Having surgery soon, build up your immune system with Fucoidan before and after.

July 30, 2010

Any type of surgery is grounds for minor to major infections!

So, if you are going to have surgery soon, for repair on a tendon or ligament to hip replacement or something even more serious such as cancer, you need to build up your immune system. Fucoidan can significantly help and do so naturally.

Building up your immune system is paramount before and obviously after surgery of any kind because surgery by definition is grounds for an infection. After all, part of your body beneath the skin is being exposed to foreign substances; of course most surgeries are performed in the most sterile environments but part of your body is nonetheless exposed. Building up your immune system needs to be done naturally and not with taking drugs as drugs themselves can cause side effects which can prevent the proper healing of the reason why you are having surgery in the first place. You also need to be building up your vitamin and mineral intake and doing so with natural and highly bioavailable forms of supplementation. Fucoidan is a natural form of immune system booster which will naturally build up your immune system and taken in conjunction with essential vitamins and minerals will greatly improve the results of any type of surgery. Therefore, when you know that you will be undergoing surgery, your need to boost your immune system and ingest your vitamin supplement and mineral supplement. If surgery is not planned, be sure that you inform someone to get you fucoidan and the essential vitamins and essential minerals so that you can ingest these as soon as your surgery is complete. One gel pack of essential vitamins and essential minerals per day will be sufficient and several gel packs of your immune system booster with fucoidan should be ingested daily prior to and even more after any surgery. Fight off the potential of infections after surgery with UMI and MIN and get your suspended gel health supplements today!

Obesity in Children: America at Risk

July 29, 2010

Though it’s often pushed aside in lieu of more serious conditions like Tourette Syndrome and Autism, obesity is a serious issue affecting American children. It might seem harmless, but childhood obesity can lead to the development of more serious conditions in the future like diabetes, high cholesterol levels, and even cancer, not to mention poor health and eating habits. The most dangerous part about childhood obesity is that many parents will refuse to admit that their children are overweight; or be oblivious to the fact. Though it’s undesirable to be overweight, admitting your child isn’t perfect and may need help overcoming their weight problem will help them live a better life in the future.

There are several books, guides, and products designed to assist children with overcoming a weight problem; a mere use of a search engine will allow you to find hundreds of potential solutions to combating childhood obesity.

Not all vitamin supplements and mineral supplements are alike and why that is.

July 29, 2010

Most may even be toxic for your system for a few reasons.

A vitamin and mineral supplement should be consumed daily and never have the ability to become toxic to your system and should never contain iron. Imagine your children from the age of one year asking you for their vitamin/mineral supplement (not in so many words) when they wake up in the morning! Now you can, and never again have to worry about your loved ones ingesting too much or too little of any such essential supplement.

Such essential vitamins and essential minerals should be just that, essential. They should never contain more than 100% of the RDI (not RDA) – the I is for intake and the A is for allowance. You see, taking multi-vitamins and multi-minerals in pills or tablets can be harmful and also can become toxic for your body because if you take a look at the RDA on the multi-vitamin/mineral supplement you are taking, you will see that some of the percentages are more than 100% and some can be considerably more than that. Your body, like mine can only possibly absorb 100% of such vitamin and mineral supplements but since pills and tablets have poor bioavailability (lacking folic acid and not being in suspended gel form), the manufacturers add much more than our bodies can possibly absorb because the manufacturers know that the human body will only be able to breakdown and absorb 5-40% of the vitamins and minerals – what the manufacturers don’t know however is how much of each essential vitamin and essential mineral is in each pill and tablet and this is really frightening as you may be consuming way too much of one or many vitamins and minerals and this can result in adverse health effects. To get the precise amount of essential vitamins and essential minerals your body needs and can absorb because of the best form of bioavailability (in a suspended matrix gel, which is measurable to the size smaller than a human hair – matrix gel technology), you need a vitamin and mineral supplement daily and the only solution is a suspended matrix gel pack named MIN.Ingest your essential vitamins and essential minerals in a tasty berry punch flavor daily and get your personal month’s supply for yourself today and one for every other member of your household – and of course, get rid of the multi-vitamins and minerals in pills and tablets you have at your residence!

Put an end to your obesity with an HCA supplement to prevent cardiovascular disease.

July 28, 2010

Obesity is not going to help prevent cardiovascular diseases – everyone needs to know this.

Eliminating obesity starts with eating less, changing diet and exercise. It is not all that difficult when you can get some natural assistance with an appetite suppressant and a natural energy supplement and this will assist you in preventing to get cardiovascular diseases.

Easier stated than done, correct? Actually with natural health supplements which I will introduce to you it will be much easier than you might have originally thought. You see, you first have to want to prevent getting a cardiovascular disease and once you accept this, the rest is simply a matter of getting used to. Taking an HCA supplement will enable you to benefit from the appetite suppressant and weight loss supplement in the FIT natural product – and you will not only lose the desired weight of 8-15 pounds per month but you will be able to keep it off! The energy you need to get your exercise will be found with the FIT product and with a natural energy supplement with a star fruit taste which comes with ginseng root, schizandra, d-ribose, taurine, and more. The concept to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease is to get your weight under control, to eat better and getting the energy to do some exercise. Learn how to combat the onset of cardiovascular disease today with natural supplementation in the FIT and OHM products. And if your exercise routine gets to your joints, take a FLX and get the flexibility and mobility back which you need to complete your exercise without pain or discomfort. Remember, eating correctly means cutting down on saturated fats and cholesterol, eating less and having what you eat be transformed into real natural energy – and this comes with an HCA supplement, getting additional natural energy and strength comes with d-ribose and taurine, and walking – yes walking, is exercise! Get these natural health supplements today because cardiovascular diseases will not go away without your effort!

Your immune system booster for allergies, or else.

July 27, 2010

This is not a joke!

You must build up your immune system and take vitamin and mineral supplements for your allergies. Building up your immune system is simple or it can be complicated, depending on how you approach it.

For allergies, the solution is to ingest an immune system booster which will assist the white blood cells to fight off the impacted cells and in essence rid them of any more harmful repercussions (impacting other healthy cells). This is scientifically difficult to accomplish by simply hoping that such an immune system deficiency as an allergy will ‘go away’ without any assistance. Taking medication such as Zyrtec which millions in the USA take can have awful side effects. You could simply wait until the allergy goes away and be uncomfortable during your allergic outbreak – hoping that it does not last a long time. Taking fucoidan to build up your immune system is natural and it will work without any side effects. After all, fucoidan comes from brown seaweed and promotes apoptosis which is what everyone needs to fight off any type of infection. So the choice is yours in that you can do nothing and deal with the ramifications of the allergy (the hives, the itching and the unpleasant sight – along with perhaps some sleepless nights), you can also take some allergy drugs which very well could work but could lead to some unpleasant side effects (for children, they include headaches, soar throats, abdominal (stomach) pain, cough, drowsiness, nosebleeds, and diarrhea and for adults, they include drowsiness, fatigue, dry mouth, soar throat, and dizziness), or you can ingest a tasty green apple flavored UMI suspended gel pack with fucoidan and let this immune system booster fight off your allergy naturally. Remember that we all need to be taking our vitamin supplement and mineral supplement and the best form of bioavailability is with suspension gel and MIN has this breakthrough – ingesting vitamins and minerals will keep you healthy and fucoidan needs to be ingested when our bodies are not able to fight off infections as well as to prevent infections in the first place. Fucoidan offers much more for your immune system than getting rid of allergies, it can save lives! Get your box of UMI today with fucoidan and stop allergies while building up your immune system both naturally and quickly! And while your at it, get a box of 30 gel packs of MIN for your essential minerals and essential vitamins.

Agel launches product in 60th nation in less than 60 months, bringing suspended gel antioxidants and more to Indonesia.

July 26, 2010

Agel Enterprises has reached a new milestone with suspension gel technology!

This is another breakthrough for Agel Enterprises, bringing in natural health supplementation and giving Indonesians the ability to create residual income from their own residence.

In a bit less than 60 months since first distributing the breakthrough in suspension gel matrix technology, Agel Enterprises has started to distribute products in Indonesia, making this country of 230 million inhabitants the 8th country in Southeast Asia. Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world. The population of Indonesia will now be able to benefit from products such as an antioxidant supplement, natural energy booster, and essential minerals and essential vitamins as Agel further entrenches its presence in the nation of over 17 thousand islands.

Cardiovascular disease and how to get your hypertension under control.

July 26, 2010

Ever get rushed to the hospital for an emergency because your blood pressure was 150/110 or higher?

Not something you probably want to experience again and if it has happened to you more than once, do you want it to stop happening? So get your hypertension under control so that you will lessen the likelihood of getting cardiovascular disease.

The probability of someone suffering from hypertension increases with age as do most diseases, but this cardiovascular disease (also commonly known as high blood pressure) is not age specific as it can very easily effect teenagers so it does not discriminate by age. Having hypertension is one thing for people to have to endure, now think about the cost to the employer of people with hypertension – medical expenses, absenteeism, and short-term disability; so there is a medical cost and lost of productivity as another cost. High blood pressure may be attributed to obesity and thus losing weight might be one approach to getting your high blood pressure under control and exercise will also help – the FIT product by Agel Enterprises will do wonders for your natural weight loss as it is an HCA supplement (hydroxycitric acid) and it will give you energy as what you do eat will not be stored as fat but converted into energy and helping you do exercise; this is a great natural prevention for several forms of cardiovascular diseases. Of course eating a diet lower in saturated fat and cholesterol will help too. Taking a daily vitamin and mineral supplement with magnesium, potassium and vitamin D will of course also come to your aid in reducing your hypertension and the MIN suspended gel pack has these natural minerals and vitamin D along with 19 others to help you with your overall health. If stress is causing your blood pressure to rise, the OHM suspended matrix gel packs will naturally enable you to manage your stress and to remain calm with schizandra and ginseng root and also give you energy to have longer endurance during your exercise. Taurine, found in Agel’s OHM and HRT products has been linked to reducing high blood pressure and doing so naturally. The HRT product also has coenzyme q10 (CoQ10) which provides cellular energy to all human cells and therefore gives strength to the heart (a muscle) and that in turn reduces high blood pressure; the HRT product also contains policosanol which reduces the LDL (bad) cholesterol and increases the HDL (good) cholesterol levels thereby further reducing the stress on your heart and lowering blood pressure. Yet another natural suspended gel named UMI is packed with iodine and this also comes to one’s assistance in reducing hypertension. Taking all of these natural health supplements will get one type of cardiovascular disease under control and get your blood pressure from hypertension to normal acceptable levels. So, get yourself some boxes of Agel’s breakthrough suspended gel technology products and get your hypertension under control and avoid getting a cardiovascular disease – get a box of FIT, MIN, OHM, HRT, and UMI today! And perhaps join me and your own home based business and earn extra income or even residual income even if you have no network marketing experience.

If you drink cola beverages you need to know why you need an antioxidant supplement and more.

July 25, 2010

The list includes all cola sodas or pop, from coke and pepsi to dr. pepper and all other carbonated soft drinks. The issue pertains to the increase in phosphate levels and decreased calcium levels in the blood.

In fact you should stop drinking these altogether, whether or not they have sugar or caffeine. If, however you are addicted to such beverages, you need to be consuming a suspended gel antioxidant supplement (EXO) and also ingesting your essential vitamins and essential minerals (MIN) and doing so daily.

The seriousness of such sodas is even greater in children as the high levels of phosphate in essence lead to the inability of the bones to properly calcify and this can increase the likelihood of broken bones at a young age and osteoporosis later in life. When phosphate levels are high and calcium levels are low, calcium is pulled out of the bones and this obviously weakens the bones. If you are going to be drinking such colas or any other type of carbonated soft drink/pop, be sure that you ingest a berry punch flavored vitamin and mineral supplement to provide calcium to your blood and bones and to cleanse your high oxidization levels from the colas ingest your antioxidant supplement. Please don’t simply take a calcium pill or tablet because these supplements or rocks can barely be broken down by your body and therefore are not absorbed into the bloodstream. Get your antioxidant supplement in EXO with a grape flavor and your essential vitamins and essential minerals in MIN with the best form of bioavailability – and do it today, because your body needs these even if you decide to stop consuming colas and other carbonated soft drinks/pop.

Everyone needs to detoxify their digestive system.

July 24, 2010

Your method needs to be natural and healthy.

Cleansing your digestive system by detoxifying it needs to happen more often than you think. I am not referring to getting ready for a colonoscopy a few times per week, but about a natural cleansing solution.

When you flush out your digestive tract with a product such as Fleet (which is now banned in some states in the U.S.) or by drinking a gallon (3.8L) of the worse tasting liquid you have ever had, it is by no means a natural process and anyone who has had to prepare for a colonoscopy knows what I am referring to here. Instead, cleanse your digestive tract a few times a week to keep it clean for good and in the process you will be feeding the good bacteria in your digestive tract and providing phytonutrients to your system. Agel’s GRN product encompasses natures nutrients with spinach, brocolli, alphalpha, chlorella vulgaris, barley grass, wheat grass, spirulina algae, chlorophyll and spearmint and peppermint leaves. That’s natural and it soothes and invigorates your digestive tract and does not leave you to find the quickest path to the bathroom. I leave it up to you but I highly recommend taking the GRN product in a suspended gel which comes in a tasty minty flavor, over having to gag while drinking a gallon of a substance which in essence might leave you heading to the bathroom where you can’t decide if you need to sit or vomiting (emesis or throw-up). So get your box of GRN to detoxify your digestive system and keep it clean and healthy!

The competitive job market and how to improve your chances of nailing that interview with ginseng root.

July 24, 2010

Remain calm, the world is not coming to an end, here in the USA or elsewhere!

But your interview is only a couple of days away and it feels like this is it! You either get the job or you don’t. What can you do to improve you chances of nailing the interview. You only get one chance to make that first impression.

You really only get one chance to remain calm and focused. You really need to be taking ginseng root as a health supplement to improve your cognitive and social functioning skills. The first couple of minutes of the interview will in essence get you ‘in’ or keep you ‘out’; my experience interviewing candidates has been that they are ‘in’ in a matter of 30 seconds or not ‘in’. Ginseng root enables your memory to be quick and timely and enables one to concentrate during normally stressful times such as during an interview. The expression that if you are not nervous before an interview signifies that you are dead is fairly accurate but managing your stress level is what will help you to excel during the interview and get the job. This natural health supplement which dates back thousands of years in Asia also has immune system booster benefits which will keep you healthy after you get the job – after all, once you get the job you do need to show up to work and perform. Ginseng root is found in the OHM suspended gel product brought to the marketplace by Agel Enterprises and this natural health supplement also contains taurine, d-ribose, schizandra, rhodiola root, the full vitamin B complex, and more; of course there is no caffeine and therefore you will not experience any ‘crash’ by ingesting the OHM suspended gel pack.  Take your OHM gel pack 30 or so minutes before the interview and you won’t be daydreaming during the 30-90 minute interview process but will remain focused with great cognitive skills because of ginseng root.

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