Before and after surgery strengthen your immune system with fucoidan.

March 17, 2011

Nobody likes to know that they are going to be needing to have surgery but having a strong immune system before and after the surgical intervention is incredibly important and fucoidan can help.

Fucoidan in a suspended gel to boost the immune system is very important to prevent getting diseases, viruses – in essence getting ill. Have you noticed that after major surgery people get infections and that’s because their immune system was weak.

The idea is simply to strengthen the immune system before any surgery, be it a simple surgery or a complicated one. And after the surgery it is also critical to keep the immune system strong with fucoidan to prevent undesired bacteria and infections. You might be thinking that surgeries take place in sterile environments and yes the instruments used during every surgery in the industrialized part of the world are sterile as are the doctors and nurses in the operating room but infections and bacteria can easily penetrate the body when the body has been cut and there is exposure to such elements. Granted, people of different ages have varying levels of effective immune systems but anyone having surgery is literally opening up to immune system challenges but with fucoidan, the complex sulfated polysaccharide found in brown seaweed, natural preventative measures exist. No, we’re not suggesting that you go to the sea or ocean and get a hold of some brown seaweed and start to chew on it and swallow it because chances are that most of you will not find this to be overly palatable and some may find it very difficult to swallow – never mind actually putting it in your mouth. What I am suggesting on the other hand is that before and after any surgery, to minimize the possibility of getting infections is to ensure that you consume focoidan to strengthen your immune system. Fucoidan brings about many other health benefits in addition to improving the immune system and such benefits will be discussed after your surgery but probably sooner. The UMI suspended gel product by the leader in health technology brings fucoidan in a tasty green apple suspended gel flavor which anyone of any age will enjoy consuming and will naturally be able to swallow. Give the required boost to your immune system daily with fucoidan in the best delivery form and make sure that for a few days before and for several days after surgery that you ingest several packets or pods of the active ingredient in brown seaweed named fucoidan with the UMI suspended gel product by Agel.

Cancer, chemotherapy, radiation treatments and surgery have a need for a strong immune system in common.

January 4, 2011

The need to boost the immune system and quickly.

Nobody likes to hear of someone having cancer, of course. Also, nobody likes to think about someone having to undergo chemotherapy or radiation treatments and possibly surgery for cancer. Unfortunately, life throws us some unpleasant twists or curve-balls and when someone you know or care about has cancer or is getting chemotherapy, radiation treatments or surgery you want to help in some way.

Moral support and encouraging such people about having a positive attitude that ‘they can beat this’ is great and will do wonders emotionally and spiritually. People who may be losing their hair will perhaps think that they will never be the same, but hair grows back – if one had it in the first place. On a side note, having hair simply means having to take more time in the shower and after a shower, so losing hair from a different point of view is a time-saver. My apologies for digressing but as cancer (breast cancer, skin cancer and other types of cancer), chemotherapy and radiation treatments is not a pleasant conversation I elected to shed a positive twist. Moral support is great as is recommending an immune system boost to someone who has been diagnosed with cancer, about to undergo chemotherapy, radiation treatments or surgery. Recommending someone about building up their immune system can literally make the difference between successfully beating cancer (breast cancer, colon cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer) and becoming a victim to cancer and the efforts to stop it – building up the immune system is critical. The immune system is going to bring about more assistance to someone with cancer and having to undergo chemotherapy, radiation treatments or surgery. A natural immune system with fucoidan will promote cell apoptosis and cancer apoptosis which if in the early stages of cancer can do wonders to fight this horrific disease. As most of you know, radiation treatment or chemotherapy specifically is very harsh on the immune system as it is very damaging to both unhealthy and healthy cells and this is where an immune system boost with fucoidan can also be very beneficial. The immune system is of course paramount and necessary for prolonged life to prevent diseases and infections including viruses and the immune system needs additional assistance when confronted with cancer (be it for breast cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer), chemotherapy, radiation treatments and/or surgery. Boosting of one’s immune system before and after surgery is extremely important, be it surgery because of cancer or any other form of invasive surgery where the body’s inside is exposed to outside elements – no matter how sterile the environment. This is why fucoidan (from brown seaweed harvested from off the coast of Okinawa) as a natural immune system boost can do wonders to also fight off infections which could easily emerge from a simple surgery or a critical life saving surgery. Cell apoptosis is the natural cell suicide of unhealthy cells, to prevent such unhealthy cells from duplicating; at times unhealthy cells, such as cancer cells, can duplicate at alarming rates and cancer apoptosis is critical and comes from the immune system and fucoidan. If you or someone you know or love has been diagnosed with cancer, is going to undergo chemotherapy, radiation treatments or surgery (of any kind), do them a huge favor and tell them about fucoidan as an immune system booster in a suspended gel product named UMI – no pills or tablets with this health technology breakthrough from Agel Enterprises but just the best form of bioavailability of any health supplement – in a suspended gel in packets or in a pod (available in certain countries). They could become a friend for life if they were only an acquaintance before having told them about boosting their immune system with fucoidan.

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