You or anyone you know still consuming those Energy Drinks packed with sugar, caffeine and carbohydrates. Time to stop and start taking a natural energy supplement with D-Ribose, Rhodiola and Ginseng Root.

April 30, 2010

Natural energy is the only real form of energy for our bodies which does lead to short and long term side effects and worsen our health!

Taking a natural health supplement is by far the best form of natural energy one can consume. One product contains many such natural nutrients including taurine, d-ribose, Korean ginseng root, rhodiola flower, chromium, vanadium, and inositol.

All of these natural ingredients will enable increased physical energy, lowered levels of stress, increased mental focus, awareness, and several other beneficial energy related results without any harmful side effects. D-Ribose helps with physical endurance and reduce fatigue, Ginseng Root assists with improved cognitive needs such as memory and reduces stress, and Rhodiola alleviates depression and improves an individual’ss mood even in harsh environments. Stop consuming the sugar-packed and caffeine filled ‘energy’ drinks and start taking your natural health supplement with great natural energy and healthy nutrients and be at your best form in physical competitions, at work, or during interviews and college exams or in extremely harsh weather. Get your natural energy with OHM. For your own health, STOP consuming these:

A Cup of Juice a Day Keeps the Wrinkles Away

April 30, 2010

I have been juicing everyday for three years now. I started the process after I had finished chemotherapy for breast cancer. I had beat the disease so I thought may as well get my body as healthy as I could. I know that fruits and vegetables contain phytochemicals, which are natural bioactive compounds found in plant foods, and that those chemicals work together with the nutrients found in fruits and vegetables to slow the aging process and reduce the risks of cancer, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and urinary tract infections.

People who eat between 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day can be sure they are benefiting from the phytochemicals and nutrients found in those foods. Fruits and vegetables that are bright colors like blue, green, red, orange, purple and yellow will contain the most phytochemicals and nutrients.

I prefer to get my share of phytochemicals by making antioxidant juice. Each day I choose a different color and make juices of that color. For example, on Tuesday I chose yellow. I made a juice of yellow beets, yellow peppers and lemons.

Anyone feeling like they are dragging their feet and feeling tired all the time, then you need coenzyme q10 to give a natural cellular energy boost.

April 30, 2010

How long have you been dragging yourself around?

Taking coenzyme q10 or CoQ10 daily will surely boost your cellular energy and all of us need some health supplement with it, starting at the age of 25+ years – most do not need a cellular energy boost daily at ages less than 35. But your heart produces less natural coenzyme q10 after the age of 25.

The older we get, the less our heart produces this natural cellular energy nutrient called coenzyme q10 (or ubiquinone) and this obviously signifies that we need to consume CoQ10 in the form of a health supplement. And there are many such health supplements to choose from and almost all come in the form of a pill or tablet with inferior bioavailability (our bodies ability to break down such supplements absorb it in our mitochondria throughout our cellular structure). The best form of bioavailability is intravenous, but this lacks the desired convenience. The best alternative is suspended matrix gel technology in a gel pack which has the required [perfectly measured] daily amount of coenzyme q10 which our bodies need. With such a gel pack your body gets the natural nutrients which has the fastest [and most convenient] delivery method of any health supplement and no water is required; this suspended gel technology also is the most portable of any coenzyme q10 supplement and it can be stored in the freezer and up to temperatures of 168F or 75C. Get your cellular energy back to where it used to be when you were younger and people will notice that your vitality has come back! Take your coenzyme q10 as often as you need it during the week but after the age of 40 take it daily for your natural cellular energy replenishment. More about coenzyme q10 soon.

How is your joint pain relief.

April 29, 2010

What I mean is are you taking a health supplement or health supplements which are really working for you?

If a few weeks have passed and you are still needing joint pain relief, you went down the incorrect path to take care of your joint health. If you would like natural joint pain relief please read on.

Perhaps we need to take a step back and figure out what joint pain and joint pain relief really is for YOU! Do you need knee pain relief, elbow, wrist, or back pain relief to mention some or are you simply looking for overall arthritis relief because you suffer from osteoarthritis? There is one product on the market which covers all joint issues and brings incredibly quick and natural joint pain relief. People who have suffered from osteoarthritis are walking again in only a matter of a few weeks, people who could not hold a pen or pencil for years can write after 45 minutes, people with aching knees can play contact sports without a knee brace and are not concerned about getting injured because the pain and discomfort they used to feel is gone in days to a couple of weeks! Drugs temporarily take away symptoms whereas a natural health supplement such as the one named 2008 supplement of the year (FLX) removes the disease, enabling the body to heal itself – that is natural joint pain relief.

A recession proof home business residual income solution.

April 29, 2010

Have you or anyone you know lost their job somewhere in the world in the last 2 years?

If not, chances are that you do not know anyone. What is the solution to a recession while still being able to earn residual income and not having to be worried about losing your job?

Your very own home business residual income by creating a proven home based business which works! The risk is minimal and only pertains to you actually wanting to do some work. You can start such a home based business opportunity part-time or full-time. Many people start part-time and earn extra income if they have never been in the network marketing industry so they can still earn income (a salary) from a job – until they start to earn residual income from their home based business; then they really start to earn time freedom and soon financial freedom. This type of business can be exceptionally rewarding at all times, during economic booms as well as during economic slowdowns; one simply needs to join the correct business to join. Let’s look at a couple of examples…getting a job in the automotive industry would probably not be the best choice you could make at this time (Toyota, General Motors, Chrysler,…) like joining a network marketing company which only produces antioxidant juices (100s of these companies exist and will not be around for very long). You can grow your home business residual income with a leader in the industry, a company which has cutting edge technology and a growing market with an expanding product line throughout the world.

Detoxify your digestive system naturally and with a great tasting and healthy breakthrough product.

April 27, 2010

You all know about a Green world. How about GRN for you body!

You know all of that unhealthy food which you have been consuming for years. Well, you need to get it out of your system – get detoxified!

A new product was introduced earlier this month and will be made available to the general public beginning May 1st 2010. Get ready to detoxify your system with phytonutrients – the compounds found in green plants. Perhaps you have wondered how to detoxify you system naturally and without eating all the greens which you may not like to eat. Now you can cleanse your body with a natural detoxification process in a suspended matrix gel for best bioavailability and it comes with a mint taste.

Who is the real boss with residual income I ask.

April 25, 2010

You are, of course!

Who is the network marketer who quits because of joining the incorrect opportunity which does not lead to even the ability to earn extra income. Residual income was not even on the radar with such opportunities.

So, if you are the boss who controls your future it would be logical to state that you want to control what it is that you do – correct? Slap me if I am wrong here! I know that I am not! Yes, your boss may control you linear income and this is what is named a JOB. Think about becoming your own boss – flexible hours, work with whom you want, create residual income after learning that you can earn extra income in a matter of a few hours. You do have to be disciplined of course to be your own boss and of course be motivated. Then again, anyone who is lacking these requirements would not be reading this to this point. Do you want to be your own boss I ask you? If yes, let us have a 3-5 minute conversation about your aspirations to build your financial dreams and your residual income. Join my global team and create your team with all the support you need locally or internationally, where ever you may be or want to be with your business. The globe is your opportunity, grab it!

An appetite suppressant and weight loss supplement which gives you real natural energy. It exists and is like nothing else on the market.

April 25, 2010

I laugh when I hear people say, “I’m going on another diet.”

Why I laugh is because they obviously have not chosen the correct weight loss supplement which is also an appetite suppressant, to correctly go on a “diet”. I am also feeling sorry for them as some are taking pills to lose weight and this is simply unhealthy.

Losing weight and achieving the desired weight should happen once and only once! Taking the proper weight loss supplement which is also an appetite suppressant will generate the desired results with only a small amount of exercise. Think of the appetite suppressant giving you additional energy so that you can actually do some exercise; I am not referring to having to go to the gym two hours every day to lose the desired weight. I am referring to the minimal amount of exercise; the equivalent of a brisk walk of 30-40 minutes, three to four times a week – this could be walking your dog! The breakthrough technology in suspended matrix gel enables a product named FIT to enable anyone to lose weight naturally; you do not have to change what you eat as your brain will simply be telling you that you are full when you are full and not 30 minutes after you finished eating (when you realize that you ate too much). This appetite suppressant will also allow you to lose weight naturally because what you will be eating will be transferred into energy and not stored as fat – this is critical!!! Also very important is that there are no side effects with such an appetite suppressant and weight loss supplement; no headaches, no sleep deprivation, and no upset stomach or a sense of feeling dizzy, among other common side effects with weight loss supplement programs. This natural product will change the way people lose weight and lose it once and never have to go on another diet again. That is what is called a weight loss supplement and all the other products on the market are simply unhealthy means to temporarily lose weight.

What is it that you want from the internet in the form of creating realistic wealth and residual income.

April 25, 2010

If you have questions, I have answers.

Before you call 940-391-0357 or write to please think of what type of organization you think will create wealth in the form of residual income for you, your family and your friends. When you have then I will love to talk with you, and please read on.

The potential is very slim that you will actually find a company which can assist you in growing your home based business and have the product extensions to build upon your business growth – and then having the global opportunity coming directly at you. So…what to do now?  Do not panic and for your own well-being do not spend any money on any network marketing opportunity until you at least hear what I or my partner has to say – this is literally priceless and could quickly become a means to you residual income dreams. Let us find out if you have the desire to build a solid home business residual income and natural product driven health and wealth organization. There is such a company which exists but it is not about selling products as this is what salespeople do and sales are for such folks. What I am referring to is building a business and building your financial freedom around the world. Hopefully by now you have realized that residual income can only be created by a few at the top of so many network marketing organizations (the ones who started the organizations). There is a company which has been in existence since October 2005 and which was debt free in less than three years and is distributing in over 50 countries. Anyone can create residual income with this opportunity. Find out more about how you and anyone you know or don’t know can create residual income while helping people improve their health and yours as well in the process.

If you are looking to get an immune system booster from your doctor, well then you are being misled, and that is putting it nicely.

April 24, 2010

Take control of your life! Take control of your health!

Other then your significant other, how many people would you trust. I am writing about a serious issue, the writing is simple – getting you (the readers) and others to realize this is a reason why I make an attempt to reach out to hundreds of millions of people; and for their health I think you will tell them.

Sadly enough some people really don’t care about their health. I do wish those people a good life for what may be a shorter one than expected! For those of you who are coming around and want to change their lives, with some constant unhealthy ailment I strongly (actually demand) recommend you to seek other solutions … and this is where I come into play. If your doctor/insurance company was not helping you, you can help yourself… Take a look at it from this perspective – and I am not trying to and never will make any effort to sell you something you do not need, but you do need fucoidan and it is an immune system booster delivery methodology and the UMI product it has the best results by far. You need to be taking a suspended matrix gel supplement! Got it! Good. Now you need to be consuming this at least once a day. Trust me in that this will be the best tasting immune system booster – it is fucoidan and it is delivered in the best form for your body to enrich itself with such natural nutrients. In a while you will be thanking me for the results it has brought to your improved health – think about building a home based business with this and the other expanding product line this company has to offer – again, no worries as I and other members of my global team will facilitate your being able to grow your own residual income! That in UMI is a product which can create a long standing business.

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