Work from home for yourself and your health

August 30, 2012

That’s exactly what an entrepreneur does, work from home in the twenty-first century.

What type of entrepreneur has the opportunity to work from home and have personal health benefits with their home based business? With Agel Enterprises, one can work from home, have their own home based business and benefit from better health all while building cash flow in global proportions with a global and growing home based business opportunity.

The real question is not about Agel Enterprises being a great success as an organization, because it introduced breakthrough health technology to the marketplace with suspended gel tecnology, been in business with growing sales every of its seven years and is distributing in about sixty countries and has the industry’s most attractive compensation plan with cash flow coming in global proportions by various compensation plan payouts. The question is about the ability to work from home, your ability to work from home specifically. Let’s think about the qualities of being able to work from home, on a part-time basis; liking to converse with people, having the ability to take rejection because not everyone is going to want the best health products in the world, ability to use a computer as a novice, have an interest in meeting people, wanting to be your own boss, liking of new technology, determined to improve your financial situation with positive cash flow, like teaching others, and wanting better health for yourself and for others. These are most of the skills needed to be able to work from home on a part-time basis; sorry there is one more, doing work, but we simply thought that as you would be interested to work from home you would actually be productive; to work from home is like a job, but the cash flow is very different, in a positive manner where linear income is money paid for hours worked and this work from home based business opportunity entails residual income where when you work from home you get cash flow over and over again for doing something correctly once. This is just the beginning about an opportunity to work from home, and no worries, this is not an exchange for hours worked for pay as previously mentioned, but this is about the ability and desire to work from home for your cash flow and financial cash flow aspirations. After all, who wants to work from home doing something which is simply a job, when global cash flow can be accomplished. Just think about it and how you could work from home a few hours a week while keeping you full-time job and grow a work from home based business around the globe.


Work from home opening up a new market

August 18, 2012

The number one growth in employment is to work from home.

In the past, the work from home concept was labeled as telecommuting; some like to call this type of work from home situation simply more time to run errands during the week giving more leisure time on the weekends. We digress however; to work from home in the last few years has become a trend and one which with qualified and internally motivated individuals naturally makes sense.

Why would any manager not want their capable and performing employee to work from home when they have proven to always be responsible, with the likes of never being late, not being sick to often, not creating awfully difficult excuses to leave early, and so on; one must draw the line when allowing a company’s mental asset to work from home. Now think of the work from home concept in a completely different light, in that to work from home signifies your own home based business, and not where you are putting in hours for an exchange of pay, which is termed linear income and in essence like a typical job. Instead, to work from home with a home based business signifies that you, the home based business owner works as much as you want to work from home or as little as you want to work from home. With a home based business and to work from home, we can assure you that you will need to work hard at the beginning, but recall having to be internally motivated. Stop and ask yourself if you’re internally motivated and if you are not concerned about a boss checking up on you when you work at home because you are actually doing the work at home, then you are indeed internally motivated; enough internally motivated that to work from home does not imply working without the same integrity as you would at the office, and here we’re not referring to socializing by the coffee machine or break-room with anyone who comes in and your becoming the break-room social entertainer. What we are implying, about the work from home concept is that you’re motivated to start a home based business and succeed, and yes doing this part time, outside of your normal work from home hours with your employer is extremely well advised; remember the internally motivated part about the ability and flexibility to work from home. We keep digressing, probably because we’re looking for the elite who can work from home part-time or full-time and work from home where if they need assistance, they deserve it. After all, the boss who gave you permission to work from home thought you could and would work from home. How about opening up new markets, be it one country of a few as you work from home with your home based business; perhaps this might insight more than the ability to work from home as a telecommuter or teleworker. This is a home based business to work from home with Agel Enterprises and it really does not get any better than this.

To work at home or to work from home is becoming the choice for the entrepreneur.

March 29, 2011

The opportunities to work at home or to work from home are spreading like the fad of antioxidants and antioxidant juices of several years ago but some opportunities are in essence a job and some are for an entrepreneur.

The convenience to work from home are plentiful because when you work at home you can earn money without have to get ready for work and you can work as you are. Some probably work from home wearing their pajamas and some perhaps wear nothing, but that’s not what this is about; it’s about a work at home business opportunity for the entrepreneur of the twenty-first century.

For the entrepreneur who wants to work from home or to work at home and then go and meet people, the flexibility is there as are the hours when one wants to work at home, either in the early morning hours, late at night, on weekends – in essence, anytime. Granted this does not apply to all work from home opportunities. You could have a work at home job which pays you by the number of calls you make, the dollars collected, the clicks you make with the use of a mouse, the number of customer profiles you enter into a dedicated database and so on. These are in essence work from home jobs for people who are either unemployed and needing a form of income for several obvious reasons including that their unemployment benefits have evaporated. The type of work at home or work from home business opportunity is not a job but something much more significant in that it is not linear income where you get paid x for doing x but a work from home opportunity which is a home based business is designed for people who are entrepreneur minded and want cash flow and ultimately residual income, which can result in time freedom and financial freedom enabling the entrepreneur to work when they want to and where they want to or not work at all; the importance here is that the work at home or the work from home (with a home based business for the entrepreneur) gradually becomes cash flow, then global cash flow which leads to residual income and not linear income as is the case with simply a work at home or work from home job. Think of residual income as doing one thing correctly and getting paid for it over and over again, because that work from home effort with your home based business becomes duplicated by others. Now that’s the work at home or work from home business opportunity the entrepreneur seeks. No, I am not saying that to work at home or to work from home is not a good decision because it can be great for many people who want a job without having to go to the office or having to deal with getting ready for work, the commute, working part-time and so on. But for those of you who are looking for a work at home or a work from home business opportunity which is global, then you’re thinking like an entrepreneur who wants to generate cash flow on a global scale and then global residual income twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week without working an eight hour day. I am referring to a home based business opportunity in a growth industry which won’t be slowing down for decades and perhaps if I may boldly say, will never be slowing down but instead experiencing exponential growth – that brings the concept of work at home to work from anywhere with this home based business opportunity for the entrepreneur. This is about joining the leader and pioneer in health technology without having to know all that much about health except how to start to work at home and then in time work from anywhere in the world you want to or not work at all.

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