Success in network marketing with a proven leader in Agel Enterprises

September 3, 2012

Opportunities in network marketing or MLM come and go but some are here to stay and grow to become incredible opportunities like Agel.

Think about the likes of Avon or Mary Kay, these started as network marketing opportunities and are very still network marketing organizations today and they are household names with Avon even being somewhat international. Now think about Agel Enterprises, a leader in network marketing but without the longevity of the likes of some network marketing organizations, but already distributing in about sixty countries in just seven years.

That symbolizes the beginning of a network marketing great organization in Agel Enterprises. Then of course there’s more than simply this to a network marketing opportunity, like the products which the Agel network marketing organization has to offer and the product lines which are the backbone to the success of Agel Enterprises is nothing short of breakthrough; the network marketing opportunity Agel Enterprises has with suspended gel technology in the preventative health industry is indeed in a growth industry and coupled with the most bioavailable delivery form of ingested products from heart health to skin care to natural energy and so much in-between and topical solutions for joint pain and arthritis to antioxidants with the Ageless topical skin care line, the growth potential for Agel Enterprises is phenomenal and has been growing in sales since the first year and every year. This makes for an even greater network marketing opportunity with a home based business with Agel Enterprises. Agel’s compensation plan is the best in the network marketing industry with about a dozen different ways to earn cash flow from around the globe. Think about a company, one in network marketing specifically, which offers distributors the opportunity with access to the latest breakthrough technology in suspended gel technology with the health benefits and with the cash flow benefits to match all in a global marketplace and you have it, Agel Enterprises. It a fact that network marketing is moving fast with Agel Enterprises, where are you going?


Your job and network marketing a great combination

August 7, 2012

So many think that they can’t have a job and also have a home based business in network marketing.

The conception is really a paradigm shift in that how can anyone have a job without also a home based business in network marketing these days. Keeping a job is much more of a challenge than succeeding in network marketing with a home based business, simply ask anyone who is in network marketing and ask them if they would give up their home based business to go back to a job; anyone can have both a job and a home based business in network marketing and should have both.

Of course, like a job or a company to work for, there are downfalls even including the boss you may have; network marketing with a home based business can be aggravating if the home based business model which is chosen is not the correct home based business opportunity, such as not being in the correct industry where the correct choice and industry for a home based business in network marketing is experiencing and will continue to experience phenomenal growth. Take a job where all of a sudden there is an announcement that the headcount, of all places, is where you work, will be reduced by thirty percent; been there, done that some are thinking. Not a fun time, no matter how competent you may be at your job because outsourcing is always a possibility and it’s nothing personal. With a home based business in network marketing, you will never get such an announcement, but the company which your home based business revolves around may go under; this is no different than ill-managed companies which employ people who they call those eight or so hours a day spent at their job. The reality is that network marketing is a profession, where skills can be learned and improved upon so that you and your home based business can properly thrive with positive cash flow and self-perpetuating cash flow. Remember that like not all companies to work for signifies longevity with a job, the same applies in network marketing for a home based business. Agel Enterprises, on the other hand, has proven to the world, being in about sixty countries with distribution channels, and coupled with seven years of revenue growth since inception and being in the growth industry of preventative health with breakthrough technology in nutrition delivery methods, that we think you should seriously consider starting a home based business with Agel in your network marketing aspirations; take a look at the cash flow potential with the compensation plan. Keep your job for now and when the cash flow surpasses your job’s income stream, then you can put your home based business in network marketing on overdrive to generated self-perpetuating cash flow.


Network marketing with a home based business can be the right model for an entrepreneur.

April 11, 2011

The importance is the correct model and not just any model for a home based business for the entrepreneur who is considering network marketing.

Let’s face it, network marketing opportunities come around as often as new small businesses; well perhaps not quite as often. An entrepreneur likes to start his or her own business and a home based business is not all that different except for less financial risk, a lot less.

Perhaps the current economy is not suitable to start a small business as getting a loan for the brick and mortar may be difficult if not impossible, for most entrepreneur minded people. Starting a home based business obviously requires a significantly smaller investment and most should not ever require having to get a loan. Network marketing is of course growing in popularity for the internally motivated entrepreneur but like any small business, a home based business is not suited for everyone. Let’s say that you have big financial dreams and want to be your own boss and have your own business but can’t seem to get the financing to start it; what are your options? You could continue to dream about having your small business and dream about it growing domestically and then perhaps internationally – after all, we are living in a global economy, even if the global economy is suffering now. If you have financial dreams, for cash flow and residual income, a home based business would seem like the logical approach in this economy and here’s why; very low start up cost, flexibility as to when you want to work, working with people you want to work with, cash flow on a domestic or global scale, residual income, nobody to tell you that your job is no longer needed, no employees to manage, no employee turnover, and many more. As an entrepreneur these may seem like attractive benefits to having your home based business but keep in mind that like all start up small businesses, network marketing companies that don’t last for long would not be a good thing for any home based business be it on a part-time or full-time basis. So what is a good home based business in network marketing for the entrepreneur who does not want all of the potential headaches accompanied by a small business and this is where it becomes very important in not choosing simply the first network marketing home based business opportunity which lands in your electronic mail box. The entrepreneur, when analyzing a network marketing opportunity for a home based business needs to know about the products and if they are highly consumable, is the home based business in network marketing local, domestic or global, is the start up cost going to be a significant financial issue where the network marketing opportunity stops before the home based business even starts, will the entrepreneur get personal benefits for himself or herself and their family, how long has the network marketing opportunity for a home based business been in existence, are there signs that the network marketing opportunity may not be in existence for long, what is the compensation plan and how soon can cash flow be generated and then how soon can residual income be generated. There are a plethora of other questions which an entrepreneur might ask about a home based business in network marketing. Take a look at the Agel Enterprises home based business in network marketing for you, the entrepreneur. Agel offers highly consumable products, provides low start up costs, has a global presence in sixty countries, has been in existence for over five years, has an expanding product line, provides real and natural health benefits to the entrepreneur and to everyone who uses the products, has created a breakthrough technology, and of course offers cash flow in as little time as the day the entrepreneur joins this network marketing home based business opportunity. So, for the entrepreneur, take a look at network marketing at its best with Agel and compare the Agel Enterprises opportunity for your home based business with all the other opportunities which come your way. This is a better network marketing opportunity for the entrepreneur and their home based business on a part-time or full-time basis.

For an entrepreneur what is network marketing if it is not the home based opportunity of a lifetime.

March 8, 2011

Just another network marketing opportunity to help out the people who joined earlier to create additional cash flow and that is not the real aspirations of an entrepreneur for their home based business.

Some may think that every new home based business is an opportunity with a network marketing pre-launch here and another one a few days away or in a couple weeks. When do such pre-launches end; never is the answer because network marketing is the future as is a home based opportunity for the entrepreneur who want to create cash flow and residual income.

If I did a search on the amount of network marketing pre-launches, other than the emails I find in my spam folders from my several email addresses, I might be astounded; this is the one, the best yet, free enrollment, x amount of dollars after 24 months, get rich quickly, three thousand in your first week… Should I go on? I think you have seen these yourself. Network marketing is a great career and profession but it is not for everyone, just like being a computer programmer is not for everyone – everyone can become one but will every person be a great programmer? I know that I will never be a great coder because my interest does not reside in doing this. If you like people on the other hand, chances are that you could be an entrepreneur and network marketing may be something to think about, especially if you’re self-motivated and have wanted a home based business which can create cash flow and in time (yes, in time) residual income. You can surf the net and find pre-launch network marketing opportunities and whether they are real global opportunities with a unique set of products which provide real benefits may require you to do some research and digging. When you do in fact search for your home based business as an entrepreneur for that cash flow you have been desiring, then you know that so many of the pre-launch and other network marketing opportunities may not be the correct home based business for you for your cash flow aspirations with residual income. In your search as an entrepreneur, take a look at Agel Enterprises where it’s not a pre-launch but network marketing at its finest with expanding product lines with real health benefits in a growing industry and of course global in 60 countries in less than six years. It’s you the entrepreneur who decides your home based business if it’s with network marketing or some other profession, because after all its going to be your global residual cash flow – or it should be.

If not now then when for a home based business generating cash flow.

November 24, 2010

Why put off starting a home based business which could create cash flow?

After all, you want more out of life right? How does financial freedom with residual income and cash flow with your own home based business sound to you?

A good choice for a home based business can bring residual income with cash flow. Yes, I am sure that you have been bombarded with home based business opportunities, be it with legitimate network marketing or illegitimate home based business scams where you make so much money a day or in a week or even during your first month that you ‘can’t miss this one.’ Well, the truth is that if you check your spam folder on whatever email system you have (or ISP) you will see a lot and I mean a lot of such ‘get rich’ spam email which has probably been sent to hundreds of thousands if not millions of email addresses and sure enough some people jumped in and lost their investment; eventually, such scams are shutdown by the appropriate authorities. These are not home based business opportunities but home based business scams and not network marketing opportunities which create cash flow. Good thing for spam folders! What I want you to think about for a home based business is something real with real health benefits which go along with residual income and cash flow for a home based business in network marketing. No, I am not stating that you should quit your job or do anything as imprudent – investing thousands and thousands of US $s would also be imprudent and borderline foolish. I want you to simply think about a home based business opportunity which would take up perhaps one to two hours a day of your time (or more or less depending on your schedule) without leaving your job of course; a home based business in network marketing which could generate cash flow literally the day you start your home based business. This way, you could find out if you have the determination and discipline to have a home based business in network marketing. Most of us have a phone and a computer, so the start up cost would simply be with health technology suspended gel products which you would benefit from. Sounds too easy? Well, that’s because it is – this is network marketing made easy and smart. Agel Enterprises has the perfect home based business model for part time home based business builders and when that residual income and cash flow replaces your income from your job, then you can think about your home based business and you as an entrepreneur. Take a look at why Agel Enterprises is the correct home based business in network marketing for creation of residual income and cash flow now while improving your health with breakthrough health technology suspended gel supplements (health technology breakthrough suspended gel matrix supplements are for arthritis and osteoarthritis with MSM, glucosamine, chondroitin and with celadrin, lowering bad cholesterol levels with policosanol, CoQ10 supplementation, cancer prevention with immune system boosters with fucoidan, iodine and apple cider vinegar, vitamins and minerals, aids to lose weight with an hca supplement, antioxidants from 17 fruits and plant extracts for acne and free radical elimination, antioxidants for anti aging supplements applied to the skin without parabens and toxins, and much much more)!

Network marketing with a home based business in health technology.

November 17, 2010

If you are disciplined and can work from home, you need to read on.

Network marketing is a great profession, but if you are new to it I would recommend doing it part-time to start off. Network marketing can be very rewarding but if you have unrealistic expectations of earning US $10,000 in cash flow the first month you would be quickly disappointed.

If you think network marketing can earn you US $100,000 per month in a couple of years you may also be disappointed, if you have never ventured into such a very rewarding profession. Network marketing is indeed the last frontier of financial freedom and if you can get to that point where your cash flow in residual income is at US $100,000 a month, many people will be admiring your accomplishment! Network marketing is really no different that going to your 8-5 job except that you need to be internally motivated and disciplined to make a home based business with network marketing become profitable. I am not by any means signifying that earning US $5,000 per month in cash flow is unrealistic in the first year for a part time residual income stream because it is – if you choose the correct network marketing opportunity for your home based business on a part time basis such cash flow can become reality without a doubt. There is one company I very much encourage you to take a look at, perhaps simply out of curiosity and nothing more and I will not be offended if you realize that earning that steady 8-5 job pay is satisfactory for you; after all, so many people like that steady expected paycheck and some want more out of life with residual income. If you happen to be one of those who has a dream and wants to take a look at a certain organization which will potentially help you have a home based business with network marketing on a global scale, simply reach out to me and we can chat for a couple of minutes. Network marketing could be what you have been seeking for part time residual income and who knows where that income stream could lead to with Agel Enterprises – financial freedom with cash flow!

You can improve your health without a doctor with a home based business.

November 11, 2010

Can you tell others about this once you experience it for yourself?

Of course. This is network marketing and a home based business opportunity which will bring you health benefits and some of them will be beyond your imagination. Once you try one of these breakthrough health technology suspended gel products you will become a walking form of publicity.

Do you have joint pain, arthritis, osteoarthritis (and need msm or glucosamine), have high bad (ldl) cholesterol level (thinking about taking statins with simvastatin, pravastatin or lovastatin – if so don’t! Take policosanol instead), do you get sick when others are healthy because of your poor immune system, want to lose weight with an appetite suppressant, want to reduce your natural stress level and improve your mental focus, care to cleanse and detoxify your digestive system and feed the good bacteria in your digestive tract, want to have younger looking and feeling skin with collagen supplements with turmeric, lutein and lecithin, become acne free with minerals and antioxidants, and other examples of products with work from the health technology leader in Agel Enterprises. Granted, not all of these results you may want to share with strangers, but when you find out about the compensation plan which will generate cash flow and when you decide to build a home based business on a part time or full time basis with this exceptional network marketing home based business opportunity – you may be telling everyone you know who happens to be experiencing any such health issues with confidence because the benefits which you will experience from these breakthrough health technology suspended matrix gel supplements will naturally enable you to want to share the benefits with others – if they are business minded, you might also want to inform them about the cash flow opportunity with a home based business in network marketing with Agel Enterprises. So, you can improve your health without seeing a doctor and let others know about this and this can become a home based business with incredible health benefits and of course cash flow with this great network marketing opportunity. Health technology has emerged globally with Agel Enterprises – join my team or simply send me a message and I will call you back. This is a unique network marketing home based business opportunity! Grab it!

No pain no gain and network marketing is the way to go.

October 18, 2010

Network marketing is a profession for survivors and the home based business builders.

Not all network marketing opportunities are home based business opportunities as some may be unhealthy in financial terms and in compensation plan. Some may lead you back to that job you left in the first place. Never quit your job until your home based business on a part-time basis matches your job’s linear income.

Beyond the obvious for a home based business opportunity one needs to perform their due diligence – is the company profitable, does it have expanding product lines, is it a leader in the industry and is the industry going in the correct direction? Yes, without a doubt this is imperative information to know before you set your goals to start a home based business. Is high tech in the digital world too competitive, is providing a service marketable across borders, can one keep up with a home based business model which changes every 30 to 90 days? I know that I would be left in somewhat of a tailspin if my home based business was spinning around in high tech and even worse in an industry which is not growing. That is why your home based business needs to be able to create residual income – be it in 6 months to 5 years, making US $40,000 a month within five years. Yes, this is very realistic when your home based business is with a leader in health technology because health technology will be at the forefront for the next several decades with the health and wellness industry. People will change to suspended gel technology and nanohealthtechnology with the Agel Enterprises products and the ones who choose to build a home based business around this business in network marketing– well, their financial dreams will come to fruition with residual income in their home based business, no matter where on Earth they want to launch it, Agel will and I will be there for you. The best home based business opportunity is with your health in the health technology industry with Agel Enterprises and my team. Join us!

Why network marketing is a difficult or smart profession for a home based business.

October 11, 2010

Most of the time network marketing is a very bad decision for a home based business.

But not with all home based business opportunities. Network marketing is a profession and one needs to treat it as such.

Network marketing as a home based business, be it part-time or full-time needs to have a few critical components: expanding product lines, effective products, unique products, being in a growth industry and being a leader in such an industry, have a great compensation plan which can create residual income, have global presence and have great leadership at the corporate headquarters and in the field. How many organizations have all of these criteria met? I don’t know but they need to meet these criteria if such an organization is to exist for the long-run and create loyalty among the home based business builders. If the product line extension does not exist the home based business will not survive; if the products are not unique and effective to the users again that organization and your home based business will not survive because competitors will undercut the profit margin leading to a poor compensation plan because the corporate office will be forced to curtail the compensation plan. Network marketing needs to have a home based business which is in a growth industry and not a declining one for the obvious reasons and the company needs to be the leader in this industry, again with cutting edge technology – or the network marketing home based business opportunity will not survive and the team members will soon be looking for the next home based business opportunity and this cycle can go on for many years until network marketing looses its appeal to such a person. Having a breakthrough compensation plan is obviously paramount to retaining field leadership and attracting people to join the business for their own home based business – this does not signify cutting back on the compensation plan or increasing the products’ prices but increasing the amount of money the team members can earn and do earn. As we approach 2011, all successful network marketing opportunities must be global if they have a remote chance of succeeding, there is no doubt about that and the corporate leadership at the home office as in the field need to be exceptional leaders for the organization and your home based business to succeed and flourish; there is work you as a home based business owner must do of course. Agel Enterprises has all of this to show and being that it is in 60 countries after 5 years with expanding product lines and the best compensation plan in the network marketing profession coupled by being in the health technology / health and wellness industry Agel Enterprises is poised to be the choice for a home based business for any network marketing professional or apprentice. Join me and my team in our global presence bringing health benefits to millions upon millions and open up a new market if you would like – the corporate office will facilitate your endeavors of opening up the 61st, 62nd, or 63rd country where Agel Enterprises will be distributing in. Are you ready for a change in the correct direction with your home based business?

Work with people you want to work with in your home based business.

September 13, 2010

Tired of working with people with different ideas than yours to grow a business?

Want to be able to choose who you work with for a change? This is all about network marketing and doing this with a win-win opportunity with your home based business.

Network marketing is a fabulous and potentially very lucrative profession. Some think that they don’t have ‘what it takes to make it work’ and I can tell you that I thought the same when I first embarked upon this profession but if you join the correct opportunity, you will see for yourself that this is a home based business which can work and work globally and do so in a matter of days to a few weeks. Network marketing is changing because of Agel Enterprises – leading the path to distributing in over 60 countries in all continents in a matter of 60 months! That is growth and it is because of the leadership in the home office and in the field, combined with the breakthrough technology in suspended matrix gel, the best-in-class quadra compensation plan and being in the correct field (health and wellness) at the correct time. This is Agel Enterprises and I encourage you to visit what Agel has to offer and trust me when I say that you will not be disappointed. You may become a consumer for your own health and that of your loved ones and that is of course a great decision for your health and that of people you care about – or you may want to take advantage of the home based business opportunity with Agel Enterprises along with the great health and wellness benefits. I opted for the health and wealth benefits and you should as well. Join my team and build your global home based business from literally anywhere you want to, be it your from your house, your apartment, from your job, or from some island in the middle of nowhere sipping one of those fruity beverages from a coconut – all while earning residual income twenty-four hours a day every day of the year for many years to come and of course working with the people you want to work with and not with people that boss told you to work with. Agel Enterprises is network marketing with huge growth potential for your future and your residual income in your home based business.

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