Deal with bacteria

September 26, 2012

We’ve stated it before and we’ll state it again, bacteria is good and bacteria is a necessity.

Granted, unhealthy bacteria is not healthy, especially if overpowering healthy bacteria. So, by nourishing healthy bacteria, the battle over toxins in the digestive system and gut will result in healthy bacteria being vitorious.

All this bacteria stuff, but your body depends on healthy bacteria from being able to process foods effectively to enabling other organs to function as intended and this entails having success with a diet, acne prevention and even better breath and reduction in body odor. Unhealthy bacteria is just that, unhealthy if it’s overpowering the natural function of the digestive system and overpowering healthy bacteria. Now take antibiotics for example, what do they do for the digestive system and bacteria over time? Antibiotics can deplete both unhealthy bacteria and unfortunately also the healthy bacteria, but aside from antibiotics, nourishing healthy bacteria is a necessity. Take the breakthrough GRN suspended gel product from the leader in health technology, Agel Enterprises, and you’ll naturally be able to nourish healthy bacteria all while cleansing and detoxifying the unhealthy bacteria so that the digestive system remains vibrant and functions optimally. With phytonutrients and super-foods like chlorella, spirulina, alfalfa, spinach, chlorophyll, broccoli, wheat grass, barley grass and peppermint and spearmint leaves, ingested GRN is what the digestive system or gut need to cleanse and detox the debris, toxins and nourish the healthy bacteria enabling the victory to go to the healthy bacteria. Like all of Agel’s products being leaders in the preventative health industry, Agel also offers a money back guarantee on all products. For GRN, win the battle with healthy and vibrant bacteria.

Bacteria in your digestive system may be a shock

September 17, 2011

Perhaps better stated is the need to shock the unhealthy bacteria in your digestive system and nourish the healthy bacteria.

Shocking the unhealthy bacteria in the digestive system entails a detox, cleansing and elimination of the such unhealthy bacteria but don’t worry, with the proper natural ingredients like broccoli, spinach, spirulina, and other phytonutrients, the healthy bacteria is nourished. Shocking the unhealthy bacteria in your gut or gastrointestinal tract will do wonders for the digestive system and this goes a long way for your body as a whole.

How can a detox of the digestive system by means of eliminating bacteria and other debris be healthy? Quite simply because the debris and unhealthy bacteria in the digestive system prevents the digestive system to properly break down and absorb foods and beverages which we consume which may contain nutrition, vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, the unhealthy bacteria in the digestive system can build up and this can lead to other problems including the development of acne and gaining weight and even more troublesome is that unhealthy bacteria in the digestive system can jeopardize the immune system by means of the healthy bacteria being over-powered by undesirable bacteria. With all of this factual information about bacteria, specifically unhealthy bacteria, why would you not want to detox and cleanse your digestive system periodically and naturally with spirulina, chlorophyll, broccoli, spinach, alfalfa, and many other forms of nutrition for the digestive system all while feeding the healthy bacteria which your body needs to help digest foods and beverages. The choice, as I have stated numerous times is yours, but if you want a healthy digestive system, immune system, prevent acne and facilitate not gaining weight in the form of fat, detox that unhealthy bacteria and other debris from your digestive system. Any questions?

Does bacteria in the digestive system really lead to diseases

August 9, 2011

Remember how you were told to wash your hands before you eat, probably because of bacteria and germs and your digestive system.

It’s true that if you have too much unhealthy bacteria in your digestive system it can lead to diseases because unhealthy bacteria can prevent the immune system from functioning properly and the digestive system can have significant issues processing the foods and beverages you consume. Bacteria is not all bad however because good bacteria can help your digestive system facilitate the proper functioning of your immune system and much more, including preventing acne and other undesirable illnesses and diseases.

The answer is that you want healthy bacteria in your digestive system, contrary to popular belief that all bacteria is unhealthy. Granted, if you’re touching things which are full of unhealthy bacteria and then somehow putting your finger or fingers in your mouth (nose, ear, or into any other orifice) prior to thoroughly washing your hands with natural soaps (without toxins and parabens, of course), then you are in essence feeding your digestive system unhealthy bacteria. Yes, most of us never put our fingers in our mouths, not even just a little; don’t be fooled, because unhealthy bacteria and the digestive system really don’t control the fact that you have touched your clothing or another part of your exposed skin before washing your hands and you know where this is going. Ideally, throw away your clothing, take a shower with natural soap and of course don’t touch anything on your way to the shower. All of this can be quite inconvenient to put it mildly and I’m sure you think it’s even preposterous to even think about this. Well, if you don’t want unhealthy bacteria in your digestive system which could jeopardize your immune system and your ability to process healthy foods and beverages than you owe it to your digestive system and healthy bacteria to cleanse and detox the unhealthy bacteria while nourishing the healthy bacteria in your digestive system and aid your immune system to prevent acne, diseases and other illnesses. GRN was created in a suspended gel just for this reason. With spinach, broccoli, alfalfa, chlorella, spirulina, wheat grass, barley grass, spearmint and peppermint leaves, and chlorophyll, the suspended gel matrix named GRN will cleanse and detox the digestive system naturally while nourishing the healthy bacteria and eliminating the unhealthy bacteria and thereby supporting a healthy immune system. Remember to ingest a GRN suspended matrix gel daily and stop eating processed foods and keep your fingers out of your mouth. Say Ahhh to GRN and yes to a better functioning digestive system where the healthy bacteria will prevail over the unhealthy bacteria.

Bacteria and a detox of your digestive system are probably not conversations to have over a meal.

May 2, 2011

But they should be because you need to feed the healthy bacteria in your digestive system.

You also need to detox and cleanse out the unhealthy bacteria from your digestive system. Bacteria is everywhere and if you think it’s all bad, think again.

Your body needs healthy bacteria and eating many foods including processed ones, ones high in cholesterol and undesired fats can lead to more unhealthy bacteria and toxins in your digestive system, where it’s critical to win the battle against the unhealthy bacteria in your digestive system. Perhaps your saying to yourself that your digestive system is functioning properly and does not require a daily detox and in some people this may be the case because they are eating correctly and drinking good and clean water but in so many people their digestive system is wreaking havoc with toxins and unhealthy bacteria, preventing the proper digestion of foods and beverages and thereby a daily detox is a necessity. For those who are not aware, your digestive system is critical to your health and that of your not being ill. Your digestive system needs healthy bacteria and you need to feed such bacteria while eliminating the unhealthy bacteria with a natural detox. Some functions of your digestive system include keeping your immune system performing at levels which keeps you from getting diseases and viruses; the digestive system also enables your organs, including your pancreas and liver, to absorb the nutrients in vitamins and minerals you’re feeding your gastrointestinal tract. Furthermore, if your digestive system is backed-up because of toxins and unhealthy bacteria, the healthy bacteria is not able to process the foods and beverages you’re consuming and this results in further complications from the development of acne, to weight gain and to a poorly functioning immune system. Keeping the digestive system and gastrointestinal tract clean and detox is not all that difficult and no, it does not require any unpleasant procedures such as a procedure which leaves your running to the bathroom without guarantees that you will make it there in time. Think of spinach, broccoli, spirulina algae, wheat grass, barley grass, peppermint, spearmint, chlorophyll and other phytonutrients as things to ingest to feed your digestive system and feed the healthy bacteria while being able to cleanse and detox your digestive system and gastrointestinal tract of toxins and unhealthy bacteria; you might not like some of these natural ingredients including spinach or broccoli but your digestive system and good bacteria thrive with the nutrients in these types of foods. Then again, eating spinach, broccoli, spirulina algae, wheat grass, barley grass, peppermint, spearmint, chlorophyll and other phytonutrients on a daily basis may not be practical or cost effective, so Agel Enterprises created GRN for a detox of unhealthy bacteria and feeding of the good bacteria. GRN, comes in a suspended gel with all of these nutrients to cleanse and detox your digestive system and gastrointestinal tract from the undesired bacteria and toxins and feeds the healthy bacteria in your body thereby enabling your digestive system and the desired bacteria to promote a healthy and fully functioning immune system and facilitating the processing of foods so that your organs can function as intended. Being that the GRN suspended gel product provides superior bioavailability, it will perform exceptionally well to cleanse and detox the digestive system while feeding the healthy bacteria your body needs and wants. Ingest a GRN suspended gel packet daily and you will soon notice many healthy benefits from losing a pound or two a month, a stronger immune system, clearer skin and many other health benefits associated with enabling the digestive system to function as intended without being backlogged because of toxins and unhealthy bacteria. Detox and feed your digestive system daily with GRN.

Acne and why some need a better functioning digestive system with a daily detox of undesired bacteria.

April 10, 2011

You have seen acne on people’s face and you perhaps thought that such a person was simply not clean but in reality their digestive system needs a daily detox to cleanse unhealthy bacteria.

One can apply as many chemicals to their skin for acne, be it on their face, neck, back, shoulders, chest or elsewhere and the acne may subside for a while but unfortunately without a daily detox of their digestive system the unhealthy bacteria will not keep acne away. Chemicals which are applied to the skin topically like the proactiv, clearasil or neutrogena to name just three of the many topical acne skin care products are available over the counter but such chemicals penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream which is actually not healthy.

That expression, you are what you eat, has some validity when it comes to acne if one’s digestive system is not functioning properly because of unhealthy bacteria and toxins. The digestive system is designed to process what you eat and what you drink in an effective manner but like so many human attributes we are not all created equally. Let me explain; some people grasp concepts better and faster than others, some are more coordinated than others and some people think in one manner while others in different manners. The digestive system only knows to process what is consumed and such systems perform more efficiently in some people than in others and enable toxins and unhealthy bacteria to be sent to waste or kept within the digestive system. So, what you eat and drink can lead to acne because the digestive system needs a detox more in some people than in other people and that will enable the unhealthy bacteria and toxins to be flushed out of the digestive system efficiently. A daily cleansing and detox of the digestive system will enable the flushing out of unhealthy bacteria which can, if not removed from our digestive system, create a backlog in how food and beverages are digested; for instance, if too much of some ingredient can’t be properly digested it may remain in the body instead of being flushed out because it has not been processed and this can lead to acne. A daily detox of unhealthy bacteria can optimize the functionality of the digestive system which will enable the organs in the digestive system (pancreas and liver specifically) to process foods and beverages effectively by removing unhealthy bacteria which if not cleansed and detox on a regular basis will cause acne and other health issues related to the immune system. Of course, the many people who don’t have acne and who eat things which are not on your list of healthy foods and beverages have a well functioning digestive system. You could sit around and be envious of the people who never have any acne and think that you’re simply not applying enough chemicals to your skin and spend more money on the likes of proactiv and clearasil or you could detox your body of unhealthy bacteria and enable your digestive system to function properly with chlorella, spirulina, wheat grass, barley grass, broccoli, alfalfa herb, spinach leaf, peppermint leaf, spreamint leaf, and copper chlorophyllin and let natural phytonutrients enable your digestive system to function normally and stop the creation of acne. The choice is yours, but the GRN suspended gel product with a mint flavor with the likes of chlorophyll, wheat grass, broccoli and spinach and other natural ingredients will enable you to detox your digestive system and eliminate the unhealthy bacteria at the source of where acne starts. Why would you want to apply harmful chemicals to your skin’s acne when all you need is to detox and cleanse your digestive system on a daily basis to eliminate toxins and unhealthy bacteria? Also noteworthy is that a well functioning digestive system by the removal of toxins and unhealthy bacteria will enable people to experience weight loss about one to two pounds a month and of course have a better functioning immune system. One should also consume antioxidants to eliminate the free radicals and pollutants we inhale daily and nightly to further cleanse the body from the inside, aid to the elimination of undesired acne.

More and more bacteria and not all of it is unhealthy by the way for your digestive system.

March 8, 2011

Just the word bacteria has negative connotations and should not because we all need it especially in our digestive system.

Bacteria is necessary for proper organ function and the digestive system or GI (gastrointestinal tract). When people say that something is full of bacteria, you will soon be able to question them.

Simply ask them what’s wrong with bacteria and when you kindly explain that without healthy bacteria they would not survive. That might quickly change their opinion about bacteria. No, I am not stating that all bacteria is going to be good for your digestive system, operating organs or your immune system, but feeding healthy bacteria is in fact critical for good health. You can easily nourish the healthy bacteria while decreasing the unhealthy bacteria by eating better and that of course entails not consuming processed foods which like it or not many of us do consume; processed food is what we consume when in a hurry or make an excuse for simply not ‘having the time’ to eat better. Whatever the reason for at times consuming unhealthy foods with undesirable bacteria, cleanse and detox your body of such bacteria but at the same time feed and nourish the healthy bacteria which will enable your organs and specifically your digestive system to operate effectively and thereby help you in preventing diseases, getting viruses, having acne, bowel issues and many more benefits associated with healthy bacteria. Yes, getting rid of the unhealthy bacteria and debris in your digestive system is important so that your healthy bacteria can in essence work for you. If you’re now thinking that some bacteria is like one of your internal employees than you have caught on so take care of your critical employees – the bacteria – and cleanse and detox your digestive system so that the healthy bacteria does not quit, and the unhealthy bacteria not wreak havoc in your digestive system and your critical organs which assimilate your ability to properly and effectively utilize the foods and beverages you consume and not sending the nutrients to waste because they can’t be processed in your GI or digestive system. With the suspended gel product from Agel Enterprises named GRN, you can cleanse and detox your digestive system, getting rid of the debris and feeding the healthy bacteria your body needs. GRN is phytonutrients and your digestive system needs them.

Good and bad bacteria and a clean digestive system to have a better immune system.

January 24, 2011

If you think that all bacteria is unhealthy, think again.

Without healthy bacteria, your body would not be able to function properly. That’s why keeping a clean digestive system is critical in that you cannot afford to have the unhealthy bacteria beat out the healthy bacteria and this is critical for your immune system.

So, what do you do to minimize the unhealthy bacteria and keep the good bacteria healthy so that it remains strong and helps your immune system while enabling your digestive system to absorb the nutrients from food you consume? You feed the healthy bacteria with chlorella vulgaris which comes from freshwater algae and this will enable proper functioning of the digestive system and with chlorophyll you help your digestive system clean out the debris including unhealthy bacteria. Cleaning or detox of the digestive system will enable the proper removal of debris, further enabling the proper digestion and movement of food and the ability for the digestive system to absorb the nutrients from what you eat – assuming that you eat foods which have nutritional value (this is an entire other topic, of course). So, are you feeding the good bacteria and eliminating the debris and unhealthy bacteria from your digestive system? If you’re not sure, take a GRN gel packet daily for a week and then one every few days and cleanse and detox your digestive system to keep it functioning as intended and help your immune system be effective as 80% of our immune system starts in the digestive system; keep your gastrointestinal tract or digestive system clear of unhealthy bacteria while feeding the desired bacteria is critical for optimizing your health. Get your box of 30 GRN detox gel packets (with the best form of bioavailability with chlorella vulgaris, spinach, broccoli, spearmint, peppermint, wheat grass, barley grass, spirulina algae, and sodium copper chlorophyllin [chlorophyll]) and help out your digestive system.

Detox your digestive system daily from unhealthy bacteria.

December 14, 2010

I’m sure that by now you’ve heard that you are what you eat and that can end up in your digestive system as unhealthy bacteria.

Of course if you eat fruit, raw green vegetables and fish you won’t look like one of these or swim as effectively as a fish but keeping your colon clean is of great importance. This starts with a detox of the digestive system and cleansing of the unhealthy bacteria while feeding the healthy bacteria.

I’m not referring to getting a daily, weekly or monthly colonoscopy preparation but rather a natural cleansing to detox your digestive system. You know by now that eating fried foods for example can bring about undesired cholesterol levels, smoking can bring about emphysema, and alcohol can wreak havoc to the liver. Drugs prescribed by doctors can equally do harm to your body while adding benefits; for instance, antibiotics wreak havoc to the good and healthy bacteria in one’s digestive system while perhaps eliminating an infection. In life there are trade-offs; if one eats raw green vegetables, fruits and plenty of good water (distilled) such a diet will naturally help to detox the digestive system and not add unhealthy bacteria to the digestive system. But most of us simply don’t eat properly and drink enough distilled water. So what can we do to help our body to detox the digestive system which will facilitate keeping a clean and healthy colon while nourishing the good bacteria our body needs? There is a natural product which is ingested named GRN and it will naturally detox your digestive system and cleanse the unhealthy bacteria while nourishing the good and healthy bacteria; this suspended gel from Agel Enterprises, the leader in health technology, contains Chlorophyll, Spinach, Broccoli, Wheat Grass and Chlorella Vulgaris among other natural ingredients to detox the digestive system and thereby keeping your colon clean and keeping your body more healthy. If you’re not going to be eating the correct foods and drink distilled water, detox your digestive system and get rid of the unhealthy bacteria while nourishing the good bacteria – with GRN. Get your box of 30 GRN gel packets today or cleanse your body with a rather invasive and uncomfortable colonoscopy preparation kit. Taking GRN a few times a week will do wonders to detox and cleanse your digestive system.

Antibiotics can become counterproductive for the immune system.

November 27, 2010

Nowadays and for some time now, antibiotics have more or less been available in the western world like candy in a grocery store.

In fact, antibiotics can be purchased over the counter (OTC) about as easily as candy. Antibiotics can wreak havoc to the immune system as some might have experienced by taking antibiotics for too long and can be rather ineffective if antibiotics are not taken for long enough to fight off undesired bacteria.

So what to do, take antibiotics or not? A good question. The solution is to take them as infrequently as possible and only take them when absolutely necessary. A common cold for example is not a reason to be taking antibiotics as the human immune system exists to combat such a small infection and the associated bacteria. Taking antibiotics for acne is simply the direction of dermatologists, when taking antioxidants in a suspended gel with a product named EXO will work better to get rid of acne and comes without any side effects – for acne, antibiotics do more harm than suspended gel antioxidants – antioxidants only provide benefits to the skin and overall health. So what are antibiotics good for? Certain infections might merit taking antibiotics when the immune system needs assistance but if you are ingesting an immune system booster on a regular basis, your body’s defense mechanism to diseases and bacterial infections will be strong – the immune system booster named UMI with fucoidan, iodine and apple cider vinegar will do just that, boost your immune system naturally (the active natural ingredient in UMI is fucoidan which is an ingredient found in brown seaweed and Agel Enterprises, the maker of UMI gets fucoidan from off the coast of Okinawa where fucoidan is richest in the brown seaweed). Now we know how to boost the immune system naturally without taking antibiotics for bacterial infections and most diseases from the common cold starting with a sore throat to AIDS to early stages of cancer because fucoidan promotes cell apoptosis. Where does the immune system originate you might be wondering – a hint, not from antibiotics! 80% of our human immune system is located in the gastrointestinal tract/digestive system so you will want to detoxify your digestive system to keep it clean with a product named GRN which like the UMI product comes in a suspended gel and cleanses the digestive system while feeding the good bacteria – yes, our digestive system hosts healthy bacteria which one must feed and the GRN suspended gel product does just that. Remember that taking antibiotics wipes out bacteria – the bad bacteria and the good bacteria and is the main reason for why people have a poorly functioning digestive system which can easily and often result in upset stomachs and irregular stools. So, if you are taking antibiotics, the suggestion is to stop taking them unless they are critical for your well-being and if you have taken them, be sure to ingest several GRN suspended gel packets to cleanse your digestive system from the antibiotic remnants and to nourish the good bacteria in your digestive system and you might actually need to consume some good bacteria (Activia yogurt could help). Once should always, and I mean always be building up the immune system with UMI which contains fucoidan, iodine and apple cider vinegar and stop taking antibiotics. To your stronger immune system and to a healthier digestive system, get your box (with 30 gel packets each) of UMI with fucoidan and your box of GRN to cleanse your digestive system and feed your good bacteria because your immune system is the means to combat disease and infections!

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