Unemployment can be what brings out an entrepreneur and their own home based business.

April 19, 2011

Think of unemployment as an opportunity to do something different, as a once in a lifetime opportunity for what might become an entrepreneur with a home based business.

Many people have a negative perspective when they think of unemployment and if someone does not see it as an opportunity then yes it can be just that, a gloomy picture. There are some people who take opportunities such as unemployment and turn such a situation into an opportunity, a home based business opportunity.

Most people when confronted with unemployment think of how to become employed again and this is perhaps human instinct but an entrepreneur will see this as an opportunity. Being between jobs includes the need to file for unemployment benefits, start to network or build up a network, update the resume, start to fill out applications, post one or various versions of a resume on jobs boards, attend career fairs and other typical recommended approaches to end unemployment, including not taking unemployment personally as it happens to even the brightest. This time though, the term unemployment has been labeled as the end of some types of jobs; yes, there has been outsourcing in the past to countries where the cost of labor is less expensive, where skills are more prevalent and where industries are simply no longer competitive in certain parts of this now global marketplace. What does an entrepreneur do who finds himself or herself in the unemployment sector of the economy, and the entrepreneur might know the answer. The entrepreneur of course thinks of unemployment as an opportunity do to something different, perhaps something the entrepreneur has not had the time for but has envisioned doing something different and unemployment brings that opportunity for their home based business on their lap. Not exactly on their lap, of course, unless unemployment has brought them to the concept of starting their own home based business, which it could have. Mind you that a home based business is not for everyone, and for example someone who dislikes to do any work might prefer stretching out their unemployment benefits for years if at all possible and not start a home based business. This type of person does not have the entrepreneur mindset and a home based business is not going to be something they would embrace; spending the unemployment benefits on lottery tickets with the hopes of never having to work again might however be of great interest to them and perhaps I just gave them an idea. I digress. If you happen to be an entrepreneur who is self-motivated and want something out of life with cash flow and residual income, a home based business might be what will suit your needs and unemployment has opened up the door; you might have to convince your spouse and that might be a challenge but an entrepreneur has dreams which he or she wants to turn into reality. The solution to spousal hurdles here would be to work on your entrepreneur home based business on a part time basis and find another job to compensate for unemployment and go from there. Just think about if you spend all of your time getting out of unemployment where you could very well be back to unemployment in a year or in a few years and that home based business dream you had, placed on your lap, may have passed you by; an entrepreneur will not let this home based business pass as it’s global and it is most definitely worth your time to look into while you wait for your unemployment benefits to start and see if those applications your fill out and posting your resume on jobs boards leads to anything. This is a dream come to for an entrepreneur with a home based business, with a global presence in sixty countries in a growth industry with expanding consumable products. Take a look and I would envision that the entrepreneur has already done so in terms of starting their home based business and labeled unemployment as simply an inconvenience in pursuing their dreams.

Unemployment and the opportunity for a home based business as an entrepreneur because that job you lost simply is not coming back.

March 21, 2011

Let’s face it, the unemployment rate is not going to be cut in half any time soon and chances are it will never be like a few years ago.

There is no better time, in the history of the unemployment rate to start your very own home based business as an entrepreneur and this can very realistically be the best job you have ever dreamed of. Think of your home based business as the opportunity to put yourself out of the unemployment line and start paying yourself what you’re worth.

When you come to terms that your old job is not coming back and that the unemployment rate is not coming down to the levels it was a few years ago, you have made the first and critical step toward thinking about being your own boss with your own home based business and the entrepreneur you very well could be. Yes, to some, getting out of the unemployment benefits (if one can actually call them as such – food money and gas money, in essence) may seem frightening but to others it will come as a relief. With a successful home based business as an entrepreneur there will never again be the concept of unemployment because you will be your own boss; you will be able to pay yourself as much or as little as you want and give yourself whatever raise you want anytime of the year because there also won’t be the subjective annual performance review with your home based business. Okay, some of you are now dreaming and that makes you an entrepreneur at heart and others are probably waiting for their next unemployment benefit and might even be checking online now when the next scheduled payment is coming and how many more weeks of unemployment benefits they’re still entitled to and then some may go even further and start researching about any possible unemployment benefit extensions and whether or not they’ll qualify – rubbish. For the others of you who are dreaming, reality is here and the opportunity for your home based business as an entrepreneur with cash flow and later on with residual income is very real. So, stop dreaming and be the entrepreneur you have thought of and start your own home based business and about those unemployment benefits – use one or two week’s worth of unemployment benefits and start your home based business; an entrepreneur finds ways to start something great with only a little. Remember that an entrepreneur does not wait for a job to fall into their lap and during these times nothing is realistically going to fall and that includes the unemployment rate, because the unemployment rate may fall but the jobs being created are not paying like the job you lost. So start thinking about a home based business with an opportunity which is global as this is what an entrepreneur should be doing.

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