Health insurance prevention made simple

October 1, 2011

Here we go again, talking about prevention but this time it’s about health insurance prevention.

What’s health insurance anyway other than a reactive approach to better health. Why would anyone not want to be proactive in being healthy with reference to heart disease, cancer, their joints, their skin, and their organs instead of paying for health insurance just in case they do get a disease or need some other form of health care.

Health insurance is not preventative medicine. If you want to find out if you’re healthy, get an annual checkup. An annual checkup costs significantly less than the insurance costs you’re paying and most likely hardly never using because health insurance comes with a deductible. Think about how much you have spent on health insurance the last five years, as an example, and how much you used such health insurance. Do you think you got your return on your investment? Perhaps if you had a heart attack or another form of heart disease, or cancer or some other disease which sent you to the hospital for an extended period of time your health insurance became a good investment but it’s still reactive health insurance. What about preventative health insurance where you get the benefits every single time and at a fraction of the cost of health insurance? By preventative health insurance we are referring to a form of ingested insurance which comes with vitamins, minerals and many other forms of nutrition your body needs to prevent getting diseases. Health insurance is in essence made for people who cannot count on themselves to remain healthy, but of course there are exceptions to this so no need to get offended; being in a car accident might require the use of health insurance to get the body well again and other catastrophic unpreventable scenarios. But realistically most forms of health insurance uses are alleviated with the use of preventative health insurance. Agel Enterprises, the leader in health technology introduced a breakthrough in technology in 2005 named suspended matrix gel technology which is far superior in bioavailability when compared to pills, tablets and capsules and is only surpassed by intravenous delivery forms. It’s time we all focus a bit more on preventative health insurance with natural health supplements for heart disease prevention, a strong immune system, an efficiently performing digestive system, joint pain prevention along with arthritis and osteoarthritis prevention, acne elimination and prevention, stress management, skin care solutions for eliminating wrinkles, creases and acne scars, and much more including essential vitamins and minerals. Or you could continue down the path of paying for reactive health insurance and avoiding preventative health insurance with the world’s most effective preventative health insurance solutions. The choice is yours for insurance or better stated preventative health insurance. Prevent the diseases with solutions instead of using health insurance as the very expensive crutch which it is. Now you can ingest preventative health insurance solutions with highly portable and effective suspended matrix gels and keep most of that money you were spending on health insurance, for retirement because with the proper form of preventative health insurance you will most likely be able to have a healthy retirement and be able to financial afford those golden years called your retirement years.

High health insurance can make you sick

September 26, 2011

Tired of paying too much for health insurance is not even a question.

Facts are quite simple and quite unnerving in that employers for the most part are paying less and less of the health insurance cost and having the employees pay more of it. Some employers use obvious tactics showing how much the company pays in health insurance costs and how much the employees pay but realistically speaking health insurance costs are really cutting into take home pay.

About these health insurance costs which companies display they pay. Did you ever ask your employer to see the health insurance invoice the company really pays and compare that with the health insurance cost you’re paying? Give it a try and see if you get a response other than it’s what you see on your employee benefits part of the company website under the medical coverage section for health insurance or some other name companies use. Granted, not all companies treat employees this way in that they push the bulk of the health insurance costs onto the employees, but this is a growing trend and once such a health insurance trend starts, don’t be naive into thinking that it will turnaround where the company will all of a sudden want to pay more of the health insurance costs because it’s not going to happen. Health insurance is expensive and health insurance will get more expensive but the reason for why it’s expensive to the employee is because companies want to cut down on their expenses, which in turn means that your salary is actually less than you thought; health insurance plans at work are actually taking away from retirement plans because the increase in health insurance costs obviously signifies less savings for retirement. What are the options for employees for getting cheaper health insurance as this trend will not come back to favor the employees? Employees don’t have to get health insurance with their employers and if they never get ill with viruses or diseases because they have a strong immune system, they could opt for not having health insurance; this of course would not be a wise decision as in life, you never know when you will be needing health insurance or medical assistance. Shop around and you may find cheaper health insurance than what your employer is offering, granted you may have a higher health insurance deductible but if you don’t need health insurance this could be an increase to your salary. Another option would be to get on your spouse’s health insurance plan if it’s cheaper when both of you are on the same health insurance policy and that of your children, if these options are applicable. Keep in mind that your spouse’s employer may not allow you to get on your spouse’s health insurance plan if your company offers a health insurance plan. Perhaps one of you can go part-time and not be eligible for health insurance. These are simply health insurance cost saving options but to really benefit from health insurance costs is with proper nutrition instead of health insurance and this is very encompassing. Let’s quickly think about why we need health insurance and the common answer would be to keep us from having large health insurance or health risk costs. Costs associated with a weak immune system can lead to diseases and viruses, including cancer, heart disease and other illnesses nobody wants to have and the costs of such diseases could be rather significant. You do have options for health insurance and with the proper nutrition in the form of breakthrough health technology supplements ranging from heart disease prevention, arthritis prevention, cancer prevention, organ inflammation prevention, and many other forms of ingested gels with policosanol, CoQ10, fucoidan, vitamin D and all the other vitamins, minerals, taurine, glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, celadrin, carnitine, oyster mushroom, turmeric, phytonutrients, antioxidants, chlorophyll, lecithin, and many more, the healthy manner in which to cut down on health insurance costs is with health technology suspended matrix gel products by the leader in health technology. Take a look at how you can cut health insurance costs and prevent getting sick in the first place.

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