Supplemental Income for a Rainy Day

November 15, 2010

When I graduated from high school in the 1980s, we lived in an entirely different world. MTV was still in its infancy and people actually wore legwarmers. Besides the superfluous cultural differences, however, the labor landscape would be almost unrecognizable to today’s high school grad. I secured a well-paying union job at an automotive factory in Detroit, got married, bought a house and settled into the life that was set out in front of me.

Now such jobs are exceedingly rare and competitive. Living in the post-industrialized Midwest, I’ve seen the writing on the wall for some time. Recognizing that I could be laid off like so many of my friends and co-workers, I’ve taken steps to diversify my skills. By starting an online business, I’ve found a money making system that should provide some residual income to sustain me through the tough times that might be lurking just around the corner.

Unemployment benefits extended so how about your home business residual income.

August 9, 2010

Why wait for the government to add more weeks to keep you slightly above the poverty line?

What is getting this type of income really going to accomplish other than providing you with more taxes that you will need to pay during tax time? Will it really motivate many people to go and look harder for a job? What if the the bill had not been passed in the U.S.A. to extend such benefits?

Of course we don’t have answers to such questions as every situation and every individual is different and acts differently being in-between jobs. What if you were to use the government’s unemployment benefits (simply a couple of weeks’ worth) to start your very own home based business? I see tax breaks, immediately. I also see a very easy manner in which to earn extra income, income which far exceeds the unemployment benefits one gets from the government. Best of all, envision a home based business which can create residual income in a short period of time and this could easily lead to your home business residual income. That is what I would describe as putting your unemployment benefits to good use and toward an investment in your own future! Learn more about this once in a lifetime…or at least an opportunity which only comes around every 15-20 years and this opportunity has been around for 5 years and is already in 60 countries; it is global and yet can be managed from your one bedroom apartment, from your home or from wherever you choose. This is the home business residual income opportunity which you must take a look at closely or you may simply be telling yourself in a few years that you had the opportunity to take advantage of something great. Agel Enterprises is this great opportunity and let me and my team show you how you can join us in earning residual income with your own home based business!

Tired of working for a paycheck so how about residual income.

August 6, 2010

This is the opportunity that you cannot pass up!

This is an international opportunity for anyone and being that this opportunity is already in 60 countries in only 60 months, think of the residual income possibilities. You could become someone who opens up the 61st country, the 62nd, and so on.

Or you could simply exchange hours at work for a paycheck. The way the global economy is going, you might not be getting a paycheck in the near future so you should at least join my team from anywhere in the world and start to earn extra income until you build this into residual income. The means starting this opportunity part-time, a few hours a week and then when you have replaced your income from that paycheck you can do this full-time, 20 or so hours a week or more if you like. The best about this network marketing opportunity of a lifetime is that you won’t have to be working for many years and in the process you will improve your health as this once in a lifetime residual income opportunity will improve your health as it improves your financial freedom. With your home business residual income comes financial freedom and time freedom, being able to do what you want when you want to where you you want to it. Traveling to exotic locations throughout the world on a month’s long vacation or for several months because once you have your residual income organization set up, you earn money without doing anything and it will be coming in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Stop putting all of your eggs in one basket and join my team and build your international and global home business residual income starting this week!

A recession proof home business residual income solution.

April 29, 2010

Have you or anyone you know lost their job somewhere in the world in the last 2 years?

If not, chances are that you do not know anyone. What is the solution to a recession while still being able to earn residual income and not having to be worried about losing your job?

Your very own home business residual income by creating a proven home based business which works! The risk is minimal and only pertains to you actually wanting to do some work. You can start such a home based business opportunity part-time or full-time. Many people start part-time and earn extra income if they have never been in the network marketing industry so they can still earn income (a salary) from a job – until they start to earn residual income from their home based business; then they really start to earn time freedom and soon financial freedom. This type of business can be exceptionally rewarding at all times, during economic booms as well as during economic slowdowns; one simply needs to join the correct business to join. Let’s look at a couple of examples…getting a job in the automotive industry would probably not be the best choice you could make at this time (Toyota, General Motors, Chrysler,…) like joining a network marketing company which only produces antioxidant juices (100s of these companies exist and will not be around for very long). You can grow your home business residual income with a leader in the industry, a company which has cutting edge technology and a growing market with an expanding product line throughout the world.

What is it that you want from the internet in the form of creating realistic wealth and residual income.

April 25, 2010

If you have questions, I have answers.

Before you call 940-391-0357 or write to please think of what type of organization you think will create wealth in the form of residual income for you, your family and your friends. When you have then I will love to talk with you, and please read on.

The potential is very slim that you will actually find a company which can assist you in growing your home based business and have the product extensions to build upon your business growth – and then having the global opportunity coming directly at you. So…what to do now?  Do not panic and for your own well-being do not spend any money on any network marketing opportunity until you at least hear what I or my partner has to say – this is literally priceless and could quickly become a means to you residual income dreams. Let us find out if you have the desire to build a solid home business residual income and natural product driven health and wealth organization. There is such a company which exists but it is not about selling products as this is what salespeople do and sales are for such folks. What I am referring to is building a business and building your financial freedom around the world. Hopefully by now you have realized that residual income can only be created by a few at the top of so many network marketing organizations (the ones who started the organizations). There is a company which has been in existence since October 2005 and which was debt free in less than three years and is distributing in over 50 countries. Anyone can create residual income with this opportunity. Find out more about how you and anyone you know or don’t know can create residual income while helping people improve their health and yours as well in the process.

If you want to create residual income or more importantly a home business residual income the following is what you need…

April 22, 2010

First of all you need to want to do it! If not, then look forward to your merit or salary increase and pray for a promotion after role-playing enough with the upper management team.

Don’t you think that it is about time to get serious about where your income will be coming from in the near future? In the next several months or years? Do you really think that your job is safe and that your income level will keep up with the inevitable level of inflation?

Sorry! These are simple facts or better yet questions which you and your family should have been thinking about the last year or two. If you have a good answer I and perhaps a couple of billion people would love to hear from you. If not, then think about network marketing! I am not by any stretch of the imagination suggesting that you quit your job tomorrow or next month! You could with assurance in several months or a couple of years, depending on how your network marketing business grows. Hopefully I got some readers’ attention! The readers which realize that they need to take their future in their own hands. The ones who know about diversifying their income streams. The ones who want to control where their income is coming from and how much they can earn. Simply put, the people who know about the power of residual income and especially with a home business residual income opportunity which has never been experienced before. Think of an expanding product line with literally no limits to product line extension, the most attractive and most generous compensation plan, an international platform and presence which is already in all continents and in over 50 countries in just four years. Think about the possibilities for your new part-time network marketing experience with residual income which can with some good work ethics lead to your financial freedom! This is your opportunity – grab it! Join me and my team now!

Not every home based business will lead to a home business residual income and some will not even lead to you to earn extra income.

April 9, 2010

Do not get discouraged!

The way to avoid having a home based business which will not prosper and grow is to choose a good home based business opportunity. This does not necessarily signify choosing a home based business idea that you personally like because you are a user of such a product or service.

You need to think of a home based business which will capture peoples attention and something they can use daily and benefit from such use. Remember, the idea is to start small and earn extra income with your home based business and as your grow with your home based business opportunity it can quickly generate residual income – again if you choose the correct business. Electronics technology is changing at record pace and has done so for the last few decades and it is not about to slow down any time soon and most likely never will slow down. Getting into such a home based business with electronics requires that you as an individual are always on the cutting edge of technology and this requires much knowledge. Now back to the right opportunity – a business with a highly consumable products is a good business model and a business with an expanding product line is even better as the products can be consumed by more people. Now think of the demographics of the world’s population, the population’s desires, and so on. Think about an example such as mouthwash – many people use it at least in North America and that market was flat with no growth until breath strips revolutionized the industry simply by introducing a new delivery method which was exceptionally portable! Granted this was introduced by a large publicly traded company and not something you could start a home business with of course. On the same lines think of health supplements – so many people take health supplements. More to come tomorrow, now that you can start to envision your home based business with health supplements with using network marketing – you will indeed be able to have a home business residual income opportunity which can enable you to earn extra income and even significant wealth and financial freedom if you so desire.

People have been asking me about network marketing and residual income and which company is a good choice.

March 3, 2010

I am reserved so I tell them all the same thing.

First of all, what are they looking for? Their goals and aspirations?

If they want to make a million dollars in their first month I direct them to Las Vegas or some lottery…they will come back or not. The most important thing which I do tell them about is finding an opportunity which is real and which will be growing and not receding [such as my hair]; the hair part I have no issues with and neither does my wife. I am able to wash and dry my hair in literally seconds – can you say the same? Sorry, I digress. The important and perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind when you have a desire to take on a part-time profession such as network marketing is finding the correct company. You maybe hoping for immediate residual income, but it really starts by your ability to earn extra income. The residual income will materialize IF you choose the correct company to partner with. If you choose the wrong company you may be jumping from company to company to company…and so on – wasting years of your life wondering where the right one is. Looking above, what type of residual income are you looking for and that will point you in the direction of which company you should join. Talk to me and I will gladly assist you.

Tired of internet scams. Yes, so am I getting them via email. How about reality in generating residual income in over 50 countries.

February 25, 2010

This better sound interesting.

If you were to choose a business model, a business and more like a home business opportunity – what types of ideas would come to mind?

Cell phones, electricity, prepaid cards, stimulate coffee, legal safeguards against identity theft – and there are many more, you name it and it basically exists.

Let me quickly inform you about the cell phone industry from home opportunity – it so competitive that you will never make any real residual income but the companies you work for will! The Electricity plan to enroll certain amounts of people and you get free electricity…nice, but soon these companies will be bought out by the big players and you will as they say be ‘out of business’ – price competition can only go so far. Prepaid cards is really something to laugh at just like getting commissions on people connecting to people for retail sales at some of the largest retail outlets…this is just a marketing scheme. About coffee and stimulants, first of all caffeine is unhealthy and that by itself is not a good idea. Legal safeguards against identity theft is a good idea but not something you want to build a home business residual income with; the pay is horrendous and it’s litterally a 40 hour job on commission with limited residual income because the attrition rate is so high. You want to become part of an emerging company which has the breakthrough technology which will become the household name in a few years and grow your residual income and your home business residual income in literally dozens of countries. I am referring to Agel Enterprises and come join me as we are already in 56 countries and expanding into more – my only question to you is are you tired of being tired of not getting what you want out of your financial dreams?

If you are looking for a home business residual income opportunity of a lifetime, read on…

February 20, 2010

We are in over 50 countries in a matter of only more than 4 years – no other company has had such international expansion with success!

The choice is yours. You can wait until we open up new countries or expand in existing countries where you may be located and miss out on the growth and home based business opportunity.

Ask yourself if you ever wanted to have your dreams come true in having your own home based business or apartment based business? How about having residual income? And lastly how about your home business residual income enterprise with people all over the globe introducing the Agel Enterprises phenomenon 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? You all understand 24/7 – and with this expanding set of product lines I can assure you that you will never miss out on an opportunity to bring a new product to the table to capture a new audience. Agel has the breakthrough technology and the management style all companies desire and with the best field leadership in the industry. So join me and I will get you involved and trained wherever you may be in our wonderful planet. Let’s save people’s lives and in the process you can build your residual income and home business residual income organization. Go to my home page to see about online presentation times.

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