Okinawa is Fucoidan and this means boosting immunity.

June 26, 2010

There is no doubt about it, we all need to boost our immune system.

The best immune system booster is fucoidan – look it up on the internet! We can never have too strong of an immune system.

If you ever catch a cold, get infections, have allergies or ‘catch’ something which is ‘going around’, chances are that your immune system is not as strong as you thought it was; ever notice that some people are always getting sick while others in the same environments never get sick? Which would you rather be, the one feeling sick and miserable or the one who is always full of energy and never feeling weak? For some people an immune system booster is life saving and such people need to be boosting their immunity several times a day, for everyone else once a day is adequate. Take a close look at fucoidan and you will quickly see why this is our ocean wonder and where it is most plentiful of nutrients is off the coast of Okinawa. The best manner in which to consume fucoidan is in a suspended gel and Agel has such technology to give your body the highest level of bioavailability. Build up your immune system with fucoidan in a suspended gel named UMI and help prevent apoptosis. Get your box of UMI with fucoidan today and build up your immunity (Sponsor ID 442723)!

If your children are getting vaccinated, make sure that they are also ingesting fucoidan to naturally boost immunity.

April 11, 2010

We all need an immune system booster!

No doctor in his or her correct mental state will say that a very young child should not be taking a natural supplement to boost immunity. Granted, such an immune system booster needs to be natural and fucoidan is the solution.

Fucoidan comes from brown seaweed and if you have ever tasted brown seaweed chances are that you have not tried it again raw. The taste is awful to put in nicely. However, if fucoidan is delivered in a very tasty green apple flavor in a suspended matrix gel the results of the boost immunity will be amazing as the over 70 nutrients are not lost as it is neither frozen or boiled. The suspended gel has the best form of bioavailability and fucoidan is packed with the necessary immune system booster nutrients when harvested of the coast of Okinawa. To boost immunity simply means to prevent one from having unhealthy cells duplicate freely in our bodies. More about this very soon. For the time being, which fucoidan would you rather ingest, right or left image?

We live in a world of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) – and our bodies need to boost immunity to combat this.

February 10, 2010

Who was it…yes, Thomas Edison who discovered electricity.

Do you think Thomas Edison would have discovered this which we take for granted throughout most of the world as a necessity and now it is literally ruining peoples’ lives. EMFs can be very costly to our bodies and we need to have the proper immune system booster in place to fend off the cell destruction within our bodies.

We also need to have a method to combat the free electromagnetic radicals which enter our bodies which can wreak havoc. With this said, what comes to mind? No more microwave ovens, no more cell phones, no more watching TV, no more listening to music, no more using your computer…the list goes on and on. Of course we as civilized societies will not go back in time with technology and start using candles for light and cooking with starting fires with wood from cut lumber (and yes, the smoke from wood can also be detrimental to our health). So what do we do you ask? The solution is rather simple in that we don’t change what we do but we supplement our bodies with natural health supplements to offset the EMFs we are in contact with daily to prevent cancer and other diseases as dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease. We do this with a natural immune system booster to boost immunity so that the harmful cells are not able to duplicate and we also take a natural antioxidant supplement to rid the free radicals which are forming every single second of the day and night. We take UMI and EXO, daily – from the age of 1 year and older.

What will it take to get you to a New Year’s Resolution – Fucoidan.

January 1, 2010

Fucoidan will be be your treasure resolution for the New Year and you will be telling you friends.

Take fucoidan for a day if you have a sore throat and it will convince you that this natural supplement with fucoidan works so effectively to boost immunity.

agel_umiagel_umiagel_umiFucoidan is a natural supplement which not only saves lives but does so in a very effective time frame. After all, saving a life is time driven. Taking fucoidan not only saves lives but enables people to literally live longer. Read more about fucoidan and how this it the miracle natural supplement we all need daily. Fucoidan will change you life and that of you children in such a short period of time that it will impress you beyond belief.

New Year’s Resolution 101 – Get Your Immune System Booster

December 22, 2009

Do it now and I can tell you about the best immune system booster which is all natural.

Ready? Can you say Fucoidan? It’s a very powerful nutrient found in brown seaweed and Agel Enterprises harvests it off the coast of Okinawa (close to Japan) where the locals have the longest lifespan in the world.



agel_umiAnd they don’t get cancer treatments there – because of what they consume in fucoidan. I wish I had the means of telling every living sole to take fucoidan in our delivery system which is best in class for proper bodily absorption and breakdown to feed our bloodstream. Unfortunately I can’t tell everyone about fucoidan but you can help spread the word to your loved ones and they will to their loved ones. This is how we at Agel Enterprises save lives and prevent people from getting diseases and infections from viruses and fucoidan is the reason. Take your fucoidan daily and you will be amazed at the difference it brings to your health.

Want to reduce your risk of Colon Cancer, well then learn about Fucoidan.

December 13, 2009

Fucoidan has been recently tested and proven to be one of the wonders of the oceanic world

You think of seaweed and you think sushi. Now think of brown seaweed harvested off the coast of Okinawa and you have the most abundant amount of nutrients in fucoidan.

agel_umiYou ask how can fucoidan prevent or better yet fight off your development of colon cancer? Great question! You see, fucoidan is a natural immune system booster which has the ability to isolate unhealthy (cancerous) cells from spreading by isolating them and removing them from one’s system. I think of it as a virus protection software application which quarantines the virus which your PC or laptop has recently accepted or been attacked by. The difference is that fucoidan eliminates such destructive cells without impacting our healthy cells and this by itself is reason enough to take fucoidan every single day.

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