide fast and deep joint pain relief and deep muscle pain relief and for the best possible results also ingest a FLX suspended gel as both products contain MSM and cetylated fatty acids and have been proven to work very effectively together when ingested and applied directly to the skin. Stop waiting for the joint pain and muscle pain to go away and having to suffer during that time and get yourself a FLXRub topical gel and a box of ingested FLX and get the joint pain (knee pain, knee joint pain, back pain, elbow pain – tennis elbow, and overall arthritis) relief and the muscle pain relief from sport activity or simply from being clumsy from running into fixed objects. For fast and effective joint pain and muscle pain relief put aside the heating pads and ice packs and get your FLXRub and ingested FLX gel packets and feel like new again.

Cell apoptosis and cancer apoptosis and what you can naturally do.

October 23, 2010

You could do nothing of course and let your immune system try to naturally generate cell apoptosis.

You could also take drastic steps if in early stages of cancer and attempt chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments and have your health suffer for some time if you survive such invasive treatments, especially chemotherapy. There is a natural alternative for cell apoptosis which promotes apoptosis cancer.

Fucoidan is natural and comes from brown seaweed and is packed with nutrients when harvested from off the coast of Okinawa and when ingested in a suspended gel it is in its natural form unlike pills and tablets which provide poor bioavailability. As fucoidan delivered in a suspended gel promotes cell apoptosis and the programmed cell death of rapidly duplicating unhealthy cells (cancer apoptosis) without impacting health cells, fucoidan provides the healthy alternative to highly invasive chemotherapy alternatives which also promotes cell apoptosis of the cells your body naturally needs and uses. Chemotherapy also harms cells that divide rapidly under normal circumstances: cells in the bone marrow, digestive tract and hair follicles; this results in the most common side effects of chemotherapy—myelosuppression (decreased production of blood cells), mucositis (inflammation of the lining of the digestive tract) and alopecia (hair loss). Fucoidan promotes cancer apoptosis – the programmed cell death (cell apoptosis) of unhealthy and rapidly duplicating cells by building up the human immune system. You have the option to undergo highly invasive chemotherapy treatments which can obviously become extremely expensive or ingest many fucoidan suspended gel packets named UMI which are drastically less expensive and have no negative side effects. If you are experiencing early stages of cancer, get several boxes of the UMI product now and naturally promote cell apoptosis with fucoidan- each box contains 30 gel packets with 21 grams of suspended gel per gel packet with a palatable green apple flavor.

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