An appetite suppressant makes me hungry.

October 19, 2010

Why all this talk about losing weight with pills and tablets and sudden miracles come to being.

Losing weight – temporarily! The concept behind an appetite suppressant is to lose the weight and keep the weight off with the perfect weight loss supplement.

Let us assume that you eat more than you need to, and chances are that you are eating either too much or not enough of the proper foods. Correct me if I am wrong with this assumption and let me know –  please! My assumption for completing this is that you might simply be eating too much or not enough of the foods which are beneficial to your body with vitamins and minerals. Did you know that ingesting the proper amount of vitamins and minerals can significantly reduce the possibility of your organs from getting inflamed and causing potential serious health issues; we should all come to a consensus that the majority of our organs except for one serves a purpose – time will tell if such a disposable organ was not necessary and most likely not in your (the reader’s) lifetime; the appendix. Anyhow, it is time you take care of your appetite by eating better or simply eating less of what you eat and the appetite suppressant and weight loss supplement has no side effects which is named FIT – whoops, you also do need to move around physically a bit throughout the typical week. By moving I am referring to a form of exercise, be it walking or getting in a jog. The appetite suppressant I am about to inform you about enables the best form of bioavailability and this transforms to energy – yes, natural energy, changing what you eat and using it as energy instead of storing it as fat. Now you may be getting the overall picture of why the suspended gel appetite suppressant is the best form for weight loss and getting rid of the fat which you so much dislike. To the best suspended gel appetite suppressant in FIT! Lose the weight and gain the energy to move on, quicker! Get your one month FIT box and within that time period you will have most likely lost 10-20 lbs (metric conversion is 2.2 lbs per kilo) and your energy level will keep going so that you can maintain the weight loss and lose even more desired weight. Try the appetite suppressant and weight loss supplement with suspended gel for a month or two and then come back to it a few months later if needed – most likely you will not need the appetite suppressant. To your appetite suppressant health and weight loss, I bring you FIT as your HCA supplement!

In this Economy Appearance for an Interview is Something to Really Consider

October 28, 2009

Think of it from the rising cost of health care from an employer’s perspective

You want to look healthy. Obesity is a sure way to get hired on a trial or temporary basis or not to get hired at all; this does not pay for health benefits. The realization in this job market in the U.S.A. is that if one looks healthy the chances of them not missing work are greater and if one is very obese it can send a message that their might be possible health issues such as high cholesterol levels and potential heart health issues down the road – and this means attendance issues. Remember that a company is like a financial instrument which does not want risky assets on its balance sheet. Become familiarized with weight loss supplements and if you have high LDL cholesterol levels, don’t be taking statin drugs.

My resolution is simple – lose the extra pounds in the course of a month or two with a natural appetite suppressant in FIT, and use Agel products for natural ways to reduce wrinkles in the GLO product, and of course if the case exists take control of your cholesterol levels with a product in HRT which naturally reduces one’s LDL and increases one’s HDL cholesterol levels; that’s heart health with policosanol and CoQ10 to ensure the proper amount of energy is administered to ones body. Another great idea is to take a natural energy supplement which will increase energy and also be a mental energy supplement; this will assist you to be sharp on the new job and this is found in the OHM product.


Agel Heart

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Weight Loss Drink – Why Not a Weight Loss Supplement

October 21, 2009

Lose weight drinking powders with poor bioavailability – instead choose a weight loss supplement and leave the weight loss drink for the the poorly informed

When one wants to lose weight, what is it that one is really trying to do – lose weight; yes, quite simply stated. But in order to effective take care of such a weight control issue one should and wants to be able to control it any time during the day and especially before eating meals. Weight loss drinks are rather time consuming to prepare and lack portability and convenience. If I’m not mistaken, people who are desiring to take some form of weight loss supplement are wanting to lose the desired weight.

agel fit

Now that we have cleared up or differentiation between expectations and realities, their is one one true solution – because to effectively lose the desired weight (be it 10-20 in thirty days) the proper way to manage such a diet is not by stopping to eat – this will only create other undesired issues within you bodily functions. The idea is to simply let your brain know when you have had enough food. Guess what happens when you brain send you a signal informing you that you have had enough to eat – you stop eating. I have personally been a victim of overeating (granted my wife is a wonderful cook) and every-time I feel discomfort and need to lay down – I don’t have a weight issue but I dislike the discomfort so I also take Agel’s appetite suppressant. How about a natural product in the form of a weight loss supplement which naturally informs your brain when you actually had enough to eat – not 30 minutes after you kept on eating and then the signal went off in your brain to ‘stop’ eating. This is exactly what our appetite suppressant product named FIT does – it lets you know when you have eaten enough and not when you have continued to eat beyond your stomach’s capabilities. This is an incredibly remarkable product and I think you really need to take a look at this manner to take a weight loss supplement, especially if you want to lose weight without any side effects such as headaches, lack of sleep or other assorted side effects including dizziness.

Losing the Weight – Not Going to Happen Sleeping the Day Away

October 16, 2009

Losing wait comes with effort

What I don’t comprehend is people stating that they are going to lose weight. Let me get this right…if someone is stating that they are going to work on losing weight and apparently have not commenced the process…they should get onto it now or pronto. – The answer is simple…you could simply be advised to take a supplement which not only does nothing for you or you could sign up for a test for a new product. Well that’s tricky in itself – and don’t do it. Now the confusion comes to being a person who wants to take a look at Agel Enterprises.

agel fit

What Age offers is superior to any other health related product to reduce weight. What we want is to find out where things went wrong and why things went array. Our goal (and remember this) is to be able to help out our people in need – and in the weight loss drink or perhaps the weight control that has not been provided to them. We have offers for adequate weight loss supplements.

Obesity = Cardiovascular Health Problems

October 15, 2009

Heart health is so important to longer life

Obesity in this and many other countries…and believe me, it’s spreading with the spreading of fast food, processed food ready to eat with a minimal time in the microwave. This is not what your body wants or needs. You might as well be eating paper or cardboard because the nutrients you getting from such ‘meals’ are limited to none. I ask you, do these foods fill you up? Your answer is of course yes, but answer this question – are you feeling healthier? No should be the answer to all who eat in this fashion. You simply end up spending more time doing the same thing and feeling more tired all the time.

Let’s get some or all of you to realize that nutrition is real and it’s very important to all of our livelihood. Don’t take your body for granted that it will continue to function as always while consuming unhealthy foods – it won’t! You have some options here with supplements, but you still need to change your eating habits if you are the type to eat junk/fast food or simply microwave purchased meals from the grocery store (and think of your children and what they are getting for nutritional value). For the adults, the solution is an appetite suppressant and for your children to prevent malnutrition or perhaps a better phrase would be lacking the proper vitamins supplements and mineral supplements which their bodies need to grow with better health would be with essential vitamins and minerals. These can be found on our MIN page on this site and your children will be getting what their bodies need and with the Agel products the taste of the gel-packs is very much liked by all and the MIN product has a hawain punch flavor to it which I also like. Feel free to look into the UMI and the EXO products for you and you children as well, for immunity build up and ridding of the free radicals which injure our bodies and leave us vulnerable to ailments.

HCA Supplement to Get Rid of Those Extra Pounds or Kilos

October 14, 2009

Hydroxycitric acid or HCA in the form of a supplement works exceptionally well with minimal exercise

The art of losing weight is not really an art, it’s more of an effort. This effort is necessary for better cardiovascular heart health and joint health (among others). To keep things simple, this will only be these two health issues. When one loses weight, the heart needs to not work as hard to get blood circulated throughout our body and thereby easing the stress on our heart for it to not work ‘over-time’ pushing blood. Pretty simple, right? Now the other topic is about joint health; heavier people have a natural tendency to put more weight on their joints by the simple math – you weigh more, more pressure on the joints. Granted, if all of the extra weight is muscle, the muscle will support the joint much better than if fat is involved which can’t support the joints but instead add additional strain to the joints.

The ideal situation for both the heart and the joints is to alleviate pressure, in essence enabling the this organ and your method of being flexible to be optimized and that is greatly attributed to additional unproductive weight. The HCA Supplement found in Agel’s FIT suspended gel product with the HCA supplement enables consumers to literally eat less and what is eaten to be stored as energy instead of as fat! This is a two-way success. You will however need to do a minimal form of exercise; 30-40 minute walks 3-4 times per week – walking your dog would take care of this and much more. The FIT product, for best results needs to be consumed 30 minutes prior to your large meals and in the process you will be eating less so the insignificant cost of the product will be offset by less food consumption. The great thing, among other is that the FIT product enables people to experience healthy weight loss for good and this in turn leads to heart attack prevention. Taking FIT for a month or two will generally reduce someone undesired weight by 12-30 pounds or more and then with continual ‘minimal exercise’ the weight stays off and if bad eating habits come back, then the same FIT consumption can be reestablished – granted, since losing weight has never been so easy we are all most likely not going to want to gain the weight back because there was a reason why we wanted it to be gone in the first place. This product is an incredible appetite suppressant! Remember your heart and cardiovascular issues (HRT) along with your joints FLX.

Weight Control

October 8, 2009

Weight Control and Appetite Suppressant

Everyone loves to eat…well, everyone need to eat, just drinking water is a necessity. While we’re on the subject of water, distilled water is best or getting a reverse osmosis filter attached to your drinking and cooking water (cleaning of vegetables) is a great idea. More about weight control and I am not referring to “losing 50 pounds in 15 days” as this is both unrealistic and if even possible extremely unhealthy.

About a weight loss supplement, we all want to do it without anybody knowing about it – or maybe not. But we love to tell people about it when they ask “what happened? You lost weight, you look great.” What if I were to tell you that Agel Enterprises has a product, which tastes like lemon meringue and can assist you (naturally) to lose 10-20 pounds in a period of 1-2 months without changing anything you do, but simply walking 30-40 minutes 3-4 times a week; this could be walking your dog or walking around the neighborhood with your spouse or significant other. Would that impress you and people who you care about what you look like? – think of weight control.

agel fit

Think of the suspended gel product FIT, which is an appetite suppressant which when consumed 30 minutes before the largest meal of the day will actually indicated (from you head to your stomach) that you are full, when you really are full – no more eating until you can’t and then 30 minutes later feeling so misereable because you ate entirely too much. This way, you don’t feel unnecessarily full and are still comfortable. What if I told you that taking a FIT suspended gel-pack product would enable you to have what you eat stored as energy instead of stored fat – would that entice you to go walking a few time per week for 30-40 minutes. If you want quick results to your weight lowering desires without the side effects of sleep deprivation, headaches or any other symptom from non-natural healthy weight loss prevention supplements than you need to visit FIT and order this product – two boxes over a period of two months will permanently reduce that weight you so desired. Feel free to take a look at the ingredients FIT has to offer.

Three-Pronged Weight Loss Plan

September 28, 2009


If you’re having a hard time coping with body image, you’re certainly not alone. Many overweight and obese Americans struggle with weight-loss issues every day. The most effective way to shed pounds fast involves a three-pronged approach. First, pay close attention to the nutritional information associated with the food you eat. Government regulations stipulate that all food packages provide detailed information about their contents.

Next, amp up your physical fitness regimen slowly and deliberately. That’s not to say that you should immediately go out and run a few miles – try going for a long walk or a quick jog each day and increase the strenuousness of the workout gradually. If these two approaches aren’t enough to curtail weight gain, you can try out a weight loss supplement. These supplements are especially effective when they are ingested in gel form.

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