Latest information about vaccines – don’t take them.

December 7, 2009

Don’t take any such flu or swine flu vaccine at all!

What you want is an immune system booster which in the short and long term will never create any negative or adverse impact to your system. Choose a natural product ingested with a good taste.

agel_umiFucoidan is what we should all be looking for in such a preventative measure supplement and not some vaccine. I have mentioned this before and simply to reinforce your believe, fucoidan has created the longest livelihood of any other populations base. They actually are eating seaweed which is not the best form of bioavailability. Take fucoidan in a suspended and the technology enables all of us to have our own immune system booster. Take a look at a serious form to boost immunity in the breakthrough of nutritional health supplements. Take UMI daily, to get your immune system booster back on track for good!

Boost Immunity Until a Cure for Cancer is Found

November 2, 2009

As our life is threatened from cancers of all forms we need to take control of it ourselves to prevent it in the first place

Ranging from breast cancer to colon cancer and from vaginal cancer and cervical cancer to prostate cancer and then the cancers children get. This list encompasses well over 200 types of cancer and this is alarmingly sad. It’s sad because we can all do something to beat the odds of getting to the point of having cancer. It’s about building up one’s immune system or immunity system. The day to start this is not when you have the disease, it how not to get it in the first place.

An immune system booster, generated correctly can attack and isolate the infected cells in our body and remove them from spreading; this is done without affecting the good and healthy cells. The immune system which provides this is an active biological nutrient found off the coast of Japan in the Pacific Ocean – the name of this ingredient is fucoidan and this is found from brown seaweed – no, I am not stating that you should go to your local sushi restaurant to build up your immunity, because that would most likely be green seaweed which does not contain the levels of fucoidan your body needs to create the needed immune support. More to come about how to best consume fucoidan. Below is a picture of fucoidan, nature’s way of saying “you’re welcome”.


Swine Flu and Vaccines – To Get Them or Not?

October 18, 2009

The vaccine for the flu shot or swine flu shot

There are a series of studies which surprisingly indicate that people who got the regular flu shot last year are twice as likely to get the swine flu this year! This would mean that those of you who did get the flue shot in 2008 must get the swine flu vaccine in the form of a shot, an attenuated nasal spray swine flu vaccine, or an monovalent swine flu vaccine.

Swine flu symptons

The question is now whether it’s a good idea to get the flu shot? I know what I’m going to do and that is build up my immune system booster and that of my family and friends and anyone else I know. Building up ones immune support also includes antioxidant supplements and giving one’s body the essential vitamins and essential minerals it needs to best combat any form of foreign undesired virus from getting into one’s system.

Fucoidan – We Can’t Say Enough about this Incredible Nutrient

October 14, 2009

Perhaps the Greatest Supplement in the World – from our World

One of Agel’s greatest products, UMI a great health supplement, offers a vast array of health benefits that have only really been appreciated by coastal communities with abundant access to brown seaweed. The active ingredient in UMI is Fucoidan, which is a component of brown seaweed. For centuries, brown seaweed has been considered a natural source of healthy food and nutrition. But, it has only been recently that further research has identified Fucoidan, a sulfated polysaccharide, as the true source of the health and wellness benefits of this oceanic wonder. Fucoidan has piqued the interest of many scientists and researchers as one of the ocean’s greatest treasures and many are now enjoying the benefits of Fucoidan. However, as scientists have continued to explore this complex molecule, more and more of its health benefits have been identified. Fucoidan is like a closely guarded secret kept by those coastal societies that have enjoyed the wonderful health benefits of the Fucoidan polysaccharide for centuries. With Agel UMI, the secret is out. This new gelceutical that delivers Fucoidan in a good tasting gel brings the amazing health benefits of this potent polysaccharide to the rest of the world where seaweed is not a common part of the every day diet. It is encouraging that now everybody can enjoy healthier living as a result of Agel UMI – the taste is like a green apple.

In many parts of the world, seaweed is not a regular part of the daily diet. In fact, there are many people who would not even consider eating seaweed. However, with Agel UMI, the exceptional health benefits of this oceanic treasure are now available to the masses. So, what is it about the brown seaweed that is so extraordinary? Through extensive research, scientists have identified a complex sulfated polysaccharide, called fucoidan as the active ingredient. Its primary makeup consists of an essential sugar called fucose along with other elements such as xylose, mannose, and galactose, and glucose. Studies consistently show that fucoidan possesses a wide range of properties beneficial to maintaining optimal health. The UMI product contains 2grams of fructose so diabetics can consume up to 7 gel-packs a day, but only one is required, to keep in line with their intake of forms of sugar.

One of the primary ways in which Fucoidan provides a vast array of health benefits is its ability to interact with, and modulate the immune system, and does this highly effectively. Several studies have identified many of the immune modulating effects of Fucoidan. The ability of a substance to modulate the immune system is an extremely useful property. Modulation is a term used to describe the process of reducing the extremes of cellular activity – either stimulation or inhibition. Immune modulating substances have the ability to increase immune support function when it is depressed, as with conditions like chronic fatigue, and then to reduce it when it is over-stimulated, such as in auto-immune diseases like lupus or rheumatoid arthritis.

Most immune modulating agents work by improving inter-cellular communication. One way cells interact and communicate is by presenting glycoproteins on their surface. Glycoproteins are complex information-rich macromolecules composed of a protein core to which is bound arrays of linked saccharides or sugars (polysaccharides). The structures of the saccharides vary and therefore relay different codes for different messages. For example, one message might tell a cell to secrete a specific cellular product, and another message might tell a cell when to divide. Other cells have corresponding glycoprotein receptor molecules, which can then read these messages and respond accordingly. Thus, our bodies are involved in a very sophisticated and harmonious intercellular communication at all times.

The immune system booster depends heavily on this kind of communication to co-ordinate cellular defense, apoptosis, cell attack and repair processes. When any of the range of saccharides required to build competent glycoproteins (and thereby convey an accurate message) are missing, the quality of that communication is compromised. It has been shown that dietary supply of certain saccharides improves the integrity of glycoprotein production. Fucoidans provide an abundant supply of Fucose, one of the necessary saccharides, and smaller amounts of several other required sugars. This is likely to be one mechanism by which the fucoidans exert their immunomodulatory effect. Fucoidan is proving significant health benefits as has been described. Now, with this understanding of glycoprotiens, and intercellular communication, let’s specifically identify the ways in which Fucoidan with UMI has been shown to be of significant benefit for health and wellness.

To be continued…

Have a Fever, Feel Weak and Body Aching

October 8, 2009

Feeling that Fever, Felling Weak and Your Body Aching

I know several people who experience this during the weather changes, which is somewhat ironic because the temperature change should not effect one getting a fever or catching the flu and feeling achey (not a work, I know). This issue is not about the temperature changing, it’s about ones immunity. Yes, having the proper immunity system to combat any foreign germs getting into your personal space and entering your body (physical or airborne contact). Yes, some of you may have arguments either way and that’s fine…but I am telling you about a remedy for this, not how you came about to getting it – remember, I am going to tell you about how to get rid of such ailments and then you can tell everyone else about them and nobody will ever have these ill feelings – that would be great!

The solution is rather simple and it’s a three step approach…and no, one does not have do perform any type of odd ceremony or place certain things in certain places. I am referring to natural supplements. Let me explain…one gets ill with a fever, flu-like symptoms because one’s immunity is relatively low the best supplement to enhance one’s immunity at this time is UMI with Fucoidan (taking 4 in total, one every 2 hours); and it will be the best delivery method for absorption into the blood stream for years to come. The next supplement which one should take is MIN, with the essential vitamins and essential minerals one’s body is not receiving the proper amount of vitamins and minerals (yes, you might think that if you eat fruit and vegeatables everyday you are getting the proper vitamins and minerals – think of this fact, that the farmers are puttin up to 4 minerals in the ground where 80 years ago they used to put 40 such minerals in the soil – what they seed is what you get…4, not 40). In 1917 there was a study taken to see how much an apple contained in nutrient supplements and it was taken again in 1997 – want to know how many apples needed to be consumed in 1997 to match the nutrition of the apple 80 years prior to that – 52 apples! Say no more.

agel_umiagel minagel_exo

So, when having these same symtoms, take 4 MIN suspended matrixed gel-packs (one every 2 hours) will also quickly come to health needs and also taking the same amount of EXO (antioxidants, 200+ of them) gel-packs in junction with the UMI and the MIN will enable one to kick the fever and flu symptoms away quickly. Now, if you consume these on a daily basis, one of each per day, you would never be in this ailing situation in the first place. Time to get your order in now before flu season gets into high gear and better yet, enroll with four gel-pack boxes (30 day supply) and join the business by telling others about these great products and build your home based business and get your gel-pack boxes for free and start to have residual income.

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