Knee pain and overall joint pain with muscle pain relief.

September 29, 2010

Knee pain and joint pain now comes with muscle pain relief.

Muscle pain relief from physical activity is available now in a topical gel. This is new and will work with anyone’s muscle pain and alleviate joint pain including knee pain.

This is Agel coming out with a topical gel which works very effectively for muscle pain as you might experience after strenuous physical activity or simply years of using your muscles for every day life. FLXRUB gel is now available but not for sale yet! This is a knee pain and muscle pain and overall joint pain relief gel which in combination with the FLX suspended gel health supplement for joint pain solution will do wonders for knee pain and knee joint pain. Try FLXRUB gel for muscle pain – it will be much more effective than any muscle pain relief topical solution you have tried. Knee pain and overall joint pain and now muscle pain relief with Agel Enterprises and suspended gel. Nothing works better so get your knee pain, knee joint pain and muscle pain out of the picture and move on with your life!

Who really needs antioxidants.

September 28, 2010

We all do!

Believe it or not, our bodies in this century and the latter half of the 20th century have been asking for antioxidants.What have you been doing to get your antioxidants?

Perhaps you have been getting them with consuming several different fruits such as mangosteen, cranberries, blueberries, bilberries, grapes, elderberries, gac, aronia, acerola and others. How much did you spend on these tasty antioxidants and how far did you have to travel to get them? For how long were they fresh and providing the antioxidants your body needs? Obviously I don’t know this but you have a better idea. What if you could get your daily antioxidants in one single serving with well over 200 antioxidants – yes, in a single serving which you could ingest in a gel from anywhere without any water at any time of the day? That seems more interesting than going shopping for 17 different fruits and plant extracts which are included in the EXO suspended gel which provides the best form of bioavailability and great grape flavor. Children will love this as well as anyone of any age. So get your daily antioxidants with EXO with an incredible ORAC score and leave the shopping expense to…well, the people who do not know about EXO. Get your antioxidants today!

Lose Weight the Natural Weigh

September 28, 2010

When it comes to losing weight, it seems that just about everyone has a different opinion on how to do it best.  But when it boils down to it, you need to incorporate two simple changes to lose weight naturally: healthy eating and exercise. When you eat healthier, your calorie intake decreases, and also burn more calories. When you burn more calories than you intake each day, you lose weight.  When you exercise, you burn calories at an increased rate. Daily healthy eating and exercise is the key to natural weight loss success, and figuring out how you can eat healthier and exercise with your lifestyle and your schedule will translate to weight lost.

The most important trait to for successful weight loss is willpower; you have to want to lose weight, and you have to be willing to make some sacrifices. If you’re unwilling to sacrifice, then there’s little hope you can accomplish your goal.

Fucoidan and detoxification should be your immune system.

September 28, 2010

What are you doing during this winter and potential flu season?

Enjoying the leaves turn from green to red and orange to brown and letting gravity take its natural course on Earth. Perhaps you want something different to ensure that all goes well and that you don’t get ill with the coming flu season and all cold related diseases – fucoidan and detoxifying your body come to your aid naturally.

Our body has the natural defense mechanism to combat viruses with our immune system but if such an immune system is jeopardized then one’s body becomes vulnerable to disease(s) – any disease! What can you and I do to prevent this from occurring – well, that is fairly simple in that it is one word “Fucoidan” – this natural ingredient is found in brown seaweed throughout the oceans and seas but it can be less effective depending on where it is harvested. There is one product which comes in a suspended gel with the best form of bioavailability which naturally enables our human body to absorb and utilize fucoidan to assist in our immune system building effect. And yes, this UMI product, packed with fucoidan is tasty and comes from the brown seaweed which is most abundant in immune system booster ingredients from off the coast of Okinawa. I could go on about apoptosis and how UMI’s fucoidan has the best delivery form to combat all diseases but you can read and see for yourself. Also, keep in mind that 80% of our immune system starts from our digestive system or otherwise known as our gastrointestinal tract – we all need to have this clean of bad bacteria (and nourishing the good bacteria) at all times and this can be accomplished and cleansed with a product named GRN. You see, what you eat is what you are – often known as a cliche, but in reality if we do not cleanse and detoxify our system, our natural immune system cannot possibly be as effective to promote apoptosis as we would like it to. So, get yourself a box of UMI with fucoidan and a box of GRN and cleanse and detoxify your digestive tract and build up your immune system so that you have a disease-free life. Cleansing and detoxifying your digestive system and ingesting fucoidan is surely going to drastically improve your immune system!

Sleep deprivation comes to end with Agel’s REM gel strip sleeping aid with Melatonin

September 26, 2010

Most of us live hectic lives with work, children, hobbies and we need to be able to get a good night’s sleep with Agel’s REM gel strip with Melatonin.

There are some drugs which help people to get a good night’s sleep but these can be pricey and come with side effects which can damage the liver and actually require a liver transplant such as kava. Valerian is another ingredient used as a sleeping aid but it is not effective for everyone. Melatonin is natural and works very effectively.

Our brain naturally produces serotonin which is converted into melatonin during nigh time when exposure to light decreases. Sleep deprived people can suffer from insomnia or simply are tired but missed out on getting to sleep at the correct time because of their lifestyle; imagine a sleeping aid which you can simply put on your tongue and the gel strip quickly gets absorbed into your blood stream. Imagine REM and you have Agel’s new health supplement.  Taking a health supplement named REM by Agel provides the melatonin your brain is not able to produce enough of, to help you get that sleep you may desperately want and need. Natural sleeping aids are not common and have no side effects. Melatonin is the natural ingredient found in the REM product in a gel strip for best bioavailability to get you to get the sleep you want in 30 minutes. The melatonin gel strips do not require water and also do not require having to swallow or choke down a pill or tablet. Get your night’s rest with natural melatonin from REM in a gel strip every night and in places you have difficulty sleeping in, such as airplanes and noisy areas. REM is your melatonin gel strip sleeping aid. Good night and sweet dreams!

Suspended gel has grown for libido in a gel strip.

September 25, 2010

Ever heard of viagra with sildenafilor or Levitra with vardenafil?

How about a natural health supplement with yohimbine and of course without a prescription. Agel has created first to market a suspended gel in a gel strip for libido.

No more need for men and women to have to get prescription for HIM as now both partners can have a safe relationship without the discomforts associated with viagra and levitra among other pills and tablets for libido. No water is needed and with a libido gel strip, nobody will know what your up to – except for that special person. Agel has gone above and beyond again to bring to market a product which hundreds of millions of men are looking for in improving their love life. Now such a libido product has evolved! Agel keeps introducing new products with the most advanced technology while large pharmaceuticals create pills and tablets which offer poor bioavailability and lack convenience. Listerine strips are for breath and HIS is for better health and women deserve the best! Libido has evolved with HIS with yohimbine! This libido product will very soon be available for purchase at so visit soon to get your 24 gel strips of libido health supplements!

Arthritis or osteoarthritis and the joint pain remedy.

September 25, 2010

Arthritis is extremely debilitating and simply seeing people with severe arthritis makes some of us very uncomfortable.

If you have never had any type of joint pain, specifically knee pain, knee joint pain or joint pain with your hand or fingers or tennis elbow you know the pain associated with such joint pain. With the knee pain walking is an efforts and with tennis elbow or joint pain with the joints in the hand makes turning a handle on a door an effort you don’t want to make.

Perhaps now you can imagine what having extreme arthritis or osteoarthritis – this is a disease and one I wish nobody has to endure. Unfortunately many people do suffer from severe arthritis and osteoarthritis and they can’t seem to find any solution for their horrific joint pain. Now there is hope which will make such people suffering from severe joint pain extremely happy. It is a natural health supplement which is ingested as a gel, as suspended gel with the best bioavailable delivery form which means that it works exceptionally fast. It won’t work in a matter of seconds but it will work within the hour and there are no side effects associated with the joint pain remedy – well, there is one side effect and it is called relief! The best effect someone with severe arthritis or osteoarthritis can think of and has been seeking. The product costs about US$3.00 per single serving and comes in a box of 30 gel packets where if you suffer from severe arthritis and joint pain you could take 3 such gel packs on your first day but one will provide results within an hour and in a few days to a few weeks, depending on the severity of your joint pain and osteoarthritis the joint pain will go away. The product anyone with severe arthritis or osteoarthritis has been seeking is available and has been since 2007; the name is FLX and it is for fast and effective joint pain solutions from knee pain to arthritis in all of your joints. This breakthrough delivery method in suspended gel enables the active natural ingredients of celadrin oil, glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate and msm to be absorbed by the human body faster than any combination of pills and tablets and with a much higher level of bioavailability. FLX will fight the disease of severe arthritis and osteoarthritis and make any joint pain disease-free and not simply treat the symptom temporarily. If you know anyone if you yourself do not suffer from severe joint pain, get a box of 30 gel packets of the FLX product and you will have made an incredible friend for life!

Your home based business can start today in Vegas.

September 24, 2010

Today is the start of the 5th year anniversary of the extremely successful Agel Enterprises and an organization which has what it takes for anyone in 60 countries to build a home based business.

That’s correct – in 60 countries. Agel Enterprises, in the last 5 years expanded its presence to 60 countries, has revolutionized the health supplement industry with the health and wellness industry with expanding product lines and has expanded on its compensation plan to more easily have team members earn residual income.

What other home based business in in the growing health and wellness industry, has expanding product lines with unique products with best-in-class health benefits with the best form of bioavailability and a growing compensation plan which pays more to the people introducing the extremely effective products to people on all continents and in 60 countries – in only 5 years. For those of you who are mathematically inclined or challenged, that is on average opening up in a new country every month and only Agel Enterprises has accomplished this. This is where you need to have your home based busienss – with Agel Enterprises and benefit by quickly generating residual income with your home based business at the same time as benefiting from a health perspective. Take a look at the compensation plan and the manner in which your home based business can create residual income. Hear it from every day people who joint Agel Enterprises and why they did so for their home based business. Learn why the suspended gel products using matrix technology are far superior than any other products in the health and wellness industry. Better yet, go to AgelWorld in Las Vegas today and tomorrow! Build your financial freedom with your own home based business with Agel Enterprises from anywhere you want to in 60 countries or open up a new country with your home based business in the 61st, the 62nd, or 63rd country. This is your financial freedom and Agel Enterprises can show you how to build your home based business and create your own residual income! See you in Vegas!

Alternative for children and the elderly who hate pills and tablets.

September 23, 2010

Have you ever heard of ‘suspension gel technology’?

If not, let me explain. Suspension gel technology has entered the health and wellness industry because of the better form of bioavailability; our body being able to break down nutrients in our gastrointestinal tract and absorbing such nutrients into our blood stream.

After all, we ingest nutrients in the foods we eat and such foods gets broken-down and absorbed into our blood stream and the rest gets flushed out of our system. Many foods do not contain the necessary nutrients and vitamins our body needs on a daily basis, so we supplement or better stated should supplement with nutrients and vitamins we need daily. What are the options to ensure that our bodies get the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals we need? You could go and get fresh fruit and vegetables and foods which would provide 100% of your daily requirements of vitamins, essential minerals, and other nutrients; yes, going food shopping would become quite an adventure and a very time-consuming one. Most people do not have the financial means nor the time to ensure that all foods are consumed daily to provide all of these nutrients on a daily basis (including essential vitamins and essential minerals). People take pills and tablets as health supplements and have been doing so for decades. Most people never finish these supplements and end up throwing them into the trash after a while. Why is that? Convenience and the fact that children and the elderly dislike having to ingest pills and tablets. But all people need vitamin supplements and mineral supplements because remember we don’t have the financial means nor the time to go and buy everything that our body needs on a daily basis. What if such essential nutrients (vitamin supplements and mineral supplements) were available in a new delivery form which has been used by athletes for many years but such delivery form was also being used for the delivery of nutrients to the human body. Now we have suspended gel technology for health supplements and not simply energy and carbohydrates which were delivered in gel form for athletes. Do you think that you would be more likely to ingest tasty suspended gel packets daily instead of having to force or choke down pills and tablets? I know children and the elderly would rather have suspended gel packets to ingest over pills and tablets any day! Now that is a solution for everyone because even if you have been regularly taking pills and tablets and have no issues in continuing to swallow such supplements – but what if I told you that pills and tablets have inferior bioavailability (10%-40%) and suspended gel had much higher bioavailability (80-90%), would that be enough to get you to start taking suspended gel health supplements instead of pills and tablets? Of course it would, so get your box of any or all of these suspension gel health supplements: UMI is to boost your immune system with fucoidan, MIN has 100% of your essential vitamins and essential minerals, OHM has your vitamin B complex and enhances cognitive skills including memory with focus and naturally lowers stress levels, EXO with the 200+ antioxidants and with the highest ORAC score of any gel on the market, FLX for knee pain and joint pain solution for all of your joint health, HRT to lower bad cholesterol levels and increase good cholesterol levels and increase one’s natural cellular energy with CoQ10 and prevent cardiovascular disease, FIT as an appetite suppressant and weight loss supplement (HCA supplement), GLO as your collagen fibers supplement for naturally rejuvenating and hydrating your skin, hair and nails, PRO for protein and the omega fatty acids, CAL for osteoperosis prevention with vitamin K2 and all the calcium ones body needs daily, and GRN for detoxifying and cleansing your digestive tract and feeding the good bacteria in your digestive system because 80% of your immune system starts in the digestive tract. More suspended gel products coming out shortly.

Prescription drugs like statins going prescription free and becoming nutrients or supplements.

September 21, 2010

There are some doctors who actually think that making statin drugs prescription-free is a good idea.

Even going as far as making statin drugs condiments in fast-food establishments. I can see it now, “I’ll have two double cheeseburgers with extra statins”.

This is absurd and these people are respected doctors who research this garbage for cardiovascular disease prevention. Statin drugs becoming prescription-free is about as wise of a decision as selling alcohol with a pack of cigarettes. Granted, I am fairly confident, but cannot prove it, that such doctors are being handsomely paid by the big pharmaceutical companies to actually recommend that statins be put directly into fast food restaurant foods. No longer needing to have the statins on the side as the statins will be included as the ingredients in your cheeseburger. Statins are very dangerous drugs which can have the following ramifications including but not limited to kidney damage, liver damage, extreme muscle weakness, erectile dysfunction, constipation, and chronic deficiency in coenzyme q10 (CoQ10) – never mind the potential impact to customers’ health should they be on other medications which do not have a positive synergistic impact but a devastating one when combined with statin drugs. Simply put, if you eat at fast food restaurants you want to take natural health supplements which come with policosanol, CoQ10, oyster mushroom and folate among others, to reduce your risk of high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure with the HRT product for heart health and cardiovascular disease prevention. Your body was not designed for prescription drugs and making statins prescription-free won’t help with the devastating side-effects of statins but merely have more people with statins’ devastating side-effects. So, if you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels, ingest a natural health supplement with policosanol and CoQ10 and help your heart and prevent cardiovascular diseases – get your box of heart health HRT and say ‘no’ to statins and ‘no’ to big pharmaceuticals pushing statin drugs to doctors. Say ‘yes’ to better heart health and get your box of 30 gel packets of HRT today with natural policosanol and CoQ10.

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