Valentines Day – don’t get your dear mother flowers and if she has high cholesterol levels, get her something with policosanol – HRT

January 31, 2010

It’s coming within two weeks and women are expecting something nice, and apparently so is my wife.

Gifts are nice I know, but this year if your dear mother has high cholesterol levels or is feeling tired most or all of the time, chances are she really needs one thing. She needs a combination of a cholesterol lowering natural supplement which tastes like butterscotch which also comes with coenzyme q10 (CoQ10).

That would be boosting her heart much more than a bouquet of flowers and that time of the year a month’s supply of our HRT product (you see we do think from the heart at Agel Enterprises) is what an average bouquet of flowers costs. A 30 day supply of a cellular energy boost with Conenzyme Q10 and Policosanol to lower her LDL (bad) and increase her HDL (good) cholesterol levels will enable her to feel so incredibly much better. She may be asking for the same product for Mother’s Day, Christmas, her birthday…and any other reason she may come up with. Our products offer the best delivery method in the health supplement industry with the suspension matrix gel delivery technology science which has no pills or tablets and nothing to mix and as all of our products are natural and more importantly there is no need to worry about side effects except a hightened mood, better natural energy and lowered cholesterol in as little as 30 days – by up to 30% in the reduction of cholesterol levels – that is how effective Policosanol and that it’s natural is such a blessing.

How much of a protein supplement do you think your getting from your diet.

January 30, 2010

If you are going to fast food restaurants and eating fake food, chances are you are getting minimal amount of protein in your diet. That’s why we need protein supplements.

Don’t go and get a big 20 ounce or 0.71kilo steak to get your protein. The fat content unless it’s a filet mignon will be very high. Your body and all of ours can absorb 20 grams of protein per day if you have both of your kidneys; 10 grams if you only have one kidney.

This is very important to know. So you might be getting 10 grams of protein with the meat you eat daily. But you will need a protein supplement to take care of the other 10 grams and if you’re a vegetarian, your body needs all 20 grams of protein (and do not take them in pills). You need to take two PRO suspended gel packs per day if your a vegetarian. This is a protein supplement at its finest and it does not contain those sugars and carbohydrates which you body does not really need; our suspended gel products in the PRO chocolate truffle and the PRO banana-strawberry have the fatty amino acids which are highly complimentary to our bodies’ needs. The protein supplement in our PRO products with the best form of bioavailability will not only curb your appetite but will also enable you who desire to have more muscular definition should you be working out or doing your exercise routine.

Did you realize that 1 out every 3 people get arthritis. We all need chondroitin and celadrin now.

January 29, 2010

This is a rather alarming statistic. Taking chondroitin, celadrin, glucosamine and MSM in one suspended gel supplement can solve all the problems.

So, in 10 years, there will well over 100 million people just in the United States of America who will be suffering from arthritis. That is indeed alarming and some will suffer from osteoarthritis.

Taking individual pills which your doctor is obviously prescribing is not working because of the poor bioavailability and is costing you a lot for the good pills which really don’t work properly. Our bodies are not used to breaking down ‘chemically coated rocks’ at the age of 50 and over! Doctors really don’t care because they know that you will be needing such as a knee surgery so they are simply trying to alleviate some of the pain before their money making procedure. FLX is your solution with celadrin, chondroitin, MSM and glucosamine and your doctor does not want to hear about this products, rest assured. If your 50 years of age or 100 years of age, taking the FLX product will perhaps get rid of your arthritis in 1 hour to a few weeks if you suffer from osteoarthritis. But rest assured that you will know results starting in as little as a few hours. It’s time to be happy again and start taking the best joint pain relief!

How is your immune system booster or do you wonder what I am referring to?

January 29, 2010

One of the critical means to stay healthy and not get ill with a cold a flu, or cancer is to have a extremely effective immune system booster consumed daily from the age of 1. Yes, from the age of one year.

How do we get ill, simply by our bodies not being able to fight off what we become in contact with. Be it germs or bacteria which we get in contact with by contact or by airborne.

The simple manner in which to boost immunity of our bodies is relatively simple provided the information and Fucoidan is the answer. Look up fucoidan online and you will soon see that we have the best form by far of delivery for your body to build up the immune system booster which is critical from stopping a soar throat in its tracks to taking a flu out of the picture in hours, to eliminating dangerous cancer cells leading to very serious complications. If you are wise you will be consuming one of Agel Enterprises UMI suspended gel packs daily for ever and ensuring that all of you family members and friends do the same. Fucoidan may not look very tasty but Agel Enterprises enables all of us to enjoy the incredible immune system booster with a green apple flavor which children to adults love the taste; it’s important that children and the elderly love the taste.

Do you have a dream to stop working your 8-5 job and get control of your own life and your home business residual income company?

January 29, 2010

It’s time to build your own business with a $1,100 with shipping and taxes. Don’t worry, you will get the health products shipped to your door in 56 countries.

What if you could duplicate your efforts with very little effort on your behalf and have other people teach the people you know and you how to earn extra income. Now how about if this very real concept created some serious residual income where you would never have to wake up until you’re finished sleeping, would that interest you?

If your answer is yes, you are becoming like more and more people in this world! Home business residual income starts with simply to earn extra income and then is followed by residual income and then once you team is spread out over many countries you start to create your serious home business residual income. Such an income stream will enable you to tell your current boss that you quit…not giving them a two week notice but simply walking out one day and never coming back – let that boss do the guessing. Chances are they will call you in a day or two and you can tell them that your Agel Enterprises business has replaced your income from you job and that he/she should join your team so that they to can ultimately have their own home business residual income and you will be able to train them; this is assuming that you and your boss got along and you want them on your team. How the tides can change from you working for them and now they’re efforts are rewarding them and you as well. We have the solution with suspended gel technology health supplements – in 56 countries in a little more than 4 years. The fastest growing company in the world and we have not stopped growing by any means. We virtually have an unlimited product line extension and with no competition, the Agel name will become a household name across the globe.

Who’s looking to Earn Extra Income in 2010 and beyond.

January 27, 2010

My hand’s up and there is a reason for that!

Yes you could get a second job but I am talking about how to earn extra income passively. How is that accomplished you ask?

Think of perhaps your current job, which is linear income. You work 8 hours and you get paid for 8 hours of work. What happens if you don’t work for an entire month? Chances are that you position will be replaced with someone who shows up to work. Nevertheless you won’t get paid for that month if it’s not vacation time. Now envision being able to earn extra income with only doing a few small steps. Agel Enterprises has created a first to market product line with basically an unlimited product line extension using suspension gel technology – think of vitamins, nutrients and minerals smaller than the diameter of a human hair. That’s small! The potential to earn extra income is not! This potential to earn extra income can quickly lead to earning residual income and if you know what that is you need to give me a call at 940-391-0357 from the U.S. and from the other 55 countries we at Agel Enterprises distribute our breakthrough first to market products call 001-940-391-0357 today. Or send me an email at I will personally be picking up the phone or you can also send me a text message and please provide me with you phone number and email address so that I can at least send you a video which will amaze you!

Ever get cramps at night in your legs, if so your body is lacking in a Calcium Supplement.

January 27, 2010

This is simply touching the surface on why we all need Proper Calcium…milk does not provide what are body need after a certain age.

Sure a calcium supplement can be purchased at thousands if not hundreds of thousand of retail outlets or online. But what are you really getting?

If your buying calcium pills or rocks, don’t do it. Your body can’t break down the 25,000 pounds of pressure or over 11,000 kilos of pressure which is how they are chemically manufactures. Such a pill, like all other pills are simply powders which are wrapped so tightly with chemical ingredients which your and my body can’t possibly absorb in a timely fashion and leads to additional waste in the water we all drink. These pills also lack the fundamental effective combination of other needed vitamins and nutrients because your probably taking a calcium supplement for your bones – am I correct? Well, our bone structure requires more than simply calcium, they require a magnesium supplement, vitamin D3 and vitamin K2. Vitamin D won’t help you and vitamin K also won’t help your bones. If you are serious about proper bone health you need to be looking at the best form of bioavailability with all of the proper essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins for your calcium supplement to be quickly and readily absorbed into your bones, so that your bones can feed the rest of your body.

Valentines Day is coming around in less than a month, how about Collagen Supplements instead of chocolate.

January 27, 2010

What are you going to get your Valentines this year? How about something she will thank you and really thank you!

Your significant other will love you more because of the results than you had ever thought possible. Take a look at what collagen supplements can do to the skin – it’s incredible and it’s for your entire body.

Think of the skin being hydrated to create elasticity and unlike plastic surgery which simply tightens and stretches the skin for a period of time and then it’s time for another invasive surgical procedure. Who needs that discomfort and cost associated with it. Natural collagen supplements enable the skin to form elasticity all while firming up the skin, in essence lifting the skin from the bags under the eyes, the sagging chin skin, the breasts, the cellulite and more areas of our largest organ (the skin).

What’s your alternative to an antioxidant juice, antioxidant supplement in the form of a pill, tablet, capsule or powders and juices. Find out now.

January 27, 2010

Why are antioxidants so important?

Over the last 10-15 or so years “antioxidants” has become a buzz word and many network marketing companies were created with a one dimensional product line. An antioxidant supplement, and most come with either poor bioavailability (your body being able to properly and quickly breakdown the ingredients and absorb them into your bloodstream) or they are not measurable.

Either way these alternatives to an antioxidant will not last long in the marketplace – yes the juices may taste good but so does orange juice not from concentrate. Essentially, these antioxidant juice companies have one or may a few (probably two) fruits in their formula. And such juices have at best perhaps 20 or so antioxidants in their antioxidant juice. I am not bragging but Agel Enterprise has one product  which is named EXO for EXOtic fruits (out of 10 and growing in number of other product with different health benefits); we have 17 fruits in our product which delivers over 200 antioxidants. You get what you pay for and our product is relatively inexpensive compared to what your body is not getting with the antioxidant juices. Take a look at the ORAC score to the left. Take your EXO antioxidant supplement daily and by the way all of those antioxidant juice companies…well they will all be phased out in due time and all of those distributors they have, well if they are wise they will join forces with me at Agel and see not only their health improve but their paychecks as well.

Was your New Years Resolution to go to the gym and work out a few days a week and you already quit. You are in need of an appetite suppressant now.

January 27, 2010

Control your desire with a natural appetite suppressant.

New Years Resolutions make me laugh. Mine is to have residual income in excess of $10,000 per month while working when I want to, by the end of 2010. And I am working hard and it is an achievable objective.

So, on New Years Day you stated that you were going to go to the gym 2, 3, 4 or more times per week and after roughly three weeks you already gave up on that commitment. Perhaps you don’t have the time or you don’t have the energy. The solution is simple and it entails taking an appetite suppressant 30 minutes before your largest meal of the day and with a minimal exercise of walking for 30-40 minutes 3 to 4 times a week you will see results. Our product named FIT by Agel Enterprises is a weight loss supplement which is all natural with no side effects and can get you to reach your goals in as little as 1 month. FIT contains HCA which is hydroxciric acid and this natural ingredient sends signals to our brains when we are full – real time! When taking this breakthrough weight loss supplement what you eat does not get stored as fat but instead gets stored as energy, which makes exercising that much more easy and pleasant.

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