Home Based Business Creating Significant Cash Flow

September 29, 2009

A home based business opportunity starts with entrepreneur ideas, and with Agel Enterprises the idea is the product line already established and increasing regularly along with the roll-out into new countries, regulatory approval, research and development, and the infrastructure to get the products where they need to be. Your entrepreneur ideas come about to how you can relay the message about Agel’s products and the business opportunity, and people from all walks of life have done so and have done it very admirably.

When one starts a home based business, the intent [known or not] is to create positive and steady cash flow. A home based business is successful when the desired cash flow is attained and with Agel Enterprises creating such cash flow can be realized with a minimal up-front investment of $1,000 or for the smaller driven cash flow entrepreneurs $250. Please check to see how such investments in your local currency translate as this model is for scenarios in U.S. currency.

Robert Kiyosaki put it well in his Rich Dad Poor Dad books in that Cash Flow Is King, and it really is. It enables the creation of supplemental income and with Agel Enterprises, you become an internet entrepreneur!

Positive Cash Flow as I know it is simply, for example owning a home and renting it out the cash flow comes in the form of your rental income less your mortgage payments (principal/interest/insurance/taxes/homeowner warranty) ; for simplicity, let’s assume your monthly income from your tenants is $3000 and your mortgage payments are $2000, then your cash flow is $1000 per month.

At Agel Enterprises, we offer income opportunity with no limit and without the upfront cost of buying a home and dealing with the headaches associated with being a landlord! As a team member at Agel Enterprises, you can earn extra income ranging from a few hundred dollars per month to replacing your current or previous job’s salary…to creating a cash flow machine generating financial freedom and residual income. Not sure if you have looked into borrowing money from a bank recently, at least in the U.S. – it’s not that easy! With Agel Enterprises, we see cash flow as building something well and benefiting from it financially time and time again, month over month, year over year.

Share with me your entrepreneur ideas and I shall gladly chat with you about them.

What are your dreams?

Agel has the capability of making them come true!

Kind regards,

Suspended Gel Man

Agel Group of Products without CAL and GLO

Three-Pronged Weight Loss Plan

September 28, 2009


If you’re having a hard time coping with body image, you’re certainly not alone. Many overweight and obese Americans struggle with weight-loss issues every day. The most effective way to shed pounds fast involves a three-pronged approach. First, pay close attention to the nutritional information associated with the food you eat. Government regulations stipulate that all food packages provide detailed information about their contents.

Next, amp up your physical fitness regimen slowly and deliberately. That’s not to say that you should immediately go out and run a few miles – try going for a long walk or a quick jog each day and increase the strenuousness of the workout gradually. If these two approaches aren’t enough to curtail weight gain, you can try out a weight loss supplement. These supplements are especially effective when they are ingested in gel form.

Joint Pain – How About Your Knees!

September 22, 2009

Got Problems with a bad knee or knees or other joints? – from contact sports, racquet sports (no, not ping-pong or badminton), lifting or skiing?

I took control of my discomfort but for over 24 years I was in discomfort and when the thunderstorms came around, the discomfort grew and I had the surgery back in 1985. Soon, I will share with you a product which changed my outlook to a healthy knee.

So, for 8 weeks in a full leg cast and 6 weeks in a brace – all while on crutches in my freshman year of college living in the dorms – yes, this was a very miserable time for me. I was feeling the post surgery and the rehabilitation for several months. The rehab went away but I was told that the discomfort would last forever … and I was a believer, until I found a product which contained Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, and Celandrin. You talk about going from a knee brace with suffering from swelling and throbbing – to comfort in all the joints and in my case full and complete rehab and full range flexibility for my knee. I am referring to FLX! This produce also naturally rebuilds cartilage.


Simply put, I took Agel Enterprises’ FLX product for 5 consecutive days and on the 6th day, we had a major thunderstorm in the Dallas, Texas (U.S.A.) area – trust me when I say that the thunderstorms can be quite noisy and with the wind they are rather impressive (as long as you are inside the home and not near windows). That evening, my wife asked me how my knee was, as it usually acts up with such (and any, in actuality, inclement weather); this is when it dawned on me that FLX had solved the discomfort and I relate to it as when you wake up some morning and your elbow, wrist, or neck hurts (perhaps because you slept in an awkward position). A few days pass and you wake up and that discomfort is gone and you had forgotten about it until someone asks how your discomfort is today? But 24 years of discomfort and it went away and I did not even realize it. I recommend to anyone with any joint pain to try this incredible breakthrough product with its technology.

Preventative Health Options for Everyone

September 22, 2009

Changes, changes, technology changes – now Preventative Health Options

Recall the vinyl record, 33s or 45s – yes, I recall them as well. Funny how the keyboard (or typewriter keys from when some had to punch the fingers into those keys) has changed.

Think of where those records went to, cassettes and very shortly afterward to CDs and even more quickly to the ipod technology.

Think of pills, tablets and other forms of supplements – they have experienced a new Delivery Method with Agel Enterprises. Breakthrough technology, which brought the ipod is very similar to what Agel Enterprises is doing with Nanotechnoloy to vitamins, minerals, and nutrients – and this breakthrough in technology for supplements is growing by the months with new products with best-in-class bioavalability for better health; from heart health, to joint pain, calcium supplement, to weight control, to mental energy, to osteoporosis prevention, to antioxidant supplements, to collagen supplements, to essential minerals and essential vitamins, to anti aging supplements – all with also an opportunity to start your own home based business, creating residual income.

Now, that’s Change!


Do Your Marketing Homework

September 14, 2009

home_based_businessWhile many people spend their days treading water in dead end jobs, just as many are turning to the Internet for practical alternatives. Online businesses continue to flourish, even in these trying economic times, but the successful ventures are always staying on the cutting edge. Before starting your own fledgling operation online, it’s best to seek out some home based business ideas.

Start by scanning the marketplace for hot trends and niches that will become more profitable as time goes on. That way, you’ll be ready to capitalize. Try to think like a consumer – what products and services would interest you as an online shopper? Once you begin to think like your target market, you can start to anticipate their changing desires and adapt your business accordingly.

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