Fucoidan and our need for it

March 1, 2016

A very odd looking name, fucoidan, but its benefits to health are the furthest thing from being odd.

Fucoidan provides many health benefits for the immune system and if you think about why people have died over the last several centuries, plague, disease, and more recently cancer come to mind. These are immune-deficiency related reasons for death and fucoidan boosts the immune system.

NanoHealthTechnology.com - Agel UMI is Fucoidan !!!Japan has the highest overall life expectancy of any country and Okinawa is a significant reason for this top ranking and fucoidan has much to do with it. Fucoidan is the active ingredient in brown seaweed, which Okinawans eat brown seaweed often as do many Japanese. Being that fucoidan is found in brown seaweed, even bathing in it is going to bring about health benefits for the immune system as it enters the skin’s pores and ultimately makes it into our cells. And when one thinks about the immune system and how fucoidan can naturally boost the immune system one needs to think about infections and preventing infections. How about viruses, again fucoidan, by boosting the immune system protects people from getting viruses. So, if fucoidan offers so many health benefits for boosting the immune system, for pre and post operations, why are you not getting your box of 30 single serving gel packets in an UMI box or in some countries larger UMI pods. UMI is Agel’s way of delivered the best in class form of fucoidan. Of course, all Agel products, like the UMI with fucoidan, comes with a money-back guarantee, but having a box on hand at all times is the safe choice. Get your box of fucoidan packed UMI or fucoidan in a larger UMI pod, where both have the save green apple flavor.



Ebola and the flu and immune system

November 2, 2014

There is a correlation between folks who get Ebola and the immune system plays a role.

NanoHealthTechnology.com - Boost your immune system to be strong against viruses like ebola and the fluThe reality is that ebola, the flu (be it some bird or swine flu) and other viruses come to adversely impact the immune system by attacking it and taking advantage of the immune system’s vulnerabilities. So what can people do to get a better fighting chance with a stronger immune system?

I hear folks say that they won’t get the flu because they recently got a flu vaccine; we’ve mentioned the following several times in that the flu vaccine is simply another way for the medical field to make more money because the flu changes and one flu shot is not a catch-all for all types of the flu ‘going around’. For ebola, it’s a different story (as of now) in that there are not currently different ‘strains’ of ebola. In reality, there is a reason for why some test positive for ebola (or for the flu) and others do not and the immune system plays a significant role; a weaker immune system is characterized by the body’s cells of not being able to destroy harmful cells and thereby protecting healthy and productive cells. No person’s immune system functions identically as anyone else’s immune system, so having a strong immune system should be paramount to protecting against viruses. Agel Enterprises has developed two natural digestible suspended matrix gels which strengthen the immune system; Agel UMI boosts the immune system with the delivery of fucoidan from brown seaweed and Agel GSH, the super antioxidant, boosts the immune system and improves many other aspects of one’s health. These immune system strengthening digestible suspended gel solutions are only available online and delivered in up to fifty-five countries, but all come with a no questions asked money back guarantee. It’s your immune system and that of your loved ones, and with the flu season or even ebola in people’s minds, a stronger immune system should also be on your mind.


Infection control with fucoidan for your immune system

August 24, 2012

Ever heard of Clostridium difficile, an infection generated bacteria which overpowers the immune system; to combat it, fucoidan can naturally assist.

Diseases, viruses and infections are common, but the immune system was designed to combat and beat viruses, infections and diseases, for the most part. When is the immune system most at risk may surprise you or not, but either way, fucoidan is a natural necessity in assisting in preventing such illnesses.

Turns out that Clostridium difficile kills almost as many people in the United States alone as the number of motorists dying from traffic accidents; think about how that statistic could be lowered with fucoidan to strengthen the immune system, and many such Clostridium difficile deaths are the result of being in a hospital after undergoing surgery. The natural way to avoid such an infection would be to forgo surgery, but that’s not always practical or even feasible so fucoidan should seriously be considered; there is something which can be done prior to having any type of surgery and it pertains to strengthen the immune system or the boosting of the immune system and this can naturally be accomplished with fucoidan. This word fucoidan is pronounced as it appears; fucoidan is a sulfated polysaccharide found in several seaweeds but the most amount of fucoidan nutrients are located in brown seaweed but eating brown seaweed to benefit from fucoidan to boost the immune system would be an acquired taste and a lot of seaweed would need to be consumed to get the same health and immune system benefits as found in a single ingested fucoidan packet suspended gel named UMI. Some may wonder how brown seaweed with the natural active ingredient named fucoidan can assist the immune system and naturally strengthen the immune system; for those who want to read more about fucoidan and the immune system, research fucoidan at pubmed.gov where hundreds of research papers discuss the natural benefits of fucoidan, including but not limited to assisting the immune system, circulatory system, digestive system, respiratory system and promoting cancer apoptosis or cancer cell suicide. As mentioned, Clostridium difficile has recently been magnified as being a very deadly infection associated with post surgery and bacteria. We should all know by now that bacteria and infections run rampant after surgery and the surgery can be relatively minor or major surgery. Another point is that the immune system needs to be strengthened prior to undergoing any surgery and after any surgery so why would anyone take the risk of getting an infection by unhealthy bacteria when boosting the immune system with fucoidan has no negative side effects; being that bacteria and infections are non-discriminatory pertaining to age, gender or skin color, the immune system should be strengthened prior to and after any surgery and doing so with fucoidan in a suspended gel provides the most effective delivery with the highest form of bioavailability. Not only is fucoidan essential to strengthening the immune system before and after surgery, imaging how effective fucoidan will be when ingested in the UMI suspended matrix gel packets on a daily basis; the green apple flavored fucoidan packets named UMI are available only online, where each box comes with thirty single serving gel packets or larger fucoidan packet UMI pods are also available for delivery in certain countries, and fucoidan packet UMI comes with a money back guarantee. Remember, that ingesting fucoidan could actually prevent diseases, viruses and infections in the first place and this could prevent many needs for surgery. Prevention starts with fucoidan to strengthen and boost the immune system, everyone’s immune system.

Not your fault your immune system is awful without fucoidan

August 2, 2012

It’s only natural for an immune system to become weak, especially if sleep or fucoidan is not allowed or fucoidan not part of your diet.

That’s correct, fucoidan for the immune system. We know that you may not be familiar with the word fucoidan, but it’s time you get acquainted to it because it’s natural and naturally important for your immune system.

We’ve mentioned and by now we all should know that the immune system is the critical function of the body to combat against illnesses, such as viruses, bacteria and diseases, including the flu, infections and even cancer; also, don’t forget that fucoidan boosts the immune system to prevent bacteria, viruses and diseases like cancer. An immune system can combat and prevent such illnesses, even cancer; the question is how do you really want your immune system to function, in a reactive capacity or in a proactive capacity. Realistically speaking, the immune system gets help with rest such as sleep, but with hectic lifestyles, sleeping as much as we need is not always feasible and this can negatively impact the immune system and it’s ability to naturally get stronger during such critical times. With fucoidan, in a suspended gel, you have the natural ability to assist the immune system, your immune system, to get strong even when you’re awake and living the hectic and busy lifestyle which you lead. Granted, the immune system, like many things with a person’s body, is not equal to others’ immune system and an immune system from one person to the next, even someone within your immediate family, may differ; again, fucoidan in suspended gel named UMI can naturally assist. There is a natural solution to assisting the body’s ability to strengthen the immune system and it’s with the UMI suspended gel packet with fucoidan. The option is yours, to get the needed sleep to help your immune system to be stronger in order to promote apoptosis and cancer apoptosis, as well as having an immune system strong enough to combat unhealthy bacteria, viruses, and diseases, or make sure to get fucoidan in the breakthrough suspended gel delivery for optimal bioavailability. Remember that a strong immune system is critical for overall good health and fucoidan facilitates the immune system, and much more, in accomplishing this and the UMI fucoidan gel packets which come thirty single serving packets per box are available on this site and only online and come with a money back guarantee from Agel Enterprises, the manufacture of fucoidan named UMI. It’s your immune system, not his or hers; it’s time to get your fucoidan in suspended gel, for the sake of your immune system.

Protecting your immune system from germs with fucoidan

June 6, 2012

They are literally everywhere, germs that is and your immune system is the only natural defense against them.

Washing hands regularly is a great manner in which to keep germs at bay to some extent, but over washing even with mild natural soap can negatively impact the immune system. Mentioning the immune system and germs, the list of places to be aware of germs which can adversely impact the immune system is both logical and some may be a bit of a surprise.

The immune system can become negatively impacted with the obvious including grocery carts, door knobs, bathroom stalls and the less obvious which we overlook like condiment containers in restaurants, bottoms of handbags and the immune system shocker is wet laundry after the clothing has been washed. There are many more places where germs reside where they can impact the immune system adversely so wash your hands but not too often with natural soap as the oils on the skin can become scarce and such oils are critical in preventing overly dry and cracking skin which can quickly become a breeding ground for germs by passing the immune system and it’s natural barrier to preventing infections, viruses and even diseases. What else can one do to protect their immune system other than washing hands with a natural soap entails fucoidan. Brown seaweed contains fucoidan and no it’s not a germ and it will assist the immune system in keeping it strong. Like all hand soaps which not all are healthy for the immune system, not all forms of fucoidan really benefit the immune system. Take brown seaweed from the ocean or seas and start eating it and you may reap some of the benefits of fucoidan for your immune system but imagine what pollutants you’ll also be jeopardizing your immune system with. There are more user-friendly delivery forms of fucoidan to help the immune system and they come in pills and capsules for example but such delivery methods have either chemical interactions or simply have so much of the essential fucoidan which has been depleted, by processing, that the benefits of the fucoidan to the immune system are slim. The alternative to combating germs, viruses, infections, and diseases is with fucoidan in a suspended gel which the UMI product provides the most natural form of fucoidan delivery and bioavailability to benefit the critical immune system. UMI, which is packed with the most rich fucoidan found in the waters of our planet, because it’s harvested where fucoidan is richest and thereby boosts the immune system better than any other form of fucoidan. And because UMI is delivered with the superior suspended gel technology, it provides the essential fucoidan in gel packets which enable the digestive system to breakdown and absorb the fucoidan, which is ingested, quickly and effectively and thereby strengthening the immune system the best. So hang on to those handrails, or not, but get your box of thirty single serving UMI fucoidan packed gel packets and ingest the money back guarantee UMI product which you can share with all members of your family and keep everyone’s immune system strong.


Cancer prevention with fucoidan made easy and tasty

May 15, 2012

There’s something new in cancer prevention being something to look forward to and with ingested fucoidan it is.

Preventing cancer has been associated with eating well and by this people by now should know that junk food is not real food; not picking up bad habits like smoking is another manner in which to avoid the obvious lung cancer and emphysema. We’re not suggesting that all bad habits lead to cancer, but minimizing them would do a great deal in avoiding cancer.

Other forms of cancer are more associated with the environment we live in, such as breast cancer. All forms of cancer are of course not a pleasant conversation peace as nobody wants anyone to really have cancer and that of course includes themselves as not becoming victims to cancer. Back to preventing cancer and what can you do about it without having to go to extremes in how you live your life. Easily stated, cancer prevention is possible without having to change the manner in which you carry out your day and it’s about fucoidan for cancer prevention. Fucoidan is the natural active ingredient found in brown seaweed and some of you may now be thinking that cancer may be a better alternative than having to eat raw seaweed and we’re here to let you know that fucoidan is cancer prevention not because of the taste of raw seaweed but because of a unique and best-in-class delivery method of fucoidan which will naturally enable the body to strengthen its immune system and thereby naturally assist in preventing cancer. What’s fucoidan taste like you ask? You can go deep sea diving and get your own but the focoidan you will reap from the brown seaweed may not be as palatable as envisioned, even if it to prevent cancer; but you’ll need to consume forty times the amount of brown seaweed to get the equivalent amount of fucoidan which is present in each single serving of the fucoidan packed UMI gel packets. What you can do instead, is ingest fucoidan to prevent cancer in a tasty green apple flavored gel packet which children will think is candy and adults of all ages will ingested willingly and do so daily to naturally boost their immune system. That’s making cancer prevention highly inviting without really any effort but with great taste. Each fucoidan packed cancer prevention ingested dose of the most bioavailable immune system booster comes in thirty single serving gel packets named UMI and if you don’t like the taste of the cancer prevention UMI for some odd reason, Agel Enterprises will refund your money. The UMI fucoidan packed cancer prevention immune system booster will work wonders at preventing viruses, other diseases and will prevent getting a cold or the flu and if you’re already ill, fucoidan will facilitate and accelerate the recover to get over such an illness, disease or virus. The breakthrough in delivery of fucoidan is only available online but is shipped to about sixty countries, so getting the fucoidan packed UMI gel packets or fucoidan packed UMI pods is easily obtainable. The natural prevention of cancer with fucoidan and much more is clinically proven; go and check out pubmed.gov and search fucoidan and you’ll soon read for yourself that fucoidan is cancer prevention and the best delivery for fucoidan for cancer prevention and that of other diseases or viruses is in the UMI suspended matrix gel.

The flu with fever and fucoidan to end it quickly

April 21, 2012

We’re confident by stating that the average person will attempt to take care of the flu with or without a fever without fucoidan, but why would they?

Historically and traditionally, people take care of the flu and fever with all forms of archaic remedies including but not limited to iodine, orange juice, vitamin C, zinc, colloidal silver, garlic capsules, ginger root, arsenicum, gelsemium, catnip tea, bryonia, eupatorium, and many more including over the counter drugs but they all ultimately serve or attempt to serve one thing and that’s to boost the immune system by eliminating the virus in question which causes the flu and fever. What about fucoidan though where the speed of a natural recovery with fucoidan boosting the immune system is extremely quick as the preferred and wise choice.

The fact that fucoidan naturally boosts the immune system by increasing the white blood cell count to boost and strengthen the immune system is really all that one needs to eliminate the flu and fever, and more importantly with fucoidan in the breakthrough suspended matrix gel delivery system, enables anyone to prevent getting the flu and fever in the first place. Forget about the short-lived flu vaccine because by now you should know that such vaccines are more harmful than beneficial. Ask yourself if you want a remedy to end the flu or a fever or would you rather prevent getting the flu or a fever altogether and do so without health risks? Most would prefer preventing the flu or fever and that is where fucoidan can naturally assist and can with people at any age, from one year to a centenarian. But fucoidan goes far beyond simply boosting the immune system to prevent viruses like the common cold, the flu, a fever but also includes prevention of diseases including cancer, be it any form of cancer because fucoidan will promote cell apoptosis and cancer apoptosis where the strong immune system protects the body from harmful cells and viruses from spreading by destroying such unhealthy cells without interfering with healthy cells. In fact, fucoidan rebuilds damaged healthy cells thereby providing more ammunition to the immune system to keep protecting the body from the flu, a fever, cancer and numerous other viruses and diseases. With ingesting a few gel packets of the suspended gel named UMI, one can eliminate the flu and fever overnight; try to eliminate the flu and fever that quickly with the traditional alternatives where fucoidan is not part of the solution. Tradional methods of getting past the flu and fever are simply archaic methods and some, like the over the counter drugs, actually do more long term harm to the body by wreaking havoc to the digestive system and ultimately the immune system; think of it this way, your immune system is mostly started in the digestive system so interfering with the digestive system with over the counter drugs or prescription medication to get over the flu or fever is simply enabling the body to increase the likelihood of being vulnerable to viruses, infections and diseases, including the flu and cancer as examples because such drugs interfere with the body’s natural immune system protection mechanism. And for those of you who want to take catnip to end the flu and fever, we wish you the best of luck. The natural solution to eliminate the flu, fever and so many viruses and disease and prevent them in the first place is to ingest the suspended matrix gel named UMI. One last point, fucoidan comes with a green apple flavor to naturally boost the immune system against the flu and fever but what do garlic capsules taste like or better yet what does your breath smell like without a solution in sight? The solution is simple and its fucoidan to prevent the flu and fever and if you unfortunately already have the flu or fever, get your UMI packed fucoidan gel packets or fucoidan pods shipped overnight and remember that fucoidan in the best delivery method for bioavailability is only available online. If you just got over the flu or fever or both the flu and fever, you’ll want to start ingesting fucoidan to avoid the flu or fever coming back and about the catnip, get a cat and enjoy the show. Don’t forget to get a box or two of UMI with the most bioavailable delivery of fucoidan and while your being entertained by your cat, look up fucoidan on pubmed.gov.


Finding a cure is with fucoidan for breast cancer

April 17, 2012

Of course we encourage all to walk for the cure of breast cancer by donating to research for breast cancer, but fucoidan offers something simple which works for the immune system.

Nobody wants to have breast cancer and nobody wants to hear about a relative, friend or co-worker having been diagnosed with breast cancer. This is the time to find out about fucoidan for breast cancer prevention and breast cancer elimination so when you’re walking for the cure, hold a fucoidan packed gel packet in your raised hand and give some out to fellow walkers.

This disease called cancer, and for women it’s most focused on breast cancer, skin cancer and ovarian cancer. They are all horrific forms of cancer but taking breast cancer to a new level with a solution is worth mentioning natural suspended matrix gel fucoidan. In its most natural form, fucoidan enables the the human body to be protected against infections and diseases including breast cancer and all other forms of cancer because it all starts with a strong immune system. In laboratory tests, the experimental groups have always survived at significantly higher levels than that of control groups when infections and cancer is the culprit and that includes diseases like breast cancer, ovarian cancer and other prevalent forms of cancer affecting women and men. One thing to remember while walking for the cure is that fucoidan is the natural active ingredient which comes from brown seaweed and when it’s ingested in its most natural state with a great tasting green apple flavor and the most bioavailable form named UMI it promotes cancer apoptosis which is the destruction of cancer cells; with the use of suspended matrix gel technology, pills and tablets or even capsules simply fall significantly short in how fucoidan can naturally boost the immune system when compared to the UMI suspended gel fucoidan alternative to prevent breast cancer, and other forms of cancer. Detection of breast cancer does not entail a mammogram but breast thermography instead where the detection of breast cancer is far less invasive and well ahead of the cancer already being on its way and breast thermography does not increase the risk of developing breast cancer like mammograms promote, and because breast thermography is simply more accurate and timely. The best manner in which to stay clear of breast cancer is by preventing breast cancer and in addition to avoiding radiation with the likes of the mammogram, boosting the immune system to enable the body’s cells to attack and defend the body form diseases like breast cancer. The best part about fucoidan for breast cancer prevention is that there are no side-effects and in fact anyone from the age of one year can ingest the UMI suspended gel packets with fucoidan, because the immune system is critical for more than combating and preventing breast cancer, including anything from preventing the common cold to pneumonia and countless other immune system deficiency generated diseases. Also critical in addition to breast cancer prevention is cancer elimination and the elimination of breast cancer because as fucoidan in the UMI suspended matrix gel packets can prevent breast cancer, if one has already been diagnosed with breast cancer, fucoidan promotes cancer apoptosis whereby fucoidan facilitates the immune system have the natural ability to destroy the harmful cancer cells and tumors which make any form of cancer, including breast cancer and ovarian cancer so non-discriminatory. Walk for the cure with your fucoidan packed UMI gel packet or pod.

Natural cancer solutions for anyone is with fucoidan

April 1, 2012

Have cancer and are maybe going to have chemotherapy or radiation or even the real money maker for surgeons which is surgery; it’s cancer but there is fucoidan instead.

The toll, not referring to the cost to get to the doctor’s office but for the surgery to remove the cancer or more appropriately stated the tumor. The solution is fucoidan, and if you have any doubts, ask your doctor or perhaps don’t ask as the chemotherapy and surgery surrounding the cancer might be in his or her best financial interest.

Our apologies for the abrupt nature of our emphasis pertaining to fucoidan and the solution to stop cancer by the means of the body naturally promoting cell suicide, that of the cancer cells and any other harmful cells which may by all means wreak havoc to the immune system. This is very serious and if you have been diagnosed with cancer, surely your medical expenses are about to skyrocket in conjunction with your cancer treatment medication if you can endure them with the likes of chemotherapy and other common money making  so-called solutions prescribed or recommended by doctors, when a safe and effective manner to promote cancer apoptosis is found in fucoidan. When one has cancer, perhaps all other expenses fall forgiven, and that may be justified. However, not naturally taking care of the immune system after the doctors having diminished your immune system to the degree that your weary of germs; that’s unjustified as a reason for why anyone going through cancer or chemical approaches to ending caner. Look at it this way, cancer is what it is. Cancer impacts the least expected as well as the most susceptible. Anyone with cancer is not alone and we are there supporting you more than you know it. Do us a favor and find out why there are alternatives to conventional cancer treatments, with fucoidan. That stated, fucoidan promotes cancer apoptosis for breast cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer and many other forms of cancer, and the suspended gel named UMI simply happens to work most effectively and the greatest part about building up the immune system naturally with fucoidan to either prevent or eliminate cancer is that it literally comes with a green apple flavor; what’s the flavor of the chemical cancer tumor reduction the doctors have recommended and what does it do to the immune system? Simply stated, fucoidan only offers health benefits with respect to the immune system. Over the last few years as fucoidan has been revealed as a terrific form to promote cancer apoptosis or the destruction of cancer cells, it’s still a wonder why doctors don’t mention fucoidan but as a doctor usually in the profession to make money, fucoidan won’t generate income although it will do wonders to both prevent and eliminate cancer. Since doctors won’t be spreading the word about fucoidan as the alternative to devastating cancer treatments, we want to tell everyone about the fucoidan and cancer apoptosis and for ease of communication , it’s UMI and it’s fucoidan in its best and most bioavailable delivery for promoting cancer apoptosis and that signifies the natural assistance towards the end of cancer. Read about fucoidan, which comes from brown seaweed, and how it plays a critical role against the forming of cancer tumors and how it can destroy them; research fucoidan on pubmed.gov and learn how to naturally prevent and eliminate breast cancer, colon cancer and other forms of the life and immune system devastating disease.

Fucoidan more than cancer prevention with a strong immune system

March 21, 2012

It’s a fact that fucoidan offers exceptional cancer prevention and cancer elimination by promoting cell apoptosis by strengthening the immune system.

Since there has been nearly one thousand favorable articles posted in pubmed.gov for fucoidan and its health benefits, in addition to promoting cancer apoptosis; the elimination of cancer cells by the healthy cells from a strong immune system destroying cancer cells. Fucoidan also regenerates cells as anti aging, helps maintain a healthy circulatory system and helps maintain normal cholesterol levels in addition to maintaining joint health to alleviate joint pain and more.

In addition to these health benefits, including eliminating cancer, diseases, viruses and others mentioned above, fucoidan also promotes better functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and digestive system, increases energy levels and aids the respiratory system and helps to detox the body and rid it of free radicals with antioxidants and supports kidney health. The question now is one you need to be asking yourself; why are you not taking fucoidan in the most bioavailable form named suspended matrix gel to maximize all of these health benefits, from cancer elimination to a detox of the digestive system to alleviating joint pain? Perhaps it’s because you were not aware that fucoidan is natural when it’s delivered in suspended matrix gel named UMI. Yes, fucoidan is all natural in suspended gel and in fact is much better at providing all of these health benefits from promoting cancer apoptosis to maintaining normal cholesterol levels, than any other delivery form of fucoidan and that includes the brown seaweed algae fucoidan is derived from. Coastal populations for thousands of years have been benefiting from the health benefits which fucoidan offers but modern civilizations don’t know this because such coastal populations were never in the so-called media but rest assured that fucoidan in suspended matrix gel will benefit modern civilizations and these are times when the modern world needs more health assistance than ever and natural solutions with fucoidan is abundant; the fact is that simply most of us have never heard about the health benefits of fucoidan or about the word fucoidan. This stems from the fact that pharmaceutical companies advertise and promote drugs as providing health benefits but when the pharmaceutical companies themselves conduct the testing of their drugs and therefore pay for the tests one can rest assured that the results will be favorable in a biased manner. The choice is yours about taking care of your health from cancer prevention and cancer elimination to all the other health benefits mentioned hear and we encourage your to research about fucoidan and why ingesting the natural wonders from the seas and oceans named fucoidan may simply be the best health benefit without side effects you could be giving yourself. Fucoidan, to your health and that of normal cholesterol levels, circulatory system, joint pain prevention, and much more including cancer prevention and elimination.




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Osteoarthritis (3)
Osteoporosis Prevention (6)
ovarian cancer (1)
Oyster Mushroom (1)
Parabens (4)
Phytonutrients (1)
placebo (1)
Plastic surgery (1)
Policosanol (38)
pomegranate (1)
Probiotics (1)
prostate cancer (1)
Protein (8)
Protein Snacks (9)
Protein Supplements (8)
red bull (5)
Residual Income (102)
Resume (2)
Rheumatoid arthritis (1)
Rhodiola (6)
Salmon (4)
Schizandra (2)
selenium (3)
sinus infection (1)
Skin cancer (2)
Skin care (52)
sleep (6)
Sleeping (15)
sleeping aid (1)
sore throat (1)
statins (8)
Strep throat (1)
Stress (15)
Stress Reducer (2)
Surgery (2)
Tanning (1)
Tanning bed (2)
Taurine (3)
Thanksgiving (1)
trans fat (1)
Turmeric (22)
Unemployment (2)
Valentine (4)
valentines day (1)
Viagra (3)
Vitamin B12 (2)
Vitamin C (1)
Vitamin D (10)
vitamin d deficiency (1)
Vitamin D3 (2)
Vitamin Supplement (13)
Vitamins (14)
Vitamins and minerals (1)
Weight control (12)
Weight Loss (8)
Weight Loss Supplement (12)
Work at home (1)
Work from home (3)
Wrist Pain (4)
Yohimbine (6)
Zocor (1)

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