Supplemental Income for a Rainy Day

November 15, 2010

When I graduated from high school in the 1980s, we lived in an entirely different world. MTV was still in its infancy and people actually wore legwarmers. Besides the superfluous cultural differences, however, the labor landscape would be almost unrecognizable to today’s high school grad. I secured a well-paying union job at an automotive factory in Detroit, got married, bought a house and settled into the life that was set out in front of me.

Now such jobs are exceedingly rare and competitive. Living in the post-industrialized Midwest, I’ve seen the writing on the wall for some time. Recognizing that I could be laid off like so many of my friends and co-workers, I’ve taken steps to diversify my skills. By starting an online business, I’ve found a money making system that should provide some residual income to sustain me through the tough times that might be lurking just around the corner.

What is your dream and can you wait five years for residual income.

November 1, 2010

Five years should be the most amount of time you need to realistically have your residual income dreams come to fruition.

Is it US $10,000 per month then perhaps much less time for your residual income reality. Five years with a home based business can generate US $40,000 or more per month when done correctly, with residual income.

Not all opportunities are alike and you therefore need to perform your own investigation as to which opportunity for your home based business is the correct one and of course such a home based business resulting in attractive residual income needs to be in an expanding and not contracting industry and choosing the leader in such an industry will enable your home based business to survive long enough for that residual income to become a reality and continue to grow. The health technology industry is where anyone who is willing and be coach-able to start their own home based business should be looking at and one name stands apart from the rest and that is your home based business with the leader in health technology – Agel Enterprises for financial freedom with residual income and time freedom to spend your time wherever you want and when you want to. In 5 years, Agel Enterprises is distributing in  60 countries and no company has the delivery technology for the health technology industry because Agel Enterprises is in the correct market and leading the health technology industry with breakthrough products and compensation to match. Find your passion and live your residual income dreams with your home based business and do whatever you want when you want to because with Agel, dreams can be created around the globe. Your global home based business with residual income awaits you!

What is your dream and does it include residual income.

October 12, 2010

If it does not, you probably will not have much interest in reading the following unless you are open-minded and are not afraid to try something new where you could create residual income.

Would you be willing to have better health? The health and wellness industry is in a growth stage and health technology will be leading the path for decades to come.

What if you could join an organization which would enable you to work from anywhere you wanted to, at any time of day or night on any day you chose to – would that be of interest to you for a home based business idea? What if you could improve your health from a cardiovascular disease prevention perspective by reducing your bad cholesterol levels, build up your immune system with fucoidan, bring relief to knee pain or any form of joint pain or muscle pain, ensure that you are doing everything to prevent your organs from become inflamed with the proper vitamins and minerals, lose weight, cleanse, detoxify and nourish your digestive system, burn carbohydrates into physical energy, increase your cognitive skills and reduce your stress levels, clean your body from free radicals with 200+ antioxidants, get the daily protein your body needs with whey, regain elasticity in your skin and get rid of deep creases, wrinkles and fine lines, no longer have a libido issue because of yohimbine, and get the serene and tranquil sleep you have longed for with melatonin? Would you be interested, and would you be even more interested if all of these health and wellness supplements were all natural without any side effects and delivered in a gel? Is part of your dream to have better health and to live longer? How about living longer with residual income? Agel Enterprises has an opportunity which can create residual income for business-minded people who want to start a home based business from anywhere in the world. Agel Enterprises is already in 60 countries in 5 years so chances are you could start immediately and if we are not in your country yet, you could open up your country and your residual income and financial freedom dreams could become reality even sooner than your dreams could have envisioned. What’s your dream? Is it better health and residual income? If so, take a look at and you will quickly learn about a home based business opportunity you won’t want to pass on – especially if your job has provided less income the last couple of years. Agel will become a household name in a few years, do you want to be part of this residual income exponential growth or be on the sidelines and in a few years asking yourself ‘why didn’t I take a closer look at Agel Enterprises in 2010 or 2011’, or would you rather simply get healthy with Agel’s breakthrough health technology products and not build your home based business? The choice is yours, choose wisely!

Less taxes in 2011 and beyond with a home based business and residual income.

October 9, 2010

Are you looking for a lower tax bill and want a small investment in a home based business?

Home based businesses can be a great manner to create residual income and lower your income tax. I ask again, are you willing to save money to earn residual income with a home based business opportunity?

Since you’re this far, my guess is yes. If not, then you did not thoroughly read the small part above – please see above. For those of you who read it and are on track with what I am referring to, this is an opportunity you do need to work on and not one which is inflated with unrealistic expectations and unbelievable residual income dreams – not fast US$ 3000 your first week. Granted, it could be but this is not common. Think of a business opportunity which can, with your efforts, create residual income in 6, 12, 24 or 36 months; residual income that equals what you were making at your last job if you made an adequate living. Of course, if you are new to a home based business, I can provide you with the tools to make your investment a very worthwhile investment as the investment is your time. How better to spend your time than to build a home based business which is going to be yours and not one that your boss and senior management benefits from? This, in my opinion makes Agel Enterprises the best home based business opportunity on the planet and being that this is in the health technology and health and wellness industry, it will not be going away any time soon. Think of the next 4 or so decades as your opportunity to have your very own home based business for creating residual income for that many decades. About the taxes, a home based business and all associated expenses are tax deductible in the United States – not sure about other countries but building a home based business with proven realistic residual income aspirations is with Agel Enterprises and the health technology and health and wellness industry. So, take a look at this home based business opportunity and envision the type of residual income you want to have and it can happen!

Your home based business with expanding product lines.

October 1, 2010

Great home based business opportunity in the health and wellness industry creating residual income.

Agel introduces 3 new products to their technologically advanced product line in September 2010, with two gel strips for libido and a good night’s sleep and a FLXRUB gel. A home based business with expanding product lines is the grounds for creating residual income.

In addition to new product lines in a rub gel and gel strips, Agel Enterprises has yet increased the compensation plan providing discounts on products for large quantity purchases. Not only will the compensation plan pay out more, but it will enable team members with a home based business to create residual income at a faster rate. After all, anyone who starts a home based business should have residual income in mind because otherwise they are simply working a job and not planning for financial freedom. Agel’s field leadership with the home office leadership have also created several other home based business team member levels giving more money back to the team members in the form of residual income. Breakthrough technology for products, expanding product lines and more money being paid out in residual income is the only home based business opportunity you or anyone on Earth should be looking into. Agel’s in 60 countries in 5 years – another breakthrough accomplishment to have your home based business grow exceptionally fast. Having Agel as your home based business will make your home based business a global home business residual income machine signifying residual income around the clock!

Your home based business can start today in Vegas.

September 24, 2010

Today is the start of the 5th year anniversary of the extremely successful Agel Enterprises and an organization which has what it takes for anyone in 60 countries to build a home based business.

That’s correct – in 60 countries. Agel Enterprises, in the last 5 years expanded its presence to 60 countries, has revolutionized the health supplement industry with the health and wellness industry with expanding product lines and has expanded on its compensation plan to more easily have team members earn residual income.

What other home based business in in the growing health and wellness industry, has expanding product lines with unique products with best-in-class health benefits with the best form of bioavailability and a growing compensation plan which pays more to the people introducing the extremely effective products to people on all continents and in 60 countries – in only 5 years. For those of you who are mathematically inclined or challenged, that is on average opening up in a new country every month and only Agel Enterprises has accomplished this. This is where you need to have your home based busienss – with Agel Enterprises and benefit by quickly generating residual income with your home based business at the same time as benefiting from a health perspective. Take a look at the compensation plan and the manner in which your home based business can create residual income. Hear it from every day people who joint Agel Enterprises and why they did so for their home based business. Learn why the suspended gel products using matrix technology are far superior than any other products in the health and wellness industry. Better yet, go to AgelWorld in Las Vegas today and tomorrow! Build your financial freedom with your own home based business with Agel Enterprises from anywhere you want to in 60 countries or open up a new country with your home based business in the 61st, the 62nd, or 63rd country. This is your financial freedom and Agel Enterprises can show you how to build your home based business and create your own residual income! See you in Vegas!

Home based business needs compensation plan with residual income.

September 20, 2010

When we think of a home based business we think about replacing a job’s income with the income from our home based business.

Having a job and simply quitting without building up a home based business which replaces the job’s income (linear income) would be rather foolish. Therefore you need to have a home based business which can replace a job’s income in a relatively short period of time (6 – 36 months) and when it has replaced your job’s income then you can quit your job.

At this point your compensation has residual income and such residual income has surpassed your job’s income and can really start to grow quickly and make that 40-80 hour a week job look like mediocre income pertaining to a compensation plan. Residual income with the correct home based business can lead to financial freedom and time freedom without working 40-80 hours  a week but getting to enjoy 40-80 hours a week or more doing what you want to do and where you want to go to do it. Agel Enterprises has a home based business opportunity for anyone in 60 countries which want to have a compensation plan which includes residual income and one which will generate residual income from up to 60 countries – imagine getting paid while you sleep – makes you want to go on long vacations which you can afford to do with residual income. The reason why Agel Enterprises is a great home based business opportunity creating residual income is not simply because of the great income potential but because Agel Enterprises is in a growth industry for a home based business – the health and wellness industry! Don’t you think that it’s time for your home based business to be in the correct industry with the incredible growth potential for residual income? Take a look at the compensation plan which Agel Enterprises has augmented twice since June 2009 while so many companies are cutting back on their compensation plan – this should be your home based business opportunity you have been searching for.

Who loves a party with residual income potential.

September 18, 2010


In a week, you can learn how to become a leader in the health and wellness industry. And you can do this with your home based business while creating residual income.

This coming week you can learn about a breakthrough in technology in the health and wellness industry from an emerging company named Agel Enterprises. This company, within 5 years has reached goals no other company in the network marketing industry has attained from a multitude of achievements – these include distributing in 60 countries in 60 months, being debt free after less than 3 years with internally generated capital and expanding upon a product line which uses a unique delivery method in suspended matrix gel technology. This is Agel Enterprises and this company can bring you whatever you want for time freedom, financial freedom and of course residual income. Join the party to meet the leaders from the corporate office as well as the ones from the field next week – September 24-26 in Las vegas! Don’t miss out on this once in a life-time opportunity to learn about the future of the health and wellness industry bound to be here for decades to come with Agel Enterprises. Learn about how millions will be able to have knee joint pain solutions in hours, cardiovascular disease prevention products, immune system boosting solutions and of course learn how to create residual income in the health and wellness industry with your own home based business. Come join us in Las Vegas for a couple of days and see how quickly your health and wealth can change. See you in Vegas!

Residual income never occurs for realtors and now income is harder to come by.

September 13, 2010

In the U.S., in October 2006 during the peak of the real estate business there were over 1.37 million people in the National Association of Realtors – none with global residual income.

That number dropped below 1.2 million at the end of 2007 and is now below 1.1 million – still none with global residual income. This downward trend is not over and home prices have dropped so far with fewer homes being sold that the ability to make money in this business in reality disappears as each day goes by but having a home based business might be the perfect fit for professional realtors.

Residual income on a global scale was never possible in real estate and now steady income is an uphill battle, no matter how good a realtor was at matching buyers with sellers. The fact is that realtors should be looking at real opportunities to have residual income. Such professionals know how to manage a home based business and have excelled at it. Perhaps some realtors think that the bottom is here – but is it really here and will the ‘hey days’ ever come back? Building a home based business is natural for such professionals and residual income should be something of interest because in real estate, every house is a new project without residual income possibilities. For you realtors who have noticed that the housing industry will never come back to where it was in the first half of this decade there is an opportunity in network marketing where with all of your contacts you could most definitely start a home based business which can generate residual income from a global marketplace, and not simply in your city or in your state, but in 60 countries as of now – more countries will be added, enabling you the professional realtor to surpass the income level you were used to during the glory housing market days of the past and start building upon residual income where you build it once and it grows from there; unlike closing a deal on a house and starting all over again with the next house. With residual income, you can take month-long vacations and not have to worry about the loss of income because residual income from 60 countries signifies that you earn income even when you are simply relaxing on the slopes by your favorite chalet in an exclusive ski resort or on the beach on a paradise island. For you realtors who want to change your career to something which will not limit your income think about your next home based business being with Agel Enterprises!

Wellness industry is going to create home based business millionaires.

September 6, 2010

You could be one of them!

The health and wellness industry has been picking up speed the last several years and it is not going to be slowing down any time soon. The opportunity to start your very own home based business with a very small investment in your own health is all that is required.

The cost ranges from $300 to $1,100 US dollars but the investment is in your health and to hand out some suspended gel packs to people you know or don’t know who have health concerns or health issues. Think of people you know and some who are merely acquaintances – do any of them have joint pain, have any reason to be concerned about cardiovascular diseases, need to lose weight, have a poor immune system and are always ‘catching what’s going around’, lack natural energy, are always stressed-out, lack mental focus and memory, eat processed fake food without any vitamins and minerals, look older than they really are because of the condition of their skin with deep creases, wrinkles, or many fine lines, will be or recently have gone through chemotherapy or radiation treatment, are always out in the sun, have bad habits including smoking or drinking too many alcoholic beverages? Now think about your potential audience, your customers, how many of them could know people who have one or many of these health issues or concerns? The wellness industry is not going to simply be a passing phase, it is here to stay and the people who will take advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity to have a home based business with a breakthrough in technology in the wellness industry will be some of the ones who will become millionaires with residual income. A home based business can cost thousands of dollars but with Agel Enterprises it can cost as little as a $300 investment in health supplements which you can personally benefit from. Take a look at this home based business opportunity for the first time and if you passed it up in the past, take a look at it again, because you could have customers and people in your team in 60 countries while your work from your own apartment or home earning residual income 24 hours a day and while you sleep. Take a look at Agel Enterprises and think of your home based business as the solution to all financial concerns you have had the last couple of years and may be facing in the near and distant future. Agel Enterprises is here to stay because it is the wellness industry – get your piece of this one trillion US dollar industry which will be growing every year!

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