Start a home based business because that job you lost is not coming back.

September 11, 2010

And if you don’t believe me, see the video in the picture below.

Let’s face it, times have changed and these are changes that whether you like it or not will not revert back to when you had that job you lost. This also signifies that job opportunities will be much more competitive should anyone dare to leave their job for the unexpected outcome of the new job. The unemployment rate will not be significantly reduced any time soon or even ever in your lifetime. This is your opportunity to start your own home based business if you still have a job and a home based business opportunity is something you really need to get a grip on.

You see, opportunities come and go – take vinyl records which became cassettes and then became CDs and now MP3s and ipods. The people who got in at the correct time during such changes in technology benefited financially as when Listerine changed a flat market for mouthwash and came out with the strips – essentially rejuvenating and entire industry with a surge in sales which put the mouthwash business far in the back seat of sales and profits. Technology itself is a field worth thinking about for a home based business which can generate cash flow and of course residual income. However, technology changes quickly and to be on top of technology requires getting that edge which entrepreneurs look for. I am in essence handing you a home business opportunity using new technology which will revolutionize an industry which is in a growth stage (with old technology – pills, tablets and liquids) and will not be slowing down any time soon. I am referring to the health and wellness industry. But the health and wellness industry turned into the health and wealth industry with Agel Enterprises because Agel Enterprises has the delivery method people want but not many know about it! This is a home based business with serious residual income possibilities and an opportunity you do not want to pass on; not now and not for the next several years if you are the procrastinating type. Think of an opportunity with a management team in Agel Enterprises which after 5 years has a presence in already 60 countries – that amounts to distributing in a new country every month! How many companies have attained this status? The beautiful thing about this home based business opportunity is that all of the groundwork has been laid out for anyone who wants to start their own home based business. Think of a country and chances are that Agel Enterprises is already distributing state-of-the-art matrix gel technology health supplements in that country or will soon be distributing there. Of course Agel Enterprises is in all continents and if a country is not yet distributing these preventative health suspended gel products, you could be the one who opens up a new market. This is something you really do not want to miss out on as your opportunity to start a home based business with the realistic ability to have residual income in a year. Do this part time or full time, and remember that the change in the global job market is not coming back to the glory days of low unemployment – take control of your financial freedom and time freedom and become an entrepreneur with a home based business with Agel Enterprises. Your health will improve by consuming these breakthrough technologically advanced health supplements and that of people you know or don’t know (yet) and if you are determined to succeed in what you set forward you will earn residual income with this home based business opportunity. Contact me and my team to make your home based business opportunity your home based business solution.

New Year’s Resolution – Making some real money with residual income.

December 28, 2009

If you want to make a few bucks, don’t read any longer.

If your desires are to earn anywhere from $500 to $100,000 per month in time, then we need to talk about your residual income aspirations. Residual income can lead to great financial wealth in a short period of time.

commissionsHow to create residual income you ask? You need to choose the correct organization or company. Perhaps there are companies out there which can provide a compensation plan but is it real? With Agel Enterprises the compensation plan is real and has been been expanding and not contracting. Take a serious look at Agel Enterprises and the breakthrough compensation plan with residual income possibilities to reach beyond your imagination.

Home Based Business Residual Income Opportunity

November 24, 2009

Do you want to make fast cash, then Network Marketing may not be for you.

If you want to build relationships, well now we are on the same page. Now you have to think about this business, which is the best in the industry with a breakthrough product line.

Agel IndependentWhat I a referring to is growing a home based business residual income opportunity – this is a chance for you to really get serious traction with a company which has the product line extension and the health supplements which are already in place. Think of an organization which has products and does not develop new ones – stagnant at best. Now think of a company which has the technology to create any pill, tablet, gel or powder health supplement into real health supplementation with suspended matrixed gel technology. We all need it and for example celadrin and chondroitin for our joint pain relief, fucoidan to boost immunity, a calcium supplement to prevent us from getting osteoporosis. To build a business one needs the foundation – the product line and furthermore the product line extension. There is a company which has these products and the tool.

I will write more about this tomorrow…

I’m Tired of Reading about these Daily MLMs…around for a few months to a year and then gone…

November 6, 2009

If you want to start your own business – You have one real option which is going to create you residual income

Scary term “residual income” – try “lack of job security” – let me see which one is is more desirable, and no I have no measuring stick and I know the difference. The state of the economy has changed and the health situation is changing by the day. The question I want to know is how long are you going to be listening to the ‘truth’. Network Marketing is the future in certain industries and you better get on board quickly to make the most of it.

When I think of MLM I think of scams – ever come across this thought? Well yes, there are still MLMs which are scams but then there are networking marketing opportunities with companies that have incredible breakthrough products which can create residual income in as little as 2-5 years. The idea is that the creation of cash flow with residual income is the key to a very successful and profitable home based business and I want to share with you a company which has been in existence for four years with its ongoing delivery of new breakthrough products. The company is the fastest growing company in the world and is already operating in over 50 countries. That’s a real home based business opportunity with significant income opportunity. Real products in a new form of health supplements with the best compensation plan in the industry. Are you ready to start taking control of your life and your career? Are you ready for Agel Enterprises? Come and join me and my team!


Anyone you know or yourself potentially have a Calcium deficiency

October 31, 2009

Looking at the statistics, many of us throughout the world are lacking in Calcium among other bone and teeth related issues

What does this imply? It simply means that our bones and teeth are providing the calcium which is left to facilitate our nervous system and other relatively vital functions of our well-being including bone strength and health. The issue is what happens when such calcium is being depleted from our bodies.


Plain and simple, weak bones and soft teeth. What will this lead to – well, the potential for early stage osteoporosis with an immediate need for an osteoporosis supplement, one which will enable osteoporosis prevention. The calcium our body needs to effectively function is not something to ponder about, a calcium supplement is a must. You might get enough of your calcium supplement drinking 12 to 16 glasses of 8 ounces of milk every day – but after a few days you may not want to ever drink milk again. Think of the alternative to milk, with many more health benefits with a magnesium supplement, a vitamin D supplement, a vitamin K2 supplement and of course the calcium supplement – all found in a new delivery method called suspended matrixed gel technology where the benefits are realized much quicker than any other form of oral delivery. Think CAL.

How about those vitamins we need daily – and the Minerals

October 31, 2009

Essential vitamins and essential minerals we need to consume daily

What are your thoughts on the pills and tablets which you used to take or perhaps by mistake still take? Have you noticed…well, nothing. That’s because pills and tablets or powders do not provide the nutrients which ones body needs because of improper bioavailability. What we are all looking for but don’t realize is the best method of delivery to our body and that is the best form of bioavailability.

Why spend money on supplements which don”t work. Precisely why Agel Enterprises came to existence 4 years ago to start introducing a new method of supplement delivery – the delivery method will revolutionize the industry and anything else which preceded nano-health technology supplements. Essential vitamins and essential minerals have never tasted as good and have never had such a great impact until MIN. This is the health supplement we all need daily, like it or not (or course the taste you will love). The fact that pills and tablets will be going away soon, give you an opportunity to think of a global home based business opportunity. For the beginning of your health, start with the basics in UMI and then focus on fucoidan with UMI and join pain with FLX or high cholesterol levels with HRT.

agel min

How about losing weight and gaining energy in the process

October 30, 2009

Most think that losing weight means eating less and losing energy – not the case with the proper health supplements

Let me introduce you to the solution to lose weight naturally and a form of natural suppressant or simply put a natural appetite suppressant. Losing a few pounds (12-22, or 5 to 10 kilos) in a month’s time might seem like a good idea. Yes, of course your cardiovascular system will be grateful for not having to work overtime with the coenzyme Q1o which your heart produces (CoQ10) to keep you moving and getting to where you want to be. The question is really what type of weight loss supplement you want to be taking?

I have the best answer if you have an open mind and are willing to to something in addition to taking the best form of health supplement for weight control – it’s simply called walking. If you can walk 3-4 times a week for 30-45 minutes each time then this product will work for you. Don’t get confused with the lose weight fast regiments which will only do damage to your organs. This product is 100% natural and the way it works is if you take it 30 or so minutes before you eat a large meal it will tell or indicate to your brain that you’re full – when you are full, and hence you stop eating. You know how you can overeat and the signal to you is that you ate too much…well, that will be something of the past. So, you eat less in the process and when you take your walks or other forms of exercise, what you eat is transformed into energy and not stored as fat. Get it, that’s how you lose weight, and quickly. The HCA supplement is a wonderful and natural way to lose weight effectively without ever having side effects.

agel fitYou could introduce this product to people who want weight control results and you could build a home based business in the process.

I talk to many people daily and a common correspondence is about joint pain

October 30, 2009

Why are so many of us walking around with joint pain, tell me

From arthritis pain, to back pain, wrist pain, carpal tunnel, to tennis elbow to shoulder pain and then going to joint pain in the knee, ankle or foot area. All of these discomforts including overall joint health needs require a solution. Take a look at what Agel Enterprises can do for you with their technologically advanced products with increased health care.

The solution is a well balance supplement which contains chondroitin, glucosasime, celadrin, and MSM. There is one company which has created a suspended gel technology matrixed structure for best delivery method with bioavailability. This company, Agel Enterprises is looking out for the well being of people. Our focus is to provide as many people with the best of health supplements in the best form for taking them, hence the best results. Joint health is very important in our current environment – you need to be able to move quickly without discomfort and getting to where you need to be becomes an issue where you should think of this as a home based business opportunity as both a consumer or simply as an informer of the FLX joint pain relief procuct.

Yes I want, yes really – to get on a Real Weight Control Regiment

October 27, 2009

Sounds like a New Years Resolution time and time again

Some come through with the weight control regiment with going to the gym and getting all sweaty and then after getting back to their residence and taking a shower and feeling better – nice! My question to such people is could you be more effective taking natural best bioavailability supplements to assist you in getting that workout completed and show real results in a matter of a few weeks. Turning what you eat into energy with a weight loss supplement or simply wanting to get a better understanding of weight control. What you need to remember is that by going to the gym, no real workout effort is put ones one’s shoulders unless conditioned to do so will generate results – MSM is there for you to pass the pain.

Weight loss drink or weight control – the bottom line is the need for a weight loss supplement. We have something you can work with to not only solve personal weight control issues but about making this the weight loss supplement which will produce results without going to the gym – a natural supplement which if taken 25-45 minutes before eating your largest meal will actually convert what you eat into energy and not be stored as fat. This is what we call effective weight control with the weight gone for good. The weight loss supplement comes in the best and most effective form of bioavailability and with the product named FIT will drastically impact your weight control issues and make such issues something of the pase. So, if you go to the gym, take some protection for your germs, some to assist you in the form of health supplements and of course antioxidant because after all you will be inhaling many cancer cells during you workout and will need and antioxidant supplement daily before going to such a gym to simply clean one’s-self and wait until the best form of health loss supplements reaches the necessity stage of your life.

Exotic Fruits can be Packed with Antioxidants

October 26, 2009

There are exotic fruits which can really pack your body with antioxidants to rid the free radicals

Antioxidants as we know it today are becoming very well known, especially via email in at least the U.S.A. but I’m sure it’s worldwide to a greater or lesser extent. Most antioxidants entail one to a few exotic fruits which can result in to a few up to 20 antioxidants to assist your body to help clean up and rid your body of the free radicals. As you might know, free radicals which over time age organisms because our cells can accumulate free radicals over time – free radicals are developed by essentially what we breathe in. The result is the acceleration of the aging process. And antioxidant supplements can reverse that course.

So, the best method of riding our bodies of free radical development is through the removal of such oxidation which has been damaging our cells. Not to sound overly scientific, our bodies need to remove the free radicals to extend our lifespan. The best known method to accomplish this capturing the free radicals is through antioxidant or more conveniently antioxidant supplement intake. Yes, there are effective and less effective forms of antioxidant supplement consumption but everyone agrees that exotic fruits are the best source for the ridding of such free radicals and both the best delivery method with the highest number of antioxidants wins the challenge. Yes, one could go and buy all the exotic fruits available in their marketplace but unfortunately even in large metropolitan areas one would have difficulty in finding 10 different ones at least in one venue and the cost could be high with a limited shelf life (perhaps $60 for a week’s worth of 10 exotic fruits if not more).


More to come soon.

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