If you want to earn extra income leading to residual income for your New Year’s Resolution…

December 29, 2009

You need to be contacting me today.

Earning extra income is relatively simple with the products we have with Agel Enterprises. Now the best part about Agel Enterprises and the team I have in place is assisting you in creating residual income is going to really impress you – people from over 35 countries. I am working on establishing relationships in the other 15+ countries in addition to the countries I am in the process of opening – Indonesia is one of them.

Residual Income with a Check MarkLet’s face it, most of us want residual income – earning money without working. How to get to the point of having residual income should be your New Year’s Resolution. First you need to choose a company which has an expanding product line with highly consumable products which people need. From a health perspective, such products must need to have the best form of bioavailability. Then you need to have your foundation for creating your residual income from the simple ‘earn extra income’ concept. Take a look at our products and what we have to offer for preventative health medicine (natural medicine) and you will be amazed at how quickly you will be able to create the residual income you have dreamed about. After all, we all have dreams and this one with Agel Enterprises solidifies it with its every growing country presence and new product introduction. As a consumer with proven health benefits and a business owner, you do not want to miss out on our global growth. I rest my case – read my over 200 posts and you will know that these products are the best and the compensation plan is the perfect match! To the left is the indication that you have made the right choice in joining Agel Enterprises! agel-logo

Who wants to Create Residual Income for a New Year’s Resolution – A Home Business Residual Income

December 29, 2009

For those of you who are reading this, think about your dreams.

Your dreams are not far away with a great company which has been around now for over four years and is in over 50 countries. Our products and residual income from a home business residual income structure have created an incredible amount of people making more money in a month than most people make in a year.

Residual income with goldThat is something to think about. Residual income in a short period of time and making a nice 5-figure income per month. The solution is simple and it’s Agel Enterprises. We have the best technology for proper and preventative health supplementation. We have a delivery system which has proven results for our consumers and this is imperative in growing a business. A home business residual income is based on cash flow and your residual income can be realized quickly with some serious work and following a system with people who make over $40,000 per month and consume the products to be healthy. Yes others do make much more in residual income but I was wanting to not over exaggerate. Some make in excess of $100,000 per month. This is serious residual income as a home business residual income opportunity. The beauty about Agel Enterprises is that we have the best health products in the world, amd we are expanding ALL over the world with new countries opening up literally monthly. This is the time to get on board and if you have the drive, open up your own country – we’ll help you to connect the puzzle to bridge you to your grand opening in which ever country you want!

New Year’s Resolution – Making some real money with residual income.

December 28, 2009

If you want to make a few bucks, don’t read any longer.

If your desires are to earn anywhere from $500 to $100,000 per month in time, then we need to talk about your residual income aspirations. Residual income can lead to great financial wealth in a short period of time.

commissionsHow to create residual income you ask? You need to choose the correct organization or company. Perhaps there are companies out there which can provide a compensation plan but is it real? With Agel Enterprises the compensation plan is real and has been been expanding and not contracting. Take a serious look at Agel Enterprises and the breakthrough compensation plan with residual income possibilities to reach beyond your imagination.

Health Care Reform – perhaps it’s time to help ourselves with a calcium supplement

December 28, 2009

Ladies, this one is more in line for your needs but men it’s also on your agenda or should be.

Let’s face it, the health care system is costly now and taking drugs is not what our bodies need unless taken intravenously for life saving results. Preventative health care can easily be found with natural health supplements without pills, tablets or juices and mixed-up powders; these are foolish and silly types of medicine but make the short-term producers a lot of many before their company goes away.

CAL nervous system supplementYou want a long term solution for healthcare and proper nutrition. I am going to be straightforward now. You need a calcium supplement daily! Even if you drink 2 gallons of milk you will not get the calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, and vitamin K2 which your body needs to offset the deterioration our body goes through in time. So taking an incredible suspended gel calcium supplement will come to your aid and do wonders to prevent osteoporosis and for women going through menopause – this is the best health supplement with the best form of bioavailability. Think of your bones, and think of your nervous system. Think of a natural healthy calcium supplement.

Taking a Daily Vitamin Supplement and Mineral Supplement is a Must for Your New Year’s Resolution

December 28, 2009

Let’s face it, foods simply don’t have the vitamins and minerals they used to decades ago and anyone who disagrees with me is down right incorrect.

Organic vegeatables and fruits don’t have pesticides but how many of them are grown with the 40 minerals they were back in the earlier part of the 20th century? What we all need is to consume high forms a vitamin supplement and essential minerals daily in a form which our body can quickly and effectively breakdown.

agel minagel minIf you are not aware, Vitamin C for example needs to be ingested and absorbed extremely quickly or it’s quickly flushed out of our system. A pill or tablet with poor bioavailability will have little to no vitamin C once the intestinal tract absorbs the vitamin and distributes it into the blood stream. Juices are tasty but also lack the proper bioavailability because of the poor absorption of the nutrients. What we all need is suspension gel technology with the best form of bioavailability for our daily vitamin supplement and mineral supplement. Start one of your New Year’s Resolution by getting some of these vitamin supplements and essential minerals now.

Time is running out. What’s Your New Year’s Resolution? Perhaps policosanol or coenzyme q10.

December 27, 2009

How about health concerns and preventative natural supplements?

The solution is right there. Lowering your cholesterol levels while increasing your natural [cellular] energy – no caffeine included or needed.

Agel Heart

agel hrtLowering cholesterol levels with statin drugs has many harmful side-effects which doctors are not overly concerned about – time to find a doctor who cares. Lowering your LDL cholesterol levels is best done with policosanol and ingested in a suspension gel delivery method as is a coenzyme q10 cellular natural energy booster. Take action this coming year and take policosanol and coenzyme q10 to lower your cholesterol levels and build up your heart’s natural cellular energy.

What do you do if diagnosed with any form of cancer – search fucoidan immediate.

December 27, 2009

Sometimes in life there is no time to waste and being diagnosed with early stage cancer is one critical one.

Do your research after listening to you doctors. There is no time to waste and a health nutrient can do wonders and it’s named fucoidan.

agel_umiagel_umiagel_umiLook this up in all of your favorite search engines now! Fucoidan is going to be your best companion in a non-human form and will provide you both relief and solutions. Fucoidan is in essence the algea which comes from brown seaweed. Now, to get the most amount of nutrients one needs to get such fucoidan off the coast of Okinawa by Japan. Now one needs to take into consideration the best delivery method for ingesting such a powerful natural nutrient to combat cancerous cells. Read more in a few minutes about fucoidan.

Tanning beds and melanoma, you need collagen supplements now.

December 27, 2009

What do tanning beds with UV-A beds have in common with the potential for melanoma?

The answer is a collagen supplement. Better yet, simply take the collagen supplements and stop the tanning beds.

glo-small1Tanning in moderation outdoors is better for the skin than the deep brown tan one can get from a tanning bed and if under the age of 30 tanning with UV rays can significantly increase your chances of developing melanoma. Any tanning company which tells you differently is not properly informing you of the risks of UV rays. If I am not mistaken, UV ray exposure for 10-12 minutes is the equivalent of being in direct sunlight in the summer for 3 hours. I did that by accident a few times in my twenties and I got burnt. Collagen supplements can provide real relief for both protecting your skin from the inside and removing the wrinkles and sun wear and tear from the outside. Take a look at GLO from Agel Enterprises and your skin will thank you along your your hair and nails will be shinier… GLO sideways

Had an Australian lady talk about reaching her goals with residual income.

December 25, 2009

Her name is Karen. I believe that she has dreams as most of us have. If not, get some rest!

Karen was speaking about financial responsibility and how the products which Agel Enterprises could help her to build a business with the proven method www.NanoHealthTechnology.com has to offer. No more pills, tablets or powders which don’t work.

Home based business cash flowWhy they don’t work – hello! It’s all about bioavailbility and no line of products have this unless it’s in suspended gel technology. Yes you can take lesser effective pills and tablets or powders or chewables, but the result will be either that you are disappointed with the results or want to get with them to consume the products and join our business. Creating residual income part time is advisable. Creating your home business residual income will be next and Agel will have more new products to capture your attention.

A New Year’s Resolution starts with essential minerals and a vitamin supplement

December 25, 2009

My question is how long do you want to live – 50 years or longer?

Silence…trust me on this one. Then the desire comes through. From my findings its that people are less willing to take health supplements in the U.S. and other parts of the world. My comment is about the nutritional guidance their children could receive.

agel_umiagel_exoagel minFrom the age of 3 – yes three years of age your child needs to be consuming an immune system booster, an antioxidant supplement and a combination of an essential minerals and vitamin supplement. Don’t second guess me with this as I know what I am writing about. What is important is that children get the proper nutrition with essential minerals and vitamin supplements and fucoidan to build up their immunity. We have the solution with our product line. This is not a sales pitch but a health awareness reminder. Ask any doctor you frequent about any of our products and I assure you that he or she will tell you one of three things: one being not to tell anyone about these products because it will cause a decrease in their patient base – two being that our products are not proven (all our ingredients have been FDA approved for years to decades and have been approved by over 50 nations) – three being that you won’t get the same type of care without a doctor. Sorry, but with this breakthrough in technology, you don’t need to see a doctor…the number one reason to try to change your mind.

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