Benefits of Proper Nutrition

November 1, 2010

When it comes to nutrition, we here all the time about “take this, drink this, don’t eat that”, but few people know the actual immediate benefits to proper nutrition. Getting the necessary vitamins and minerals provides a number of different benefits including increased energy, increased metabolism, and overall ‘feeling better’. The body needs the essential vitamins and minerals to maintain all of its functions at optimal levels, in having all the necessary vitamins in balance you can increase both your physical and mental energy, and reduce tiredness. You will also increase your metabolism with proper nutrition; this means you will burn fat and calories faster and more efficiently, thus resulting in lower body weight.

When we say you will ‘feel better’ by having the necessary vitamins and minerals in balance, it might seem like an ambiguous claim, but literally you will be more resistant to disease and illness with proper nutrition because it acts as an immune system booster.  This translates into ‘feeling better’.

Deteriorating illness, fucoidan as an immune system booster can help you enjoy life.

August 11, 2010

My mother-in-law was diagnosed over a year ago with emphysema and she never smoked and neither did anyone in her family.

She lives in a city named Poltava in the Ukraine where the carbon monoxide emissions are very apparent and clean air is not high on the government’s list of social concerns along with helping any citizens’ immune system. The health care system is socialized medicine and the care is at best fair.

There was hope over a year ago when my wife and I started to send her an immune system booster with fucoidan and it has worked wonders for her as it has for so many other thousands on our planet. Shortly after my mother-in-law had been diagnosed with emphysema we were not overly surprised about the illness and that she needed some help with natural health supplementation to boost her immune system; for years she had been suffering from asthma, was short of breath and quickly became tired after working in her and her husband’s dacha with their garden; in fact, she used to spend most of her day in bed hoping that she had enough energy to simply cook for her husband. She has been feeling incredibly well for 15 months now because of fucoidan taken in a suspended gel with the UMI product. My wife speaks with her daily as they are very close and yet geographically far apart by the Atlantic Ocean and then some; my wife Nataliya senses her mother’s good health because of the immune system booster in fucoidan. She used to run out of energy in a matter of minutes and now she is able to work for hours and she is in her 60s and still has emphysema but her immune system is now strong. She thanks us for saving her life and obviously is extremely grateful for fucoidan in that it has enabled her to function normally. Isn’t it time that you also build up your immune system with fucoidan?

Your immune system booster for allergies, or else.

July 27, 2010

This is not a joke!

You must build up your immune system and take vitamin and mineral supplements for your allergies. Building up your immune system is simple or it can be complicated, depending on how you approach it.

For allergies, the solution is to ingest an immune system booster which will assist the white blood cells to fight off the impacted cells and in essence rid them of any more harmful repercussions (impacting other healthy cells). This is scientifically difficult to accomplish by simply hoping that such an immune system deficiency as an allergy will ‘go away’ without any assistance. Taking medication such as Zyrtec which millions in the USA take can have awful side effects. You could simply wait until the allergy goes away and be uncomfortable during your allergic outbreak – hoping that it does not last a long time. Taking fucoidan to build up your immune system is natural and it will work without any side effects. After all, fucoidan comes from brown seaweed and promotes apoptosis which is what everyone needs to fight off any type of infection. So the choice is yours in that you can do nothing and deal with the ramifications of the allergy (the hives, the itching and the unpleasant sight – along with perhaps some sleepless nights), you can also take some allergy drugs which very well could work but could lead to some unpleasant side effects (for children, they include headaches, soar throats, abdominal (stomach) pain, cough, drowsiness, nosebleeds, and diarrhea and for adults, they include drowsiness, fatigue, dry mouth, soar throat, and dizziness), or you can ingest a tasty green apple flavored UMI suspended gel pack with fucoidan and let this immune system booster fight off your allergy naturally. Remember that we all need to be taking our vitamin supplement and mineral supplement and the best form of bioavailability is with suspension gel and MIN has this breakthrough – ingesting vitamins and minerals will keep you healthy and fucoidan needs to be ingested when our bodies are not able to fight off infections as well as to prevent infections in the first place. Fucoidan offers much more for your immune system than getting rid of allergies, it can save lives! Get your box of UMI today with fucoidan and stop allergies while building up your immune system both naturally and quickly! And while your at it, get a box of 30 gel packs of MIN for your essential minerals and essential vitamins.

Selenium (as selenomethionine) as an antioxidant supplement and an immune system booster named fucoidan to combat Aids/HIV.

May 31, 2010

The Aids/HIV scare of the 1990s has become something which lost attention over the last 20 or so years.

Why, because the media has been out of the picture! But for those who know someone or who personally are suffering from this devastating disease there is hope with selenium and fucoidan as immune system boosters and antioxidant supplements.

This deadly disease is by no means going away and it will stay among one of the serious killers in the global community, but there are means for preventing further devastation to the ones infected with the disease. It is all about our body’s immune system and how it can combat diseases. Obviously our bodies are not equipped to fight off all diseases and the world’s history has shown this very blatantly. There are, however, natural ingested means in which people impacted and infected with such a disease can naturally build up their immune system to enable their body to fight the otherwise natural destruction of their immune system and it is available in a natural ingredient called selenium (in the form of selenomethionine) and in fucoidan – both are immune system boosters and fucoidan is also extremely useful to combat any immune system needs not associated with the Aids/HIV virus as it is an anti-viral health supplement and perhaps the best which has ever been to market. The irony is that fucoidan has been with us in the world’s waters for thousands of years and perhaps longer yet we looked at where fucoidan exists (in seaweed) as something which touched your body while swimming in the seas or oceans as an inconvenience. Turns out that fucoidan, found in brown seaweed is actually the most convenient thing to touch your body while swimming in the world’s waters. Please remember that the best form of fucoidan with the most amount of nutrients is off of the coast of Okinawa near Japan, but if you are not able to get there any time soon there is a product which harvests fucoidan from there and has the best form of absorption to build up your immune system. It’s called UMI and this means Sea, and you must therefore ingest your brown seaweed – it’s tasty and not salty!

Your Immune System Booster is screaming at you for attention…Fucoidan and nothing else!

May 26, 2010

Start now, because the screams will vanish as well as the health in time.

Take charge while you can. No, I am not insinuating that we will all vanish soon, but more than likely if you or some of your loved ones don’t take care of their health by the means of an immune system prevention like with UMI, it could go downhill!

Your immune system can work effectively if you: do not smoke, do not touch other people, do not inhale any germs (this one is very tricky), do not touch anything anyone else has without cleaning your hands… The list goes on and on. Realistically, we cannot possibly do or not do all of these things. Do you agree? If you agree, you need to take control of two things in your life; your diet and exercise and your immune system booster with fucoidan! Don’t be fooled by immune system boosters which do not contain fucoidan and only take fucoidan in its natural form as in a suspended gel. By doing this you will protect your body from anything as simple as a prevention from getting a simple cold by stopping a sore throat and not allowing it to develop into anything more serious all the way to serious viral infections which without proper immunity systems can lead to a further breakdown of the immune system and ultimately, unfortunately can lead to death. So, now you know what you all need to consume daily and it is tasty and it’s UMI with fucoidan; it’s anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral!

Immune System Booster with Fucoidan, what is this really?

May 23, 2010

Again, the name is Fucoidan!

What’s fucoidan and how is it your best choice for an immune system booster? Here’s a hint: it can come in brown or green color/colour but brown is the best.

The taste of fucoidan is not all that pleasant in its natural form. There are plenty of variations about this wonder of the ocean and it is harvested in many parts of the world but is richest off the coast of Okinawa. Fucoidan is readily available in pills and tablets but pills and tablets lack bioavailability but a delivery method in a suspended matrix gel has the best form of bioavailability of any immune system booster and the best natural method to boost immunity is fucoidan. So what is all of this talk and writing up about fucoidan and why is brown seaweed able to boost our immune system? Take a look at over 800 positive study results on about why fucoidan is the wonder supplement of the ocean and being that at Agel Enterprises we put it in a tasty green apple flavored gel (in it’s natural state) it has the highest absorption rate! Take your UMI daily (people of all ages from 1 year-old love the taste) and find out more why you should booster your immune system daily – coming soon.

Adults just as children need antioxidant supplements, an immune system booster and essential minerals and a vitamin supplement.

May 2, 2010

Everyone has the need for such health supplementation, not matter what age they are!

Everyone is susceptible to the free radicals in the air we breathe and needs an immune system booster to protect against diseases ranging from a simple cold to viral infections. Essential minerals and vitamin supplements help all of us to prevent organ inflammations and further assist in helping our immune system while keeping our bodies functioning properly.

This may seem like a lot, but in reality this is a daily necessity. Our bodies were designed to fight off infections, but especially at young ages and old ages people are more prone to getting infections as their bodies are growing at one end and becoming weaker at the other end – they are changing; an immune system booster with fucoidan in a suspended matrix gel is the most effective delivery system to fight against infections. The air we breathe has changed in the last few decades and we are by definition more prone to have our cells become oxidized and this in time can lead to the death of our body’s cells; a natural antioxidant supplement is now a necessity and ingesting the one with the most amount of antioxidants only seems logical with 17 various exotic fruits. To prevent inflammation of our organs is very simply avoided by taking essential minerals which our bodies can quickly and effectively absorb and this facilitates the digestive system to properly break down the foods which we consume. And of course adults just like children need to be taking daily vitamins but taking them in pill or tablet form simply is not what the human body was designed to consume, but in a suspended matrix gel the absorption is almost instantaneous as it enters our blood stream from the moment it touches our tongue. With flavors such as grape, green apple, and fruit punch anybody will love the taste of these three daily health supplements which will keep all of us healthy from the inside-out! Get your boxes of the EXO, MIN, and UMI suspended matrix gel breakthrough products today!

If you are looking to get an immune system booster from your doctor, well then you are being misled, and that is putting it nicely.

April 24, 2010

Take control of your life! Take control of your health!

Other then your significant other, how many people would you trust. I am writing about a serious issue, the writing is simple – getting you (the readers) and others to realize this is a reason why I make an attempt to reach out to hundreds of millions of people; and for their health I think you will tell them.

Sadly enough some people really don’t care about their health. I do wish those people a good life for what may be a shorter one than expected! For those of you who are coming around and want to change their lives, with some constant unhealthy ailment I strongly (actually demand) recommend you to seek other solutions … and this is where I come into play. If your doctor/insurance company was not helping you, you can help yourself… Take a look at it from this perspective – and I am not trying to and never will make any effort to sell you something you do not need, but you do need fucoidan and it is an immune system booster delivery methodology and the UMI product it has the best results by far. You need to be taking a suspended matrix gel supplement! Got it! Good. Now you need to be consuming this at least once a day. Trust me in that this will be the best tasting immune system booster – it is fucoidan and it is delivered in the best form for your body to enrich itself with such natural nutrients. In a while you will be thanking me for the results it has brought to your improved health – think about building a home based business with this and the other expanding product line this company has to offer – again, no worries as I and other members of my global team will facilitate your being able to grow your own residual income! That in UMI is a product which can create a long standing business.

Your digestive system tract and how to build up your immune system booster. This is a must read.

April 22, 2010

Like any of  my other writings, of course.

This one is simply about the emphasis in building up ones immunity system. There is available help which will come to your assistance in the form of health supplements which are ingested.

The good news is that it is not in a pill, capsule or even in a tablet. Much better, it is ingested with the best form of bioavailability with a health supplement – and it is all natural! I am referring to the breakthrough in suspended matrix gel technology with the GRN and the UMI products. Yes, you might be thinking simply letters and that is what they are, but the UMI product will boost immune system with Fucoidan and the GRN product will detoxify your digestive system. And I might quickly add that the building of the immune system booster with the  likes of the cleansing of the digestive tract all start within the gastrointestinal tract. This will enable you and your loved ones to keep processing the healthy bacteria in your system which is paramount to optimum health. Of course, you should make every effort to stay away from processed foods – and I think we all know that this type of food consumption is unhealthy. If you cannot get away from the processed foods for some reason, think of a cholesterol reducing product which will facilitates the reduction of the bad LDL while increasing the HDL (good) cholesterol levels.

You really have one chance to a better health if your immune system booster is on track with fucoidan.

April 22, 2010

Building up your immune system is tantamount to better health!

Think about no long getting allergies and colds and the flu to more significant and life changing illnesses. You want or should want to have an optimum immunity system booster.

Think about this and this is not difficult to relate to; better overall health! You want it as does everyone. I must say that I never met anyone who wanted their health to deteriorate – have you? What do you need to do to ensure that your immunity system is where it needs to be? I hope we have established that nobody likes to be ill so what is the next step? Taking a health supplement which is simply full of the benefits you gain through building up your immune system. This is not invasive and on the contrary it is a pleasure to ingest/consume; kids of all ages love the taste as it is like consuming candy without the unnecessary sugar. It is fucoidan in a green apple flavor suspended matrix gel which has the human body’s most natural absorption other than an invasive alternative (and much more costly) such as taking something intravenously. So, with that stated, ingest your immune system booster daily packed with the nutrients in fucoidan and be on your way to a healthy lifestyle! Do not be afraid, fucoidan (brown seaweed) comes from our oceans and Agel gets it from off the coast of Okinawa where it is richest in the life changing nutrients our bodies need.

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