Breast cancer and what experts do not know

October 20, 2012

The experts for diagnosing breast cancer are wonderful at discrediting possibilities.

Sure, there’s no real proof that deodorant, soap, cleaning agents, or other consumer goods are directly linked to breast cancer but most have a long list of parabens. But if one out of eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at one point during a women’s life, surely there’s more than simply discrediting such possibilities about causes of breast cancer.

For starters, preventing breast cancer is the real goal correct! Note, this was not a question but a statement in that breast cancer has to be beaten. We’re not suggesting that women, or anyone for that matter stop taking showers or baths with soap in order to avoid breast cancer, but there are natural soaps on the market which don’t contain parabens and yes it’s true that they won’t provide the same scent which some of us want to give off the impression that a person has bathed. Changing to a natural soap is a simple change which may or may not be linked to breast cancer prevention, but then again drinking a carbonated flavored beverage named a soda can be linked to cancer and stopping drinking a can or worse yet a plastic soda drink can assist in preventing cancer, be it brain cancer or even breast cancer. The professionals are not sure what causes breast cancer recall, but discrediting the likes of deodorant seems rather odd because after all, the female breast is fairly close to the underarm area where such deodorants are applied as anti-perspiration so such an application with parabens could in time develop into breast cancer; it could right? Now about breast cancer and household cleaning products, which by now we should all know that such products contain numerous chemicals and of course parabens and any health professional which states that such cleaning agents can’t lead to breast cancer or any other form of cancer need a reality check. Recall that more people are diagnosed with cancer, be it breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer or some other form of cancer than were in the past and there must be a correlation which should not be discredited. For those of you wanting to prevent breast cancer, you can elect to avoid all forms of technology and cleansing products of any type or help your body to prevent breast cancer or any other form of cancer and it comes in the form of helping out your body, from the digestive system, to the immune system, to ridding the body of free radicals and to naturally promote glutathione the natural and essential super antioxidant which resides in ever cell of the body. Now, no health professional can discredit natures manner in which to help prevent breast cancer or any form of cancer or other disease. The GRN, UMI, EXO, GSH all natural ingested health preventative suspended gel by Agel Enterprises with great taste are available throughout the world which also happens to be where cancer like breast cancer is diagnosed.

Breast cancer versus immune system

September 25, 2012

The fight against cancer is everywhere and breast cancer is a horrific form of this disease but the immune system may be being overlooked.

Men and women alike will both emphatically admit that breast cancer is the most discriminating form of cancer because it really attacks innocence. Prostate cancer for men is no where near the problematic condition which breast cancer magnifies.

After all, women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer suffer more than the cancer treatments; the emotional ramifications are unmentionable. How is breast cancer reached, or how does breast cancer evolve? The basic reason for breast cancer, in lamens terms is that breast cancer develops because the body’s cells will perform an incorrect function; such incorrect cell programming will lead an unhealthy cells not to die and remember that the immune system is designed to ensure that unhealthy cells commit cell suicide and that by its very nature prevents cancer cells from becoming cancerous and lead to breast cancer. Of course, our immune system, when operating normally and efficiently is constantly killing off unhealthy cells which for example have decided not to split up or become divided as programmed. Other factors which can lead to breast cancer, which are less common are through hereditary traits where cancer, and in this case breast cancer was passed down from a previous generation. Also possible is that breast cancer can be accelerated by over exposure to radiation, where mamograms are not working in the favor of lessening the risk of women having breast cancer and contrary to some beliefs for early detection; another factor which appears to be coming more of a possibility in causing breast cancer or resulting in breast cancer is the contact with more chemicals and such chemicals which may cause cell mutations are more and more prevalent with cleaning solutions and skin care products. The irony here is that skin care products which contain parabens can increase the likelihood of someone developing breast cancer; there are options for skin care natural products. Suffice it to state that the immune system is an ally when it comes to preventing breast cancer because with a strong immune system, breast cancer can be prevented by means of the immune system promoting cell suicide of cells which have mutated or have been re-programmed and have become a risk in becoming cancerous. Increase your chances of preventing breast cancer with fucoidan in suspended gel with the natural UMI suspended gel product which is ingested and boosts the immune system.

Finding a cure is with fucoidan for breast cancer

April 17, 2012

Of course we encourage all to walk for the cure of breast cancer by donating to research for breast cancer, but fucoidan offers something simple which works for the immune system.

Nobody wants to have breast cancer and nobody wants to hear about a relative, friend or co-worker having been diagnosed with breast cancer. This is the time to find out about fucoidan for breast cancer prevention and breast cancer elimination so when you’re walking for the cure, hold a fucoidan packed gel packet in your raised hand and give some out to fellow walkers.

This disease called cancer, and for women it’s most focused on breast cancer, skin cancer and ovarian cancer. They are all horrific forms of cancer but taking breast cancer to a new level with a solution is worth mentioning natural suspended matrix gel fucoidan. In its most natural form, fucoidan enables the the human body to be protected against infections and diseases including breast cancer and all other forms of cancer because it all starts with a strong immune system. In laboratory tests, the experimental groups have always survived at significantly higher levels than that of control groups when infections and cancer is the culprit and that includes diseases like breast cancer, ovarian cancer and other prevalent forms of cancer affecting women and men. One thing to remember while walking for the cure is that fucoidan is the natural active ingredient which comes from brown seaweed and when it’s ingested in its most natural state with a great tasting green apple flavor and the most bioavailable form named UMI it promotes cancer apoptosis which is the destruction of cancer cells; with the use of suspended matrix gel technology, pills and tablets or even capsules simply fall significantly short in how fucoidan can naturally boost the immune system when compared to the UMI suspended gel fucoidan alternative to prevent breast cancer, and other forms of cancer. Detection of breast cancer does not entail a mammogram but breast thermography instead where the detection of breast cancer is far less invasive and well ahead of the cancer already being on its way and breast thermography does not increase the risk of developing breast cancer like mammograms promote, and because breast thermography is simply more accurate and timely. The best manner in which to stay clear of breast cancer is by preventing breast cancer and in addition to avoiding radiation with the likes of the mammogram, boosting the immune system to enable the body’s cells to attack and defend the body form diseases like breast cancer. The best part about fucoidan for breast cancer prevention is that there are no side-effects and in fact anyone from the age of one year can ingest the UMI suspended gel packets with fucoidan, because the immune system is critical for more than combating and preventing breast cancer, including anything from preventing the common cold to pneumonia and countless other immune system deficiency generated diseases. Also critical in addition to breast cancer prevention is cancer elimination and the elimination of breast cancer because as fucoidan in the UMI suspended matrix gel packets can prevent breast cancer, if one has already been diagnosed with breast cancer, fucoidan promotes cancer apoptosis whereby fucoidan facilitates the immune system have the natural ability to destroy the harmful cancer cells and tumors which make any form of cancer, including breast cancer and ovarian cancer so non-discriminatory. Walk for the cure with your fucoidan packed UMI gel packet or pod.

Why breast cancer and why me

April 14, 2012

It’s a fact that breast cancer is the leading form of cancer among at least American women, after skin cancer.

Another fact is that roughly twelve percent of American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, that’s one out of every eight, at some point during their life. Of course, having breast cancer can be augmented by genetics, being overweight with a twenty-five or higher BMI or body mass index, exposure to chemicals such as bisphenol A in plastics and also parabens.

Sure these are statistics, but what woman really wants to become a statistic such as one associated with breast cancer. This of course is not insinuating that all women who are diagnosed with breast cancer during their life will have breast cancer which ends their life. But if women could do something which takes less than ten seconds a day to prevent breast cancer, that might be worth looking into. At least we think so and the many people who want to naturally prevent breast cancer without completely changing their lifestyle agree. Awareness about breast cancer is very prominent in the United States and is much more commonly known than in most other countries and most likely because it’s truly a very cruel form of cancer which is overwhelmingly associated with women; breast cancer is uncommon in men in that only one in every thousand are diagnosed with breast cancer. Other cancer statistics which effect women are lung cancer which are usually self-induced and result in a higher death rate than does breast cancer and although skin cancer is more likely to develope in women, the likelihood of dying from skin cancer is far less than that of breast cancer. Enough about statistics associated with cancer and specifically breast cancer, and back to preventing breast cancer; that’s correct, natural prevention which is non-invasive and which women and men of all ages for that matter will enjoy ingesting. Fucoidan in suspended matrix gel named UMI brings about fucoidan to boost the immune system to both prevent cancer and eliminate cancer such as breast cancer and it comes in a tasty green apple flavor. Some may be wondering about this odd looking word, fucoidan, but relax as it’s the natural active ingredient in brown seaweed which promotes cell apoptosis and cancer apoptosis by boosting the immune system to prevent disease such as cancer and many other illnesses. Read about fucoidan in and then read about UMI which provides the best tasting and most bioavailable delivery form of fucoidan where any women, child or man can ingest it without having any negative side effects, but only a strong and more efficiently functioning immune system. What will such a fucoidan boosted immune system do to prevent and protect women from breast cancer is rather simple in layman’s terms; fucoidan, as it boosts the immune system, will enable the body’s cells to aggressively combat harmful cells such as the ones which develop into tumors and promote cancer, including breast cancer. With a single serving, or one UMI ingested green apple packed twenty-one gram or 0.75oz of fucoidan per day, one will be promoting cell apoptosis and cancer apoptosis by your immune system becoming stronger and that signifies preventing breast cancer and all other forms of cancer. Not only will fucoidan come to your aid to prevent breast cancer but if already diagnosed with breast cancer, starting to ingest fucoidan is also a means by which to eliminate breast cancer and other forms of cancer. Get your fucoidan packed UMI box of thirty gel packets and help reduce the statistics of breast cancer and of course your chances of ever being diagnosed with breast cancer.



Breast cancer and parabens natural prevention

April 3, 2012

The fact that parabens cause breast cancer should not be a surprise to anyone, especially women.

The increase of breast cancer is not simply a normal change in the behavior of women but because of parabens which exist in our society with products we are in contact with. Call it modernization or a cover-up by pharmaceutical, consumer goods and drug companies; what ever you call it, breast cancer is not going to digress anytime soon because of the widespread of parabens.

With choices in life, we can ignore the possibility of getting breast cancer or we can avoid parabens, for starters. Seems rather simple in practice but parabens are in many consumer goods products in addition to being in drugs and even in foods, so preventing breast cancer may not be as simple as one may envision. Sure, living on a deserted island and living off the land without washing clothing or bathing is an option, but perhaps more unrealistic than avoiding parabens and breast cancer; how about living in the mountains, there’s a better option. There are some other alternatives in preventing parabens getting the best of people though, and this includes having a strong immune system which can assist in preventing breast cancer and no, this alternative does not include parabens but comes in a natural ingested gel named UMI. Breast cancer, after all is preventable and having a strong immune system is one natural manner in which one can naturally prevent breast cancer and all forms of cancer for that matter. Of course, not many people know about the natural ingested gel named UMI and its natural ingredient named fucoidan; then again, not many people know about parabens and the products they are in contact with which contain parabens. Without parabens, in any of the suspended gel products makes any of these suspended gel products great alternatives to many other choices for things which contain parabens or products which can lead to breast cancer and other forms of cancer. Take the ingested GRN product which will detox and cleanse the digestive system which in turn will strengthen the immune system as toxins and unhealthy bacteria in the digestive system prevent the immune system from being as responsive as it needs to be to prevent and eliminate cancer, including the breast cancer. For those of you who know about parabens and that they do exist in many daily used consumer goods, another benefit of a detox and cleansing of the digestive system is that it will eliminate the debris and heavy metals in the digestive system which will enable your pores to excrete less waste, which such waste generates body odor; with a digestive system which is backed up, eliminating such toxins and waste through the pores is not an easy task. Natural alternatives to preventing breast cancer with a powerful immune system which promotes cell apoptosis and cancer apoptosis, or known medically as the destruction of unhealthy cells, is simply an easy and effective manner in which to assist the body in preventing breast cancer and all other forms of the non-discriminating disease known as cancer. If you want to reduce the likelihood of having breast cancer, avoid parabens but if that’s not an easy task, be sure to ingest fucoidan to boost your immune system and cleanse and detox your digestive system to further enhance your immune system’s ability to fight off and beat cancer, from breast cancer to ovarian and colon cancer and many other forms of cancer. Remember that there are alternatives to beating breast cancer with all of the parabens you’re in contact with on a daily basis, from makeup to hairspray and other topically applied chemicals you thought were harmless, and most likely did not realize that they contain parabens, adding to the chances of developing breast cancer and other forms of cancer.


Ovarian cancer or breast cancer and the secret solution

October 17, 2011

Life changing events have to signify changing one’s life with cancer and ovarian cancer, right.

Let’s face the unfortunate facts in that cancer, be it ovarian cancer or breast cancer are obviously targeted forms of cancer which can lead to devastating outcomes for women. Many think that cancer, such as ovarian cancer or breast cancer gets the best of women.

We’re here to let you know that ovarian cancer and breast cancer can be both prevented or if already diagnosed with one of these forms of cancer, eliminated. When thinking about prevention for cancer, like breast cancer or ovarian cancer, women’s opportunity for prevention for such forms of cancer is by examination for the most part because there is not always obvious signs of ovarian cancer or breast cancer like other forms of cancer which become more apparent with more obvious symptoms. Cancer, such as breast cancer and ovarian cancer need to be detected and simply because any lump in a breast may first alarm a women, and rightfully so, many times such a lump is not associated with breast cancer but merely normal fatty tissue. Ovarian cancer has side effects which are difficult to diagnose because the symptoms are not alarming and may be associated with many other mild discomforts. However, both breast cancer and ovarian cancer are very serious forms of cancer and prevention should not be overlooked. Many women after a certain age and usually in their thirties get mamograms, which are not the most healthy forms of tests in that such exams are unhealthy because these same exams can of course lead to cancer which is the reason for the test in the first place, that is to get an early detection of breast cancer. So what are the options for women to prevent having breast cancer or ovarian cancer other than examinations, which are not always convenient for several reasons including a women’s time and health reasons. Preventing cancer, be it ovarian cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, or other forms of cancer can start at any age and it can be natural and non-invasive. Fucoidan is what we’re leading to for natural breast cancer, ovarian cancer and any other form of cancer prevention. Fucoidan comes from brown seaweed and it can be kept in its most natural form where it provides the best form of bioavailability when delivered in an ingested suspended matrix gel named UMI. Breast cancer and ovarian cancer prevention is possible without any side effects with fucoidan in a suspended gel because fucoidan will naturally boost the immune system and promote cell apoptosis and cancer apoptosis, so it can prevent cancer from materializing by isolating and destroying unhealthy cells in the body while not impacting healthy cells and actually strengthening such healthy cells. Cancer, including ovarian cancer and breast cancer along with stomach cancer and many other forms of cancer at times is unfortunately diagnosed before one starts to boost their immune system to naturally promote cell apoptosis and cancer apoptosis. So the elimination of cancer, such as breast cancer and ovarian cancer, can be augmented by ingesting the same UMI suspended gel matrix with fucoidan to stop the ovarian cancer or breast cancer or any other form of cancer from spreading by fucoidan promoting cancer apoptosis and putting cancer behind you. It’s never too late to start ingesting fucoidan in a suspended matrix gel name UMI; the question to ask yourself is do you want to prevent cancer such as ovarian cancer or breast cancer or wait until diagnosed with such a cancer and then promote cancer apoptosis with fucoidan in a suspended matrix gel to naturally get rid of such cancer. Most of us would rather prevent such a form of cancer like breast cancer or ovarian cancer so ingesting an UMI gel packet a day is the optimal choice for safe and natural cancer prevention.

Melatonin to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

January 11, 2011

Artificial light, from a light bulb, a fluorescent tube, a tv, a laptop or even a digital reading device suppresses the natural production of melatonin if you use such devices when you ought to be sleeping and can increase your chances of acquiring breast cancer.

Yes, this is rather alarming in that suppressing your body’s natural production of melatonin because of artificial light can lead to breast cancer. The solution is to supplement your melatonin or not use artificial light when it is dark outside. The latter is obviously not very convenient and actually absurd being that this is the 21st century and all.

You can however supplement your melatonin with a suspended gel strip, pioneered by the leader in health technology – Agel Enterprises; with melatonin suspended gel strips in the REM product, the gel strips simply melt on your tongue in minutes and provide your body that extra melatonin which has been suppressed by being exposed to artificial light after natural daylight hours. The cost of such a melatonin strip is less than US$1 per day which is a very small price to pay to avoid developing breast cancer and is also a great solution for people who suffer from insomnia because their melatonin levels may naturally be too low. Melatonin strips will promote your ability to be sleeping soundly and doing so quickly and while you’re sleeping you will be helping the odds of not developing breast cancer. Sleeping without cognitive popcorn is solved with melatonin in the REM sleeping aid by Agel. So, you can continue working at night on your laptop or reading in bed before calling it a night and start sleeping quickly with melatonin while reducing your risk of developing breast cancer. To prevent breast cancer from artificial light, supplement melatonin with the suspended gel strips by Agel and get back to sleeping well and put an end to potential insomnia.

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